" Responding To A Personal AD..." Meetings

Quick...Quick the AD Read...…

Bored and naughty we have all been...Reading through the personal adverts can be very intriguing...My eyes scrolling through all the adverts most of them were from single men or couples that were from hell and gone...When suddenly my eye caught an advert from a single lady, her username was PinkCadilac...The advert was headed..." Quick...Quick..." and the body of the AD went..." Hurry...Hurry if you think too long I could be gone...Looking for an… Read more

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Having fun Meetings

Having fun…

I watch you and a man as he puts both hands onto your bum and pull you tight against his big cock.He then pust his arm around your neck and kisses you long hard and with passion, His one hand loosens your top and bra
His fingers all over your nipples
Now His hands on your jean his fingers gliding over your wet pussy
As he slides his hand into your pants again no undies
Your hand slides down onto that thick big cock and you actualy start br… Read more

More Daytime Fun at Club Rome Fact

A real fun day at Rome after a long absence...…

Mr H and I have been good mates for a couple of years now. We first met at Rietvlei where he and his partner at the time helped to introduce my then partner to actual dogging (described in my story Her Dogging Introduction, posted here on SH on 10th May 2018). Since then, he and I (we’re both straight, and have a lot of interests in common) have had a lot of fun together, with his partners and with mine, and also with other friends, including… Read more

An Old Knight's Tale - Of Bruce the Red and his Fairy Princess Fact

A way to say "Sorry, my love" - Written many months ago, hoping that I could maybe get a friend to post it for me... and then Lockdown happened...…

Once upon a time, long ago and in a land far away, there lived a naughty bearded old knight called Bruce the Red. He was not quite what you would imagine a knight to be, and definitely not a knight in shining armour. In fact, his armour was a bit dented and rusted, perhaps from all the jousting that he had done, and his lance was no longer as straight and as firm as it had once been. But he was a genteel and caring and dependable old knight, w… Read more

The Demon Fact

The Demon…

He feels it rise within himself
There’s no more time for leisure
He needs to find another lover
For him to know and to pleasure

And when he finds the one who fits
Boy, will she be in for such fun
Orgasm after orgasm and then a few more
She’ll even call him Hun

And so they’ll meet, all hugs and smiles
Their bodies so soon are bare
And after he leaves, she starts to ponder
WTF just happened there

He’ll devour her body… Read more

" Cindy Her Mother And I..." First Time

Cindy and I were longtime puppy love lovers...…

Wow...Puppy love is a feeling that one will never forget, it will live with you forever, no matter how many times a person falls in and out of love...Cindy and I were first time lovers...So I thought but was not to be... Love, love was coming from me and me alone...I was caring, supportive, and loving towards Cindy in every possible way, and Cindy seemed to enjoy my company just as much as I enjoyed her company...Cindy had become obsessive toward… Read more

Our 1st Dogging Experience Dogging

A True story about our 1st Dogging experience…

A little introduction about ourselves. We are an ordinary couple in our later 50’s with my sexy hot wife Eureka being 58 in the body of a late 30’s lady as we have been told on various occasions, she is built like a model with the most perfectly formed legs, very sexy well-formed bum and slender body with a size B cup boobs. She loves to show her body off on cam and I love to show her off as well. I on the other hand are a 56-year-old tall m… Read more

My first time Gay

boys will be boys…

This is the story of the first time I sucked cock and became the cum slut that I am today. This story is true and I am going love re telling it for you.

It was 1999, I was still in college. My best friend Peter lived only a couple houses down the road, we used to hang out everyday after college, we went to different colleges but have been best friends since we were little.

We had experimented in the past but only really with masturbation bu… Read more

Fishing with Jack and Peter Gay

Fishing, yeah right…

It was a normal Thursday afternoon, I was laying around the house not doing much. My dad came into my room and told me he had just gotten off the phone with Jack. My heart raced when I heard his name. My dad said that he had invited me for a boys weekend fishing, my dad felt that it would be good for me to go and get some fresh air. Little did he know that I was Jacks little cum slut. To him Jack was his best friend and we did stuff together some… Read more

A weekend with Jack and Peter Gay

Ham in the sandwich :)…

A couple of weeks had passed since my night with Jack. I was getting horny for another session.

I had messaged him a few times to see if he wanted to meet and he kept responding that his wife was home a lot lately. I backed off and waited for him.

It was a normal Saturday morning; I was laying in bed watching porn on cum. Started to love cum!

