Panties, Smell, lust and obsession... Masturbation


I absolutely adore the smell of worn panties, like sugar to a sweet tooth I am drawn whenever I notice one lying around,right there and then it's all I can think about is that beautiful smell and each one is so different, I pick it up and find the nearest bathroom pull the panties over my head so the crotch part covers my face and centre's my nose,this way I have both hands to work with, by then my heart is nervously beating from fear of being co… Read more

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My secret....our secret....part 2 Masturbation

My secret out of the bag...…

So this is part 2 of my secret....our secret....

End of 2001 i passed my std 10 friend and i still stayed in contact up untill 2004 were we still had fun on a regular basis.....still enjoying it just as day i called him and told him i met a girl and i think this is the one....he said good for you

We didnt play toghether anymore as i was in a relationship......still he tried his luck for a bit of playtime

2007 me and m… Read more

My secret....our secret.... Masturbation

First bi encounter…

So it all started in standerd 9 back in 2000 i was in a high scool old roommate was going to another school and i got a new room mate......didnt know him that well

First night in togeter in one room i notice he was wanking....lights was off but you know when someone is jerking off....just left it there.... by thursday night out of the blue he ask me dont you wank sometimes? I said no...he replied....then your gay...i said no not g… Read more

Me and my domestic worker Masturbation

Top deck…

I have just moved from PE to PTA I'm in sales. So I put an add in the paper for a domestic worker to clean my place 3 times a week and I leave my contact details as well. I interview the 1st candidate young 23 and black. I ask her the usual question but I can see she is not wearing underwear. I tell her I will call her if she gets the job. Later that night I get a what's app msg it's from her but it's address to someone els I read the msg and I g… Read more

Wife and her extra friend Masturbation

Wife's sexy friend…

Our story starts a couple years ago

We have holiday house in PE which we go in December

And my wife has made contact with one of her old school friend

So she has been telling me how the two of them went wild in there youth at school and at university

So I suggest invite her for a week over to the holiday house

She says that's a wonderful idea

She contacts her

Her friend says yes she will come she is staying in UAE now … Read more

Public Toilet Wank Masturbation

Fun in the public toilet…

I live in a small town.
Action is very limited here. I love cruising public toilets. Sadly most have guards outside now but its always nice to catch a glimpse of some delicious meat. Fortunately some guys also shake it off for much longer than needed .

Today I was at my cruising spot and it was quiet. The toilet is quite dingy and there are 4 urinals and 4 cubicles .

I stood at the urinal and three guys came in at once I was so excite… Read more

Bi experience 2 Masturbation

Bi experience 2…

Soos die jare aangeloop het, het ek besef hoekom daai seun so nat gekom het, want nou dat ek groter is kom ek ook soos hy. In my dertigjarige ouderdom het ek skoon vergeet van my experience met die ouer seun. Ek ontmoet eendag n getroude paartjie by n bar en begin ons gesels. Ons kuier lekker en die dop vloei. Die barman kom en se ons moet asb die plek verlaat want hy wil sluit. Die paartjie se hulle bly om die hoek en dat ons n dop by hulle mo… Read more

Bi experience 1 Masturbation

Bi experience 1…

Ek was n st8 seun en het geglo mans en vrouens hoort saam en nie man by man of vrou by vrou nie,. Ek was redelik jonk en vriende van my pa het kom kuier en hulle seun was 18 jaar oud ook. Soos maar op n plaas gebeur in Namibia kom kuier alle vriende en familie saam n naweek. Ons het een aand wegkruipertjie gespeel en so beland ons saam op in die skuur, ek en die baie our seun. Dit was baie donker en hy het gese ons moet doodstil staan en niks se… Read more