Caught First Time

The Mrs and I have been together many years, she was unaware of my crossdressing and my fantasy.…

I was home alone as the mrs had to work, it was a beautiful morning and i was feeling fucken horny, i browsed many porn and decided to dress up and have a little fun. I got her toys and garments and got more and more harder just trying to decide what to wear.
I finally decided on my favourite, sexy black lace bodystocking with a black latex dress. yip by now I was so hard I could barely contain myself. I dug deeper and found the mrs vibrating … Read more

How it began First Time

The start of the lifestyle…

OK so some of you have read my previous 4 stories and I appreciate the likes and comments, so I thought I would share how we started. It was a night like every night, where my son did not want to sleep, so my wife took him to her mums house which is 2 roads down to sleep, which we do often. I never go with her because I don't like the in laws. She always takes a long time to come home but this night she was taking longer than usual so I took a… Read more

Awesome threesomes for mature hubby and wife First Time

Couple enjoy their first mmf and ffm threesomes…

"I'd like to try a threesome!" This simple unsolicited one-liner by myself to my wife over, what was up to that moment, an uneventful dinner at home caused quite a stir to say the least. Granted, as many husbands fantasize about, I've been making this suggestion- and have been rebuffed with great hostility- for years; so, will she let it happen? She was not as surprised as before. Maybe it was something that she read, saw on TV or at the movies o… Read more

Wife's first glory hole First Time

Wife's glory hole…

OK so I talked the wife into giving me a special birthday present. I didn't tell her what. I just told her to wear her shortest sluttiest dress and no panties or bra allowed. So she did, I took her to Glenwood spar and then down to the men's toilet. She reluctantly followed me in. I took her into one of the stalls and explained that she has to suck any cock that comes through the glory hole. She had even heard of a glory hole so I explained it … Read more

Swinging Best Moments First Time

Sex Cruising…

It was late in the evening when I got call. When I check my phone it was couple I used to play with ussualy for 3some but what happened that night wasn't the usual things I used explore on. They ask me if they can come pick me up for night I said yes why not I'm free and horny just hearing the voice of the lady behind the mic hmmmm as she was curvy and bit chubby.
As they arrive on the spot to pick me up so the hubby was driving and wife sitti… Read more

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In the name of science First Time

Hotwife discovered…

While sitting here, waiting for the call to board my flight, I start to get a sense of excitement as I stare across the busy lounge of the airport. Hundreds of people either just as excited as I am feeling now, with just a couple of sad faces sitting around the lounge. I have heard that not even a wedding or funeral can offer you the intense emotions that one tends to experience while sitting in an airport lounge. A mixture of people who are gl… Read more

My First Milf First Time

A Real Lady i am glad i got to meet…

The First time a Met Mrs S was on a site like this she was 52 and i was 27 we started chatting via email and we exchange some pictures she was a very slim petite blonde lady very well groomed. She was divorced and she wanted to meet someone she could explore and try new things with some one to be sexually open with. So after some Chatting and exchange of fantasies which she and i both had lots decided to meet.
We decided that i rent a hotel room… Read more

My First Blowjob with a Piercing First Time

Pleasure beyond my Imagination…

Well ! As most guys often love to get a blowjob by a sexy lady, mine was always to experience it with a pierced tongue.
After much flirting and naughty chats, I finally managed to get the Mrs to pierce hers and was eagerly awaiting that special moment. During the build up to last night, she kept teasing me about how she was gonna suck me and blow my mind (literally). Finally, my long awaited dream became a reality. After a long shower with me wa… Read more

" Cindy Her Mother And I..." First Time

Cindy and I were longtime puppy love lovers...…

Wow...Puppy love is a feeling that one will never forget, it will live with you forever, no matter how many times a person falls in and out of love...Cindy and I were first time lovers...So I thought but was not to be... Love, love was coming from me and me alone...I was caring, supportive, and loving towards Cindy in every possible way, and Cindy seemed to enjoy my company just as much as I enjoyed her company...Cindy had become obsessive toward… Read more

The hush First Time

Not so silent play time…

So this was a while back and I haven't had much experience with any guys and especially girls. I've always been too polite and shy for my own good. But I was starting to think I'll probably not have alot of opportunities to have fun.
For a while now my one friend and my cousin and me would come together for a movie night. And it was my turn to host it. We decided to all lay in my bed and watch in my room in order not to bother my parents watchin… Read more

