Hubby's best friend Cuckold

True story of the night I fucked my hubby's best friend…

It all started on a Friday night, after supper when my husband told me his friend would be coming over to watch a movie. So we prepared some snacks and got ready for the movie. While we were waiting I decided to have a quick shower, not knowing at the time while I was in the shower, my hubby's friend arrived. As I got out the bathroom in a loose towel I was greeted my my hubby and his friend who stared at me as if I was a ghost. I quickly ran to … Read more

Cuckold Fantasy Cuckold

Cuckold with a Hunk!…

Ever had this weird thought of seeing your wife being fucked by another man?

I am not sure to call it strange or if I am just being crazy.. Lately, I have been having this strong thoughts of seeing my wife being fucked by another guy. Oh yes i have seen her before with another guy, but in those experiences, we were both in action and fully concentrating on pleasuring the other persons. So, I have not reeeallly watched and divulged in her bein… Read more

Cuckold 1 Cuckold

Our 1st Time…

Shared First Time.

I've had this fantasy for some time.... watching my wife get fucked by a big cock... watching her getting pleasured.. . That will be the ultimate!!

So when the opportunity arrived, one evening when we had a couple of drinks and where fooling around abit... I told her about this fantasy of mine.

Later that night while we were in the throes of passion... I started to talk to her her while we were busy. It seemed to turn… Read more

Hotwife beginnings Cuckold

how it all started…

All wives want to fuck other guys.

That may seem obvious to you, unless you are one of those husbands who can't face that fact, and push it away from their consciousness. But they do, of course they do. Some wives don't act on it (though many or possibly even most do), whether out of empathy for their husband, or timidity, or a sense of duty, or whatever, but they all want to, and they all have their own private fantasy orgies and bring themse… Read more

Good girl gone bad Cuckold

Single lady does repair guy…

Hi everyone on this wonderful site I have been reading all your stories for a while and I would like to share mine with you all please don’t judge me

So I’m a normal white women in her 30 ‘s

I have a boyfriend he is 35

Our relationship is good

Sex is not so sharp

As I want sex maybe 4 times a week

So it all began one afternoon we stay in Benoni on a plot nice house and big yard

So our washing machine has been giv… Read more

how a surprise made me a cuckold Cuckold

girfriend visits ex with cum in her panties…

My new girlfriend's recently left her husband and moved in with me. They had a family dog that was quite old and last week it became very sick and her ex husband called her to ask if she would accompany him to the vet to get it put down.
It seemed like a perfectly reasonable request so she agreed to go without hesitation. We had often discussed his infidelities when they were married and she had said she fantasized about being close to him wit… Read more

Use my wife Cuckold

Firsts cuckolding experience (part2)…

There we were in their living room, Angie on her knees sucking hubbies cock and licking his butt.m, the latter Mike remarked she had never done to him. I was wet and running my fingers over my now swollen clit. And mike well he was sitting on the couch all by himself on the edge of the seat.
I wanted some attention so I requested Angie come taste my pussy. I moved to the edge of the chair legs apart and Angie started with just the tip of her to… Read more

Use my wife!!! Cuckold

Firsts cuckolding experience…

What started out a while ago as a foursome has now evolved into my wife and I taking charge and banging the hell out of Angie.

We met them for coffee about a year ago and hit it off we all ended up having some full swap fun which progressed to a foursome. While having drinks pool side Angie said that they share this fantasy. The short and long Mike is left one side and somewhat humiliated not allowed to join and hubby and I take control of he… Read more

White women goes to the dark side Cuckold

White lover of black cum…

So my husband has a small courier company in the East so we stay on big plot where we work from and some of his drivers also stays on the plot most of our drivers are aged 20. I’m only 33 years old and my husband is 55 years. So my and his sex drive is not the same he wants his brandy and coke and I want tequila and a bit more sex. So he gets a new driver very young good looking for a
Black man aged 22 so my husband goes away on business in KZ… Read more

Hotel Cuckold Hookup Cuckold

Hotwife Dominated in Hotel…

Hotel Hotwife

As I walk down the corridor anticipation builds, all I can think about is how sexy the pictures of you that hubby sent me earlier..
I knock on the door...He opens and invites me in, I peek into the room as I walk in and notice her lying on the bed. Black lace Lingerie, Red Blindfold and Red lipstick... "Is it him?" She askes, "Yep" he replays, "And he hasn't taking his eyes off you since I let him in." I chuckle and shake my he… Read more

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Bull Dogging Cuckold

Adventures as a black bull in Gauteng…

This is a story from my naughty experiences as a bull in South Africa.

I had talked to this couple on SH and the wife was very 'eager' to meet... I wouldn't blame her, after sending her a few pictures of my thick black cock... she just couldn't wait to see it in person.

To be quite honest I was eager too... She was a gorgeous woman, nice full breasts with a petite ass and curves to die for. We had arranged to meet up at a restaurant. On my … Read more

I love playing with couples. One of my early encounters Cuckold

So much love fucking wives....…

Starting at the very beginning, I had an employee who recently started to work for my company before this happened. He was shy and nervous when he first started. You could tell he was generally a quiet and shy person when it came to social situations, especially in groups with people he didn’t know. He seemed to not really fit in with the office culture. This was not an issue, I didn’t care how my employees acted in a group. Individually, I a… Read more

Quick View Cuckold

Tattoo fun…

A Short story about a dare in Cape Town in the beginning of the year 2020. We were in CT just for a week on morning early i asked my wife to just put on a long dress slight shinny through and no underwear and the deal was while driving down to CT each one gets a day to ask the other one for a dare , and it may last a day , witch we both agreed on now i was planning it long time before and thats why i came up with it , so my plan was in place alre… Read more

