" The Ladies..." Meetings

You Never Know What Too Expect...So Much Fun....…

Traveling along the R27 in the direction of the lady who names herself The BlowJob Queen and has a very interesting profile in Heaven...Yes her pic and videos tell the complete story...The sunroof of the car was open and my greying hair was blowing in the wind, and all I could think of was what was going to happen once we had met at the Cock and Bull overlooking at the sea...The music was going, when suddenly a message appeared on my phone..."Fam… Read more

Horny white mom pt2 Fact

She had a taste.... now she wants the whole package…

So there I am sitting in my chair while this hot white milf sees to my aching cock... dressed in her sexy black dress and heels licking and sucking my hot black cock. She looks straight into my eyes as she licks the head of my cock.. twirling her hungry tongue around the head and tracing her tongue along the slit... she gets into a rhythm of bobbing her head up and down on my cock trying to get as much of it then pulling up until it's just the he… Read more

Horny white mom Fact

She had a taste.... now she wants the whole package…

So if you guys are familiar with my previous stories you'll remember the last stories were I told you about this girls mom sucking my cock...

Well this happened last week in Cavendish mall... I was in dischem getting my supplement when I feel someone grab my ass.. I'm a bit surprised so I turn around to see her... she looks at me and smiles and says that she thought my ass looked familiar
. I just laughed and said oh really... she looks at … Read more

Inter stellar sex Fact

Magnificent and magical…

So this one day me and hubby is sitting around and wondering how to spend our Friday evening. We are binge watching star trek, but we not really in the mood for TV. So I suggest that we take a drive....

We drive around for about an hour on a very lonely road.. then suddenly we see bright lights in the distance, but coming at us very fast . All the lights on the dash goes dark and the car stalls. We are suddenly surrounded by a bright white l… Read more

Interracial experience Fact

Wive discovers interracial sex…

Two Friday evenings ago my wife Annette and I where at home with not much to do.Lying in bed each of us busy on our phones I visited a couple of porn sites.Watching a video of a woman having sex with strangers i started floating the idea to Annette.Big was my surprise when she said that she has also fantasized about it for a long time but was not sure how i would react.She explained how she wanted to have sex with a guy in public place.Talking ab… Read more

Life of Hotwife Cuckold

Toyboy pounded me so hard, next to hubby…

So we decided its time to have some fun again.....hubby wanting to watch me being fucked by a man we don't know...

We had some people over for a braai.... and we had some drinks and cocktails all night
Through the night hubby and I got horny and touched and teased each other, whenever we had a chance.
Hubby said I must show him if I can find someone to come and fuck me while he watches and maybe joins...
(Our guests started leaving late nig… Read more

An afternoon at the lake Threesome

A chance meeting with two girls at the lake…

James turned into the leafy overgrown lane in his open top MG slowly. He jumped out and unlocked the gate, drove in and then locked it behind him. He coasted slowly between a line of trees and an unkempt field, where horses had used to graze, up a curving path to the top of the hill and then round to park in front of the house. He knocked on the door, not because he expected anyone to be in, but more just to hear the old brass knocker against the… Read more

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A Sexual Biography - The Trust Factor Fact

A follow up…

The Trust Factor

How it started

As told in ‘That First Kiss’, we had met through social media and other online friends. Having seen her profile, I was very aware that she had listed ‘anal sex’ as one of her interests. This obviously was not a subject which I was just going to approach without careful consideration & thou… Read more

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Sexting, Videos and An Ice Lolly Fact

Chatting can definitely be a form of foreplay!…

I had been away for a short holiday, where it had been difficult for us to stay in contact. And we hadn’t seen each other for two weeks… and our sexual pressure was building up…. We had plans to get together the following day…

We chat regularly when we can, but not always about sexual stuff, and it’s been a while since last we were really naughty in our chatting. But the pressure was building, and this time “The Cat was away” … Read more

A Sexual Biography - That First Kiss Fact

The first story of a biography…

That First Kiss
The lead up

The plan, or so I was informed, was for us to meet at a club as part of a group made up of three couples. We were to make up the third couple. We had never met before, not in the Cyber world, or in person. So the game was set in motion, not by me however, but one of the couples whom I knew, & the other … Read more

Another Great (Gangbang) Party At Shakerz Fact

Yet another evening of fun at one of their parties!…

To be honest, we initially had another arrangement for the Saturday night. We were going to go off to a completely different type of function for the evening. But then I saw the advert for another gangbang party at Shakerz, and, remembering how much we had enjoyed the last one, offered it to my partner as an alternative outing for the night. I said to her, “Plan A, or Shakerz? You choose.” And without the slightest hesitation, she chose … Read more

