An awesome weekend goes awry for 3 couples Swinging

Mutual Carnal pleasures are experienced by all.…

The six of us had been planning on this trip for nearly a month. Three couples, three motorcycles, and a secluded cabin on Lake Texoma.

Dan and Robin had inherited Robin's family cottage on the lake and had invited the rest of us up to 'break it in'. We'd been friends a long time, and had taken some weekend jaunts together to San Antonio and Vegas, but this was going to be different - three glorious days of just the six of us.

We were l… Read more

Wife's unforgettable business trip Swinging

A young wife discovers the enjoyment of another man…

My husband, is an educated man, a professor of anthropology at a local university and he has always had a belief and fantasy about watching me with another man. I have never been interested in this type of fantasy. Not that I don't have a few fantasies of my own, but to be with someone else just doesn't turn me on. I don't understand why this is such a big turn-on for him seeing me be with someone else or knowing someone else has been fucking me.… Read more

Twisted house party Swinging

A house party turn into a wild party…

The idea started as a naughty party at home. E was super exited as it was her first party at home with sexy naughty people with her type of mindset, her mindset you now wonder?. Well E never wears underwear NO NEVER, she says it is her way of mind fucking herself into self lubrication and being horny at all times. Well she loves sexy dancing on loud music. Normally halfway through the night she has teased the men around to their limits, and to to… Read more

" A Couple Who Know How To Be Really Naughty..." Swinging

From The Dance Floor To The Bonnet Of The Car...…

Wow... The couple RandyDandy surely know how to life live to the full...They never have any expectations, just play the opportunity...We have been friends for a while, we met in the chatroom, in the early hours of the morning, they enjoyed what they saw and slowly started to chat with me...The chatting lead from one thing to another...We are all in our late fifty's, but the way they partied you would think they must be in their naughty forty's...… Read more

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Swinging adventure at Nexxxus 😈💦😉 Swinging

A fun day at a swinging venue.....…

Swinging adventure at Nexxxus 😈💦😉

And so the adventure continues on our sexual and erotic journey. Whilst we enjoy the guilty pleasures of life as we take time out to enjoy the lifestyle, we are still very much new to the scene. We are by no means fully fledged swingers..... and we still a shy couple that gets quite nervous. After much thought and debate we decided to attend a daytime fun event for the last time and then take a break … Read more

The Wedding Swinging

The most slutty wedding of the century…

The Wedding - By SunshineSlut (Names have been changed to protect the naughty LOL)

It was finally time. The day that she had been waiting for and dreaming of for such a long time, was here. She stood inside the chapel door just out of sight of the fifty wedding guests. Sanet took a deep breath and briefly looked at herself in the mirror next to the chapel entrance. She looked beautiful. Dressed in high white boots, a stunning white garter that… Read more

Fun at a club Swinging

Sexy fun…

Fun at a club

We all know how the first time going to the club feels like………Well this was my first-time experience with a partner in crime. Also it will be like back and from between the scenes that played out…

So as per usual I would fly into Joburg and meet up with her at the City Lodge. We have been discussing the club thing for a while, as my partner has been trying to go for a while.
As we book into the hotel and start chattin… Read more

At the club Swinging

Taking strange cock feels good…

The room was dim and I could see the other people at the club through the windows. But I was focusing on my husband's cock in my mouth. My tongue flicking across it slowly caressing each inch. I knew the door was going to open any minute. I knew because I walked over to the stranger and invited him to join us in a few minutes.

When the door opened, I looked up, cock still in my mouth. I could see he was immediately aroused. For a few moments h… Read more

First Time Breaking Our Own Rule Swinging

Friends and Fun can mix. Who knew?…

I had been friends with this guy for about 4 years, we had met at a work seminar and seemed to just click. Similar interests in bikes, outdoor adventures, offroad 4x4ing and guns.

Mrs 2Some met my friend early on in our relationship, the three of us would hang out together from time to time and it was just like it had been with any of my other girlfriends, except she didn’t care if he was in the room when we began making out, in fact, I rea… Read more

Older Women fantasy Swinging

To have Milf/Cougar…

I have this wild fantasy of having my own cougar/milf which can be married to someone but while I enjoy her without his husband approval just the feeling of sneaking out for me and making her enjoy and as she risk it all just for me.

She gets wild for me fuck like never ever with my own kinky milf who does things that never does with hubby but me.

