Encounter Part 2 Other


Abandoning his quest to undressed himself,he sank to his knees before her and gripping her hips, pulling her to him so she looked down at him. There she sat, gazing at him with a heavy desire he recognized and which filled him with something that fizzed on his heated blood. He straightened a little to kiss her again, gratified beyond measure when she responded in kind, kissing him back,her tongue playing with his, mimicking his actions while her … Read more

Encounter Part 1 Other


His head tilted and his lips moulded on hers. Her response was stark and utterly shocking. All the sweet heat swirling inside her immediately converged into a pool of need so deep the intensity frightened her. His lips cajoled and teased and still she resisted, fighting with the last of her willpower until his tongue broke through the tight line of her lips and darted into the heat of her mouth.
Something inside her snapped. Her grip on his shou… Read more

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On your knees Other

Total frenzy…

She is sitting on the sofa with a pillow under her butt. She is exposing her sex to him with open and raised up legs. It is a intimate position that she likes very much, because of the way it allows her to feel how they melt together. Not only because she opens up as wide as she can to let him in..nor because he can really go deep and hold her as close to him as possible,but also when she looks at him,she can take a peek into his soul.

Her v… Read more

" A Night To Remember..." Other

Another short narrative from the novel I wrote...." Lust On The Sand..."…

Mesmerized or Hypnotized not quite sure, there he stood at the stairway leading to the sea...The Halo of the moon was blinding, while the reflection on the sea was like a mirror, and the water rushing up the sand, there they stood the fishermen calf-deep in the waves...Their rods were straight in front of them, supported by their one hand and backend in the pouch tied around their waist...and there they stood as if they were bragging whose rod wa… Read more

Bisexual Lament Other

A poem of bisexual desires…

Is it so wrong that my sexual deviancy becomes less of a conveniency
But a nuancy
A desire to still love and caress
And be in the thralls of a lady's heaving breasts
Whilst tomorrow then turn over and bend
And feel him deep inside my asshole's end

To want to all the time get naked and true to my own sexual desire
To have all of us in a sex filled sweaty perspire
To want to continue a sexual tryst of him and her and me
Just us and al… Read more

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And in that Moment Other

Poem about lustful desires and experiences…

And in that moment when I found her
Met her there with lustful desire
That need for her n I to cum as one
I knew right then that this would be more than merely just fun

This here regal is not mere fake fantastical relief
Or even a recount of an ashamed religious belief

It's a coming together just her and I
As we brought our orgasms to it's natural high

And alas dear reader, we were mere passers by
And n'er more than that to even… Read more

The Muffing Man! Other

What can I say, I love to muff!…

I love to muff, I love to muff
When eating your pussy I can't get enough!
I lick your lips, and suckle your clit
Until you have an erotic fit!
I slide my tongue deep down your slit
And twist and turn and I won't quit.
You moan and groan and roll your hips
While I feast on your succulent lips!
Then at last you explode
as I slurp your precious load.
Your fountain flows and drenches my face
While I enjoy your sultry taste… Read more

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Holiday done right Other

whats your deception…

The summer season started and with current covid rules one tends to take advantage of the gifts we are presented with, the simple things like enjoying the beach and sun, taking a cruise out on the boat , now with the holidays well on the way we see a few more bodies out on the beaches and as a hot blooded male I can say i most certainly enjoy seeing the ladies in their 2 piece bikini's enjoying the sun and being from a small coastal town seeing a… Read more

A friend in need Other


OK, so I work with a really sexy colleague. She is in her early 40s with 2 kids but has a tight sex body. Small but perfect boobs and a doggy style body, which I told her many times and also said I would love to make her cum. We talked a lot about sex and even watched porn together in the office but she always said she doesn't bang married guy and she was married to. So I found another job but we kept chatting. She got divorced and told how horny… Read more

" Teasing..." Other

A Short Narrative From The Story I wrote During LockDown..." Lust On The Sand...."…

The sun was baking down on the white sand...The beachgoers were few and far in between basking in the sun, some were only in their birthday suits, while others were cuddled in each other's arms, while there were others reading and others massaging their partner's body's with sun cream...and the vendor waltzing around the beach singing out his tune...

