Early morning adventure Fiction

Nothing beats nature…

There we were hiking up the last ridge to get to our overnight camp spot, a hut fit for a dozen or so campers so it would be ample for us eight going up there.
Finally destination in sight and we would be able to relax and rejuvenate for the next long day of 16km.
In the group there was myself, a middle aged man, a trio of university girls (their assets made up for their nagging and chatting on the trail), and two couples, middle aged like my… Read more

Black Queen Fiction

Black Queen…

So it's been just over a year that this gorgeous black woman started with us at our company. She works in a different department, but on the same level as our department.

She is a stunner, she's in her late 20's with a big bone structure. She's slim and fit but tall and has the ass that would give any guy a hard-on. I've been eyeing this girl since she started at our company, ans she always wears these stylish skinny jeans to work that makes… Read more

Raven Fiction

The Encounter…

It felt good to be back Europe is good but there is just something about riding the Northern California highway with the ocean stretching out beside you and the scent of the redwood forest the road heading to the cabin gave her time to relax a time to refocus. Raven was unwinding the top was off the jeep with just the cargo net to keep her items in and to stop any one unwise enough to put their grabby hands into the jeep.

At 36 Raven was on t… Read more

Confused Fiction

Mixed feelings…

You lay on your back and part your legs.

I get on top and slowly slide my dick into your pussy. Always feels so nice.

As I slowly start stroking, you interrupt me with: "I have something to tell you."

"What?", I ask.

You reply: "I cheated on you."

I stop stroking.

"Tell me what happened.", I finally reply.

As you start revealing every little detail, my dick seems to get harder as my heart rate increases.

I start fucking y… Read more

The Massage Fiction

A work of fiction written at a couples request…

The Massage

After weeks of tantalizing teasing, fantasizing, sexy images conjured up in F's mind. Just the sexy thoughts is enough to get her all excited and slightly wet.

The day is finally here. The day her husband A organized for her sexy meet. A already knows what's planned for the night. All he let F know is that there is a meet on.

He picked out her clothing for the night. A sexy 2 piece lingerie. Lacy, but what can only be descri… Read more

Mysterious Desire Fiction


He sent me a message via the site. I never saw his profile before....

The message said meet me at the Capetonian room 117 in 2 hours, your keycard to the room will be at the the reception.

I got to the hotel reception, 10 minutes before the time asking for the keycard for room 117. I was handed the keycard and a note, it read "Sit on the left side of the bed facing the window, naked with only your heels on, close your eyes and whatever happ… Read more

Can you see me... Fiction

A winters day fantasy...…

Its a cold grey rainy day in Cape Town today, I am sipping coffee at my desk and look out the huge office window accross at the hotel opposite our building.
I catch myself fantasizing about being in one of those hotel rooms a few floors up ,naked ,with a well hung male . Me down on my knees sucking his thick cock in front of the window for all to see. My pussy getting wetter throbbing yearning for his cock to fill me. Then he turns me around … Read more

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Public toilet fantasy Fiction

Snack attack...…

Driving down Kromboom road every day I always see the empty Kfc from the bridge . But this morning , on this cold,wet day when under the cover of darkness at 6h30am I glimpsed the toilets. Mens and ladies rooms behind a glass door and the doors to the loo's are opposite each other out of site of the rest of the restaurant.
And then my thoughts wandered, what if I was wearing my red dress , black stockings , no undies alone in Kfc sipping my cof… Read more

The Sitter (Part 2) Fiction

The night was far from over.…

The Sitter (Part 2)

We took a long steamy shower where we made turns to explore and wash each other's bodies. The slippery naked skin, being smooth from the soap ensured that my hard-on never faded even for a bit. I stood behind her as I washed her soft smooth tits, with my dick slipping through her legs, softly massaging and sliding through her vagina's lips. Squeezing her tits seems to let out a soft moan.

After the shower she blindfol… Read more

The Sitter Fiction

It was glorious…

The Sitter:

So we've been occupied with work and the whole cycle of kids, school, events sports etc. that it's been ages since we've had time for each other.

My other half was away on business to the States and I was swamped in a big project. Thus we arranged for a sitter for the kids for the week since I had to spend most of my time on site to get through all the snags to not miss our deadline.

The Thursday evening we get a setback as w… Read more

The Office Fiction

Office Adventures…

The Office.

