" Mother She Wanted To BE....But Could Not Be..." Other

Dads New Lady....…

Just on sixteen when my mother was taken away from me, and off to boarding school I went...First, it was just for the week and home on weekends, slowly it was extended and home only saw me at the end of the term for a week or two...The years went by...Yes, the school had seen the last of me... Not sure what I wanted to do, but I was sure I would not join the family empire driven by my dad...So off to Europe, I went for a gap year, and explore the… Read more

Lust... a sin or foe Other

Thou shalt not allow temtations...…

now that i have your attention lets get down to the story.. you will have to decide... is it fact or is it fiction.

it was a monday, mid month in june. winter had set its claws in and the bitter cold weather felt as though you were bitten by a cat or dog.
Im in construction so i have many a oppertunity to view many a foe and many a maiden.
i was called to give a quote. the lady was not very clear as her discription was many odd jobs and ge… Read more

The tipsy mature Other

Another interracial encounter…

I was 18 and it was the first weekend after I wrote my last matric paper. My brother and I were visiting family in a small town not far from Port Elizabeth.

Around 19:00 we departed and enroute to PE we were stopped by a white couple. The guy asked us where we going to and we said PE. He asked if we could give his gf a lift to Despatch because his car is overheating.

Being uncomfortable travelling with a white lady my brother and I looke… Read more

" Expectations..." Other

Working In The Hotel was fun....…

There they were sitting on opposite sides of the dance floor, eyeing each other but not saying a word, I was just wondering who would be making the first move, would it be him or would it be her...The band started playing the couples took to the dance floor, there they were just eyeing each other and surely wishing it could be them on the dance floor...The song ends and the couples made their way to their tables and sipped on their drinks...The t… Read more

Give it to me baby! Other

He made me squirt like never before.…

He roughly grabbed my shoulders and pushed me against the door. My breath escaped my lips as he forced his tongue into my mouth.
“I am going to make you squirt.” It sounded like a threat. I knew he would though. The wetness was already building in my pussy. I had told him I like it rough. He was giving me what I needed.
He put his hand around my throat. The other reached up my dress. No panties.
“Good girl”, he growled in my ear. His… Read more

Down the Rabbit Hole Other

Some truths before we begin…

If you are here, some curiosity and need has become apparent in you. And you have acted on that

We grow up largey in a schizophrenic and contradictive society. Significance seems more important than love. Self gratification too. Many of us grew up in traditional homes where a patriachal male model favoured profut and power over people and purpose. Religion laid down behaviour and consequence. And so inherited a set of masks we present the worl… Read more

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Dont say a word.... Other

One of my fantasies.... You can see my experieces is limited but I can dream right…

Well I want to be invited to a room, i knock, when I open the door its dark inside the room, only 3 candles burning, i get pushed against the door forcefully get greeted with a kiss, get turned around and masked, i then get led to a chair where I am said not to move or make a sound in a whisper. A drink end up in my hand and Im told to drink slowly. Its champagne, I hear things going on around me but cannot place it as its alot of shuffles and mo… Read more

Die Ete Other

Res van die aand…

Na die ete in die hotel nooi sy hom vir koffie by haar woonstel. Terwyl hulle koffie drink gesels hulle alhoewel albei weet dis nie wat hulle eintlik wil doen nie. Sy is die een wat uiteindelik se, "Ek dink ons het genoeg gepraat."
Sy kyk op in sy donker, vraende gesig. Sy bekyk al die heel aand sy gesig, oorkant haar, langs die tafel, in die kerslig. Die blou oë,die lang wimpers, die sensuele mond......
Sy het sterk op die mond gekonsentreer… Read more

Meeting Other

nervous excitement that leads to crazy orgasms…

When he first contacted me I wasn’t so sure about him, he came up as part of a couple, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go that route. We chatted on email a bit and he sent me his photo. A handsome looking fellow but I was still not sure. He sent me mails telling me how beautiful I am and that any man should be so lucky to have me. I remember reading that and thought this guy is not real. Impossible that he is real. We chatted some time on… Read more

On our way..... Other


I'm wearing a blouse with buttons down the front and a skirt. I recline my seat and make myself comfortable. I tell you to follow my instructions as I give them verbal and gestured, and close my eyes. I extend my arm and place my hand on your knee, telling you to stroke it lightly. My other hand continue stroking my neck and upper body.

