Swinging Best Moments First Time

Sex Cruising…

It was late in the evening when I got call. When I check my phone it was couple I used to play with ussualy for 3some but what happened that night wasn't the usual things I used explore on. They ask me if they can come pick me up for night I said yes why not I'm free and horny just hearing the voice of the lady behind the mic hmmmm as she was curvy and bit chubby.
As they arrive on the spot to pick me up so the hubby was driving and wife sitti… Read more

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The insatiable Ann Other

a staff party to remember…

It December, the years winding down everyone is starting to get into the holiday mood, I'm working as a waiter at a local prestigious location thats right on the beach front, its a perfect day not too hot not too cold the ladies are out in their sexy bikinis

We setting up for the event adding our finishing touches , just in time before the client and their staff arrives , as they all people filter in i notice her , I think to myself wow she's… Read more

Ice-capades Fact

Hot day, Super hot pussy and Gushing melted ice...…

So before I got divorced I felt adventurous.
So after a relaxing morning in bed for then wifey, with bed n breakfast served by me,pulling out all the stops.

Hot and baking Summersday, inside the house and out.

I move to the bathroom and grab a towel... Remove the blankets from her and slip those panties off.

I remove my clothing while walking to the fridge for that bag of ice I bought earlier.
Once back in the room, I remove her ni… Read more

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‘n Ses vir die tuisspan Fiction

Blitsvinnige pret langs die sportveld…

Groot krieket in Pretoria-Oos as privaatskole se eerstespanne mekaar aandurf gedurende ‘n ligawedstryd.
Mense op die pawiljoen het baadjies aan, want dit is nog koud in laat Augustus. Ons span se ouers is nog nie almal daar nie en ek soek eenkant ‘n plekkie in die son. Ek sit naby van die teenstanders se ouers en daar kry ek ‘n pragtige glimlag. Ma, saam met Pa. Ons groet beleefd en dan kyk ek bietjie verder. Pragtige mamma - seker so … Read more

Camping Fact

camping with friends…

We arrive at the camp site, M&P already there. The other 2 couples arrive and we start building camp with a lot of touch and feel when a person bends over. After the obligatory braai and campfire songs, we sit in a cozy campfire circle, comment on the stars, The lack of light make them brighter than usual, when we notice M is nude and P is playing with his penis. We decide to get naked as well. A camp away the people were giving us a “dogg… Read more

Special times with Daddy Threesome

Oh how I love to see you riding cock…

Oh how I love to see you riding cock, As you slowly move up and down his cock, you are still wearing your mini skirt covering up all the good bits, but I don’t need that, the pleasure on your face it’s making me hard. As I put my hand onto your hair, softly tugging, you look me in the eyes, and slowly start increasing your speed. You take my cock into your mouth, Your eyes lusting and mouth watering, you start sucking me with an intense amou… Read more

" Visiting A Massage Parlour In The 80's..." Fact

They stood at the doorway...…

In the eighties massage parlors we more popular than liquor stores...There was one on every corner and many more in between...Springing up like a wild mushroom in the field, and their ads spread across the classified pages of the morning and evening editorials... Visiting one was so easy...

It was late Friday evening or should I say rather the early hours of Saturday morning... All the other students were enjoying their evening, while Alan, an… Read more

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Holiday Surprise Threesome

Friend becomes wife's fuck buddy…

Last holiday we went to the coast, my wife and I and my recently divorced best friend. The first day we came back from the beach for lunch all still in our bathing suits. After lunch, my wife I and I went to lie down. My friend came into the room and we started chatting and my wife still in her bikini told him to come sit on the bed. My wife said she felt there was sand under her bikini top so my friend made a joke and said he would take it … Read more

2cocksinwifespussy Threesome


Wife and I invited our bestfriend over for a braai,we haven't seen him in a while so needless to say we were excited and got drunk a little bit to fast , we were talking about nudism and that I'm probably an exhibitionist and we said ja maybe so he replied he would watch us fuck if we would like soooooo wife agreed and we got undressed and wife looked at him standing there all hard and she put his hard cock in her mouth and started sucking and I… Read more

Liquid Heaven Fact

Again one of those poems describing the relationship between my partner and I…

Liquid Heaven

A feast for my womanly inner beast!
I tease, I please,you have me on my knees
I wring my hands, you take my head
With your fingers locked in my hair of red

You - I call Mine
Begging for forgiveness, in a position of love
My words are bashing with one stuttering sound
Moaning & Moaning & Moaning