Just wonder will I ever gonna have it this wild fantasy of mine.… Read more

Please Swinging

Recollecting an intimate moment of trust…

Her need was palpable,
her musk cloying the ether

An urgent yet subtle pant, palpable
The abandonment of rationale and decorum evident
Anxious fidgeting and vocal tremor
The imploration in her eyes,
welling forth
her impending loss to the edge

Conditioned she was,
And, intentionally and within the container of our trust and knowing, I had edged and triggered her all day
And now was the moment of visceral truth

Her trust meant th… Read more

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Erotic Sexual Pleasure Swinging

What Pleasure can we Expect in Lifestyle…

The Erotic Sexual Pleasure
This was a humble and amazing request to indicate on paper what are all those erotic things that I would like to explore and enjoy with an amazing stunning couple and a very sexy and bubbly lady. In a 3 some play session (mmf) there are many pleasurable traits that can be used to ensure that lady has great sexual enjoyment and pleasure and this continuous wave after wave of pleasure and desires. There are many aspect… Read more

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A bisexual MFM ,sexy wife part 3 Swinging


Part 2 described the beginning of my evening and what followed in part 1 of this story so I suppose this has to describe the climax, but where to start , she would cum repeatedly and could easily outlast the man, but for our minds and and versatility for she was not only turned on by her lust for more but to explore new horizons with her husband s lust evidence to see. They had been swinging by themselves and a few couples but this transition to… Read more

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A bisexual MFM sexy wife part2 Swinging


part 1 described the middle of a first encounter, as a threesome, but it had been months in the making, and was not the end of the evening, as earlier when I arrived, after a few frantic calls, he had said she wants you and she wants you now. This was my third visit to there home, and each night had been eclipsed. Today was different, they had obviously been partying most of the night and she was just insatiable so the sos call had come. A quick … Read more

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A bixexusl MFM , sexy wife Poem Swinging

Why I luv anal sex part 3…

Would luv to be eating her pussy right now, my tongue deep in her soft lips, while she opens her legs, for more, I feel a hand behind me take my throbbing cock and stroke it, but I can’t get enough of her pussy so I lick her to orgasm, I feel my cock pulled between my legs and a hot mouth take the head and sucking my cock, hot breath caresses my ass, I am ready and hard and can’t wait to enter her soft wet pussy, and I feel his hard strong co… Read more

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Birds of Paradise, Swingers Weekend. Swinging

Nudist Resort, Swingers Weekend…

We were invited to a swingers weekend at Birds of Paradise, which is situated in the V. Triangle, which is a nudist resort, we arrived on Friday afternoon, hooted at the gate, the gate opened, driving up this long drive way to the parking area, D was standing there nude, he welcome us. Walking to the reception area, the gardens are so beautify, large Jacuzzi and pool area, status all over, a full bar area, booked in, signed a indemnity, and giv… Read more

Best friends weekend, turns to full swap Swinging


Our best friends from up country, visit us for the weekend, we being friends for over 30 years, we are the same age and haven’t seen them for over 10 years, L is a very sexy lady, long blond hair, great body with medium size tits, H is good looking, works out at the gym.
They arrived on Friday afternoon, as normal, we did what normal friends do, catch up that Friday night. Saturday night we going to a show at sun coast and a bit to eat.O… Read more

Our swinging adventure Swinging

Very sexy and erotic soft swap...…

Our journey of swinging.....Connection

We had been sort of dabbling with our curiosity around the swinging scene over the past four years. Our experiences were limited to two once off experiences over this period. We are still very much newbies in the sense of the word.

After chatting with the husband of another couple for around two months, we had finally agreed to casually meet him and his wife for drinks at a swingers club (Richard and S… Read more

Offered.... 👾 Swinging

The night she let me have another woman...…

Another Super hero theme at one of our favorite clubs we sort of semi dressed up for the evening... arranged to meet a single guy for the evening no surprise though he cancelled at the last minute AGAIN.... our back up plan was to meet a couple... and most importantly to enjoy ourselves have fun and connect with each other as we always do 😉

We arrived at the club and once settled we started chatting to this couple. After 5 minutes of chatti… Read more

Audience Swinging

Putting to words how I feel being watched…

I want you to watch me.
Hard and ready.
Cock in pretty mouth
You silent as a sentry.
You to bear witness
To the screams so loud and merry
To grunts grotesque and gutteral
To sighs smooth and satisfactory
I want you to see me
Naked, bear and daring
Turn your gaze towards the haze
Of orgasms and sharing
I want you to watch me fuck
Rough, raw and scary
Limb to limb, sweat to skin
Our sex extraordinary… Read more

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Op pad na 'n swieng-ervaring – deel 5 Swinging

Marie en Pieter het nou gemaklik met Adri en Deon by die swiengklub geraak en is besig om dinge van 'n kant af te probeer.…

(Vervolg van deel 4 - gepubliseer op 22 September 2019)

Met Deon en Adri wat toe uiteindelik, meer as 'n uur na die afgespreekte tyd, by die swiengersklub opgedaag het, is die spanning nou uiteindelik agter die rug. Marie en Pieter kon darem 'n paar woorde met hulle wissel en aansluiting by hulle vind. Almal is honger. Hulle staan op van die tafel. Dis nou tyd vir kos opskep.