It's a Friday morning, I've been so busy this whole week with the admin that no-one seems to care about. I sit in my secluded office busy as always as the traffic in the office seems more than usual. I couldn't help but notice the new employee that sits across the isle from me. he was busy packing his things out. His tight pants just gives away his identity.

Later the day I found him at the printers where we officially met for … Read more

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The Noliventure Fiction

We met in the weirdest place...…

The Noliventure: (Noli Adventure)

I was out on a week night popping into the pharmacy to grab some headache tablets to kill the buzz. This headache was pounding like a non-stop beat in a rave club that keeps going and going like no tomorrow exists.

As I payed for the meds, I could not help but to notice this attractive black lady with her pup outside. And by pup I mean a dog as high as my navel. She was kind of ordering him around yet he… Read more

Taking You Fiction

Treating Lady…

You vaginal aperture seemed to be undulating like an accordion as you see me enter your life, its been a long time you felt like this.
You immediately gasped. Holy fuck how turned on you become. Pre-cum sensations are already shooting up your body as you wrap your arms around me. You have no control of yourself , worried you will be over before you even started enjoying yourself.
Your eyes are now laser-locked onto mine and your body tight on m… Read more

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Sunday Walk Fiction

My fantasy walk…

It's Sunday and I was dressing for my walk as I normally do...

Instead of going for my walk on the promenade, my friend chose for us to meet at the beginning of newlands forest.

I got at the place we arranged to meet and he and his 2 friends were allready there, he said it's best they come so that we are safe.

We walked for about 10 minutes and I went to lean against a tree to tie my shoelace.

My friend came up from behind and pus… Read more

Mystery driver.... Fiction

A ride to never forget....…

I was sitting and thinking yesterday and yes thinking for me is dangerous because my thoughts can be quite adventurous for some people.
I pictured myself sitting at a pick up spot wearing a body hugging dress and one of my sexy lace lingerie pieces with no panties or bra waiting on a stranger to collect me .
Then a car pulls up,he rolls down the passenger windows and says "Arianna?" I will say yes and he will open the car door and off we go wh… Read more

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Road trip to no-where Fiction

You never know whats around the next corner…

Such an awesome time to get away, road trip down the coast with no plans, no rush....just an escape for the day away from the hustle ad bustle of the grind.

The sun shining, sea on the left of me, with a nice light breeze blowing just enough to let me smell the freshness of the ocean air, and to carry the sound of the waves to me. No need for the radio, this is the best music I've heard in ages.

I love to travel along the smaller roads, not… Read more

The Lounge Fiction

It was a soft breezy evening with an unexpected outcome…

The Lounge:

It was a long week, with it's frustrations and challenges as per usual, but the consistency of it over the past few weeks just got to me.

Myself and the guys went out for a few beers, while the woman did their own thing at our place. We went to some karaoke bar, and the guys enjoyed the evening as we went all out with zero ability to sing. We won some free drinks for having energy or something. After most of the guys left I de… Read more

Repair man Fiction

fun and games, which wasn't expected…

Inspiration from long conversations with Moonlightfairy led to this.....

Another day, another dollar....lets get to work.

1st call out of the morning, a blocked kitchen sink at a new client, oh well i think, might as well get onto it.

Walking up to the front door, toolbox in one hand, knock on the door and wait for the lady to answer. As the door opens, there is a treat for my eyes. A stunning woman, in a sleep shirt and dressing gow… Read more

Mysterious suprise Fiction

The unexpected…

The holiday is long over due, and the time is perfect. I booked for a resort as I needed some Island holiday relaxation. I packed light clothing as I wanted to lounge around with little as possible. I got to the airport and checked in. I felt a stare, I looked around but could not see anyone. I still felt that I had been watched. No sooner did I have to board my flight and all was forgotten. Portuguese Islands here we come. I moved down the isle … Read more

Foot worship Fiction

Footworship, muffing…

What do I want to do to you.

Well we meet over a bottle of wine... we drink it and crack a few jokes...

And then I lean in to act like im going to get the wine bottle and then start kissing you....

We move to the bed. I take off my tie, wrap it arround your wrists and and tie you to the top of the bed.

