Bound to her Fiction

How two fantasies came true…

So we all have our little fantasies. Well I have two. First one is getting fucked senseless by a stranger and secondly lose my inhibitions to a Domme. Little did I know both those fantasies would become reality. Last month I decided to go out for a light dinner and a drink or two. That's where I met Lindi. Stormy grey eyes, ash blond hair and a husky voice that send chills down my spin all the way to my core. After a few drinks I plucked up enoug… Read more

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Another fantasy about the same lady Fiction

Second and third story I wrote, for this beautiful lady, combined…

I'm sitting in my car in a quiet corner of the mall parking lot. My shorts around my ankles as I perv at the ladies and stroke my cock. I see you walking to your car, you're wearing a short dress that shows off your great legs and a tight top so I can see your big boobs jiggle as you walk. seeing and watching you makes my cock harder and I stroke myself faster. As you get close to your car you look up at me and I'm sure you can see the lust in m… Read more

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Just a fantasy Fiction

Wrote this for a lady...…

We get together at a small coffee shop, sitting in a quiet corner, only disturbed once in a while by the waitress asking if we are sill ok.
We both comment on how beautiful and hot she looks in her tight jeans, showing of her ample ass and the small white top she is wearing, giving us plenty looks at her big boobs and cleavage.
While telling each other what we would like to do to her i put my hand on your thigh. You pull up your dress a bit … Read more

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A massage just for you Fiction

Feel me through my hands...…

A massage that makes you want to be wanted with a little touch of amazing feeling within the dark parts of the night...

As your body is laid out for a massage you planned to have been waiting for as I enter the room in which you laying down stripped to your sexiness of skin only...

With a smile and a hello to your sweet self and amazing body I start with a smooth touch upon yo ur sexy body as you feel the oil rushing back and forth...

Read more

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The New Colleague Fiction

Mostly fantasy but based on some real experiences that I wish developed further with a colleague called Sarah. We flirted & messed around lots but she…

I work in a modern office building with lots open plan spaces with balconies and walkways above framed in glass. This means that often when I look up, I get a glimpse up someone's skirt or dress! Sometimes this is bad news when there are 60+-year-old supervisors with drooping cellulite strolling around above but most of the girls in our company are young and attractive.

Because of these daily erotic views, I have often become very aroused and … Read more

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A Fantasy for me Fiction

Can Fantasy become reality…

A fantasy for me D.

I am writing to ask you to play out a very special fantasy with me. This will require your full co operation and role play. I want you to be my little sub in all respects from moment of arrival until we fall asleep. In return you may request any fantasy your hearts desire and. I will obey your command. I will explain the fantasy and you can help fill in the gaps and the roles we play.

My fantasy is a Teacher , student fa… Read more

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A Fantasy story. Naughty weekend Fiction

A fantasy…

A Fantasy story Naughty Weekend

Teacher has awaited her arrival and she has not disappointed.

Leading her to her suite he had told her to relax and enjoy a cup of tea, but he had also asked her to remove her underwear and to leave it for him. She was nervous there previous meetings had been so sexual,but on her playground and rules. She had now willingly accepted his invitation to a weekend of submissive subjugation and she must obey all … Read more

My hot bush fantasy with hot guy on here Fiction

you know who you are xxxx…

to my hot bush alpha male .....thank you so much hope i have not been too cheap with what i have exposed in my photos. . do you spend time around camp fires out under the stars. you must look so hot and sexy in khaki shorts and top like a hot ranger can just imagine you driving a land rover open air in the fresh early morning mist with my mouth down in your crotch.....teasing wetting your bulge making you lose the head on your shoulders as I pre… Read more

Turning tables Fiction

A Sexy encounter at dinner…

Part 3

Lowering himself to her hips, he slips his tongue in-between her wet swollen pussy lips, tasting her sweet juices. Running his tongue up her slit till he feels her clit on his tongue. Swirling his tongue around her sweet tip, she starts grinding her hips on him harder and faster as he slips three fingers into her pussy, fucking her mercilessly until her legs give out as she cums in his mouth and over his face. Coming up to kiss her with… Read more

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Turning tables Fiction

Sexy encounter at dinner…

Part 2

She had a feeling he would come... She waited for him in the hallway and pulled him into the bathroom, locking the door behind them as he pushed her up against the door kissing her furiously as his hands slip under her blouse and firmly grabbing her full breasts.... She quivers and moans at the touch of his big strong hands, everything about him brings her to life...
His lips exploring hers as his hands free her from the restrains of h… Read more

