Sandy Bay First Time

Naked under the sun…

Today instead of staying home watching Series, we went out on a limb and took our bodies to Sandy Bay. From the Hourly Bay side it was a long trek down to the beach through the forest and dunes. When we got to the beach we passed a few naked individuals and decided to park off on the rocks enjoying some sun rays naked. My ex drew a lot of attention as one medium complexion guy went to sit in the water and watch her basking in the sun, legs open a… Read more

wife's suprise First Time

once bitten,now she wants more.…

i have been planning a surprise for the wife for some time now sifting through the fakers and no shows. I found a "suitable" gentleman and proceeded to tell him about my idea.
The night arrived,so my wife was told to sit on the couch,blindfolded and wait for me to enter. she had no idea i had brought a friend along to spice the evening up. We entered and walked softly up to her not saying anything. She was wearing a small dress that just covere… Read more

From Waiter to Bull First Time

Where do I start?…

My very first swinging experience started out when I was still a waiter. I had been working at a restaurant for a couple weeks. In my first few shifts a couple had come through quite regularly. I served them on a couple of occasions and one evening the wife went to the loo and the husband called me to their table. I approached the table assuming that he was wanting to place an order but what followed caught me by complete surprise....

He told… Read more

My First Threesome First Time

My First Threesome…

My First Threesome
This is the story of my first threesome through SH. A married lady messaged me on SH, and she said that she really liked my profile. She also indicated that she likes intelligent people and she doesn’t like to hook up with “stupid” people. I was actually thrilled by her message, and I responded to her positively. We then agreed to meet the very next day, which was Friday evening, for dinner at a restaurant.

She came w… Read more

A Dream, it is only a dream. First Time

Don't ever believe your dreams will not come true.…

Lying down on the couch with my head on my wife’s lap and chatting about the good old days and a loving marriage of 32 years, I blurted out a question that took my wife totally by surprise. I asked her if she had ever thought about having sex with another man. Totally stunned by this sudden somewhat ridiculous question. She expressed an exclaimed NO, and asked why I would dare ask such a question. Well, being overweight all my life I know she h… Read more

milf vs youth First Time

interracial girly fun…

so I placed an ad wanting to have some girl on girl fun on aanother site and she replied. chatted here and there, never exchanged numbers and I subsequently deleted the ad.

Few weeks later feeling rather frisky again I post another ad but in the ad I specifically request her to reply if she sees it.... fast track to last week friday we agree to meet. A black goddess , husky voice and beautiful big brown eyes. the moment I laid eyes on her I k… Read more

How my voyuerism started final Joanne First Time

Voyeur first time…

So as you now know Joanne caught me watching but never did anything just let me carry on, and she also carried on. Then told me "Hope you enjoyed the show, maybe we can get together some day"
I never saw her for a long time and she never came back to Mr Davis office.
About 5 years past and I was sitting in the local wimpy having breakfast when Joanne walks in. I immediately recognised her still the stunning drummy figure and call her over. She… Read more

How my voyeurism started Part 2 Joanne First Time

Voyeur first time…

Here is the one person I will never forget, Joanne I think mainly because I had a crush on her. She had left the school a year earlier.

I saw Joanne come through the gate while I was changing class. I was now in matric. As I was walking I heard her ask where Mr Davis was. Which the answer was in his office. I changed course from my next class to his office window. I got there as Joanne was closing the door. I watched them talk for a while (unf… Read more

How my voyeurism started First Time

Voyeur first time…

How it all started
When I was still a virgin, I was walking around the school bunking a few periods when I noticed some movement in a sports storeroom window. First I ducked out the way until I heard the distinct sound of a woman. I got closer and looked through the window. There was Mrs Holmes bent over the table and the PT teacher Mr Davis fucking her hard. I couldn't keep my eyes off them. I watched for what must have been 20 mins. While they… Read more

Newby adventure First Time

First time…

I tell you to wear a short dress no panties or bra, just the dress. I give you the address and tell you to meet me there at 12:00.
I arrive just before you and get a sit at a nice bench facing every one. When you arrive I tell you to sit next to me. By this time there are quite a few people in front of us. I recognize a few and we start chatting, while we chat I start rubbing your leg and get very close to your pussy, I can feel the heat from it… Read more

My Preggy BBC Hotel Surprise! Part 1/4 First Time

Hubby is a naughty one! ... and it drives me wild ;) Me 9 months preggy... blindfolded and hands tied behind my back in a hotel room... and then a kno…

So here's the quick version - When i was 9 months pregnant in October last year, dave invited 2 bbc's over. he tied me up in the bathroom, blindfolded me, and then recorded as they fucked me... i didn't know it wasn't him until he told the one guy to stick it in my ass... wow, what a shock!! but fuck me did it turn me on like crazy! couldnt stop squirting!