There lay Adam with his V shape well-tanned body stomach down on his towel and leaning on his … Read more

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The insatiable Ann Other

a staff party to remember…

It December, the years winding down everyone is starting to get into the holiday mood, I'm working as a waiter at a local prestigious location thats right on the beach front, its a perfect day not too hot not too cold the ladies are out in their sexy bikinis

We setting up for the event adding our finishing touches , just in time before the client and their staff arrives , as they all people filter in i notice her , I think to myself wow she's… Read more

First time at Nude Resort Other


Covid had really put most of us on a slow down. It has indeed been a year of mishaps and any outing would have done anyone good. so, last weekend, our fried couple invited my wife and I to a Naturist Resort. To be more precise, A Nude Resort. We have always heard of such places, but never been to one.
At first, we were not very comfortable with the idea. We didn't know what really happens there and we had a lot of questions, and were even scare… Read more

" Early Hours In The Chatroom..." Other

Fun, fun it can be....…

Returning home just before pumpkin time, but not ready for bed so into the chatroom I went...It was rather quiet for a Saturday evening...There I was reading through all the chattings, some were rather interesting, while others seemed rather boring, so from the pool I jumped into the lagoon... The lagoon seemed to be a lot more interesting....There I was looking through all the comments... When I was greeted by a couple from Australia who I had b… Read more

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You Want Me Other

A poem of lust between a man and woman…

You want me with your wanton desire
You want me to release your hidden fire
You want me to take you that much higher

To breathe down the soft contour of your innermost needs
To suffice your lustful hungry with our mutual greeds
To impale your tight pussy with my hardened horny cock
Sit down on my lap and begin to rock
Me now deep inside
As you begin to ride
Your inner most slut begins to scream
As I suck on your tits and you live out… Read more

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Twisted Elegance Other

A poem of lustful seduction…

Twisted Elegance and my profane remains
I wish to tie you up in rope or chains
Ne'er for pain but to bring to you, your lustful gains

Now, now dear one! Do not look upon me with horror and shock
For on the odd occasion I do so ever enjoy a hot cock

Forgive me dear as I have digressed,
As I tend to you and those fucking hot breasts
Right now my dear, tis' you and me
As I eat your pussy out and set your juices free
As I lick you slow … Read more

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My Mr Bear Other

oh do carry on Mr Bear…

i press u down onto my desk so that ur breasts are pressed down. u have to adjust ur stance and brace urself by spreading ur legs slightly. i step up behind u. my wood is aching for u now, i feel it throbbing through my boxers and my trousers. i put my hands on ur hips, and i position myself behind u. as i push against u, it instinctively finds the niche between ur cheeks. i grind slowly, but hard. with each movement i feel more happiness leaks o… Read more

My Mr Bear Other

Story written by Mr Bear for me…

as i walked into my office u were standing at my desk, ur back to me, leaning over my desk, reading something. ur right foot was curved around ur left ankle and u were playing with a pen in ur right hand. i stopped dead, mesmerized, just staring...
i wanted to walk over to u, but i also didn't want to ever stop looking at u. then i walked up to u, slowly, quietly, until i was so close ur hair tickled my nose. as i stepped closer to u, i could sm… Read more

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Bi Anguish Other

The struggle of being a closeted bi man…

Judge me if you will
But just take a moment and chill
This is my life's work; my hidden opus
To share with you for 'tis my pseudonym who wrote this

Hidden from those who know me well
And yet I dare not tell
Of the anguish I feel and through my hell
For whence I look upon man and woman with equal desire
Their naked selves awaken my sexual perspire
To be in the embrace of a manly man yet feel the naked breast of a woman upon my chest
R… Read more

Almost Caught looking Other

Sexy Centurion shoper…

It was one of those long Saturday mornings, you know the kind gents hate and the ladies love. Grocery shopping Saturday.

So I was minding my own business pushing a trolly. When i turned into a isle with a lady in white see through pants. At first i didnt notice how see through they were. As i got closer i could see the colour of the sexy panties underneath. I had never found this to be a particular turn on unless its someone I am undressing … Read more

" Lunching, Shopping And Watching The Setting Sun..." Other

Janine always referred to herself as a Cougar....…

Janine and I were neighbors, Janine was in her naughty forty's or should I say a good few years younger than me...She lived on the first floor, and me diagonally from her on the ground floor...We had a lot in common, we both loved the outdoors, but most of all we both had a naughty streak...I enjoyed tanning in my birthday suit in my private garden while she enjoyed sitting on her balcony just in her bikini peeping in my direction...We were frie… Read more

