Interracial experience Fact

Wive discovers interracial sex…

Two Friday evenings ago my wife Annette and I where at home with not much to do.Lying in bed each of us busy on our phones I visited a couple of porn sites.Watching a video of a woman having sex with strangers i started floating the idea to Annette.Big was my surprise when she said that she has also fantasized about it for a long time but was not sure how i would react.She explained how she wanted to have sex with a guy in public place.Talking ab… Read more

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A Sexual Biography - The Trust Factor Fact

A follow up…

The Trust Factor

How it started

As told in ‘That First Kiss’, we had met through social media and other online friends. Having seen her profile, I was very aware that she had listed ‘anal sex’ as one of her interests. This obviously was not a subject which I was just going to approach without careful consideration & thou… Read more

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Sexting, Videos and An Ice Lolly Fact

Chatting can definitely be a form of foreplay!…

I had been away for a short holiday, where it had been difficult for us to stay in contact. And we hadn’t seen each other for two weeks… and our sexual pressure was building up…. We had plans to get together the following day…

We chat regularly when we can, but not always about sexual stuff, and it’s been a while since last we were really naughty in our chatting. But the pressure was building, and this time “The Cat was away” … Read more

A Sexual Biography - That First Kiss Fact

The first story of a biography…

That First Kiss
The lead up

The plan, or so I was informed, was for us to meet at a club as part of a group made up of three couples. We were to make up the third couple. We had never met before, not in the Cyber world, or in person. So the game was set in motion, not by me however, but one of the couples whom I knew, & the other … Read more

The Big move Fact

New beginnings…

Let me not dwell on the fact that i have been fucked over by certain guys on this site and this led to me starting over, new profile.

Moved to Newcastle and who knew what was waiting here for me. Me being dark skinned doesn't make me very popular amongst the guys, but who cares. I moved in, initially alone, about 4 days after settling in, i hear a knock at the door, a middle aged couple at the door with a bag of goodies. I open they introd… Read more

Another Great (Gangbang) Party At Shakerz Fact

Yet another evening of fun at one of their parties!…

To be honest, we initially had another arrangement for the Saturday night. We were going to go off to a completely different type of function for the evening. But then I saw the advert for another gangbang party at Shakerz, and, remembering how much we had enjoyed the last one, offered it to my partner as an alternative outing for the night. I said to her, “Plan A, or Shakerz? You choose.” And without the slightest hesitation, she chose … Read more

A story by Jolene Fact

He asked me “Can you give me a BJ”.…

I am a married woman of 25 years, 25 happy years, However I could not help to wonder how it would feel to have sex with another man, this was my secret and I could not share it with anyone. My husband was my first and only.
One Saturday while we were relaxing next to the braai, out of the nowhere he asked me what I think of having sex with other men. I was shocked. How did he know that I was wondering about it? At first, I did not know how to a… Read more

" Sex Is Never Guaranteed...." Fact

The Plan Went Up In Smoke....…

Working a male-dominated industry was rather fascinating to me, as I had worked my entire life in the retail industry, yes running my own liquor store...No two days were ever the same, people were from the down and outs to the ones who thought they were royalty or the ones that were just looking for a shoulder to cry on... Brian asked me to stand in for him in the factory while he and his wife Jill went overseas. Been the best of friends I had no… Read more

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Having sex at work Fact

She was a very sexy lady…

Well this was in the time when I was naughty without the knowlege of my wife.

I was working with this gorgeous woman. She was very sexy and so stylish. We worked in the same department and for a while as colleges. At times I was assigned to train and mentor her, as she was inexperienced in the work that we were doing. We become good friends.

Then I was promoted. This was good for me but not good for our relationship. I did not have time to… Read more

Wow!! Fact

The best experience ever!!…

Sooo I met this guy from this site a couple of weeks ago. The third guy I have met and played with. I met him at his house after only 1 day chatting... Was super horny and needed someone to take the edge off. Omw!! Best decision I've ever made!! I have never met a man that can do oral very well and fuck like a pro. He took me to heaven within the first 5 min of me opening my legs. He ravished me. Licked my pussy, sucked on my clit and made me cum… Read more

My kollega se skoonma vervolg Fact

Kuier met skoonma en naai kollega…

Met ons aankoms by die hotel waar skoonma ingeboek was het ons bietjie gekuier. Die dames het goed gekuier. Ek het die kar bestuur en het net een dop gedrink want ek en Rene moes nog na die gastehuis ry waar ons ingeboek was.

