On a Dark road one night finale Swinging


Well it’s the morning after and a late night . So I write this now in the past tense to conclude my story posted earlier suffice to say I was able to post some pics, but not of the actual event as those await a conclusion which will surely be the subject of a different story and will require all the happy participants to approve before I post them. So to the story. And names have been changed to protect the innocent.

We meet in the guest lou… Read more

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Lipstick affair Fiction

Where my mind goes when I apply lipstick…

So you're naked in bed, and I'm just too tempted to let the opportunity go by. I jump on you and start to kiss you hard and rough. Moaning softly as we just devour each other's lips, enjoying the sensations that come with the slow body grinds.

You grab onto my ass and pull me down into your lap, and swinging us around. Now you're on top. Reaching for whatever is closest, to tie me up. Not today I say with a grin on my face and you jokingly go… Read more

FFM anal with milk Swinging

interracial FFM anal with milk…

it all started with a wink that I got from her . ended up meeting up with her at her home , we sat and talked about our week and all the tangents following from it for an hour as we nursed a scotch.

finally she smiled and and said " have you ever had a threesum with two white women ?"

the only threesum I have had was with couples .both black and white and still keen to experience with a Indian couple .

suddenly the … Read more

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On a Dark road one night cont Swinging



We take a shower they had finished there drinks and retired to the room. I carefully wash and shave. It’s been awhile so need to be cleansed and shaved the night is young so time to prepare .

The introduction has gone well. She is very sexy and we had got along well. After the initial meeting we can now take stock. The photos had not lied. She is very sexy and friendly so the shyness has gone. We arranged to meet in an hour or so … Read more

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On a Dark road one night more..... Swinging


It’s Friday night a hot dry summers evening. The guests have arrived and are settled in the bar. A glass of wine for her and a beer for him

Business has been slow so we have closed the bar but they will enjoy the evening with the hotel to themselves and her wish is his command. The reservation had been for two and we had met in the drive as he parked his daka 990 off road mean bike in my driveway. Martin is his name and I introduced myself a… Read more

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My first fullhouse Gay

Never thought a cock in my ass can feel that great..…

Wel waar begin ek...ek en n pel het mekaar altyd gewank in koshuis en gesuig maar nooit oorgeggaan na penetrasie toe nie. As ek toe geweet het wat ek nou weet het ek sy hol vir hom elke aand genaai....

7 jaar later
Werk ek by n myn en raak goed bevriend met John". Hy is n lang ou so 6'6 en ek 6'2. Ek is n soft spoken ou en ek vermoed hy is dalk gay op 48 sonder girlfriend of kind of kraai.
Hy nooi my uit om by hom te kom braai een Saterdag … Read more

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Massage final Fact

At last…

I was getting quite excited as Wednesday got closer.
I called Jill on Wednesday morning and asked if I should still come around that evening. Which she replied YES. And the door will be unlocked so just come in. I didn't want to seem to eager so at 17:00 I made my way to Jill and steves place. Once there as I was told the door was open. I walked in to find Jill naked laying on a blanket in the middle of the lounge floor. She said I thought this … Read more

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Vanilla Surprise Fiction

How a vanilla party turned wild.…

Saturday night, do we have to braai with the vanilla friends when we could be dancing the night away at the club, I muttered to my wife. Yes she replied, they asked nicely but I will make it a night to remember anyway. E spent two hours to get ready while I set up the braai and bar area.
At about six she appeared in the doorway, she looked super sexy, dressed in one of her super short mini dresses with high heels and make up in perfection. She … Read more

Holiday Fun 2 Fact

more fun while away…

So swimming pool fun over for at least now , my wife myself and the two lovely ladies headed down to our respective camp sites , me to light a fire and pour some strong cocktails for the ladies and the ladies went off to "find something sexy to wear".

