More Daytime Fun at Club Rome Fact

A real fun day at Rome after a long absence...…

Mr H and I have been good mates for a couple of years now. We first met at Rietvlei where he and his partner at the time helped to introduce my then partner to actual dogging (described in my story Her Dogging Introduction, posted here on SH on 10th May 2018). Since then, he and I (we’re both straight, and have a lot of interests in common) have had a lot of fun together, with his partners and with mine, and also with other friends, including… Read more

An Old Knight's Tale - Of Bruce the Red and his Fairy Princess Fact

A way to say "Sorry, my love" - Written many months ago, hoping that I could maybe get a friend to post it for me... and then Lockdown happened...…

Once upon a time, long ago and in a land far away, there lived a naughty bearded old knight called Bruce the Red. He was not quite what you would imagine a knight to be, and definitely not a knight in shining armour. In fact, his armour was a bit dented and rusted, perhaps from all the jousting that he had done, and his lance was no longer as straight and as firm as it had once been. But he was a genteel and caring and dependable old knight, w… Read more

The Demon Fact

The Demon…

He feels it rise within himself
There’s no more time for leisure
He needs to find another lover
For him to know and to pleasure

And when he finds the one who fits
Boy, will she be in for such fun
Orgasm after orgasm and then a few more
She’ll even call him Hun

And so they’ll meet, all hugs and smiles
Their bodies so soon are bare
And after he leaves, she starts to ponder
WTF just happened there

He’ll devour her body… Read more

Massage Parlor Fact

First time.…

This happened many years ago, and I remember it like it happened yesterday. After we were married a few years, my wife decided it was time for some adventureand she took me to a massage parlor in the centre of Johannesburg' She dropped me and went to park the car and wait for me. I went into the reception and was greeted by a lady wearing a very sexy dress. she asked me which girl I wanted. After pickind a lady, she took me into a room and asked… Read more

Fantasy Guy Fact

Stranger fetish…

He read my dirty panties story and since then he's been sending me the horniest messages EVER!

I mean panty soaking, go to the bathroom and finger pussy to relieve myself horny!

I read one of the messages in my car at the mall and almost peed myself. Lol. Not almost, I actually did squirt a little juice. The graphic detail and hot content makes me gush in my pussy area and I can't help it.

While in the car reading I took my panties off … Read more

Straf vir n cockteaser Fact

n Cockteaser word gestraf vir haar balhorigheid…

Ek bel jou vroeg Maandag oggend en sê ek kom kuier. By jou huis aangekom maak jy die deur oop en nooi my in. Toe jy omdraai om in die huis in te loop gryp en jou van agter vas met my hand oor jou mond. Met my voet skop ek die deur toe en trek jou nader sodat ek in jou oor vir jou opdragte kan gee.

In jou oor fluister ek met n waarskuwende stem "Jy is n fokken cockteaser en vandag eindig dit. Vandag gaan ek jou terug kry en gaan ek jou naai o… Read more

One Hit Wonder Fact

Hit n run…

So as usual we look for someone we can make our usual playmate and met a gentleman one that is not my wife's usual taste. Now my wife doesn't do bearded men but she enjoyed chatting to him so we invited him for coffee to meet and this went off very well. Well the wife and him chatted more over the next day or so and the gentleman grew extremely excited and wanted to visit again. My wife and I discussed it and said well let's have some fun and inv… Read more

Zones Fact

The effects of one's touch…

I decided to write a short story on the effects the touch has on your body and senses.

MrW isn't big on the whole carressing thing as his previous relationships were very monotanous and the ex did not like being touched. I (MrsW) loves touching and the eroticness that senses (sight, touch, taste, hear and smell) have during those most intimate moments. So as of late, we have been experiementing with Tantra. OMG!!! This man has a hidden talent … Read more

two brothers Fact

very young hot cocks…

I am still flattered at men half my age wanting to meet me. and this was a double both brothers one 28 one 25 at the younger brothers town house in Hillcrest.... 2 and half hours of adult natural fun and a meal and good wine to go with it. told them i was not into getting fucked just that time of the month being open. so my mouth was used beautifully by two very decent but wild cocks. i am not too great at writing but being my age am in awe … Read more

rear pussy fuck Fact

quick dump…

I kept my mask on as i fucked her from behind . met this chick to chat to in local pub not really my type but knew she wanted to get fucked she had been hanging around different guys all night cadging drinks and got two off me but I let her know I wasn't up for chatting. walked out of pub at 7.30pm so did she, she followed me could feel the need in my pants what the fuck she was available I had a load and always have a couple of condoms in case … Read more

