You never know who is going to change your world First Time

"When you meet someone special, you'll know. Your heart will beat more rapidly, and you'll smile for no reason."…

I drove into the side street and looked for a parking. There were a few cars parked along the road so I turned onto a pavement parking. As I turned off the engine I glanced into my rear-view mirror. There he was, casually sitting on the opposite pavement with a cigarette in one hand and his cellphone in the other. The butterflies had been turning in my tummy all the way there, now they were trying to escape.

I reached for my cellphone to … Read more

Catharsis Fact

memories I hold dear…

The wet pulse of her inner womb brought my reality into slow motion
Travelling had given me a deep ache in my belly at night as i tried to sleep, missing her more than I wanted to admit

And now,
on this bed, the container of our souls,
she was pliant under my hands
and supplicant to my will,
a flower open to seed
each thrust conveyed my intent without hesitation

deep into her turgid waters she took me

the room was moist wit… Read more

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My eerste oor die kleurlyn ervaring Fact

My eerste ervaring met n' jong swart meisie.…

Ek het so pas die storie van n' Afrikaanse dame gelees oor haar ervaring met n' swartman terwyl sy op skool was en op n' kleinhoewe gebly het as kind. Dit het herinneringe van my eie jeug en ervarings teruggebring.

Ons het ook op n' kleinhoewe of soos ons gese het plot gewoon. En net soos met haar het ons n' swart gesin gehad wat ingewoon het. Die man en vrou was ongeveer so oud soos my ouers en hy het die diere versorg en in die tuin gewerk… Read more

My Storie Fact

My eerste interras ervaring.…

Na aanleiding van n storie wat ek op SH gelees het, “Lank, Lank Gelede”, en die kommentaar van ene Poplap247, en Jango, het ek besluit om my storie ook te skryf.
Ek glo daar is baie wit vrouens wat heimlik n begeerte het om seks met n swart man te hê, of ten minste daaroor fantaseer, min van hulle sal dit egter erken, meesal uit vrees vir wat ander van hulle sal dink.
Ek het in die apartheidsjare grootgeword op n plot so ongevee… Read more

Being a single married guy on SH Fact

The ups and downs of being judged…

What is it like being a single guy on SH. No wait... what is it like being a single married guy on SH, playing or being here without consent...

In a few words, difficult, frustrating, and sometimes it feels like a waste of time, but every now and again there is a star in the darkness.

The rule applies, we are being judges based on our covers.

Why is this a difficult place to be as a single married guy, because for each one of us that are… Read more

The weekend (part 1) Meetings

Unexpected yet unforgettable…

We played action sport together. Haven't noticed them really until one of them found me on mxit. We chatted every now and then and eventually met up after the games. Mr.A was married and Mr.T was engaged.
They worked for the same company and had a project in Rustenburg. After some fooling around prior, they invited me to visit them in Rustenburg. So Friday afternoon I got in my car and went to Rustenburg. Dressed in a purple low cut blouse and … Read more

My first Gay


I'm 23, black and good looking, just a bit shy. With varsity done, I was set on looking for a job and bcom degree in hand, I ended up at one of the retail chains and offered the position of trainee executive assistant to the CEO. The interview was pretty awesome, it was with HR and on my first day, late afternoon, I met the ceo for a briefing. He was one hot dude, pegged him to be about 46, looks like he gyms or runs so I was quite excited to be … Read more

Spontaneous fun... Fact

Faster than you can say...wanna f***…

One saturday evening I was sitting at home, smart phone in hand and perusing the profiles and personals on the site...I see an ad pop up for a couple looking for some fun. Lets take a chance, and see if they might consider me for some fun?
I drop them a message...and a few minutes later that little red icon appears telling me I have a message!! Instant boner!
I reply...within seconds theres a reply with their whatsapp number.
I make contact..… Read more

What do you think? Fact

A profile…

Lying in bed after the night of a storm in Cape Town
Replied to mails and got down to serious thinking.
Been on line almost 7 years and realised things have changed over the years especially on line dating.
Yes I know its called Swinging Heaven and all it entails To be honest I do find it degrading .Maybe others or not aware of it and carry on perusing stories galleries and profiles
Greetings such as the following . Hey .Do you want to s… Read more

The female farmer Fact

Another unintended interracial session…

I met Karen in a chat room on a site. She asked all the guys for their ASL, except me. We exchanged numbers and two days later she started to share a lot of personal stuff. I asked her why she never asked my ASL. Her response was I am so comfortable chatting with you I did not even think about it.