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Turning tables Fiction

Sexy encounter at dinner…

Part 1:
Their eyes met across a crowded restaurant. He had never seen a woman as exotic and hypnotizing before. Watching her every move from how she brushes her hair out of her face to the way she eats, suggestively trying to seduce him. She found him intriguing and extremely sexy, to have a man fixated on her and only her, from across the room made her feel like a goddess. It felt like they were the only people there. After having dessert she e… Read more

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The way days should end... Fiction

It could happen....…

What a day in the office. No such thing as normal any more. Reduced staff so working twice as hard, and then just to add to the mix, load shedding started up again. Heading home, takes forever now, and all I want to do is get there, kick my feet up and have a long hot bath and soak away the day.

As I get back to the complex, the gates not working….friggin load shedding, and the battery is on the blink. The car in front of me, stopped and the… Read more

Poker night gangbang Fiction

Serious poker night fuck…

A Night of Poker turns into Wife's Gangbang.

The last fifteen years, Tuesday is designated as our official poker night. Seven of my buddies and I all get together in the evening to play. Most nights we do as much bull shitting and drinking as we do playing poker. The bets are never high, and the most any one person can lose is usually less than a hundred dollars.

My buddy who lives in our neighborhood ad… Read more

The meet Fiction

I'm so screwed…

I’m sitting at the boardroom table, our meeting finalized, a great success. Trustees went with my proposal and we are saving them time as well as a shitload of funding.

After shaking hands and saying my goodbyes, I sit back down and start getting my things together and I shut down my laptop.
I look up and notice my boss slowly walking to the door, her pencil skirt is again complimenting every little curve of her perfect ass and legs. Her … Read more

Fantasy for Mad40 Fiction


The teacher has invited her to a class. He is waiting in anticipation for her arrival and the soft knock. He awakes from his slumber, is that a knock he heard? The door opens, he takes her breath away. Tightly fit jeans, white shirt complimenting his muscular lean body. Their eyes meet,her intense brown eyes interlocking with his piercing blue eyes. A moment of silence as he gently takes her hand and lets her in. They imbrase briefly, in her most… Read more

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A fantasy story Fiction

Erotic encounter…

A Fantasy story for D

The knock on the door not forceful, but maybe hopeful. The teacher was expecting her arrival and had asked her to bring her comforts from home, tonight he would show her how to be her self. A wanted woman to explore her deepest fantasies and tick of her bucket list.

They embrace in the entrance and he cordially invites her inside. His gaze is intense his blue eyes looking deep into her. There is no hesitation she is i… Read more

Today is not the day Fiction

Because sometime no words are needed or wanted…

Today is not the day...

I open the door for you
or bring you flowers

Whilst I remain that man, I am that beast,
that hunter that scents your cunt nectar.
Whose swelling is mercenary.
whose lust is ripe.

Today is the day I break you
over the threshold of your need
and ache
Lead you, take you,

Till the afterlife of our carnality pulses deep into a warm exhausted night,
into which I hold you again
*… Read more

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Fantasy Fiction

If only dreams could come true…

I go for a drive to a remote cliff area, park my car and get out to look over the rolling hills below. Suddenly I'm grabbed from behind and a hand comes over my mouth to stop me from screaming and a voice whispers to me instructing me not to scream. I'm walked over to my car and pushed face forward on to the bonnet. I can feel his stiff cock pushing into my back as his fingers find their way under my skirt and into my panties. Roughly he shoves a… Read more

Peeping Tom Fantasy Fiction

I knew he was watching me…

All our lights are off and its dead quiet in the late hours of the night and I'm smoking my last cigarette at the front door as I've never smoked inside as hubby doesnt smoke but its my only forbidden pleasure that he allows, but outside or late nights through secutiy gate. He's started watching a Foreign Netflix movie with curious lesbian innuendos but I couldn't follow with suntitles and wanted to see more skin.
Im wearing his white T-Shirt … Read more

Konferensie Fiction

Konferensies is nie altyd vervelig…

Ek gaan na ‘n konferensie in Durban, iets waarvoor ek nie regtig lus is nie, maar wat ongelukkig nodig is in ons bedryf. Die konferensie begin woensdag en eindig vrydag aand met ‘n gala dinee. Ek en Johan ry woensdag oggend en kom so 3 uur by ons blyplek aan. Ons boek in, laai af en sit af na die konferensie lokaal om te registreer. Ons registreer en wag vir die res van die aand om te begin. Gewoonlik het ons ‘n sosiale aand op die eerste … Read more