" Mother She Wanted To BE....But Could Not Be..." Other

Dads New Lady....…

Just on sixteen when my mother was taken away from me, and off to boarding school I went...First, it was just for the week and home on weekends, slowly it was extended and home only saw me at the end of the term for a week or two...The years went by...Yes, the school had seen the last of me... Not sure what I wanted to do, but I was sure I would not join the family empire driven by my dad...So off to Europe, I went for a gap year, and explore the… Read more

Early morning adventure Fiction

Nothing beats nature…

There we were hiking up the last ridge to get to our overnight camp spot, a hut fit for a dozen or so campers so it would be ample for us eight going up there.
Finally destination in sight and we would be able to relax and rejuvenate for the next long day of 16km.
In the group there was myself, a middle aged man, a trio of university girls (their assets made up for their nagging and chatting on the trail), and two couples, middle aged like my… Read more

A story by Jolene Fact

He asked me “Can you give me a BJ”.…

I am a married woman of 25 years, 25 happy years, However I could not help to wonder how it would feel to have sex with another man, this was my secret and I could not share it with anyone. My husband was my first and only.
One Saturday while we were relaxing next to the braai, out of the nowhere he asked me what I think of having sex with other men. I was shocked. How did he know that I was wondering about it? At first, I did not know how to a… Read more

" Sex Is Never Guaranteed...." Fact

The Plan Went Up In Smoke....…

Working a male-dominated industry was rather fascinating to me, as I had worked my entire life in the retail industry, yes running my own liquor store...No two days were ever the same, people were from the down and outs to the ones who thought they were royalty or the ones that were just looking for a shoulder to cry on... Brian asked me to stand in for him in the factory while he and his wife Jill went overseas. Been the best of friends I had no… Read more

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Having sex at work Fact

She was a very sexy lady…

Well this was in the time when I was naughty without the knowlege of my wife.

I was working with this gorgeous woman. She was very sexy and so stylish. We worked in the same department and for a while as colleges. At times I was assigned to train and mentor her, as she was inexperienced in the work that we were doing. We become good friends.

Then I was promoted. This was good for me but not good for our relationship. I did not have time to… Read more

This could be us Cuckold

perfect cuckold dream…

beautiful hotel suite
my goddess is sitting on the ottoman
knock on the door
a nice built tanned guy around late 20s early 30s stands awaiting

after i open, i escort him to have a shower
than the chastisty lock is placed on him

his next duty is to start massaging my goddess

after the massage goddess will decide what comes next, the night is young

i have been told that i will be quiet all the time and take instructions from goddess… Read more


She spread wide for him and in he went…

She got me into swinging, a compulsion of hers from her first marriage where her ex-husband used to recruit men for her and set up orgies. She already got me into FMF, but now she wanted to do MFM. In fact, she insisted. I knew she had a bucket load of men before we met, so I knew this was coming (no pun intended) . But being a relatively traditional guy, now yanked by Beth into the lifestyle, I didn't know what to make of it or how my ego would … Read more

The weekend (part 2) Meetings

The next day...…

"I feel so unsure as I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor"

Saturday morning was relaxed, chatted and had brunch. The afternoon Mr.A and I started fooling around on the couch in the living room. Did not mind Mr.T also with us in the living room.
It started with making out and soon his hands wandered over my body. Exploring my curves and breasts while I unbuttoned his shirt. The smell of raging hormones and aftershave filling my nos… Read more

Wow!! Fact

The best experience ever!!…

Sooo I met this guy from this site a couple of weeks ago. The third guy I have met and played with. I met him at his house after only 1 day chatting... Was super horny and needed someone to take the edge off. Omw!! Best decision I've ever made!! I have never met a man that can do oral very well and fuck like a pro. He took me to heaven within the first 5 min of me opening my legs. He ravished me. Licked my pussy, sucked on my clit and made me cum… Read more

From Waiter to Bull First Time

Where do I start?…

My very first swinging experience started out when I was still a waiter. I had been working at a restaurant for a couple weeks. In my first few shifts a couple had come through quite regularly. I served them on a couple of occasions and one evening the wife went to the loo and the husband called me to their table. I approached the table assuming that he was wanting to place an order but what followed caught me by complete surprise....

