Small man Cuckold

Life of a tiny d guy…

This is a little of a fantasy but also a reality

Married to a beautiful women

She is shy prim n proper
Long black straight hair
38ds up top and a sexy big ass of note.

I am a small husband not very useful I assume but she assures me she loves my tiny d.

I am always fantasizing of her with another man that's way bigger than me and it's something she don't want to do

We have discussed it several times to no avail.
She did a… Read more

MFM and DP with my ex-husband and his best friend. Cuckold

I had a crush on my ex's best firend and we did threesomes with him very often.…

My first husband was a big time satyr-voyeur-and cuckold. He was the one who got me into the LS and brought me into a wife swapping group. Several groups, in fact. We had swaps, orgies and gang bangs and he loved to watch me get laid. God, did he ever!!!!! But this is about him and his best friend. We often swapped with his best friend and his best friend's wife. And what makes this more interesting is that the wife was once one of my ex's girlfr… Read more

Life of Hotwife Cuckold

Toyboy pounded me so hard, next to hubby…

So we decided its time to have some fun again.....hubby wanting to watch me being fucked by a man we don't know...

We had some people over for a braai.... and we had some drinks and cocktails all night
Through the night hubby and I got horny and touched and teased each other, whenever we had a chance.
Hubby said I must show him if I can find someone to come and fuck me while he watches and maybe joins...
(Our guests started leaving late nig… Read more

This could be us Cuckold

perfect cuckold dream…

beautiful hotel suite
my goddess is sitting on the ottoman
knock on the door
a nice built tanned guy around late 20s early 30s stands awaiting

after i open, i escort him to have a shower
than the chastisty lock is placed on him

his next duty is to start massaging my goddess

after the massage goddess will decide what comes next, the night is young

i have been told that i will be quiet all the time and take instructions from goddess… Read more

Naughty gf Cuckold

Kinky drunk night…

Me and my gf of 8years went to a emd of the year function, im 30years old and she is 25. She has the mos beautiful pair of 34D tits, pink nipples with full breasts, a thin body with a nice thick ass thats perfectly shaped. We where quite bored at the party especially her, she started drinking allot and she was not a big drinker and normally drinking makes her insanely horny by the way she has long blonde curly hair a very hot lady. She was all ov… Read more

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The next Chapter Cuckold

Karen is off to a work sosial…

It is 2:30 on a Saturday morning, I wake up from a car pulling into our driveway, it stops , switches off the lights.

I am standing next to the window looking if i can see anything, but in the dark it is almost impossible, a door opens and the interior light comes on, Karen leans over and kiss someone...... who is that I wonder? What happened tonight? What did she do?

I hear the lock in the door and in she walk, her hair a mess, her dress … Read more

My Wife Confessions-Cuckholding my husband and Lover Cuckold

She takes control of her needs.…

We met a single guy Rod at a friend's party one Saturday night; he is 6' tall, well built and good looking, early 50’s. We enjoyed his company and Ann liked him. He gave me his phone number and said if we keen to get together again for a BBQ or drinks, he's available any time, as he was divorced. I asked Ann what she thinks of him, Ann replied; he's OK. I could see that Ann liked him. One Sunday about 10 that morning, Ann and I were sitting ou… Read more

Fun at the gym Cuckold

Young Bull in the making…

Friday mid afternoon I go to the estate gym and work out my frustrations and get ready for the weekend. The estate is rather new so I have noticed not many people use the gym and on a Friday from 13:00 till 16:00 it’s empty and completely my own.

My husband is away for work again in the UAE and I have decided to make sure every last little “moment on the lips from December” is gone for good. So I follow a strict gym routine.

I got t… Read more

How i became a cuckold Cuckold

First time cuckold…

My gf and i had got a flat and moved in together. One day i came home from work to find her busy masturbating whilst watching porn on my laptop. She looked up and said i didn't know you had threesome fantasies. We had a good fuck and started to chat about sexuality with more freedom or should i say we were being more comfortable talking freely. One day whilst talking she said she would love to find out what white cock feels like.

We put an ad … Read more

He loved being Cuckold by the Wife Chp 2 Cuckold

When she came back…

The next thing he knew, his wife was sliding into bed beside him and snuggling into his arm.

“Hi.” She whispered and kissed him, sliding her tongue between his lips.

“Hello beautiful,” he opened his mouth to receive her and ran his hands down her naked back. “How was it?”

“I am still wet from it.” She said softly and guided his hands down between her legs. She was still soaking wet.

“Plus, he came in my ass, twice.… Read more

He loved being Cuckold by the Wife Chp 1 Cuckold

Her night was surprise for him…

They made arrangements for her to be picked up by a company driver, discussed where they’d probably be going and approximately what time he could expect her home. By the time they’d made all the arrangements, her panties were on the floor and she was writhing with pleasure as she pushed herself down onto his mouth.

“Mmmhhh, you dirty, dirty man,” she smiled as she replaced the phone and drew him down to the couch. “Can’t a girl hav… Read more

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