Haar Storie - Eerstekeer First Time

Seks voor my Man…

Haar Storie - Eerstekeer
By Always
Dit was ‘n soel someraand wat ‘n mens net lus is om skoene uit te skop en te ontspan in die lafenis van die mooi swembad in die lowergroen tuin.. Al moet ek dit self sê: ek is ‘n mooi vrou en dra my jare goed; dink ek, geen mens sal sê ek het al sestig somers agter die rug nie. Ek is geklee in 'n ligte somersrokkie wat die vorm van my liggaam duidelik deur die dun materiaal afbeeld, sonder onderklere. … Read more

Husband fucks wife on longbank First Time

Husband who returned home and fucks his wife…

It had been a long week, and I was missing him so much. I hadn’t seen him for over two weeks, this business trip he was on had been longer than the others. Only more day until I would see him again and I couldn’t wait to get him naked. I was insanely frustrated and wanted to have him in my bed, with his hands all over me, his fingers inside me. I missed his touch, the way he trails his fingers down my thigh in the mornings to wake me up.
Read more

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Fuck my life First Time


So it's level 4 lockdown.... naughty, naughty

I meet my sweet lady friend in the car park at a very popular shopping centre, where we have fucked in the bathrooms before.... juicy indeed...,

Anyway we sitting and sipping some drinks and chatting catching up on day's gone by.. the centre closes at a certain time and to prevent ourselves from being locked in the centre we drive out..

Our ears are warm, well at least mine are., any she foll… Read more

The First Meeting... First Time

He licked her clit and tongue fucked her hole stopping for only seconds to kiss her lightly on the ass.…

"Okay girl, get out of the car," That's what she kept telling herself. Keyanna was sitting in her car outside of the Hotel where they agreed to meet. "Shit, I can't stop shaking. I am nervous as hell," she said to herself. She had all kinds of thoughts running through her head such as, "What if he doesn't like what he sees in person? Is my breath okay? Why did I decide to wear this outfit?" she sighed looking down at and pulling on the yellow spa… Read more

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My first Cheat First Time

Sort eish story of my first Cheating…

As any man knows getting attention from a lady is amazing especially if she's got a wicked naughty streak. I was working in bryanston and met a old mate from school on vliesbook(Facebook) and his missus needed a lift to and from work. I worked out that it wasn't to far from me so I offered on arrival I she was way to hesitant to get in the car with me.. Fuck who would our times we live in who could blame her. So after awhile into the travel we hi… Read more

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When she's had a rough day, give her a rough night First Time

A bad day at work, doesn't mean the day has ended…

What a day in the office. No such thing as normal any more. Reduced staff, so working twice as hard, and then just to add to the mix, loadshedding started up again. Getting home after popping into the shops for some comfort food, all I want to do get inside and run a long hot bath. Blasted electric gate wont open, “aiki gas” bloody hell. How am I supposed to get in now. Worst day ever, and Adam is not answering his phone. He would know what t… Read more

Loss of Innocence First Time

Learning from my aunt…

Alice is my Mother’s younger sister – my aunt – recently back from an extended vacation in Europe. She was still looking for a job and has moved in with my mother, my sister and me.

My mother has been widowed for a long time. The stress of looking after two teenagers has left its mark on her and although she was barely 40, she looked at least five years older. Alice, without a care in this world, and being without stress was the exact o… Read more

Left me hanging First Time

Some women though…

So it was two weeks ago, me and this yummy are planning things accordingly, okay, plans are looking good, she’s willing to let me ride her, cool. A week after, we confirming the day, cool, it’s gonna happen within 4days... I start preparing myself, jogging twice a day, drinking lots of water, exercising like a psycho because I’m preparing for this yummy, I even practiced the styles that I’ve always wanted to do on meaty mummy because I’… Read more

Lekker stout fun by die werk First Time

Oorjagse blondiene maak my dag en toe naweek…

So stel ek ‘n nuwe agent aan om by my te kom werk. Blonde (regte egte blond) vrou in haar mid 40’s met ‘n baie mooi lyf. Sy het bietjie myle op haar gesig maar steeds baie sag op die oog.

So werk ons lekker saam vir twee maande of so toe ek haar een aand by ‘n kuierplek kry. Sy is lekker getrek en vra my of ek nie vir haar ‘n lift huistoe kan gee nie aangesien haar mense sonder haar gewaai het. Ek sê toe dit is fine en so is on… Read more

My eerste seks ervaring First Time

Mens vergeet nooit daardie eerste keer nie…

Dit was in 1993 wat ek gaan studeer het in Vanderbijlpark.Daar het ek haar ontmoet .Pragtig met blonde hare blou oe.Sy het die mooiste paar tiete gehaat wat ek nog gesien het net mooi n hand vol.Met Jool het ons saam vlot gebou
en dadelik gekliek.So het ek en sy al hoe meer tyd begin saam spandeer .In die middae het ek haar by haar koshuis gaan haal en plot toe geneem waar ek gebly het.So het ek en sy mekaar heel lekker begin vry.In die aande vo… Read more