The longer version will drive you as wild and wet as it did me, I promise you!

I had… Read more

Being in.the Dark First Time

Opening my eyes…

To put my story into context let me begin by saying.
I've never considered myself to be attractive or sexy and very much kept under the radar sexually speaking.
I most certainly never thought a man of a different race and colour would even look at me in that way.
I'm a woman of colour and with that mindset and preconceived beliefs I felt inferior at any interaction or conversations with others of different race than myself.
So with that mi… Read more

Without caution First Time

My initiatiion into writing…


I’m feeling lonely and not too sure how to go about finding that someone special to connect with. I don’t feel comfortable with large groups of people, so I rarely go out to places or events where I might meet a woman that shares similar tastes and common interests. So I’ve decided to try browsing online, just to get an idea of who, like me may be searching for that “one”. During my searching I stumbled onto your profile and… Read more

Bliss First Time

NSA fun…

I'm lying on my back on the bed. Feet still on the floor. A goddess is on top off me in a 69 position. I can barley control my excitement. I can feel your warm welcoming mouth, your soft lips and tongue working up and dawn my stiff cock. Lust is in the air that we breathe. You're knees is next to my head. You're ripe fig looking at me, your sweet sent on the tip of my nose. I pull you're sexy cheeks apart, your lips hanging. You are eagerly awa… Read more

Bi couple experience First Time

Ok that's amazing…

So I get this friendship request from a interesting bi couple.
Sure why not.
One thing leads to another and we meet at a local coffee shop.
They're both carrying a bit, but who isn't? Actually I like big girls so I'm really happy when we decide we need to make this happen now.

I followed them into their estate, and into their home. Mrs asks me to join them in their huge shower. ?
They wash me down thoroughly ?
Tasting me to make sure I'… Read more

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Familie plaas... First Time

Ou skool maat met voordele…

Familie Plaas Kuier

Die familie plaas kuier.
Dis baie lekker om almal weer te sien. Al die neefs, niggies, ooms en tannies. Almal kuier lekker op die familie plaas net buite Parys in die vrystaat. Ek is 'n spinasie boer, my plaas strek so 4km langs die oewers van die vaalrivier. My naam is Freek. Ek 34 en nog al die tyd alleen loper. Al die kwaliteite wat jy in 'n boer soek die het ek. Ek is 'n lang skraal donkerkop man, donker reguit hare, b… Read more

FML 2 First Time

Fuck my life…

Fuck my life

Out drinking at a farewell party for a friend, so people have also invited other people

Hahaha funny how, all my stories Start with drinking hahaha

Anyway so we out drinking, socialising and having a proper time. A friend asks me what would be the best way to travel avoiding the highway, being the gentleman I am, I advise her to follow me and I'll lead the way...

Anyway we arrive and I'm saying my goodbyes. She asks me to… Read more

FML continues First Time

Fuck my life…

Fuck my life

My favour cousin and I we're out drinking it up.

Driving home or to the next party, we see a blk horse running across the road... well I did in the nick of time. The driver didn't until I shouted hahaha... maybe there was a horse maybe there wasn't. Hahahaha

Anyway as we driving we pass a very attractive young lady walking on the side of the road.

We double back and ask if she's okay... she nervously answers "¥€$"!

Read more

You never know who is going to change your world First Time

"When you meet someone special, you'll know. Your heart will beat more rapidly, and you'll smile for no reason."…

I drove into the side street and looked for a parking. There were a few cars parked along the road so I turned onto a pavement parking. As I turned off the engine I glanced into my rear-view mirror. There he was, casually sitting on the opposite pavement with a cigarette in one hand and his cellphone in the other. The butterflies had been turning in my tummy all the way there, now they were trying to escape.

I reached for my cellphone to … Read more

My first encounter... First Time

... of sucking a huge cut cock!…

So, this is my first story, of my first encounter...

I have to admit, it’s been a long time coming. I have been thinking of and fantasizing of playing with and sucking a guys cock for the longest time.

I have often tried setting up meetings on SH, but they always seemed to fall through, usually the other party not really being that interested as they make out when chatting, or because of the issue of a safe venue, etc...