Cuckold Cuckold

When you watch your wife enjoy another dick…

Just when we both
though he was going to bury that fucking monster inside my
wife he stopped. Bastard. she squirmed, trying to
get him in but he just
left it resting there,
teasing her and me....
"Tell him to fuck me! my wife
finally said.
His eyebrows went up and i nodded.
"Fuck my wife," I told him.
Give her that cock she so
desperately wants."
He pushed it in....slowly
My wife's eyes closed and mouth opened
Feeling every inch … Read more

Greedy wife Cuckold

What wife wants, wife gets…

Her husband was watching me while she took my entire cock in her mouth. It was so warm and wet and made me harder. She encouraged me to thrust deeper down her throat. She gagged and gestured her husband to join us. He was hard and had his cock in his hand as he got up to walk over. He eased inside his wifes wet pussy while my raging hard cock filled her mouth. She pulled me out her mouth and gasped and begged "I want you to cum on my husbands coc… Read more

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The surprise drive..... Cuckold

Wife is taken for a ride literally and figuratively....…

So it was one of those evenings.... Tanya and James were going to have dinner. T had no idea what J had up his sleeve lol and the fact that she hated surprises was going to make this an evening to remember...

I noticed the single guy Justin had arrived. He was better looking in person, well dressed and well groomed. He took up his seat at the table across us. Where he could stare at Tanya all night long with my back towards him. The evening st… Read more

Wife gets banged hard Cuckold

Lover of black dicks…

we have been married for 5 years

And we are happily married

My wife is stay at home lady

I work for SOE in based in sandton

1 day I get back from work and I see my wife has been on porn sites

I ignore it and carry on with my afternoon

The next week I catch her playing with herself to a black porn site

I ask is there something you wanna tell me

Yes she wants a black dick in her pussy even 2

I ask why

She say… Read more

Wife loves young black men Cuckold

Wife does gardener's…

We are a married couple that lives in benoni on small holding

My wife is a house wife in her early 30

I have my own construction company where I do a lot of work for the government

I also have a lot of causal staff on the small holding helping me with sum of the work

Now on our small holding there is not a lot of fun meaning my wife gets board quickly

You can only do so much of nothing

So about 6 months ago my wife has been… Read more

Naughty wife goes wild Cuckold

Wife does co workers…

So my story starts as follows

I have a very naughty sexy wife that loves dick any dick

So she works for a big company in SA

With lots of men

So she likes to pick an intern guy and make him her sex slave

So one Friday afternoon around 17:00 I come home and I notice my wife is home before me I go in and her she is with this co worker from her work

But they are sitting very closely together

I say hello to the guy and I ki… Read more

Teasing Cuckold

Teasing night…

Friday afternoon wife came from work in a stressed mood , i gave her a glass of wine and she told me all about the day , i thought ok let me take her out for a drink , so i told her lets go out for a drink maybe you will relax a bit . Very strange of her in this chilly weather she came out the room with a short skirt and white see through shirt but with underwear. So we decide to do a bit of pub crawling all over in Swakopmund , after a few drink… Read more

Small man Cuckold

Life of a tiny d guy…

This is a little of a fantasy but also a reality

Married to a beautiful women

She is shy prim n proper
Long black straight hair
38ds up top and a sexy big ass of note.

I am a small husband not very useful I assume but she assures me she loves my tiny d.

I am always fantasizing of her with another man that's way bigger than me and it's something she don't want to do

We have discussed it several times to no avail.
She did a… Read more

Naughty gf Cuckold

Kinky drunk night…

Me and my gf of 8years went to a emd of the year function, im 30years old and she is 25. She has the mos beautiful pair of 34D tits, pink nipples with full breasts, a thin body with a nice thick ass thats perfectly shaped. We where quite bored at the party especially her, she started drinking allot and she was not a big drinker and normally drinking makes her insanely horny by the way she has long blonde curly hair a very hot lady. She was all ov… Read more

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Fun at the gym Cuckold

Young Bull in the making…

Friday mid afternoon I go to the estate gym and work out my frustrations and get ready for the weekend. The estate is rather new so I have noticed not many people use the gym and on a Friday from 13:00 till 16:00 it’s empty and completely my own.

My husband is away for work again in the UAE and I have decided to make sure every last little “moment on the lips from December” is gone for good. So I follow a strict gym routine.

I got t… Read more

How i became a cuckold Cuckold

First time cuckold…

My gf and i had got a flat and moved in together. One day i came home from work to find her busy masturbating whilst watching porn on my laptop. She looked up and said i didn't know you had threesome fantasies. We had a good fuck and started to chat about sexuality with more freedom or should i say we were being more comfortable talking freely. One day whilst talking she said she would love to find out what white cock feels like.

We put an ad … Read more

He loved being Cuckold by the Wife Chp 2 Cuckold

When she came back…

The next thing he knew, his wife was sliding into bed beside him and snuggling into his arm.

“Hi.” She whispered and kissed him, sliding her tongue between his lips.

“Hello beautiful,” he opened his mouth to receive her and ran his hands down her naked back. “How was it?”

“I am still wet from it.” She said softly and guided his hands down between her legs. She was still soaking wet.

“Plus, he came in my ass, twice.… Read more

He loved being Cuckold by the Wife Chp 1 Cuckold

Her night was surprise for him…

They made arrangements for her to be picked up by a company driver, discussed where they’d probably be going and approximately what time he could expect her home. By the time they’d made all the arrangements, her panties were on the floor and she was writhing with pleasure as she pushed herself down onto his mouth.

“Mmmhhh, you dirty, dirty man,” she smiled as she replaced the phone and drew him down to the couch. “Can’t a girl hav… Read more

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