He told… Read more

My kollega se skoonma vervolg Fact

Kuier met skoonma en naai kollega…

Met ons aankoms by die hotel waar skoonma ingeboek was het ons bietjie gekuier. Die dames het goed gekuier. Ek het die kar bestuur en het net een dop gedrink want ek en Rene moes nog na die gastehuis ry waar ons ingeboek was.

Terug in skoonma se kamer het sy besluit om te gaan stort. Nadat sy klaar gestort het, het sy in 'n kurt japon uit die badkamer geometry en met haar bene gekruis op die bed gaan sit. Ek het op die stoel gesit en Rene h… Read more

Servicing the neighbors wife Fact

Sexy farm girls…

Soooo i had a small farm in the Natal midlands a few years ago. The neighbors wife T and I had an understanding what when either of us needed sexual satisfaction we would call on each other still in the days of BBM. I often used to bend her over in the stables after feeding our horses as she had hers stabled there for a while. These were just quickies but they happened every evening mostly. This normally ended in her squirting down her legs and a… Read more

Black Queen Fiction

Black Queen…

So it's been just over a year that this gorgeous black woman started with us at our company. She works in a different department, but on the same level as our department.

She is a stunner, she's in her late 20's with a big bone structure. She's slim and fit but tall and has the ass that would give any guy a hard-on. I've been eyeing this girl since she started at our company, ans she always wears these stylish skinny jeans to work that makes… Read more

My Storie (Deel 3) Fact

Derde en Laaste keer met Jacob…

MY STORIE (Deel 3)
Weereens, baie dankie vir al die positiewe kommentaar. Ek is eintlik bly dat ek hierdie paar ondervindings kan deel, en dat julle dit geniet. Ek is gladnie spyt dat dit gebeur het nie. Om jou vraag te beantwoord, Poplap, Jacob was nie die enigste nie, daar was nog twee ander later in my lewe. Ek het wel net een keer met albei seks gehad, maar met Jacob 3 keer.
Ek en Jacob moes natuurlik baie onopsigtelik met mekaar omgegaan h… Read more

My kollega se skoonma Fact

Vinnige naai langs die pad…

Ek en Rene het saam gewerk. Sy was getroud maar was glad nie skaam om buite die eg te naai nie. Sy was jou tipiese Afrikaner vrou, praat met het haar nie-blanke kollegas, maar dit is waar dit ge-eindig het. Ek is kleurling en die man met wie sy op kantoor genaai het, het aan my rapporteer. Ek het hulle eendag in sy kantoor betrap waar sy besig was om hom 'n bj te gee. Na hierdie voorval het sy meer met my begin praat en selfs grappe begin maak. … Read more

Naughty gf Cuckold

Kinky drunk night…

Me and my gf of 8years went to a emd of the year function, im 30years old and she is 25. She has the mos beautiful pair of 34D tits, pink nipples with full breasts, a thin body with a nice thick ass thats perfectly shaped. We where quite bored at the party especially her, she started drinking allot and she was not a big drinker and normally drinking makes her insanely horny by the way she has long blonde curly hair a very hot lady. She was all ov… Read more

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My 1st ever and most intense open public orgasms... Masturbation

Hubby still exites and blows my mind even after all our years of marriage!…

So Hubby fetched me at home one afternoon and took me to a restaurant for lunch. Nothing strange for him to do so I did not suspect or thought of our naughty play we so like... We walked in and as always asked for the smoking section. Walked over walked towards the tables. He chose a table very close to a wall that hid us from the one closed off side but if you are inside the smoking room as we are, you are clearly visible to other people to see … Read more

Borrowed dick Fact

Mixed feelings on fucking married guy, written on behalf of a lady friend.…

He walked in and found me in the kitchen standing by the sink, he gave me a nice and warm hug from the back, since he was standing behind me his hand came fo my breasts as he hugged me while playing with my nipple which he had easy access to since i was only in a dressing gown i felt his lips kiss me on my neck wit abit of licking after the kiss damn this man knows me to well 2 of my spots at the sametime.
Then i felt him push my legs apart wit… Read more

My First Threesome First Time

My First Threesome…

My First Threesome
This is the story of my first threesome through SH. A married lady messaged me on SH, and she said that she really liked my profile. She also indicated that she likes intelligent people and she doesn’t like to hook up with “stupid” people. I was actually thrilled by her message, and I responded to her positively. We then agreed to meet the very next day, which was Friday evening, for dinner at a restaurant.

She came w… Read more

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