Anyway, this t… Read more

Feet Fetish First Time

My wife loved her feet being sucked.…

Ann and I decided to go for supper at the Spur on Sunday afternoon late, we arrived at the Spur and sat down, ordered drinks and checking what to eat. I noticed a single guy sitting at the next table beside us, he was tall, early 40's, good looking with short red hair and blue eyes. Ann and I had a few drinks and ordered our food. The single guy kept looking at Ann and smiled, I saw Ann smiled back at him, I turned and looked at him, he smiled an… Read more

If a woman cries First Time


a Whole new world, an amazing place to be. Never thought I would become a lifestyler. But I did and it has evolved me from a ordinary woman to a hot blooded passionate lady with a sex drive most men could not keep up with.
The woman inside me was not crying anymore, but instead she was yearning for more. More extremely kinky and erotic encounters, passionate but rough enough to satisfy her wild side.
I remember my first party. I remember feeli… Read more

If a woman cries First Time

a devine journey…

It's been years, no months, no my whole life actually, since I had multiple orgasms. In fact it's been such a long time since I felt desired, wanted or even sexy. As the wheels of my life came off, one by one, I felt devastated by how difficult it was to accept that my marriage failed and that I have lost everything that made life worthwhile...

Tasting the sweet aroma of the coffee on my lips, licking it slowly and savouring the moment of my a… Read more

Like a Virgin First Time

Her first time...…

Please bear with me, this is my first story...

So I was in varsity, studying postgrad and had met this first year. She was 18, 10 years younger then myself. For the purposes of this story, I will call her Rika.

Now Rika was tall, had long blonde hair, wide hips, a flat tummy and small yet firm breasts with very responsive sensitive nipples. She was an athlete and her legs were toned and muscular, yet feminine and she had the most beautiful… Read more

Droome en n Begeerte... First Time

Sal baie graag vir skoonma wil naai…

Mense, ek het al al die jare wat ek my skoonma ken, n begeerte gehad en nog steeds om haar te kan naai. Ken haar al 34 jaar en is al amper 27 jaar met haar dogter getroud.
Skoonma het nog al die jare n ding op sy naam genoem, n piel is in piel en n poes is n poes. Sy is in die Kaap gebore en daar groot geword. In Kleimond. Op skool toe ek hulle leer ken het, het sy al so gepraat.
Skoonma sal sommer as jy met iets verskil van haar, jou aan jou b… Read more

Big sister's friends First Time

Please cuddle me. Your sister is sleeping.…

It all starts with friends. ?

I'd always admired my sisters three closest friends. Sam, Karen and the one I slept with at my sister's wedding. Not to be named.
Karen was to me the hottest of them all. The cream Supreme.
This boys wet dream.

I had a mate stay over to watch movies that weekend.
And had no idea my sister had 2.
Karen and Sam.

My sister and Sam were cuddling in her bed. While my mate and I were to sleep in the loung… Read more

Tasting Delight First Time

Hot couple's first time cunnilingus.…

" Do you like oral sex? Receiving it?"

The Whatsapp "..typing..." indicates briefly.

"I love it!" you shoot back.

I asked because in the two weeks since we have become lovers we haven't gone there yet. The passion has been intense and the hungry undressing has been foreplay enough. On the one playful occasion when I put my face against your panty covered mound, you giggled and pushed me away. All part of the jest but it left me uncertai… Read more

My wife's first Gang Bang, Weekend away. First Time

Watching rugby in the box.…

The best rugby game ever, I chatted to a couple on the site in Bloemfontein, they have being in the lifestyle for a long time, Len and Ricky. We exchanged photos; Len is short, good looking and well endowed, Ricky is vey pretty. Len invited us down to Bloemfontein for a weekend; NSA, it was Ricky birthday the Saturday and go to the rugby in a box. Cheetah’s V/S Crusaders. I chatted to Ann and we decided to go. Only because it was Ricky’s birt… Read more

My Wife and Her Best Friend First Time

Steamy Night In Ponta D'oura…

I have been too busy traveling had not have time to share my most unexpected tale of the short left we took last month to Moz.

So me and my sweet hot sexy yummy desirable sweetheart decided to take a shot weekend break to Mozambique South in Ponta D'oara to be precise.
Few days before our road trip my sweetheart says to me 'babe I was talking to my friend about our road trip and she expressed her desire to join cause she has been going throu… Read more

Cub meets Cougar First Time

She obviously saw where my eyes were fixed. With her hand she flicked her hair back causing a “accidental” nip slip.…

This would be my very first encounter with a older woman.

So, I placed an ad on Cumtree seeking a sexual encounter with a older woman. The title read “Cub seeks Cougar”.

Her response was well detailed with a beautiful picture of herself attached.

I was told she is 46 years of age and I am 28.
We were both eager to meet within 2 days at her place.

Upon arrival I was greeted by a gorgeous lady dressed in nothing but a silk gown… Read more

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