I told her I am coloured and that I would love to meet her for coffee. She made it clear it will only be for coffee and nothing else. She is from t… Read more

My first encounter... First Time

... of sucking a huge cut cock!…

So, this is my first story, of my first encounter...

I have to admit, it’s been a long time coming. I have been thinking of and fantasizing of playing with and sucking a guys cock for the longest time.

I have often tried setting up meetings on SH, but they always seemed to fall through, usually the other party not really being that interested as they make out when chatting, or because of the issue of a safe venue, etc...

Anyway, this t… Read more

My first MILF Fact

Broken in by an older dame…

This is my first story, hope you like it, amd yes it is true.

The year was 2006, I had just crossed into my twenties, young and full of cum.
MXIT was the chatting platform at the time.

One evening in a chatroom I met a lady, she was on the hunt, and she lived close by. I was still staying at home. Within a few days we had setup a meeting at a local pub.

In walked a blonde bombshell, a short lady, long blonde hair, tight skirt with clea… Read more

hot stay over in ct Threesome

my hottest surprise in cape town - real story - not fantasy…

so there I go flying to cape town to meet this lass I met on line . i stayed for the night and we had some soft sex play . next morning we chatted and decided that we don't actually have any chemistry . so I go to the airport for an earlier flight back to kzn . I decided to contact a Cpl I met online on sh and chatted before . the wife quickly replies that I can call her . I call and tell her I'm at airport . she invited me to stay the night w… Read more

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Foot worship Fiction

Footworship, muffing…

What do I want to do to you.

Well we meet over a bottle of wine... we drink it and crack a few jokes...

And then I lean in to act like im going to get the wine bottle and then start kissing you....

We move to the bed. I take off my tie, wrap it arround your wrists and and tie you to the top of the bed.

I then move the foot bath closer that was set out, for you to get a foot massage. And so I clean your feet and start giving you a fo… Read more

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23 and 62 Meetings

An account of my meeting with a Lady on SH years back…

This is an my account of meeting up with a certain lady (I will not name her as she has passed away and I can't get her permission)

Years ago under my previous account (ruff) I met a woman on here who I shall refer to as the "lady". She was 62 at the time an absolutely beautiful BBW, we spent many days in private chats where I would worship her from afar since I stay in Gauteng and she stayed in the western cape. But finally the opportunity a… Read more

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The next Chapter Cuckold

Karen is off to a work sosial…

It is 2:30 on a Saturday morning, I wake up from a car pulling into our driveway, it stops , switches off the lights.

I am standing next to the window looking if i can see anything, but in the dark it is almost impossible, a door opens and the interior light comes on, Karen leans over and kiss someone...... who is that I wonder? What happened tonight? What did she do?

I hear the lock in the door and in she walk, her hair a mess, her dress … Read more

Insatiable meet Fact

Couldn't hold out any longer…

So being a single male on SH has it's pros and cons, cons are the obvious "NO SINGLE MEN" on the profiles you view or take interest in.
Well I noticed a new profile , looked perfectly interesting, a photo which left to s to the imagination, just a glimpse of a nipple and a blurred background. So interest is piqued and I sent a quirky message , a bit of humour with a bit of flirt... Well a response was garnered, and so our messages went back n f… Read more

The Beginning Threesome

Fisrt time I was cuckolded by my sexy wife and friend…

It al happened last year,

Lets start at the beginning,

We are a married couple, but there is 14 years age difference between us, she is young, sexy and a true wildcat when it matters, myself being in my early forties and a bit more calm in life. When we met 10 years ago, she was just 21 and WOW WOW, when we first made love, I was in heaven.....

She is a very petite female with all the right assets, extremely sexy. No man in town can … Read more

die beste bdsm Fact

hy het beheer gewat oor my sy slave…

Ek is n crossdresser maar ook n male transfer to woman

Ek is toe een dag op die site en chat in chat room toe stuur n ou vir my n private boodskap en ons begin toe lekker chat

So het dit aan gegaan vir 2 weke maar ons besliut toe dat ons sal ontmoet.hy vra toe vir my waneer en ek se saterdag oggend so 11h00

Saterdag het gekom ek het my makeup op gesit en aan getrek sexy my stockings aan getrek en hak skoene hy het toe 11h05 daar aan ge… Read more

My SH friend Fact


I receive a few messages on here and sometimes some messages catch me when I'm looking for some fun and I have no option but to indulge.That's what happened not so long ago.

I received a message from a certain gent. He was interested and interesting, also, he was close and could host. Great! I hate the whole hotel thing. So I sent him a whatsapp to which he responded immediately.