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Melrose Arch office suck off Fact

Knelt in front of his chair...…

An incredible erotic one way suck off yesterday afternoon in Melrose Arch . I sucked off a married well kept fit 55 year old manly
Portuguese guy. His office, his cock, my mouth his load. Won't bore you with all the planning before the meet, but after a few messages on here over a month or so, then discreet sharing of whatsapp numbers I finally got the nod to service his cock in his office. Made an appointment as instructed with his assist… Read more

The Solo Fact

A failed experience…

My wife eventually decided to try a solo adventure. She met a guy we all met and she explained what she wanted/expected. Well the meet went well my wife did like the intellectual conversation good looking and an all round nice guy. They continued to chat a few days and arrangements were made. My wife who I may say is very much in love with me was both nervous and excited, I told her go enjoy yourself and she said she would. The day arrived my wif… Read more

Lightning sometimes does strike the same place twice. Fact


Just a little coincidence that happened to me recently on my travels through the valley of kinky fun.

About two years ago when I first started meeting people on my various social sites that I frequent, I met a guy from out of the country that was working in South Africa as a Manager and was staying in a company residence.
We used to meet up maybe once or twice a week at his place and have long nights of kinky sensual sexy fun. This went on fo… Read more

Interview fuck Fact

Fucked at an interview…

So I posted an ad looking for pa and got several responses in Durban. One white girl BBW caught my attention. So I went through the questions as per normal and she said she is willing to do anything for the job and placed her hand on my thigh which excited me as she was very attractive. I asked what are you willing to do, her reply was anything. I said can I fuck you in your ass , to her surprise. She agreed.

We drove to a venue, on the way th… Read more

3some Fact

One hell of a night…

Well been in and out of the lifestyle and having mostly unsatisfying experiences.
Now my wife has never had a experience where a guest could make her reach orgasm except for when I joined, so this time we expected the same so our guest arrived we had spent a night with him before. We sat had a coffee did some catching up moved to the sitting room and put some R rated movies on, before long our guest was behind my wife giving her a massage and mo… Read more

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First time Mistress Fact

Starting a new adventure...…

I was extremely restless and bored with my life, work was a drag. Sex life was on the dry side also, I was in need of some excitement and a new thrill.

Was home horny one day and browsing some porn having a glass of wine. You know the usual single female weekend. When a video grabbed my attention. Was a femdom video, I was instantly intrigued.

I watched how the "Mistress" was humiliating this man, spanking him making him her bitch literally… Read more

Married mommy Fact

Wet pussy…

She was a regular customer where I was doing my in service training.

Little did I know she just didn't admire the black young neat man but had a fantasy of a young boy muffing her pussy.

2nd time she came to lodge a complaint she asked me out for lunch at KFC . We sat down and ate then she went to the toilet and asked me to join her by the man's toilet.

I did follow her and she pulled up her skirt and forced me to muff her pussy.… Read more

My to go guy Fact

Finally got laid…

For the past few days I have been very horny and wanted some action so badly. I posted an ad and got few responses but we never got to play, they either postponed or don't have venue play. My regular and I haven't chatted in weeks and the last time we played was in June. I didn't make contact with him because well I wanted to have something different, a white cock to be specific. So being as hungry as I was and not getting any luck with the ot… Read more

Double Take Fact

One repeat suck off and one new hot fuck…

my double take happened within 7 days of each other over 2 weeks ago just not got round to posting till now . I have decided that I can and will host if i need cock and cum then I have to make a plan and often hot cock is available straight and otherwise willing to use my mouth and or arse, but venue is always a problem, well not anymore. I have started using outside laundry room for quick discreet meets to service and give pleasure to needy… Read more

"Hey I've Got a Venue" Fact

Venues can be hard to come by so make the most of it when you have one.…

After being in this lifestyle for quite some time I've come to know just how difficult it is to arrange a venue. Many couples cannot host and I live alone so finding a suitable place to get down to business can often be tricky (especially in during lock down...).

Last year I started chatting to a profile on this site where hubby had reached out to me (as most hubbies do). He was sussing me out and exchanging details about one another and his … Read more

Interesting times ahead Fact

Living up to my reputation...…

Well I'm not much of a writer but I really felt this story had to get out there..maybe inspire one or two divorcees that you're never really "over" the hill. I've been on swinging heaven for about 6 years without getting much..or any attention at all...not that I mind...not much out there for a 40-year-old Black Male recently divorced.