Terug in skoonma se kamer het sy besluit om te gaan stort. Nadat sy klaar gestort het, het sy in 'n kurt japon uit die badkamer geometry en met haar bene gekruis op die bed gaan sit. Ek het op die stoel gesit en Rene h… Read more

Servicing the neighbors wife Fact

Sexy farm girls…

Soooo i had a small farm in the Natal midlands a few years ago. The neighbors wife T and I had an understanding what when either of us needed sexual satisfaction we would call on each other still in the days of BBM. I often used to bend her over in the stables after feeding our horses as she had hers stabled there for a while. These were just quickies but they happened every evening mostly. This normally ended in her squirting down her legs and a… Read more

My Storie (Deel 3) Fact

Derde en Laaste keer met Jacob…

MY STORIE (Deel 3)
Weereens, baie dankie vir al die positiewe kommentaar. Ek is eintlik bly dat ek hierdie paar ondervindings kan deel, en dat julle dit geniet. Ek is gladnie spyt dat dit gebeur het nie. Om jou vraag te beantwoord, Poplap, Jacob was nie die enigste nie, daar was nog twee ander later in my lewe. Ek het wel net een keer met albei seks gehad, maar met Jacob 3 keer.
Ek en Jacob moes natuurlik baie onopsigtelik met mekaar omgegaan h… Read more

My kollega se skoonma Fact

Vinnige naai langs die pad…

Ek en Rene het saam gewerk. Sy was getroud maar was glad nie skaam om buite die eg te naai nie. Sy was jou tipiese Afrikaner vrou, praat met het haar nie-blanke kollegas, maar dit is waar dit ge-eindig het. Ek is kleurling en die man met wie sy op kantoor genaai het, het aan my rapporteer. Ek het hulle eendag in sy kantoor betrap waar sy besig was om hom 'n bj te gee. Na hierdie voorval het sy meer met my begin praat en selfs grappe begin maak. … Read more

Borrowed dick Fact

Mixed feelings on fucking married guy, written on behalf of a lady friend.…

He walked in and found me in the kitchen standing by the sink, he gave me a nice and warm hug from the back, since he was standing behind me his hand came fo my breasts as he hugged me while playing with my nipple which he had easy access to since i was only in a dressing gown i felt his lips kiss me on my neck wit abit of licking after the kiss damn this man knows me to well 2 of my spots at the sametime.
Then i felt him push my legs apart wit… Read more

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Saturday evening bang Fact

As requested by you know who…

So I was at work this Saturday and was flirting a bit on wattsap and my battery went low . So I put my phone to charge as I served a few customers . 2 hours later I took the phone off charge and there were several messages from  wattsap. I mentioned previously that there are many time wasters on this site as well as others but my curiosity got the better of me . I received a picture from a couple and the caption read " this is me waiting for you… Read more

Shemale with bi Indian... Again Fact

Bi Indian mutual fuck session with a hot shemale…

So I was bored at work and started checking a site for some cock action. Found a shemale and called her. We me and went into a private room. I started sucking her cock. She sucked mine. Had nice thick long cock in my mouth for at least 10 minutes. Licking the shaft and the head. She licked my cock hard and making me hard... Then she took a condom and put her thick rock hard cock in my ass with lots of gel... Asked her to go slow at first then sh… Read more

Mr Forbidden part seven Fact

Not yet…

Mr forbidden part seven

Suddenly very unexpectedly so it began in the festive december of 2018. We had our family christmast party and X continued with his remarks saying things like i'm gonna see u wet to which I usually replies not in your wildest dreams. To which his reply wld I will see u wet even if I have to throw u into the pool locking eyes his very self assured and mine saying u wld not dare. Xmast came and in between xmast and new ye… Read more

" Choices...." Fact

Some We Regret...Some We Really Enjoy....…

Sure this should fit into Taboo...But I do not really care...It was all in the Family...

Rudely awaken...I kicked open the bed linen...There I was lying stark naked on the bed for anyone to see...I lept off the bed and pulled on my shorts and off to the bathroom, I went...Popping my head into the other bedroom, the bed was empty, so into the studio I went only to find a half-completed painting of a naked lady posing on a chair on the easel...O… Read more

The tipsy mature continues Fact


After school my career started and came in contact with people of all races . This also resulted in some interracial encounters with some colleagues and their acquaintances and families. Landie was a dark haired, blue eyed young lady with a great appetite for sex. She would introduce me to her friend and the friend's boyfriend nearly 12 years after that first encounter with Esme.