I don't like swapping face pics and he was okay with that. … Read more

My Wife Confessions-Cuckholding my husband and Lover Cuckold

She takes control of her needs.…

We met a single guy Rod at a friend's party one Saturday night; he is 6' tall, well built and good looking, early 50’s. We enjoyed his company and Ann liked him. He gave me his phone number and said if we keen to get together again for a BBQ or drinks, he's available any time, as he was divorced. I asked Ann what she thinks of him, Ann replied; he's OK. I could see that Ann liked him. One Sunday about 10 that morning, Ann and I were sitting ou… Read more

Home home late Fiction

When you do pay attention, until some does…

Having to come home late is just the pits, after working a long day. I am not even hungry, and I just want to get into bed. I drive into the complex and I don't even notice a person walking a long side the car, and I get such a fright. He gives me a long look, I have never seen him around here; maybe a new tenant in the complex, but I am not taking interest in him at all. Some have been renting out their flats, so he might just be a new tenant. I… Read more

Late again Fiction

The unexpected…

Why did I snooze the alarm?! I am late for my appointment; and I am never late. The road is clear, and as I come around the bend, he passes with his motorbike; nearly pushing me off the road, and I am pissed off. Bikers just never seem to learn their lesson, I am so fuming that I speed up, but he gets away and I think to myself it's not worth it, I'm late, and just need to try and get to the office as quick as possible. Driving through the gate I… Read more

Dynamite cums in petite package Meetings

Fucked to the core…

I get this nervous excitement when I head off to meet someone or a couple for the first time...and this time was no exception. I had been chatting to this woman on the site for a while...and she had finally relented to my persistent begging and we had set up a meet.
The second I saw her walking towards me, I was blown away! Her pics on the site, while very sexy, did her no justice.
She was small and petite, yet very classy. I knew I was the on… Read more

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Wet with dignity Fact

A lovely memory of an empowered squirter…

I had a beautiful empowered former lover who embraced her maturity, wisdom and feminine power. She spoke of and embodied the Archetype of Greek Priestesses and Healers.

The first time she squirted in bed we had to removed all bedding. The second needed the mattress to be aired.
One day, a languid Sunday afternoon after having made lunch with knowing foreplay, we stripped. her body carried scars and marks, but it was beautiful to me. She stood… Read more

Down the Rabbit Hole Other

Some truths before we begin…

If you are here, some curiosity and need has become apparent in you. And you have acted on that

We grow up largey in a schizophrenic and contradictive society. Significance seems more important than love. Self gratification too. Many of us grew up in traditional homes where a patriachal male model favoured profut and power over people and purpose. Religion laid down behaviour and consequence. And so inherited a set of masks we present the worl… Read more

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Hairy bi Indian suck and fuck Fact

Monday early pussy fucking…

This morning my regular fuck came in. Told her to was her pussy. Got onto cam in chat room. She spread her pussy in front of the cam. Started pushing my cock deep in her mouth. Comments were coming in fast but I couldn't respond. My big cock was pumping her throat. Gagging and sucking hard. Then I pushed my dildo in my ass. She fucked me hard in the ass while I'm fucking her mouth. I cum a little on her tits and sucked it all off. Sucked her tits… Read more

Dont say a word.... Other

One of my fantasies.... You can see my experieces is limited but I can dream right…

Well I want to be invited to a room, i knock, when I open the door its dark inside the room, only 3 candles burning, i get pushed against the door forcefully get greeted with a kiss, get turned around and masked, i then get led to a chair where I am said not to move or make a sound in a whisper. A drink end up in my hand and Im told to drink slowly. Its champagne, I hear things going on around me but cannot place it as its alot of shuffles and mo… Read more

Video perv Fact

All the dirty caught on film…

Every now and then you get the chance to live out some really kinky fantasies. I wish it was weekly, but alas I take whatever I can get!!
So...I start chatting to this couple. Initially the husband is doing all the chatting...then the wife gets involved. They seemed pretty tame, just wanting a nice threesome.
One thing leads to another, and I receive the invite I have been begging for!
A couple hours before I am due to meet them I am asked if… Read more

More Friday Fun At President Park Dogging

It pays to be patient and sit and wait...…

A day or two ago an anonymous Afrikaans couple placed an advert as a Dogging post, saying that they would be having outdoor fun at President Park on Friday between 10 and 11… Although I had a lunchtime appointment on the other side of town, I decided I would take the chance and go through to PP, hoping it would not turn out to be yet another disappointing fake post. I was the only one who responded on the dogging post to let them know I would … Read more

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