First meet turns dogging unexpectedly Fact

Dogging with a twist…

Story 32

Chatted to this newly on site last night mrnice and we straight away clicked and started chatting on wh to organise a date...... possibly today at ten

Offcourse I'm eager and book myvenue for some quality time.

This morning I wake up ready for some fun so when he says good morning 27/01/2021 I'm gushing lol. Quickly we arrange to meet at 9:30 by my place and arrive together at myvenue.

He informs me that he's a bit late and f… Read more

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Regular playmates stays the best Fact

One-on-one playmate for years…

Story 31 Regular playmates stays the best

Mmmmmm finally my playmate for the last 8 years contacted me today after absence of 4 months. He lost his phone with all his contacts but luckely remembered how to get hold of me. What a lovely surprise to hear his voice. Straight away after all the pleasantries are over I ask him when can I see him and to my delight he says how about tomorrow.

Everything arranged I'm ready the next morning when he… Read more

Bi Experience Fact

The journey continues…

So I started my Bi-curious journey a couple of months ago, well even longer given our covid lockdown months, and to say the least, it has be interesting.
Since that first glory hole encounter I have had the pleasure of many more glory hole encounters but nothing else.....till yesterday......
So I agreed to meet up a with a experienced Bi guy at Sinsations. Got there and met him inside the cinema and it was just the two of us.
A bit awkward at … Read more

Hoe het dit begin Fact


Ons was elke sondag in die kerk.
Het dinamies predekers.
Ek onthou die een Pastoor se vrou was lank, en moer sexy.
Elke sondag kyk ek as sy uitstap, na haar borste en sien hoe haar nippels teen haar bloes druk,
Maar die gedagtes hou ek vir myself, want ons is kerk mense, en het glad nie van die leefstyl geweet nie.
Beide van ons was absoluut koeke. Ek het haar virgin gebreek.. sy het nog nooit saam iemand anders seks gehad nie.

So elke do… Read more

Finding a younger FWB..part 2 Fact

we carry on...…

Back then before fanny shaving, ladies had bushy pussy's and I remember how when you removed a ladies panties her pubes would be neatly nestled against her mound ready to be disturbed by wandering hands.
This is exactly the view I was looking at as this young lady finally , after having taken off her Tshirt, lowered her jeans and then her panties. She looked me directly in the eyes as she stripped, totally unselfconscious. If you ask me, thats t… Read more

Finding a younger FWB... Fact

Unexpected benefit,,,…

Its 20 years ago now, new start to the year and I meet a new client, a lecturer at a local college. He needs a new supplier for the college, a small account but I always saw potential in every deal.
We meet a few weeks later at our offices, do some corrections and then because its end of day I invite him into our bar for a drink before heading home.
His daughter calls and he directs her to where we are for her lift home.
She arrives a while la… Read more

" The Rush Is Over..." Fact

Time is of no essence anymore...…

The continuation from the previous Story Rush...Rush...

There we sat resting against the back of the couch, Heather, with her head resting on my chest with my frantic heartbeat running through her ears, and me with my one arm running along the top of the headrest of the couch... Every now and then running my fingers through her hair...Heather rolling her eyes she looked up at me and said, " So is this what I am doing to you...." Looking at … Read more

N Masarati kan opgestart word met 1 wors Fact


Soos julle my almal al ken is ek n wit warm vrou wat nooit genoeg kan kry nie. So gebeur dit dat ek n speelmaat reel vir gister en wow wat n asemrowende fisting sessie verseker maar ongelukkig maak dit my net jagser in plaas van bevredig. Direk daarna is ek terug in pool om te chat en myse oudste beste maakie van 10 jaar is toe ook daar. Begin te lekker stout praat en kort voor lank is ek so jimpels soos 10 en ek en H reel toe n speelsessie vir … Read more

Our first voyeurism experience Fact

My wife and i first voyeurism experience…

My wife Sunette and i have always been faithfull to each other,however we have always entertained the idea of voyeurism.After googling and reading everything we could about the subject we made the bold move of turning what we learned into practice.We decided to drive out to a very secluded spot during day time that in our research we found was a frequently visited spot for dogging.We even had a cover story that we are photographers taking wildlif… Read more

".....Rush, Rush...." Fact

Time is Tight....…

The message read..." Rush, rush, our time is tight as well..." I am sure you as readers are feeling just like me... Rather Horny...So who would like to play...Please contact me... Looking at the message there had been over a hundred views already and more than half must have made a reply already...So reading through her profile made me even more skeptical of getting a reply... Thinking and thinking, I finally decided nothing ventured is nothing g… Read more

The dilemma Fact

What is a horney girl to do........…

My daddy is awesome, awesome, awesome.

