She spread wide for him and in he went…

She got me into swinging, a compulsion of hers from her first marriage where her ex-husband used to recruit men for her and set up orgies. She already got me into FMF, but now she wanted to do MFM. In fact, she insisted. I knew she had a bucket load of men before we met, so I knew this was coming (no pun intended) . But being a relatively traditional guy, now yanked by Beth into the lifestyle, I didn't know what to make of it or how my ego would … Read more

9 1/2" Brotherhood Swinging

How I got my wife in the lifestyle.…

I always had a fantasy of watching my wife Ann been fuck by a guy with a big cock. We been married for a long time, our sex life is great. As years passed by I wanted to get my wife Ann into the lifestyle. Ann is very sexy, great body, long black hair, and great tits and people person. A friend of mine from squash, Alan and his wife Nicole, is in the lifestyle for a long time and love it. He is good looking, tall and had a thick 9 1/2”cock. Nic… Read more

what time is love? Swinging

The reality of the lifestyle…

Our journey into the lifestyle began nearly 5 years ago and we have been on and off the scene,deleted and refreshed our profile on here. In that time we have met some really awesome people and a few people that were not for us.

We have a love hate relationship with singles, we love single women and we will never entertain single men, Mrs is a cuckqueen for those of you who don't know what that is. Simply put she enjoys watching me with other… Read more

Fucking with the New Neighbour . Swinging


back from work ,decided to visit my new white female flat neighbour since the was no electricity and I did not know when it will be back and I was new in the flat complex . I walked into the house as I turned around from closing the door, there she was. Bent over , her butt was so tight and firm. I walked up and she turned around saying o hey it’s you with a big smile. I said hey good to see you again .she said can you help me real quick? I … Read more

The lengths we go to... Swinging

Coastal adventure…

Somewhere in the middle of 2018 I started chatting to this couple who lived close to Umhlanga. Initially I had just 'liked' a photo of theirs from the gallery, which led to them taking a look at my profile. Next thing I know, I'm chatting away with them, sharing fantasies, pics and suggestions. And seeing as they were a fair distance from my sanctuary in Joburg, I may have been a little more outgoing and suggestive than I usually tend to. Well, i… Read more

Op pad na ‘n swieng-ervaring – deel 2 Swinging

Marie en Pieter, nog swiengergroentjies, het so pas die swiengers Adri en Deon ontmoet en beplan aan 'n besoek saam met hulle aan 'n swiengersklub…

(vervolg van Deel 1, gepubliseer op 5 Jan 2018)

“Sou dit oukei gewees het as dit Deon se borshare was wat nou jou tieties kielie?” vra Pieter uit die bloute terwyl hy skielik ophou pomp. Op sy elmboë gestut vryf hy sy behaarde breë bors speels van kant tot kant oor Marie se stewige borste. Haar tepels tintel en tuit van die stimulering deur die blonde ruigheid op sy bors. Sy antwoord nie. Sy dink Pieter wil maar net iets sê om haar op … Read more

The naughty Umhlanga beach couple pt1 Swinging

Actual expierience at the nude beach…

This is a story that really happened at the nude beach in Umhlanga over two days.

I had time each morning to be at the nature reserve north of umhlanga where the unofficial nude beach is located
It was a perfect day to be at the beach- i haven't seen the sun much this summer so I was happy about the overcast condition.
The wind was pleasant when I arrived and I immediately wanted to get rid of my few clothes and enjoy every moment in the nud… Read more

She got Valentines day surprise cock to enjoy at Sinsations Swinging

hot indian couple xxx play Sinsations Rosettenville…

well Valentines day arrived, the cool rain had other ideas and plans for us to fuck. So we went off to Sinsations in Rosettenville and arrived in the wet Jhb weather. We got in to the porn section room and immediately undressed, damn watching her strip was making my cock all hard. She put on her blindfold and went down on her knees massaging my cock and then put it into her mouth sucking me all hard. Damn awesome time. I kept the door open so tha… Read more

On a Dark road one night finale Swinging


Well it’s the morning after and a late night . So I write this now in the past tense to conclude my story posted earlier suffice to say I was able to post some pics, but not of the actual event as those await a conclusion which will surely be the subject of a different story and will require all the happy participants to approve before I post them. So to the story. And names have been changed to protect the innocent.

