he and his friend Cross Dressing

nice threesome…

on a day i started to challange myself and go in public and cross dress i always done it in private i got dressedbin this short black mini skirt and top and tucked my penis away

i the decided to walk to the car all the guys were looking at me and one whistle also the gave me more confidence as i arrived at a bar i went to sit
and order a drink

after 5min three guys walked in and sat accross me
i did not give to mich attention butbi co… Read more

The Hunger Games Cross Dressing


One of the reasons why I enjoy x dressing so much...

Made a date to meet with a couple I met on Swingers Heaven a few months ago. It was just to meet at their house and chat and get to know each other. They insisted that I dress up all fem before coming so I got all prettied up ...or should I say sexied up that evening and was ready a bit early so I was sitting having tea with my sister when her daughter and her boyfriend came to visit. I was … Read more

Cocktease Cross Dressing


Just before lockdown started I had a date with my regular and on the way I had to stop at the Spar down the road to draw cash for the venue (we take turns to pay for the different venues we frequent). Any way knowing I was going into the spar I threw on some jeans and and a tea shirt over my sexy stuff I was wearing for my beau. Thinking it was late and there wouldn’t be many people inside I ducked inside quik to draw cash at the machine inside… Read more

did not exspect that Cross Dressing

i was used…

So i had this fantasie for a long time dress like a woman and get used

So one day i decided to go out buy make up sexy clothes and naels and a wig i rented a at a guest house

I got at the guest house paid the owner he was a tall black guy well biuld and kinda had a gangsta look

I got in to the room and i started my make up got dressed in a black mini skirt with leggings and a sexy top showing my clifitch(i also ordered fake boobs but … Read more

A Xdresser with a new Master Cross Dressing

Being a cross dresser and serving a Master can sometimes be very rewarding and humiliating at the same time.…

A Xdresser with a new Master
Being a cross dresser and serving a Master can sometimes be very rewarding and humiliating at the same time.
This is one of those occasions. I had recently met a new Master and was learning the ropes on how to serve and please. I received a message from my Master informing me that he was coming to town and that I was to meet him for breakfast in the restaurant at his hotel at 8am. I was instructed that I was to arri… Read more

My first time with a crossdresser Cross Dressing

Here we go…

My first time with a crossdresser was about 3 years ago.

When I was younger I was addicted to so much porn I got to a point that I clicked on shemale porn just to see, not knowing I would get addicted to seeing b*+ches get fucked with their hard dicks in the air. So as I got older and after many years of watching trans porn I decided I need to experience this in real life so I went on line to search shemales in cape town, but they all charge… Read more

When your Girlfriend discovers she is dating a cross dresser. Cross Dressing

Being caught - The 3some - The humilliation - The happy ending…

Part 1
Meeting Sally.

Arriving back from overseas and having had the amazing experience with Lars and Anna with them helping me to truly accept my other being, Samantha, it was time to get back into life here in South Africa.

The experience of embracing my feminine side and accepting my cross-dressing was unfortunately going to have to take a back seat as I moved back in with my parents upon my return. For the next 3 months while I lived … Read more

Crossdress Fun Cross Dressing

The fun of dressing for a man…

We have all had those experiences of meeting someone on-line and chatting and things really get hot and exciting and then the huge let down when the person leaves you hanging with a hard-on or even worse when the time comes to meet they don’t show.

Well this story is one with a happy ending.

I met Paul (not his real name), on line and we chatted for ages. He was from a town about an hour away so on-line chatting was really our only safe w… Read more

Becoming Xdresser Samantha Cross Dressing

Helping hand from Boy to Girl Transformation…

My first true experience as Samantha.

At the time I was living and working overseas. To the outside world I was just your normal 21 year old really skinny guy living and working and enjoying life on the islands. Of course I had my little secret which I kept hidden from my colleagues and friends. Although I wore panties a lot of the time, I did not own much else as far female attire for fear of being discovered.

It happened one evening whil… Read more