My daddy visited me yesterday and  like always im so so satisfied when he leaves. But in there lays the dilemma. 
I am a sexual being and whose of you with whom i might have cross paths knows that i kinda do not have a off switch when im turned on lol.
Okay so i love sex........ Maybe a little too much but most of all, i love sex with my dom/daddy/master theee most.

As it is xmast and family ti… Read more

Fantasy lived out Fact

A spontaneous first encounter…

She dresses according to the wishes of the man we had met in the chatroom hours earlier.
Short skirt, button up top and heels, nothing else.
We climb into the car and take the short drive to his house.

She's flushed with excitement of the prospect of fulfilling a long held fantasy.
On arrival we briefly greet and then take our provisions to the kitchen and she deliberately bends
over the counter and arches her back while he is standing be… Read more

Thursday meet Fact

So this morning I was chatting here with a good friend here and I was telling her about one of my meets and thought I might as well just post it here.…

We met in sea-point as we were going to his flat had a coffee or half a coffee cause he was sexy and I wanted some action

Got to his place and in the lounge with a view of the promenade and sea there was a massage bed set up

So we started kissing and just looking at the view

He grabbed my ass and squeezed it hard then pulled my top up over my head

Stood behind me and kissed my neck with some nibbles now and again while my bra was loos… Read more

MILF fantasy that finally came true. Fact

Sexy MILF in your families house…

This happened a couple of years ago when I was in university.
I had just written finals and decided to go on holiday at my aunt’s place. They stay in a small town in KZN. I always looked forward to going there as me and my cousins always had good fun and just enjoyed their company.
As I got to my aunt’s place, I realised that there were a lot more people there as usual. I was told by my aunt that her husband’s sister and her family were s… Read more

50 shades of swinging Fact

Her lust dripped down my throat as I devoured her soul…

Swinging is an art... not just a mere fucking.

It is desires dancing upon my tongue in a poetic symphony as my prose turns a body into a pyre. The taste that will linger upon her tongue as my touch can be felt upon her body and my words that will resonate in her mind. To wrap my hands around her throat the same way as a wrap my words around her mind, and to take her to another level where she want to feel every word articulate against her fle… Read more

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Bi 3some Fact

Introducing her hubby to bi play…

A couple invited me to come play with them. I was 51 and they in their early 30s. She indicated that she is bi, and he indicated that he is straight, but curious to have his cock sucked by a man. When I arrived at their hotel room, the door was not on lock (as arranged), and I walked in (and locked the door).

As I entered, I saw he was busy eating her pussy, and she was moaning. She signaled that I should join, and I, without getting undressed… Read more

Naaibors in Dbn mmf Fact

An experience never to forget…

Hi guys I'm no writer so please forgive any errors

This is a true story, I was down with a buddy in dbn the weekend of the 11th anyways sat early morning his alarm went off and broke my sleep tossed and turned till about 6am and than decided to go on the balcony and have a cigarette, I wore only boxers as I don't sleep with pj's, it so happened that I seen the opposite flats a window was open and the wife was looking at me as if she was enjoyi… Read more

Office encounter Fact

It just happened....…

Its friday! Sales meeting like every other friday.
Im always early at the office but seldom first as its over an hours drive to get to the office. On this specific day I was really early and outside sales never had keys to the office. Got out to stretch my legs and there the secretary parks next to me. Surprised I greated her and asked why she was so early, shes about a good 40 min drive so she also try to skip the traffic by being early. G was… Read more

Bbw Fact

Big beautiful women…

I came across a profile on sh.
A profile with a pick of a beautiful pair of breasts.
Round and plump. Freckles here and there. Big tasty nipples looking right back at me.
Of course i had to look further.
Who did these beauties belong to.
As i read her profile, I became more and more intrigued.
I fealt at home with her already.
Sure i appreciate a firm body and understand the attractiveness that everybody finds in this.
But this was far mo… Read more

The intense moment Fact

The moment that will last…

As you came in, warmly dress, we sat down with coffee and chatted for a while, could see you look a bit nervous. As i made our 2nd coffee and you standing next to me, with your beautiful blue eyes, red lips shinning, i could see you start locking your eyes onto me. While we sit down, took my hand through your hair, you were hesitant for a while, so i lean in for a small kiss, then just as a pull away you start kissing me..... 1st slowly, then dea… Read more