About a year and a half ago I got divorced and had to move from our house in Randpark Ridge, JHB to a townhou… Read more

Fun with bisexual lady Fact

Had a recent encounter with a beautiful sexy black chic…

Met the chic on this site and made a date. After golf went to sandton to pick her up. Drove to a hotel and got a room. Took up the vodka and got into the shower. She was taking off her clothes on the bed. Got out of the shower and she starts sucking my cock. I play with her huge tits. Take off her panty and start rubbing her clit. I suck her cunt while she sucks my cock. I then put a condom on and start fucking her. Cock inside getting harder all… Read more

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Remembering a Hot Encounter & 1st Time Giving a Spank Fact

With Covid-19 encounters have been in short supply.. so here I remember a past very hot encounter.…

I have had some extremely hot dates from Swingers Heaven and some other sites, dates can be hot in that the person you meet is good looking. Others are hot in that the person you meet is also very naughty, and the best kind of hot date is when there is chemistry and spark between you, and you click right away. Mostly it is just fun to meet new people and get to know them a bit. It is fascinating to hear people’s stories and what lead them to th… Read more

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She rocked my world back to health but vanished Fact

When you meet someone you wish you can find her again…

Hi all new to writing stories but here we go

A little bit about myself
Back then I was 24
Rugby player
Wasn't bad looking but never headlines of my baby face
I'm also a butcher
Hard working was part of my life but always happy
That year was not my year or was my year but had a life changing accident and almost lost my one leg
I lost my soon to be wife after my accident now my ex best friends wife the hocked up when I was still i… Read more

" Details..." Fact

Written about a Lady Friend I let slip away without thinking...…


Like a gloating miser hoarding treasure,
Avidly my heart recalled
That evening we spent together;
Savouring every detail,
Your face, your voice, your smile,
Your every word,
And what I thought I heard
Beneath the things you said...

I knew that I could not forget
The twinkle in your eyes
As they met mine,
The way you made me laugh,
And how your lips twitched
In merriment or quick surprise,
Or softened in sympathy
A… Read more

reluctant girlfriend orgasm Fact

she tells me of huge orgasm…

my girlfriend and i had a great sex session 2 days ago, we were both aroused watching a cuckold video but for some reason way more than normal. While i was inside her missionary style, fucking her hard, i asked her to tell me what she was thinking about, hoping she would tell me something she knew i fantasised about just to get me to cum with her. What happened wasnt really what i expected .... her face changed a bit and she adopted a more seri… Read more

SwingHell Fact

This is not the site's problem but the humans on here.…

This is not a story I've written enough of those. This is a truth telling piece, from my life and my journey in this site.

Joined the site early 2000s had beautiful encounters then and everything was fun. Till I came across a crazy female who had multiple accounts and tried to drive me to the looney bin . Deleted that account cause firstly I just didn't feel safe anymore.

Stupid me decided after 2yrs to join the site again. Well do I regret… Read more

" Tragedy " Fact

A Secret Between Two Friends...Chris and Lee…

Little did they know that they would both lose their wives a few months apart from the same dreaded disease...

" Tragedy "

Contemplating Divorce...

Joanne the lady from across the street...
Beautiful, long dark hair, and olive skin,
Busty, curvy, and long legs all the way to heaven...
Chris thought...
She was just the lady for him...

Tragedy struct...
His was wife was diagnosed...
With the Dreaded Disease,
Yes...Double C...
Co… Read more

The wonders of bull Fact

I can't believe it…

Now in life you get a hand full of people that are complete bullshitters. But on this site I personally think 99% are. Now we kind of don't like the married men playing without consent simply we don't need the drama or a rushed play date. Then you get "single" men chat like monsters during the day then suddenly here form 5 they disappear now listen idiot maybe you can lie to yourself but don't think you fooling everyone. The droppers well there … Read more

" Movies...Popcorn...And Wine..." Fact

The First Saturday Night of LockDown Two....…

The music was going full blast, the turntable had no time to stop...The albums were lying all over the floor...There I was enjoying myself to the full...As music is like a second life to me...When suddenly the cell phone rang...Looking at the number...I said to myself...Ag no not her again...Hello, I answered, and the voice on the other side said, " I should have known it was you providing music for the complex again...What do you mean I replied.… Read more

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