Landie had to attend a meeting at her daughter's school and b… Read more


stranger to lover…

It all started with a message on SH one morning that i thought was going to be a fake again but, decided to send a message back and see what happens.....

To my suprise i got a message back asking can we meet? well i thought for awhile and decided what the hell and made arrangements to meet behind the church by the "pannetjie"

I was a little scared and excited as i have never done this before and never done it without hubby knowing about it.… Read more

My mig33 affair Fact

She wanted to play solo…

This story goes back to the days when we still had mxit and mig33 .I was a frequent chatter in the over 35 years room which had a lot of ppl from Durban . I was having a pvt chat to Shane who worked for a glass company . I also worked 12shifts but my main work was completed in the first 3 hours giving hours to flirt and chat.
So back to Shane Indian guy late 30s wanted to get a guy to have a 3some with him and his wife Shirley . So he told me h… Read more

Years Ago, I used To Pay To Watch.... Fact

When you really really like watching....…

Yes, I used to pay to watch. In some respects, it’s a bit embarrassing to tell this story, but I guess it’s part of who I am and what I have done and what I am today…

Those of you who have been reading my stories and Dogging or Forum posts on SH over the years will likely have seen or have worked out that my particular fetish is for watching people having sex – watching them (preferably from close by) or even just listening to them, b… Read more

First SH encounter Fact

When single guys were actually allowed…

My first SH encounter .
I have replied to a few adverts and being a married guy playing alone I did not attract much attention . I was chatting to this very sexy cpl from verulam but did not receive much joy . My male friend Mr X is also on this site . He mentioned that he was meeting a cpl from verulam but seeing that this was his first encounter he was a bit nervous to do it alone . He spoke to the couple and they agreed that he can be a frien… Read more

Year end reward Fact

Reaping the benefits of hard work…

A few months ago my boss decided to treat myself and fellow employees from our branch to a over night stay at a holiday home along the coast. There were around 10 of us in total and it was a 5 bedroom home so naturally some people had to share a room.

I had already known who I was going to share with as the lady and i had been flirting around with each other for the past few months. She was married but told me she found me attractive and that… Read more

My body to body massage Fact

One night in Shallcross…

I recently placed several adverts on another site where I offered my services as a masseur to couples and ladies, bored housewives, widows etc. Got a few responses but there are a lot of fake people and guys acting as a couple .
I started chatting to an Indian couple early 30's from Shallcross . We exchanged whattsap numbers and he told me that he wanted to watch his wife get massaged by an older guy . After a few chats we exchanged pics and he… Read more

Winter Blues Fact

Whats this site about…

Well here it is straight from the cougars mouth or in this case fingers up and down on the phone .
Im actually not in a great mood as my fantastic lover boy of 7 yrs couldnt keep our meeting this morning woe is me
This site is more than a swingers play ground . Its for all ages and desires . You name it its there .
So tell me this gentlemen .
Why am I alone at night
Why do I see the same faces night after night dancing. prancing.glanci… Read more

Breaking the ice before a gangbang Fact

Even for experienced participants, a gangbang can be an awkward adventure.…

When you are standing in a room full of naked people, most of whom have never met before, it can be daunting. It's completely normal to feel awkward and a little uncertain, whether you're a guy there to gangbang or a girl waiting to get gangbanged.

That's why I like to do a few simple, easy ice breakers to get everyone feeling comfortable. It doesn't get people jumping off the walls, it just makes the whole situation less intimidating.

Now … Read more

Wifes sister Fact

No actual sex, but a whole lot of potential…

I've been married for a little over 2 years, and ever since I've been married I've been in awe of my wife's older sister.

It's actually quite refreshing to be around her. She's funny cute and a delight to the eyes. She's very particular about her appearance, and works out decently. Dark brown hair, cute face and petite frame makes everything about her is just appealing. Shes a gorgeous little Indian bombshell.

Recently she and her hubby ha… Read more

All Girl Orgy at Shakerz Fact

How I found out what happened when I couldn't be there myself...…

The Shakerz Club in Benoni had been advertising for a couple of weeks, that they would be hosting an “All Girls Orgy” on a particular Saturday night in July. I knew that there was no way that I would be able to attend, as I had a long-standing social function with family and friends arranged for that night, and thought little further about it.

On that Saturday afternoon I popped onto SH to check something, and once again saw the advert f… Read more

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