The story of a girl called fantasy. Fiction

A fantasy written for someone…

The story of a girl called fantasy.
One afternoon in late January of 2017 a friend and I were visiting one of our favourite pubs in
Kempton Park. It is a cosy little place and close to my factory. We often went there for a pub lunch
and a couple of drinks. The place is usually not very crowded and a lot of business owners in the area
visit the pub.
From time to time we get spoiled by the presence of women, but it does not happen often. This
Read more

My bi threesome fantasy Fiction

My bi fantasy…

So this is how my bi 3sum fantasy world go. I go over to me and Mrs house. Finally found a couple that are willing to indulge my ultimate fantasy. First Mrs and I go to the bedroom where she shows me her underwear and lingerie.
She selects a bodysuit.
Black with lace and some patches of sheer nylon.
This is for me. I love dressing up. And I love the way a bodysuit feels on me. Hugging my balls at the crotch. It's always an erotic turn on. She … Read more

The Surprise in the Elevator Fiction

When the elevator gets stuck…

It was just my lucky day... It's a Saturday afternoon and my colleague across me decided to work late, not that it really was her choice because we had a target to reach. We were the only two left at the office and by chance, we both finished at the same time, but we didn't plan on having any fun after we were done as we were a bit annoyed with having to reach a stupid target on a weekend.

I ended having to lock up the office and for a surpris… Read more

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Changing Times at the Office Fiction

When there is no more restraints...…

One would think that having some naughty fun at the office is crazy, but isn't it what most people crave? Isn't this exactly the reason why a lot of people get turned on so much? To be doing lewd things in public while unseen, and the fact that one wrong move and everyone will know or might see something? What if you were caught in action? Or Almost caught?

My days continued as it usually does. Get up for work, go to work, start working, and t… Read more

About tonight Fiction

The deep connection…

I get to the gate and make the call to announce I’ve arrived... I pull in, get out , nervous as always but not like the 1st time meet and to my surprise I find my sex goddess welcoming me into the lounge.

U and I chat away catching up on the latest... eyes connected , I see this naughtyness in ur smile and eyes and u tell me how much u craving to touch and suck on my cock as I know how much u enjoy sucking ... I stand up and u grab me by my … Read more

One Foot at a Time Fiction

What if...…

So the benefit of working in an office with a lot of women is the fact that you get an opportunity to become friends with most of them, especially the fun and beautiful ones.

On a particular day, the woman in the cubicle just opposite of me, privately messaged me for a favour. Now I am not really the type of person to do a favour for a favour but what she was asking of me was kind of a big deal, so I had to ask her what I would get in return.
Read more

You were made to be bred Fiction

Putting my kink into words…

You were made to be bred. It is your first and most important purpose in this life. Before society filled your head with aspirations or thoughts of your own and fucked you up thinking sex had to be all these ‘other’ things, your cunt and brain were in harmony.

You were made to be bred.

Fucking is amazing anytime, but that week you’re fertile you’re a stupid whore. Cock makes your panties sticky when you peel them off. Condoms are co… Read more

A girl should never kiss and tell Fiction

Feeling his throbbing shaft enter me…

My lingerie was feeling tight on my body that day and I ached for a man to rip it off to free my perky yet ample breasts and my glass cutting hard nipples.

A slow day on the prowl for my next hard throbbing chock to master, but the golf club held a few potential victims, then when I had given up hope for a decent Friday afternoon shag, he walked in. A sudden wetness filled my aching pussy , my mind wandered on what he would look like naked st… Read more

Last Day at the Office Fiction

Saying good bye orally…

It was past 4 PM on a Sunday as I am just waiting to go home. Two people are left in the office, me and one of my older colleagues that arrived late at work.

My work was done while she still had work to do but I was bored. I thought to myself, it is now or never to get some action with my colleague since we are alone and she has seen my dick before, only because of a photo that she asked for after finding out about the sex between me and on… Read more

Oral Sinsations! Fiction

Oral Sex--Poetry In Motion!…

Now I lay you On the bed,
You spread your wings, I'll be well fed!
I lick your lips and then suckle your clit,
You roll your hips in a pleasurable fit!
I drive my tongue deep down your hole
Then move it side to side while you squirm and moan.
Your body tenses, your passions rise
As I drive you to the prize!
Then at last you explode
and I feast on your tasty load!
You thrust your hips and flood my face
O' how I love your sultry tast… Read more

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