We meet in the guest lou… Read more

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FFM anal with milk Swinging

interracial FFM anal with milk…

it all started with a wink that I got from her . ended up meeting up with her at her home , we sat and talked about our week and all the tangents following from it for an hour as we nursed a scotch.

finally she smiled and and said " have you ever had a threesum with two white women ?"

the only threesum I have had was with couples .both black and white and still keen to experience with a Indian couple .

suddenly the … Read more

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On a Dark road one night cont Swinging



We take a shower they had finished there drinks and retired to the room. I carefully wash and shave. It’s been awhile so need to be cleansed and shaved the night is young so time to prepare .

The introduction has gone well. She is very sexy and we had got along well. After the initial meeting we can now take stock. The photos had not lied. She is very sexy and friendly so the shyness has gone. We arranged to meet in an hour or so … Read more

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On a Dark road one night more..... Swinging


It’s Friday night a hot dry summers evening. The guests have arrived and are settled in the bar. A glass of wine for her and a beer for him

Business has been slow so we have closed the bar but they will enjoy the evening with the hotel to themselves and her wish is his command. The reservation had been for two and we had met in the drive as he parked his daka 990 off road mean bike in my driveway. Martin is his name and I introduced myself a… Read more

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Reasons Swinging

Some thoughts on why we do what we do…

Reasons...if any are needed – why do we do as we do?

We are all conceived in comforting wet heat, nurtured in it too - and then calved – wet, cold and nude into the prickling blankets. Wrapped by a midwife into our mother’s waiting arms, and for most of us, if we could express it, our sole wish would be to banish the world; or be absent from it. Instead, thanks to some degree of mothering not to mention gruff and inept fathering; we sur… Read more

Vanilla not so Vanilla after all Swinging

Always fun being naughty…

So it started off like any other normal braai we always have... Have some drinks and eventually braai the meat but this time Natalie seemed different playing around like always joking but seemed so much different a month before Natalie and Dean asked us where we go party to have fun coz our local Pubs most are full of drunk men and for Dean being Dean always gets into trouble and gets kicked out so we talk about the swinging club and obviously g… Read more a single male Swinging

Single male experiences…

I've posted a couple stories on some of my experiences that I have had from this site. And believe me, words cannot convey how much fun they were. Truth be told I have been very lucky as a single guy on this site and in the lifestyle. Single guys have a hard time in all honesty. We are obviously the majority, and therefore for every couple or single lady there are at least ten men. All horny. And a lot of the guys have made it difficult for the g… Read more

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Couple adventure Chapter 2 Swinging

More fun with couples…

I previously wrote about the rush I so enjoy when meeting new couples. It never gets old. But if I am honest, I get that rush each time I get to play with couples from the lifestyle. (Which is not as often as I would really like!)
As a single guy in the lifestyle, it can be kinda hard to find a willing couple. Lots of guys have spoilt it for the genuine guys. Some have come on strong only to chicken out. Some become overbearing or its … Read more

That couples "rush" Swinging

Couples rush...…

I have been fortunate to meet several amazing couples on this site over the years. All of whom I am still mates with to this day.
But the best part of all of this for me? Its that initial rush on the first meet...that electricity that comes with the anticipation and nervous energy just prior to anything happening.
I love it.
Not so long ago, couple months back I had arranged a meeting with a couple. We had been chatting for a while and since t… Read more

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swing droom Swinging

Ek wil nog altyd saam met mense kaal rondloop in a huis sommer a klomp mense. so gebeur dit eendag onverwags. ek en a vriend gesels daaroor en hy gee my a tel no. ek bel en ook maar bang probeer ek dit. die adres is naby my blyplek en daar aangekom. vind hulle eers uit wie ek is en nog a paar vrae. die vrou sit langs my en die man maak my rustig met a wisky. sy vat aan my piel en ek is dadelik styf. sy draai haar bene na my en tel haar rok op. ha… Read more

Yip it was Sinsational today late but we got there!! Swinging

Well Monday was a bit Blue with the hectic morning BUT nevertheless we arrived before 1pm. Made our way in and hell yes we get undressed immediately!!! My partner started kissing me while i massaged her pussy pushing my fingers in deep. Then in her Long Boots goes down and suck my cock taking it in deep and deeper twisting that tongue around the head tasting my cum, I then peeked outside leaving the door slightly open to see if there was anyone t… Read more