I wriggle back deeper into the seat and straightened my legs out and slightly apart. I unbutton my blouse an… Read more

Encounter Other

Sexual chemistry…

His head tilted and his lips moulded on hers. Her response was stark and utterly shocking. All the sweet heat swirling inside her immediately converged into a pool of need so deep the intensity frightened her. His lips cajoled and teased and still she resisted,fighting with the last of her will power until his tongue broke through the tight line of her lips and darted into the heat of her mouth.
Something inside her snapped. Her grip on his shou… Read more

I followed Anna’s lead Other

this will not be our last…

As we drove off towards Anna’s friend’s house, I could not keep my excitement down at all, this was really happening and I would not change a thing if ever asked.

I know the area all to well where we going as I stay around this part of the woods and Anna’s indicator pull me back to reality as she opens the gate and pull into the yard parking in front of the garages, I follow suite and switch off the engine, she looks at me and I notice t… Read more

Our follow up meeting… Other

No DIY today…

I was really not sure if Anna would pitch up today, as per our previous encounter.
Things did happen rather quickly on Saturday morning and the proceedings of what happened kept racing through my mind that evening.

Anna looked so sexy, attractive, well-spoken and a very beautiful personality, her soft hands, her perfect touch made my heart racing and my too eager cock to grow again and again wanting me to play as I lay sleepless in my bed. Ho… Read more

Not just another DIY day Other

What a day…

I made my plans for a DIY solar install, a huge list of equipment and tools (consumables) that I would need for the install during the past two weeks.
As D-day arrived the following Saturday morning I took a quick shower, dressed; ready for Chamberlains and Builders Warehouse I took to the streets, now I have to say that when going to Builders I park on the far left side of the entrance as I don’t like to park in overcrowded area’s as people… Read more


Getting old but feeling young.…

The T There comes a time in any man's life where you realize that you are past your prime, you had spent a lifetime dedicated to your wife and children and their needs. Never even giving a second thought to your own. When you have time now you keep thinking about missed opportunities, the wink you got from a waitress and even the cashier at the bank.

Such was the case of John Murray. A dedicated father, dedicated husband and dedicated worker… Read more

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Movies with a stranger Other

Thrilling movie experience with my stranger…

My sexy stranger and I had been chatting for 2 weeks when we decided to meet for the first time.

We agreed to meet at the movies at v & a.
We ensured that we had seats next to each other, in the far back corner of the cinema.

Smoothly shaven from my womanhood downwards and only wearing a really short dress without any panties, I made my way in an Uber to the movies.

The movie had allready started when I arrived inside yet it felt lik… Read more

Young_newbie23's First Everythings Part 2 Other

Just an innocent 'Young_newbie'…

So at 18 I found my guy. Well so I thought. Let's describe me first so you'll have an idea, I'm not very tall and I'm not very short either, for my age I've already a body of a matured young woman so my guy thought I'm super EXPERIENCED. Our first night together my heart was beating out of my ass as he is kissing me and undressing me like I'm one of he's casual flings I stopped him immediately and grabbed he's hand, I put he's hand to my chest so… Read more

Young_newbie23's First Everythings Other

How I got here.…

On my 18th birthday I met this guy, much older then me but I was so infatuated. As I was sitting at a bar with friends I saw him in the corner of my eye, and then my friend whispered into my ear "That guy at the bar is staring at you." I got so excited because fuck I was seeing him too. Little did I know this guy, this guy who is so fucking handsome and good to me and makes me feel so damn good about myself in no time is going to completely chang… Read more

Realizing her fantasy Other

A sensual experience with a beautiful woman…

I am joking in the chat pool about having a dungeon at home and cyber teasing one of the ladies with imaginary rope and a blindfold, when a whisper lights up from one of the ladies who has clearly been watching the conversation from a distance. “I have always wanted to try something like that” she says to me. “I have always been too scared to try, but it does intrigue me”. We start to talk about the trust required and the differences b… Read more

Thanks South Africa Other

South African cock is real…

I made an advert and many guys responded and being in a foreign country and treading carefully I chose 1 guy and boy did I choose rightly,we met at the hotel lobby had dinner and went to my room. We could not wait to get into the room, inside the room he undressed me swiftly with his throbbing cock behind, I was dripping wet and he slid into the chocolate pussy so easily and thrusted so much I can still sense it. We had so much fun as he came he … Read more