My phone bleeped, it was a SMS from Jack saying that he was going to take a drive into the count… Read more

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My parents' best friend Gay

Experiencing an older guy at adult world…

(This is a fictional story)

This story happened to me a few years ago and I really want to share it.

At the time, I was still living at my parents’ house. I was young, bored and always horny!

One afternoon I decided to go down to the local adult book store for a bit of cock. As I went in, I went straight to the counter and paid for my entrance.

When in, I would normally walk around, check out the gay porn playing on the different TV… Read more

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Massage Parlor Fact

First time.…

This happened many years ago, and I remember it like it happened yesterday. After we were married a few years, my wife decided it was time for some adventureand she took me to a massage parlor in the centre of Johannesburg' She dropped me and went to park the car and wait for me. I went into the reception and was greeted by a lady wearing a very sexy dress. she asked me which girl I wanted. After pickind a lady, she took me into a room and asked… Read more

Missing Fuck Dates Meetings

I miss arranging fuck dates…

We all know how the lockdown put the brakes on every aspect of our lives including our sex lives. My biggest "miss" however is chatting and eventually meeting for fucks sake, literally!

I miss arranging and going on fuck dates. I miss the chats via WhatsApp of what he'll do to me, or what I'll do to him when we meet.

I miss the outfit selection, short enough to show off legs or open enough to show off my boobs or even tight enough to show… Read more

Fantasy Guy Fact

Stranger fetish…

He read my dirty panties story and since then he's been sending me the horniest messages EVER!

I mean panty soaking, go to the bathroom and finger pussy to relieve myself horny!

I read one of the messages in my car at the mall and almost peed myself. Lol. Not almost, I actually did squirt a little juice. The graphic detail and hot content makes me gush in my pussy area and I can't help it.

While in the car reading I took my panties off … Read more

Another fantasy coming true Meetings

Bathroom fuck…

I have always wanted to have sex in a public place, and I was supposed to meet Peter at 10 o'clock at some restaurant in centurion, hoping to be naughty under the table, but he didn't confirm. I didn't want my day to be wasted so I took another meeting for 11:30 at some shopping centre in Centurion with John. By the way yesterday I met Jay for drinks at Rosebank and he ended up fingering me nicely in the car. Thank you Jay. Back to toda… Read more

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Cuming hands free First Time

An amazing feeling as my wife had a cock for a night…

It was on a very hot evening here in Botswana. Was about 10pm when I was lying on my stomach with my legs spread open. I saw my wife come out the shower the bedroom had a faint light the was shining from the lounge.
10min pass by and I feel my wife climb on me wearing nothing. She lay on me kissing my neck and rubbing my ass. She then reached down and pulled my cock up between my legs took my cock in her mouth. As my cock got harder I pushed… Read more

Days like these.... Other

Nude Beach…

It's on days like these I miss the nude beach in Durban... warm and hazy... cool steady breeze blowing across naked oiled skin. The early morning adventurer circling high in the sky.. and his lonely call.. as his telescopic gaze scans the calm waters of the fresh water outlet an arms length away. Laying on the sand... calm relaxed... mind and body drinking in the sounds of the wild... imagination drifting... slowly drifting... down the river Ni… Read more

Straf vir n cockteaser Fact

n Cockteaser word gestraf vir haar balhorigheid…

Ek bel jou vroeg Maandag oggend en sê ek kom kuier. By jou huis aangekom maak jy die deur oop en nooi my in. Toe jy omdraai om in die huis in te loop gryp en jou van agter vas met my hand oor jou mond. Met my voet skop ek die deur toe en trek jou nader sodat ek in jou oor vir jou opdragte kan gee.

In jou oor fluister ek met n waarskuwende stem "Jy is n fokken cockteaser en vandag eindig dit. Vandag gaan ek jou terug kry en gaan ek jou naai o… Read more

Our first meet Meetings

So after 2 weeks chatting the day has arrived…

So me and, lets call her A met on insta and started chatting about 2 weeks ago. A doesnt know me at all and hasnt a idea of how i look, she 28 and ime 43. Well one way or another our chats got sexual and she wanted to know my name and see a pic. Which i took a chance with and said no, i want to fuck you before you even know who i am... This obviously triggered something in her as our chats got hotter. So came yesterday, the day we set aside to fu… Read more

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Fun in the Sun Dogging

Beach Fuck…

Daddy P and I chatted briefly this morning and he said: "are you up for meeting at the beach Fern?"
Had to think about that for a bit... Then: "yes sure"...
Jumped into the bath... Had the presence of mind to pack 2 towels and beach brollie...
Skirt- no panty rule
Tshirt no bra.
Off I went. Dashing over hill n Dale. Voice noted him: "I'm running late"
Message from him: "Don't rush.."
What a gentleman.
While driving thoughts start- "wha… Read more