As you make my head spin like a merry-go-round
Craving for you to unleash a liquid heaven sound

My body … Read more

Hours of Passion Fact

A poem describing (in my opinion) the connection my partner and I have…

Hours of Passion

Add you and me
Subtract our clothes
Divide my thighs
So we can multiply the times
You make my love pour down

From the moans, to the begging
Your love makes it easy to want more
The way you enter me, with satisfaction
Most likely my response with pleasure
There is no better feeling than this

When I explode, be prepared to witness the moment all of me belongs to you
Just like that your tongue makes me lose my mi… Read more

In the name of science First Time

Hotwife discovered…

While sitting here, waiting for the call to board my flight, I start to get a sense of excitement as I stare across the busy lounge of the airport. Hundreds of people either just as excited as I am feeling now, with just a couple of sad faces sitting around the lounge. I have heard that not even a wedding or funeral can offer you the intense emotions that one tends to experience while sitting in an airport lounge. A mixture of people who are gl… Read more

Fast play Meetings

Wife had a quick fun play…

Wife went to a friend in north of Pretoria. When she arrived the only person home was jerry the gardener. Jerry said he know she was coming and was told to let my wife in. Jerry is a 40 year old black man. Very strong body and muscle every where. He had no shirt on a old shorts that have a rip on the side.

As my wife was sitting in the back in the garden she looked at jerry. She had a summer dress on with a white g-string and bra on. Wife se… Read more

Finally Did It Fact

My Teenage Crush thinks I am Hot Now…

SO not only is this my first time writing, but after many failed attempts I finally had the courage to pursue a fantasy.....

I recently moved offices and honestly by coincidence discovered that a long lost school friend actually shares offices in the same block. After reaching out via social media we started chatting on whats app. It wasn't long we had coffee and she would come and have chats as well. Now in school I was this really geeky yet… Read more

Pleasant surprise Fact

An afternoon well spent…

After weeks of my partner and I trying to get a little fun, we finally got some. And boy oh boy was it worth it.

The afternoon started of with a mini meet and greet, not too bad for a first time meeting. Eventually we decided to meet at our place with the other couple in a few hours. Little did we know they didn't like dogs. Plans changed and we followed them to their place.

We got there and the conversation flowed. And I must say that w… Read more

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First time at Nude Resort Other


Covid had really put most of us on a slow down. It has indeed been a year of mishaps and any outing would have done anyone good. so, last weekend, our fried couple invited my wife and I to a Naturist Resort. To be more precise, A Nude Resort. We have always heard of such places, but never been to one.
At first, we were not very comfortable with the idea. We didn't know what really happens there and we had a lot of questions, and were even scare… Read more

" Who Said It Couldn't Be Fun..." Fact

Going home started it all...…

Lauren and I had decided we would have brunch together on Wednesday morning as her husband was away on business for a couple of days during the week...It would be the first time that we would meet without him...It was decided that I would pick Lauren up from her home and we would ride together to the shopping center...I arrived a few minutes early and drove down the driveway...Parking in the shade caused by the trees...Out of the car I got, wond… Read more

The unknown adventure - Part 1 Fiction

The first meeting to see if compatible…

I walk in by the door, trying to figure out who you are...

I know we said let's fate choose the right path, but right now I am anxious about never getting the chance to tease your imagination in person.

I am dressed in a plain white shirt, formal pants and smart shoes. Tried not to over dress for our first meeting and opted to avoid a suit...

I can feel your eyes on me but you playing hard to "find".

I scan the patrons, 7 ladies in a… Read more

My First Milf First Time

A Real Lady i am glad i got to meet…

The First time a Met Mrs S was on a site like this she was 52 and i was 27 we started chatting via email and we exchange some pictures she was a very slim petite blonde lady very well groomed. She was divorced and she wanted to meet someone she could explore and try new things with some one to be sexually open with. So after some Chatting and exchange of fantasies which she and i both had lots decided to meet.
We decided that i rent a hotel room… Read more

MFM date Fact

Awesome 3some…

So after a week of chatting with this couple that I met on the site we finally decided it was time to meet. We exchanged some pics and talked about what we want to do to each other. So I took the 1 and a half hour drive to their place.

When I got there I was greeted by a very beautiful and sexy lady and her husband. She even looked prettier then what she looked like on the pics. The hubby was busy preparing the fire for the braai and we sat an… Read more

High school crush Fact

Pleasuring her first.…

This happened about 4 months back with my ex, for privacy reasons I'll refer to her as Tracy.