Buying a Dress Other

Expensive dress…

Two months ago , i made friends with a very nice guy in Swakopmund . So about a week ago i was bored and went for a drive in the desert and went for a drink behind dune 7 for a couple of beers. Place was quite empty nothing really go on basically it was me alone there and just two waiters , i was nearly on my way to leave when a car stopped. I was curious and waited till people will get out of the car , well it was a stunning sexy blond and behi… Read more

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Days like these.... Other

Nude Beach…

It's on days like these I miss the nude beach in Durban... warm and hazy... cool steady breeze blowing across naked oiled skin. The early morning adventurer circling high in the sky.. and his lonely call.. as his telescopic gaze scans the calm waters of the fresh water outlet an arms length away. Laying on the sand... calm relaxed... mind and body drinking in the sounds of the wild... imagination drifting... slowly drifting... down the river Ni… Read more

Deep Blue Other

Die reuk van die bamboes chalet en die seewater sout smaak op haar vel....…

Sy is daai tipe vrou wat mens soms ontmoet en wens jou hele lewe was anders of hare was dat mens in die droom verewig kon leef...n plek waar die see jou menswees vul in die oggend as sy rustig is en die branders sag breek teen die rotse of as ek in ongeloof haar beleef as die storm in haar wakker is en my siel van bakboord na stuurboord geruk word soos sy soos die see soms rustig is en as die winde van orgasmes oor haar spoel, ek ook mal word...
Read more

Parow Formule1 Other


Dit is 08h30 in die oggend. Ons het die hotel al die vorige dag gehuur sodat ons dit in die oggend kan gebruik. Haar vriendin en die se skelmpie het dit die vorige middag gebruik. Ek is goed opgewonde. Ons het mekaar die hele naweek nie gesien nie en dit is al Woensdag. My lus loop al by my ore uit. Weet nie of ander mense so voel soos ons nie. Die middel veertig ding is lekker. Bo dit alles het sy vir my gese dat sy my gaan verras.
Soos ek in … Read more

Met a girl who ended up being a regular buddie Other

A memory to remeber…

I met this woman one day on a casual encounters site and we ended up being regular fuck buddies.

The first time we met up it was fun but also a bit awkward but the second time is where we both came into our own.

The next time we met up, I had already bough a realistic looking vibrating dildo as well as some election pulls and some poppers and some things for her as well as a full fishnet body stocking.

When she came over, we both went fo… Read more

The devil you know Other

Erotic poetry…

He couldn’t help it...

He was made this way...

The handsome devil...

That liked to play...

He layed her down with sweet wine red...

He looked quite dashing , lying in her bed...

Quite intriguing and oh so fine....

Her body trembling when he said the words : “your mine”.

She let him play her for a little while...

Then got up with a lascivious smile...

With a lick of her lips she shook her hair...

Her voice hu… Read more

" The Prostitute And Her Dreaming Prince..." Other

Rebellious Penny-Sue went wrong...…

Penny-Sue was rebellious from her early teen, she would not listen to anyone, not even her friends...Whatever they said, she would do the complete opposite to prove them wrong... But worst of all she was suffering from small-town syndrome...Thinking her home town was holding her back...Years went by and the big cities and the bright lights were yearnings, for her...Little did she know that the bright lights were not as glamorous as it seemed, or … Read more

The fantasy Other

Is this so hard to experience…

Now this little story is how i actually picture a play date panning out but to this day none have come close.

The kids had gone we are alone silence fills the now empty house we look at the time its 3pm our guest was arriving at 5.
we finish up cleaning the house and we go each have a warm bath excited about the planned evening. Now been plain people we decided tonight we will dress a bit more special.

Our guest arrives and so we sit down … Read more

Dangerous game Other

Messing around with the co-worker…

A married co-worker starts to enjoy my attention and regularly end up having long chats which sometimes get flirty compliments on her dressing , how good she looks etc. everytime we are alone I can see her eyes wonder down to my bulge , because of my size when it’s swelling up it’s hard not to notice. Everytime she looks down at it , I gave her a smile. Nothing happens for months as this carries on and the want just builds up. We both in happ… Read more

Wet Fun Other

Watersport - Wetter is better…

John and I have been friends since our army days. After my recent divorce, he and Zoë, his beautiful wife, have been very supportive and we have a standing arrangement for Friday evening dinner and drinks at their place.

On this particular Friday evening, I walked up the driveway from my car, feeling depleted from a long, stressful week at work. I was looking forward to a relaxed evening with friends and a cold beer or two.

I walked in thr… Read more

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