The hush First Time

Not so silent play time…

So this was a while back and I haven't had much experience with any guys and especially girls. I've always been too polite and shy for my own good. But I was starting to think I'll probably not have alot of opportunities to have fun.
For a while now my one friend and my cousin and me would come together for a movie night. And it was my turn to host it. We decided to all lay in my bed and watch in my room in order not to bother my parents watchin… Read more

Bound to her Fiction

How two fantasies came true…

So we all have our little fantasies. Well I have two. First one is getting fucked senseless by a stranger and secondly lose my inhibitions to a Domme. Little did I know both those fantasies would become reality. Last month I decided to go out for a light dinner and a drink or two. That's where I met Lindi. Stormy grey eyes, ash blond hair and a husky voice that send chills down my spin all the way to my core. After a few drinks I plucked up enoug… Read more

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Another fantasy about the same lady Fiction

Second and third story I wrote, for this beautiful lady, combined…

I'm sitting in my car in a quiet corner of the mall parking lot. My shorts around my ankles as I perv at the ladies and stroke my cock. I see you walking to your car, you're wearing a short dress that shows off your great legs and a tight top so I can see your big boobs jiggle as you walk. seeing and watching you makes my cock harder and I stroke myself faster. As you get close to your car you look up at me and I'm sure you can see the lust in m… Read more

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Just a fantasy Fiction

Wrote this for a lady...…

We get together at a small coffee shop, sitting in a quiet corner, only disturbed once in a while by the waitress asking if we are sill ok.
We both comment on how beautiful and hot she looks in her tight jeans, showing of her ample ass and the small white top she is wearing, giving us plenty looks at her big boobs and cleavage.
While telling each other what we would like to do to her i put my hand on your thigh. You pull up your dress a bit … Read more

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One Hit Wonder Fact

Hit n run…

So as usual we look for someone we can make our usual playmate and met a gentleman one that is not my wife's usual taste. Now my wife doesn't do bearded men but she enjoyed chatting to him so we invited him for coffee to meet and this went off very well. Well the wife and him chatted more over the next day or so and the gentleman grew extremely excited and wanted to visit again. My wife and I discussed it and said well let's have some fun and inv… Read more

Zones Fact

The effects of one's touch…

I decided to write a short story on the effects the touch has on your body and senses.

MrW isn't big on the whole carressing thing as his previous relationships were very monotanous and the ex did not like being touched. I (MrsW) loves touching and the eroticness that senses (sight, touch, taste, hear and smell) have during those most intimate moments. So as of late, we have been experiementing with Tantra. OMG!!! This man has a hidden talent … Read more

Cocktease Cross Dressing


Just before lockdown started I had a date with my regular and on the way I had to stop at the Spar down the road to draw cash for the venue (we take turns to pay for the different venues we frequent). Any way knowing I was going into the spar I threw on some jeans and and a tea shirt over my sexy stuff I was wearing for my beau. Thinking it was late and there wouldn’t be many people inside I ducked inside quik to draw cash at the machine inside… Read more

Crazy Party! Threesome

Another Random Fun…

Last Saturday my wife and I got invited to a friend's wife's birthday party. Some farm in the middle of nowhere near Krugersdorp. We decided to go for afternoon drinks before going to the party. and it was all good and fun. When we got to the party, twas around 7nish and most folks were starting to get into the groove after afternoon drinks. Well, to cut the story short, the party was great and just about everyone was intoxicated late in the even… Read more

two brothers Fact

very young hot cocks…

I am still flattered at men half my age wanting to meet me. and this was a double both brothers one 28 one 25 at the younger brothers town house in Hillcrest.... 2 and half hours of adult natural fun and a meal and good wine to go with it. told them i was not into getting fucked just that time of the month being open. so my mouth was used beautifully by two very decent but wild cocks. i am not too great at writing but being my age am in awe … Read more

rear pussy fuck Fact

quick dump…

I kept my mask on as i fucked her from behind . met this chick to chat to in local pub not really my type but knew she wanted to get fucked she had been hanging around different guys all night cadging drinks and got two off me but I let her know I wasn't up for chatting. walked out of pub at 7.30pm so did she, she followed me could feel the need in my pants what the fuck she was available I had a load and always have a couple of condoms in case … Read more

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