A bit of a background, Tracy and I went to high school together. Back then we weren't really close, I had a crush on her but I was too much of a nerd to make a move. A few years later we bumped into each other and exchanged numbers. We flirted back and forth for a few weeks until we decided to it official.

I invited her to my place and she came on … Read more

" Early Hours In The Chatroom..." Other

Fun, fun it can be....…

Returning home just before pumpkin time, but not ready for bed so into the chatroom I went...It was rather quiet for a Saturday evening...There I was reading through all the chattings, some were rather interesting, while others seemed rather boring, so from the pool I jumped into the lagoon... The lagoon seemed to be a lot more interesting....There I was looking through all the comments... When I was greeted by a couple from Australia who I had b… Read more

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Stiffy27 Threesome

Fantacy cum true…

Thursday I arrived in Jhb on busness booked in to a guest house then let the couple know I was there and booked in we had been messaging for a while at about 8pm they arrived going to call them Jack and Sally both were in there 60s as am I we had some wine and chatted both were bi so I was happy to hear that soon we sat on the bed and started kissing and feeling each other up. Then we started to strip now none of us are models I sucked her tits a… Read more

Assistance with a puncture on the road Fact

A favorable day…

Today I was driving from Durban to East London on Business, leaving Durban around 04:00am driving through the Eastern Cape in a some what misty morning, in the middle of nowhere I see a young white woman standing next to a Toyota Hilux double cab bakkie, looking distressed and I couldn’t help notice that the bakkie has a rear wheel puncture. Normally I wouldn’t stop but I seen her alone and thought she may be harmed and I should stop and he… Read more

The Delivery man PT 2 Fiction

Time for the upgrade…

The Delivery Man PT 2

As I gently slide the humming toy into her moist peach she lets out a gentle moan. I stroke the toy in and out slowly coating it with her juices. In and out slowly with the toy as I gently kiss her inner thighs. I spread her legs wide open revealing her thigh asshole. as the toy hums, I push it all in till her clit is covered by the little tickler. "oooh yes right there" she says as her hands start playing with her hard … Read more

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You Want Me Other

A poem of lust between a man and woman…

You want me with your wanton desire
You want me to release your hidden fire
You want me to take you that much higher

To breathe down the soft contour of your innermost needs
To suffice your lustful hungry with our mutual greeds
To impale your tight pussy with my hardened horny cock
Sit down on my lap and begin to rock
Me now deep inside
As you begin to ride
Your inner most slut begins to scream
As I suck on your tits and you live out… Read more

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Twisted Elegance Other

A poem of lustful seduction…

Twisted Elegance and my profane remains
I wish to tie you up in rope or chains
Ne'er for pain but to bring to you, your lustful gains

Now, now dear one! Do not look upon me with horror and shock
For on the odd occasion I do so ever enjoy a hot cock

Forgive me dear as I have digressed,
As I tend to you and those fucking hot breasts
Right now my dear, tis' you and me
As I eat your pussy out and set your juices free
As I lick you slow … Read more

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Our 3rd Dogging Experience Dogging

Another true story about our 3rd Dogging Experience…

Once again, as promised at the end of our 2nd story, it is now time to write our next story.

We don’t generally plan ahead as we are “Spur of the moment” people and we learned through many disappointments that planning ahead just don’t work for us. This time however we were chatting about another walk in the park during the day. It was a hot summers day and just that is enough to get our naughty moods going as clothes are optional duri… Read more

My Mr Bear Other

oh do carry on Mr Bear…

i press u down onto my desk so that ur breasts are pressed down. u have to adjust ur stance and brace urself by spreading ur legs slightly. i step up behind u. my wood is aching for u now, i feel it throbbing through my boxers and my trousers. i put my hands on ur hips, and i position myself behind u. as i push against u, it instinctively finds the niche between ur cheeks. i grind slowly, but hard. with each movement i feel more happiness leaks o… Read more

My Mr Bear Other

Story written by Mr Bear for me…

as i walked into my office u were standing at my desk, ur back to me, leaning over my desk, reading something. ur right foot was curved around ur left ankle and u were playing with a pen in ur right hand. i stopped dead, mesmerized, just staring...
i wanted to walk over to u, but i also didn't want to ever stop looking at u. then i walked up to u, slowly, quietly, until i was so close ur hair tickled my nose. as i stepped closer to u, i could sm… Read more

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