My Fantasy Other

My Fantasy - will you be mine?…

U are naked, sitting on a dining room chair, hands tied behind ur back, a foot to each chair leg, blind-folded... All u can smell is my arousal, cause I just fingered myself, so I am dripping down my inner thighs... I stand behind u, pressed into ur back, dragging my nails down ur chest... Stroking ur cock... massaging ur balls... run my finger along the slit, rubbing ur pre cum... Slowly pumping my hand ... hmmm u feel good, baby... Kissing ur n… Read more

Warm Other

Own writing…

Dis 'n Saterdag oggend, vroeg ek voel nie eers lus om my oë oop te maak nie. Dit moet nog donker wees dink ek. Dis winter en kamer is warm. Die gaansveer duvet is paradys, en ek gaan nie opstaan nie, my kamerjas le op die stoel, en my wit sagte broekie is al wat ek aan het.
Die lug hang swaar met die soete reuk van parfum. Die stilte is my saligheid. Ek kan vir 'n slag dink. 'N gedagte, 'n gevoel het my wakker gemaak. Ek het nie beheer oor die … Read more

My jarse vrou Other

kaalgat strand…

Ons is Desember Kaap toe en het in Blouberg ingeboek baie lekker kuier plekkie ons het langs die see afgery en n strand Lundadla gesien die parkering was baie vol ek dink die ou naam was Sandy Bay ons het taamblik lank gestap en deur die opening gestap pragtige sand strand duine paar bossies en moerse mooi huise teen die kop .Party het cosies aangehad maar n paar was kaalgat .oorrkant ons het n ouerige paartjie kaalgat gesit sy vrou sexy k… Read more

Hot steamy red head Other

Hubby likes it…

Have you ever seen someone going crazy about a redhead or let's make it 2 people going gaga over some chick so me and hubby have been here for quit some time now and our first in counters was a bit rusty and not that good. So for us never really talked about what kind of girl I like or what kind of girl he likes just to set our minds at ease we decided that I can pick any girl and he won't say a word. So one Saturday night we decided okay tonight… Read more

my reason Other

have to get this off my chest…

I am writing this piece, not only for myself, but also for people to have an understanding of why I am on here and what I ( and I suspect a lot of other people too) am going through, so please, don’t judge me, I am not a bad person for wanting what I want and need (physically and emotionally).

Ever since I can remember I have always been abnormally horny and interested in sex, but that might just be an opinion according to some people. I hav… Read more

Sameloop van omstandighede Other

Die manier om van frustrasies ontslae te raak.…

Sondag oggend en dinge is bietjie stram in die huis. Daar is baie te doen en min tyd om dit te doen. Argumente is aan die orde van die dag. Frustrasies loop hoog.

Ek het geen planne as om agterstallige werk in te haal nie. Maar die situasie raak onuithoudbaar. Ek besluit laat ek gou kyk wat op SH aangaan. Dis altyd lekker in die chatrooms dalk kan my gemoed lig.

Ek log onto the site. One message in my inboks vandat ek 10 minute gelede op … Read more

Explaining me Other


I dont even know where to start Didnt even know what title to use .So its just as my mine dictates without much thought
I feel as if I know every man on here reason being I see their face daily .I reckon if I was to bump into anyone I think I would say hello how are you doing .You would look blank at me and say this woman is cuckoo .You dont know my face but my body parts .
Example on chat a guy wants to chat he loves my ass .the… Read more

simply just me Other

In a quandary…

This is the best site for me .Although single dont do the swing or any weird thing
On here 4 years as Samsung Girl and 6 as Irish2.
I have over 592 media as ssg and many views .
Thing is you young handsome guys I gather this must be the pick up the tonic for your
morning or evening fun.
I am honored so many men like my fabulous gallery.Your right I am vain .
and very proud off me.
I do get many likes many other remarks ma… Read more

Fucking amazing Other


So my wife and I have a great friend who left to futher his dream in the UK. Dean and I grew up together. He was coming back to SA for 2 weeks. It had to happen I was leaving for Botswana the day he arrives. We planned to meet for breakfast at king shaka and he would use my car when I was away. We meet up for a hour. He was still in great shape. He was going to spend a week in jhb. So I wouldn't get to see him again. As I had to get going he said… Read more

WTF Other

look out for your stuff…

Was at a local swingers club last week. Paid my entrance but got inside and did not seem I would get any action. Chatted to a nice blond lady at the bar for a while. Shared some laughs and a drink or two.

My jacket was hanging on the bar stool next to me. Only went to the loo. Next evening was chilly so put it on. Stuck my hand into the pocket and found a used condom... WTF… Read more

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