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My first anal in 10 years Fact

so hard to let his cock go...…

thanks for the feedback regarding the two brothers..not seen them again or their suggested married friend as yet. as I have said on my profile page i can go for a while but have had a couple of quick encounters from two separate cocks on here both didn't live up to what I had hoped for so no story to tell decent guys but both very unimaginative mechanical get it up fuck the bitch cum and go types :) just being my dirty honest self ..maybe th… Read more

how I got to enjoy black cock Fact

My Husband taught me to love sex.…

I had a terrible and very strick upbringing. My child hood was not a joy. Looking at or touching ones body was from the devil. Fast forward 18 years. Half way through my matric year I losy my viginity to the school 'jock'. It was a painful experience to start off with and then to my surprise it started getting 'nice'!! Just when I was thinking WOW he came his load in me, got off, put on his pants and said he had to go. After that he made like I … Read more

Ice-capades Fact

Hot day, Super hot pussy and Gushing melted ice...…

So before I got divorced I felt adventurous.
So after a relaxing morning in bed for then wifey, with bed n breakfast served by me,pulling out all the stops.

Hot and baking Summersday, inside the house and out.

I move to the bathroom and grab a towel... Remove the blankets from her and slip those panties off.

I remove my clothing while walking to the fridge for that bag of ice I bought earlier.
Once back in the room, I remove her ni… Read more

Camping Fact

camping with friends…

We arrive at the camp site, M&P already there. The other 2 couples arrive and we start building camp with a lot of touch and feel when a person bends over. After the obligatory braai and campfire songs, we sit in a cozy campfire circle, comment on the stars, The lack of light make them brighter than usual, when we notice M is nude and P is playing with his penis. We decide to get naked as well. A camp away the people were giving us a “dogg… Read more

" Visiting A Massage Parlour In The 80's..." Fact

They stood at the doorway...…

In the eighties massage parlors we more popular than liquor stores...There was one on every corner and many more in between...Springing up like a wild mushroom in the field, and their ads spread across the classified pages of the morning and evening editorials... Visiting one was so easy...

It was late Friday evening or should I say rather the early hours of Saturday morning... All the other students were enjoying their evening, while Alan, an… Read more

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Liquid Heaven Fact

Again one of those poems describing the relationship between my partner and I…

Liquid Heaven

A feast for my womanly inner beast!
I tease, I please,you have me on my knees
I wring my hands, you take my head
With your fingers locked in my hair of red

You - I call Mine
Begging for forgiveness, in a position of love
My words are bashing with one stuttering sound
Moaning & Moaning & Moaning

As you make my head spin like a merry-go-round
Craving for you to unleash a liquid heaven sound

My body … Read more

Hours of Passion Fact

A poem describing (in my opinion) the connection my partner and I have…

Hours of Passion

Add you and me
Subtract our clothes
Divide my thighs
So we can multiply the times
You make my love pour down

From the moans, to the begging
Your love makes it easy to want more
The way you enter me, with satisfaction
Most likely my response with pleasure
There is no better feeling than this

When I explode, be prepared to witness the moment all of me belongs to you
Just like that your tongue makes me lose my mi… Read more

Finally Did It Fact

My Teenage Crush thinks I am Hot Now…

SO not only is this my first time writing, but after many failed attempts I finally had the courage to pursue a fantasy.....

I recently moved offices and honestly by coincidence discovered that a long lost school friend actually shares offices in the same block. After reaching out via social media we started chatting on whats app. It wasn't long we had coffee and she would come and have chats as well. Now in school I was this really geeky yet… Read more

Pleasant surprise Fact

An afternoon well spent…

After weeks of my partner and I trying to get a little fun, we finally got some. And boy oh boy was it worth it.

The afternoon started of with a mini meet and greet, not too bad for a first time meeting. Eventually we decided to meet at our place with the other couple in a few hours. Little did we know they didn't like dogs. Plans changed and we followed them to their place.

We got there and the conversation flowed. And I must say that w… Read more

" Who Said It Couldn't Be Fun..." Fact

Going home started it all...…

Lauren and I had decided we would have brunch together on Wednesday morning as her husband was away on business for a couple of days during the week...It would be the first time that we would meet without him...It was decided that I would pick Lauren up from her home and we would ride together to the shopping center...I arrived a few minutes early and drove down the driveway...Parking in the shade caused by the trees...Out of the car I got, wond… Read more

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