Adri stap voor. Met Pieter aan haar hand, kyk Marie kyk na die g… Read more

Fucking with the New Neighbour . Swinging


back from work ,decided to visit my new white female flat neighbour since the was no electricity and I did not know when it will be back and I was new in the flat complex . I walked into the house as I turned around from closing the door, there she was. Bent over , her butt was so tight and firm. I walked up and she turned around saying o hey it’s you with a big smile. I said hey good to see you again .she said can you help me real quick? I … Read more

The lengths we go to... Swinging

Coastal adventure…

Somewhere in the middle of 2018 I started chatting to this couple who lived close to Umhlanga. Initially I had just 'liked' a photo of theirs from the gallery, which led to them taking a look at my profile. Next thing I know, I'm chatting away with them, sharing fantasies, pics and suggestions. And seeing as they were a fair distance from my sanctuary in Joburg, I may have been a little more outgoing and suggestive than I usually tend to. Well, i… Read more

The naughty Umhlanga beach couple pt1 Swinging

Actual expierience at the nude beach…

This is a story that really happened at the nude beach in Umhlanga over two days.

I had time each morning to be at the nature reserve north of umhlanga where the unofficial nude beach is located
It was a perfect day to be at the beach- i haven't seen the sun much this summer so I was happy about the overcast condition.
The wind was pleasant when I arrived and I immediately wanted to get rid of my few clothes and enjoy every moment in the nud… Read more

She got Valentines day surprise cock to enjoy at Sinsations Swinging

hot indian couple xxx play Sinsations Rosettenville…

well Valentines day arrived, the cool rain had other ideas and plans for us to fuck. So we went off to Sinsations in Rosettenville and arrived in the wet Jhb weather. We got in to the porn section room and immediately undressed, damn watching her strip was making my cock all hard. She put on her blindfold and went down on her knees massaging my cock and then put it into her mouth sucking me all hard. Damn awesome time. I kept the door open so tha… Read more

On a Dark road one night finale Swinging


Well it’s the morning after and a late night . So I write this now in the past tense to conclude my story posted earlier suffice to say I was able to post some pics, but not of the actual event as those await a conclusion which will surely be the subject of a different story and will require all the happy participants to approve before I post them. So to the story. And names have been changed to protect the innocent.

We meet in the guest lou… Read more

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FFM anal with milk Swinging

interracial FFM anal with milk…

it all started with a wink that I got from her . ended up meeting up with her at her home , we sat and talked about our week and all the tangents following from it for an hour as we nursed a scotch.

finally she smiled and and said " have you ever had a threesum with two white women ?"

the only threesum I have had was with couples .both black and white and still keen to experience with a Indian couple .

suddenly the … Read more

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On a Dark road one night cont Swinging



We take a shower they had finished there drinks and retired to the room. I carefully wash and shave. It’s been awhile so need to be cleansed and shaved the night is young so time to prepare .

The introduction has gone well. She is very sexy and we had got along well. After the initial meeting we can now take stock. The photos had not lied. She is very sexy and friendly so the shyness has gone. We arranged to meet in an hour or so … Read more

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On a Dark road one night more..... Swinging


It’s Friday night a hot dry summers evening. The guests have arrived and are settled in the bar. A glass of wine for her and a beer for him

Business has been slow so we have closed the bar but they will enjoy the evening with the hotel to themselves and her wish is his command. The reservation had been for two and we had met in the drive as he parked his daka 990 off road mean bike in my driveway. Martin is his name and I introduced myself a… Read more

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Vanilla not so Vanilla after all Swinging

Always fun being naughty…

So it started off like any other normal braai we always have... Have some drinks and eventually braai the meat but this time Natalie seemed different playing around like always joking but seemed so much different a month before Natalie and Dean asked us where we go party to have fun coz our local Pubs most are full of drunk men and for Dean being Dean always gets into trouble and gets kicked out so we talk about the swinging club and obviously g… Read more

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