I'd finished mixing my special summer punch and was about to get the fire started when the Mrs came over , listen she said , if we are planning on having some fun with those two girls tonight we … Read more

Massage 2 Fact

Thanks for the help…

This is a continuation from massage.
Steve called me and asked if I wouldn't mind going around on Saturday as Jill is complaining her back is still sore. I get there on Saturday and to my disappointment Steve is there. After setting up Jill comes in and lays down on the bed. Steve has his back to us watching TV. I ask Jill where it is saw and she tells me. I begin again on her lower back as I start she moans and Steve spins around and asked if … Read more

Hot steamy red head Other

Hubby likes it…

Have you ever seen someone going crazy about a redhead or let's make it 2 people going gaga over some chick so me and hubby have been here for quit some time now and our first in counters was a bit rusty and not that good. So for us never really talked about what kind of girl I like or what kind of girl he likes just to set our minds at ease we decided that I can pick any girl and he won't say a word. So one Saturday night we decided okay tonight… Read more

Hookup with daddy. Gay

How daddy took me from behind.…

Its been three weeks since I started chatting with this guy on grindr, he's insistent I come over and meet up with him, he promises me a good time.

Realising that I'm online within a few minutes he sends through more pictures of his cock, wow it's huge!! I immediately get all excited and start touching myself ... Not wanting to let go of the opportunity of good cock to pass me by, I agree. An hour later I'm standing on his porch , his waitin… Read more

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Massage Fact

Love to massage…

This is a true story that happened about 8 years ago. I did a basic masseuse course, as it has always interested me and I thought of it as very erotic.
The story starts about 2 months after I did the course. A friend comes to me and tells me his wife hurt her back and could I help. I tell him I'm not too experienced but I will try. He said he will tell her and we can arrange a time.
It was a Saturday morning. I got my portable bed and oils toge… Read more

Reasons Swinging

Some thoughts on why we do what we do…

Reasons...if any are needed – why do we do as we do?

We are all conceived in comforting wet heat, nurtured in it too - and then calved – wet, cold and nude into the prickling blankets. Wrapped by a midwife into our mother’s waiting arms, and for most of us, if we could express it, our sole wish would be to banish the world; or be absent from it. Instead, thanks to some degree of mothering not to mention gruff and inept fathering; we sur… Read more

Holiday Fun Fact

Fun in and out of the pool…

For the 1st time in years the Mrs and I were alone for the December Holidays well for two weeks at least as the kids were visiting the grand parents.
Didnt take me long to decide that the Mrs and I would go "camping" for a few days , Not really camping as our trailer has all the benefits of modern living and the place we booked had power on each stand allowing us some extra comforts.

Upon arriving at our destination we were informed that we h… Read more

That Massage Couple Wanted Fact

Couple Play…

That Massage Couple Wanted

I was invited by a couple to spend some time with them one Saturday and it was just unbelievable since it was her first erotic massage experience and with hubby watching

Hubby wanted to watch me give her an erotic massage and then proceeded from there
They have a separate section like a granny flat well laid out and for playing dates
She was all sweaty and took a shower first before massage while we chatted
She… Read more

One time surprise Fact

Die een wat en nie gesien kom het nie…

Ja wel, mixit was awesome. Ek het n sekere girl op die ou site ontmoet, ons was maar altwee baie geheimsinnig maar baie lus. Een dag toe ons nog so leke chat laat val sy iets oor haarself dat sy n suster ook het en sy se haar naam V......... My hart het amper gaan staan haar suster was my sus se beste vriendin en altwee sussies was baie sexy op skool en omdat die nou al n paar jaar na skool was was ek baie neskuurig om haar te sien. So na nog bie… Read more

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Lest the wiser 1 Fact

Attending Swingers Club for First time - Females Side…

Let me start by saying this, In the beginning I was never a willing participant in entering this lifestyle. Maybe because of being naive or judging those who were I resisted everything about it with a passion. I never knew about swinging heaven or the profile my partner had created with me on it. All I knew was that we had a very exciting and fulfilling sex life and for me that was enough but obviously not for him as I soon discovered.
He had su… Read more

Bound, gagged and fucked - Part two Fiction

I cum, you cum, we all cum for her to cum…

She raised her head off my cock, saliva unning down and glistening on my shaft. She wiggled her wet cunt a bit deeper into her hubby's gagged face as she kissed me, pushing her tounge into my mouth. "You like the taste of you precum on my tounge, don't you?" she asked me with a naughty smile on her face, "It makes me so horny."
I could see hubby gag was dripping with his wifes juices and my precum. He was so hard it looked like he was close to c… Read more

On your knees Other

Filled up in everyway possible…

She is sitting on the sofa with a pillow under her butt, exposing her sex to him with open and raised up legs. It is a intimate position that she likes very much because of the way it allows her to feel how they melt together. He knows it is one of the positions they melt together..... not only because she opens up as wide as she can to let him in.....nor because he can really go deep and hold her as close to him as possible. But also when she l… Read more