I then move the foot bath closer that was set out, for you to get a foot massage. And so I clean your feet and start giving you a fo… Read more

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Home home late Fiction

When you do pay attention, until some does…

Having to come home late is just the pits, after working a long day. I am not even hungry, and I just want to get into bed. I drive into the complex and I don't even notice a person walking a long side the car, and I get such a fright. He gives me a long look, I have never seen him around here; maybe a new tenant in the complex, but I am not taking interest in him at all. Some have been renting out their flats, so he might just be a new tenant. I… Read more

Late again Fiction

The unexpected…

Why did I snooze the alarm?! I am late for my appointment; and I am never late. The road is clear, and as I come around the bend, he passes with his motorbike; nearly pushing me off the road, and I am pissed off. Bikers just never seem to learn their lesson, I am so fuming that I speed up, but he gets away and I think to myself it's not worth it, I'm late, and just need to try and get to the office as quick as possible. Driving through the gate I… Read more

Live it- before it expires for you too Fiction

“Relax” she said, “relax…”…

My flight was delayed. It was already dinner time when I checked in at the hotel. After checking in I went to put my stuff in my room and immediately went for dinner. During the course of dinner my eyes were scanning the whole place all the time, but I did not see her. After enjoying dinner I went to my room thinking by myself that I am probably too optimistic to expect to see her here again.

A few moments after I got to my room, there was… Read more

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Amazing Bloem 2 Fiction

part 2 of my Bloem adventure…

With her hands bound behind her back with my belt I lead her from the bed to the couch near the window , pushing her over the couch her ass is at the perfect height and angle , I decide to slow down and take my time not wanting to hurt her .

I pull out a bottle of lube and pour it on her ass watching as it slowly runs down , reaching out I use my middle finger to rub it around her tight little butt , at the same time I liberally coat my cock w… Read more

Amazing Bloem Fiction

Amazing encounter in good old Bloem.…

I'd been told I needed to goto Bloem for family reasons , knowing I was going and i was 100% likely to be horny while there I decided to check out some of SH's Bloemfontein members , I browsed the profiles but one always kept catching my eye.

She was gorgeous , piercing blue eyes , almost innocent looking . I msg'd her and as luck would have it she liked what I had to say and we started chatting (For the purposes of this story I will refer to … Read more

The Withdrawal Fiction

By: Remittance Girl…

Fingers, tongue, words, needles, teeth, cock, nails, fists, lips, blades, ideas, images. It’s not the way he penetrates her that disturbs her; it’s the way he withdraws. Because she knows he yearns to leave with the Polaroid of someone ruined and discarded firmly clutched in his fisted hand. That, she will not allow.

When he leaves, she bathes.

She lies back in the warm water. She smokes. She flings one leg over the edge of the bathtub… Read more

Ecstasy in rough waters Fiction


Ecstasy in rough waters...

The sun was so hot on my skin as I stepped onto the warm sand... I quickly put my towel down stripped off my clothes and ran into the sea. The beach was packed as usual.

As the water touched my breasts I saw him. The man I have seen so many times before with his piercing blue eyes and tanned skin. He looked at me then came towards me and I held my breath. He said hello and his hand touched my face, he came closer… Read more

Visit to the Office Fiction

Night Time Office Visit Goes Just Right…

My phone rang and your name was on the screen.
You had never called me before and my heart skipped a beat - either something really good was about to happen, or something had gone very wrong.

I answered - nervously, slowly. You assured me that nothing was wrong and asked if I was in the mood to take a drive with you this evening.

I relaxed - realising that nothing was wrong, yet my heart still beat faster than usual - now with excitement.… Read more

Steamy affair Fiction


I was married. He was not my husband. I could feel my ring bite into my finger. That just heightened the excitement. We’d been chatting for a short time. He had described in infinite detail what he wanted to do to my body. He made me feel desired, alive. I’m a fairly attractive woman, but certainly not the type that has men falling for her, buying her drinks, asking for her number. But him….he made me feel like I was the sexiest woman alive… Read more

Office duties Fiction

Did it happen or not?…

I can picture myself under your desk doing naughty things to you, like running my long red manicured nails on the outside of your trousers, trailing a slow sensual line into the inside seam of your legs, snaking my way silently to your cock.

Hearing you gasp as I reach for your zip, I slowly hook my nail onto the zip clasp sliding it down, feeling your cock straining like a stallion ready to explode out of the starting gate. Your body is tre… Read more

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