Yet another xxx Sinsational time!! Swinging

We posted an advert here to invite Couples or single male or ladies to join us at our favorite spot in rosettenville Sinsations. We love the darkrooms and porn area. We arrived on Tues and paid and went to our darkroom. We got undressed all stark and butt naked! We started kissing and i fingered her wet pussy all deep. Immediately she went down in high heels and sucked my cock and rimmed me with her hot tongue. As i peeked outside i noticed a whi… Read more

Wife tells her story Swinging

Names changed for privacy:

Several years ago Jim moved in next door to us. He is a handsome guy in his mid fifties. Even though he is about 20 years older than us, he is in his fifties, my husband Paul and I soon became friends with him. Jim is single but has always had plenty of girlfriends coming and going. We have met a few of them, they all seem nice but since we have known him he has never seemed to be in a committed relationship but ther… Read more

A true story Chapter 13 Swinging

Chapter 13 even I cannot forget Magda. We met shortly after I moved to barkly as she free lanced as hotel reservations and ran the pub mostly for locals at the mountain shadow resort. Our meeting was chance as I needed staff and she was popular with locals.

How can one describe Magda a very sexy woman in my life and never forgotten we had a very sexual relationship and she showed me the pleasures of uninhibited and unbridled passion. I posted… Read more

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Club Privilege Swinging

This is a conversation between me and a guy chatting on SH.
I decided to copy and paste it just as it went between us….
It was an experience that i had this month

mmmh nice what happened and club Privilege?
i was spoiled by two guys
Fuck.. was it nice?
were they sexy?
yes they were, 31 and 42
tell me how it went down
my hb organised both without me knowing anything.
fuck … Read more

Xxx roadtrip chapter21cont Swinging

It has been two months since I was last in johannesburg. Weeks of boredom and lots of masturbation in between.
I had planned my trip with a no return date and would spend the next two weeks having straight sex. Estelle is a very willing lover who indulges all my kinks without question. She loves my wild exhibitionisim my womans clothes fetishes and my slutty side. I love her for many things and I love her pussy her bum and her very naughty side.… Read more

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A true story chapter21 Swinging

To those I promised to write this story thanks for your encouragement and while it would not be possible to write only one chapter in conclusion of this story Ithought I would write the current story rather and leave you to draw your own conclusions. I will also supplement the story with pics and vids for fun. What I cant write in words well its 21 century and a picture says a lot. Hope you enjoy the story and the pics..the story title Xxxroadtr… Read more

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Parking lot fun....... Swinging

A few weeks ago, after attending the midweek social at Club P*****n, no real pussy action that night, but enjoyed chilling anyway. At about midnight i decided to head back home, and while going to my car, which was parked furthest from the entrance, i passed this couple in their car, this really sexy woman was giving her man the bj of his life.
He noticed me and called me into the car, very hesitantly got into the back seat, she did not notice … Read more

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Words Swinging

Words – It creates fire from hell says the Bible

But, words do not satisfy me
Neither does email, or
Phone sex, or
I luv you is just not enough

And you knew it

To: Outa
Date: Monday
Hi There,
I told you. I warned you. 3 weeks is too long. 3 Weeks of words only. No go. You should have known. Its all your fault.
I can only survive with the real thing. I need flesh, bare flesh, hands, vingers, cock. I need them in … Read more

Woorde Swinging

I am in the procees of Translating - in the mean time, please enjoy. this is purely fiction - my imagination :)

Woorde, volgens die bybel steek ‘n helse vuur aan.
Woorde doen dit nie vir my nie.
Nie stoute epos nie
Nie foon seks nie.
Nie skype nie,
Ook nie “ek lief jou” nie

To: Outa
Date: Monday
Hi Da,
Ek het mos vir jou gese, ek het jou gewaarsku. 3 Weke van Woorde alleen. Vergeet dit. Jy moes geweet het.
Ek leef vir… Read more

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Two Men in the Jacuzzi with Me Swinging

We slipped into the jacuzzi. I moved across to the far side and the two men I was playing with tonight each took a seat facing me. The one was tanned and muscular, the other taller, more toned than heavily built. As they had stripped to get in the tub, I had a good look at both and I knew I would be well satisfied tonight. Sitting opposite the two of them, I leant my arms back on the edge of the jacuzzi, jutting my breasts above the water and my … Read more

The best 3sim Swinging

I walked in on my friend and this random chick having sex.. was unexpected she calls me over unsips me and starts sucking my hard cock!her boobs was nice and ferm she could blow like a porn star . So we decided to make a video .she jumped on our dicks ;pushed both in together as i came in her mouth she kept blowing . She was mind blowing.… Read more

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