Satisfying her Fact


We in the pool ur legs wrapped around my waist hovering through the water we stop against the wall , I’m dead sure you can feel it I see the arousal in ur eyes, you feeling my semi hard cock bobbing against ur virgina over ur bikini bottom growing harder...
you rub ur head over it slowly lowering my swimming shorts to get it free , you squeeze it while I whisper softly in your ear “ you know how good this is going to feel deep in you “ wh… Read more

Origins story... Fact

The Bat has an origin story, so do I.…

My first foray many moons ago, a trip into the unknown. There was no website, no WhatsApp just a little “ST” booklet and a few sms’s. We planned to meet on a Friday evening and I drove all the way to Carnival City. The drive filled with many thoughts, what to talk about, what do they want to do, will I be able to, but mainly hoping I haven’t just taken my life in my hands.

We met outside and the “hello’s” etc exchanged and to my … Read more

Wet and slippery PT6. Fact

Sanet amazed by Cindy's little toy.…

I come back from the kitchen with a drink for each of us and Sanet is sitting cross legged next to Cindy,her beautiful breasts hanging soft and beautifully parted. She had her hand on Cindy's leg and the other holding her hair back out of her face as she watched Cindy softly probe the purple little plug in her anus with her middle and ring finger.

I handed the girls their drinks and sat on my knees opposite from Sanet,my cock still very hard a… Read more

A true swingers story part3 Fact


Cont from part 2 a true swingers story names changed to protect the innocent.

The sun is beating down and we have been relaxing all day in the pool and jacuzzi. Breakfast was a scrumptious bacon, eggs and coffee. Nothing like good sex to build an appetite. After a full day in the sun we were both exhausted, but we still have the evening ahead of us. I wonder what will happen and after all the days excitement we are both looking forward to a … Read more

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How i became a cuckold Swinging

First time cuckold…

My gf and i had got a flat and moved in together. One day i came home from work to find her busy masturbating whilst watching porn on my laptop. She looked up and said i didn't know you had threesome fantasies. We had a good fuck and started to chat about sexuality with more freedom or should i say we were being more comfortable talking freely. One day whilst talking she said she would love to find out what white cock feels like.

We put an ad … Read more

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A true swingers story part 2 Fact


Continued A true swingers story names have been changed to protect the innocent.....

Dinner finished and all the awkward introductions out of the way we retire with our hosts to there entertainment room. Well that's how he described it earlier. " Don't worry , we can have some fun later in our entertainment room"

Well we had arrived , at the entertainment room, not sure what we expected but, it was , very relaxed , large flat screen TV … Read more

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A true swingers story part 1 Fact


This story happened a number of years back and is based on actual events although names have been changed to protect the innocent.

We were driving home, its a dark night and there is no moon, the music is playing on the radio, its an old song, full of memories and cliches. I hear a bang and and pull over to the side of the road,

She asks me whats wrong , and I tell her we have a flat. Looking at the wheel I realise its not repairable an… Read more

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Bound, gagged and fucked - Part one Fiction

couples and a stranger…

We bound and gagged her husband naked to the chair so he could watch us. The camera was on a tripod in the corner of the hotel room capturing everything for their pleasure. His cock was hard and oozing precum. He was as excited as I was. His wife had the chair close to the foot of the bed so hubby could see everything. We tied him up good so he couldn't touch himself. She was in charge. She motioned for me to undress her. I was already naked, my … Read more

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Sharing is caring Fiction

Couple shares everything.…

The husband asked me if I found his wife attractive, to which I said yes. He then said he would like to watch me fuck his wife doggy style while he watched, filmed and stroked himself. She was so went and couldnt resist to taste her when she best over on the bed. She tasted so good and I was instantly hard. She begged me playfully to enter her. She gasped as I entered her dripping pussy and she said, "my god you're hard!" she ooked at her hubby a… Read more

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Vanilla not so Vanilla after all Swinging

Always fun being naughty…

So it started off like any other normal braai we always have... Have some drinks and eventually braai the meat but this time Natalie seemed different playing around like always joking but seemed so much different a month before Natalie and Dean asked us where we go party to have fun coz our local Pubs most are full of drunk men and for Dean being Dean always gets into trouble and gets kicked out so we talk about the swinging club and obviously g… Read more