My eerste seks ervaring First Time

My eerste seks ervaring…

Dit was in 1993 wat ek gaan studeer het in Vanderbijlpark.Daar het ek haar ontmoet .Pragtig met blonde hare blou oe.Sy het die mooiste paar tiete gehaat wat ek nog gesien het net mooi n hand vol.Met Jool het ons saam vlot gebou
en dadelik gekliek.So het ek en sy al hoe meer tyd begin saam spandeer .In die middae het ek haar by haar koshuis gaan haal en plot toe geneem waar ek gebly het.So het ek en sy mekaar heel lekker begin vry.In die aande vo… Read more

White Dick love black pussy First Time

Ladies of the night 👍🏻…

So my story starts like this:

In kenilworth jhb south I stayed for maybe 20 plus years. I those years I got to be friends with a lot of ladies of the night. I would go to them sometimes before work have a morning glory and fuck one hard. The lady’s name was Lerato. So I get the her semi house they open for me I go to her room and I wait for her to come she asks if she can go and wash her pussy quickly I say yes. She comes back I’m laying … Read more

My 1st time First Time

My 1st time…

This I my true story of my 1st sexual experience with a hooker. I grew up in good old south of jhb. And the one night I went to go and play soccer with my friends at the old rand water complex after while I got tired of soccer and diced to walk home since home isn’t far. I get to Main Street and there lots of lady’s of the night. The one asks me if I have smoke I say sorry I don’t smoke and carry on walking but I have money that you can buy… Read more

First time experience with wife First Time

Awesome experience…

"twas my birthday one December night. My request to my wife was to go for a couple sensual massage. I knew a couple in Pta that offered just that. She obliged and I asked her just to relax and follow the lead from the couple. We got there, got introduced with a glass of wine. The lady started flirting with my wife, kissing her here and there, and I could see her opening up. After few drinks and a bit easing up, they offered us a shower and cleane… Read more

New years with my best friend Elaines, youngest brother Joe First Time

My best friends younger brother…

I met Elaine and her husband a few years ago at a music camping festival. A typical German spring weekend with lots of music and party but also a bit too much rain and mud for the tents to handle without dampening the spirits of the dedicated. Elaines husband was over for a few weeks work and my husband decided to bring them along to experience the other side of silent German culture. Elaine and her husband where very down to earth people, easy g… Read more


Lena se eerste swinging ervaring…

Ek het vir lank (en het nogsteeds) ’n fantasie om te sien hoe ’n ander man vir Lena spyker. Ek het al vandat ons getroud is baie aande die MFM threesome onderwerp aangeraak, maar Lena is van ’n goeie huis en die gedagte was vir haar taboo. Sy kan nie begryp waarom ek haar sou toelaat om met enige ander man te speel terwyl ek vir hulle kyk nie. Sy sê verder dat dit haar baie ongemaklik sou maak en dat sy in elke geval nie glo dat enige ande… Read more

First Orgasm scene 2 First Time

Girls first orgasm…

So it works out that I have booked myself for a two weeks of diving at the Shoal about 10 minute drive from where this yung girl will be spending the holidays with her family.

I was booked in the back packers section but had my own room with a small bunk bed and communal shower facilities. It was cheap hut who cared for 5 star accommodation when you had more more money for boze and dives!

So during our time there I tried to have some alon… Read more

First Orgasm First Time

Girls first orgasm…

When I just started working my sister was a 1 st year student. I used to visit her a lot at her hostel and knew all her seniors. The specific senior girl on her floor I liked quite a bit but she had a hoy friend.

One day my sister asked me if I can help her with some car problems so I came over to fix her car her new room mate was there quite a shy little thing but I could tell with the right clothes and hairstyle she could be a looker. I soon… Read more

Kiss and Touch First Time

That kissing and touchy feeling all over…

The art of sexual pleasure and enjoyment lies in that touch- look and kiss. Would love to just look into your eyes and read that wanting feeling and passion that is burning deep within your body and groins. That simple touch either on arm, down ones legs- stroking up and down in a very seductive and gentle manner with gentle pressure. Touching ones breasts and having nipples rolled between fingers.

Allowing fingers to slip under panties a… Read more

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Erotic Sensual Massage by another man First Time

First time couple meet…

Our first time meeting with likeminded older couple with no expectations.
Hi ... hopefully my experience can be associated with and likewise be appreciatived by those struggling to get their feet wet.
True story.. a real experience.

Myself and my hubby Vee were really keen to find ways for us to be kinkier and daring as we still hadnt popped the "proverbial cherry" the longer we were on Lifestyle site.

Vee had joined a swingjng sit… Read more

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