Foot worship Fiction

Footworship, muffing…

What do I want to do to you.

Well we meet over a bottle of wine... we drink it and crack a few jokes...

And then I lean in to act like im going to get the wine bottle and then start kissing you....

We move to the bed. I take off my tie, wrap it arround your wrists and and tie you to the top of the bed.

I then move the foot bath closer that was set out, for you to get a foot massage. And so I clean your feet and start giving you a fo… Read more

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Home home late Fiction

When you do pay attention, until some does…

Having to come home late is just the pits, after working a long day. I am not even hungry, and I just want to get into bed. I drive into the complex and I don't even notice a person walking a long side the car, and I get such a fright. He gives me a long look, I have never seen him around here; maybe a new tenant in the complex, but I am not taking interest in him at all. Some have been renting out their flats, so he might just be a new tenant. I… Read more

Late again Fiction

The unexpected…

Why did I snooze the alarm?! I am late for my appointment; and I am never late. The road is clear, and as I come around the bend, he passes with his motorbike; nearly pushing me off the road, and I am pissed off. Bikers just never seem to learn their lesson, I am so fuming that I speed up, but he gets away and I think to myself it's not worth it, I'm late, and just need to try and get to the office as quick as possible. Driving through the gate I… Read more

Live it- before it expires for you too Fiction

“Relax” she said, “relax…”…

My flight was delayed. It was already dinner time when I checked in at the hotel. After checking in I went to put my stuff in my room and immediately went for dinner. During the course of dinner my eyes were scanning the whole place all the time, but I did not see her. After enjoying dinner I went to my room thinking by myself that I am probably too optimistic to expect to see her here again.

A few moments after I got to my room, there was… Read more

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Amazing Bloem 2 Fiction

part 2 of my Bloem adventure…

With her hands bound behind her back with my belt I lead her from the bed to the couch near the window , pushing her over the couch her ass is at the perfect height and angle , I decide to slow down and take my time not wanting to hurt her .

I pull out a bottle of lube and pour it on her ass watching as it slowly runs down , reaching out I use my middle finger to rub it around her tight little butt , at the same time I liberally coat my cock w… Read more

Amazing Bloem Fiction

Amazing encounter in good old Bloem.…

I'd been told I needed to goto Bloem for family reasons , knowing I was going and i was 100% likely to be horny while there I decided to check out some of SH's Bloemfontein members , I browsed the profiles but one always kept catching my eye.

She was gorgeous , piercing blue eyes , almost innocent looking . I msg'd her and as luck would have it she liked what I had to say and we started chatting (For the purposes of this story I will refer to … Read more

The Withdrawal Fiction

By: Remittance Girl…

Fingers, tongue, words, needles, teeth, cock, nails, fists, lips, blades, ideas, images. It’s not the way he penetrates her that disturbs her; it’s the way he withdraws. Because she knows he yearns to leave with the Polaroid of someone ruined and discarded firmly clutched in his fisted hand. That, she will not allow.

When he leaves, she bathes.

She lies back in the warm water. She smokes. She flings one leg over the edge of the bathtub… Read more

Ecstacy in rough waters Fiction


Ecstacy in rough waters...

The sun was so hot on my skin as I stepped onto the warm sand... I quickly put my towel down stripped off my clothes and ran into the sea. The beach was packed as usual.

As the water touched my breasts I saw him. The man I have seen so many times before with his piercing blue eyes and tanned skin. He looked at me then came towards me and I held my breath. He said hello and his hand touched my face, he came closer… Read more

Visit to the Office Fiction

Night Time Office Visit Goes Just Right…

My phone rang and your name was on the screen.
You had never called me before and my heart skipped a beat - either something really good was about to happen, or something had gone very wrong.

I answered - nervously, slowly. You assured me that nothing was wrong and asked if I was in the mood to take a drive with you this evening.

I relaxed - realising that nothing was wrong, yet my heart still beat faster than usual - now with excitement.… Read more

Steamy affair Fiction


I was married. He was not my husband. I could feel my ring bite into my finger. That just heightened the excitement. We’d been chatting for a short time. He had described in infinite detail what he wanted to do to my body. He made me feel desired, alive. I’m a fairly attractive woman, but certainly not the type that has men falling for her, buying her drinks, asking for her number. But him….he made me feel like I was the sexiest woman alive… Read more

Office duties Fiction

Did it happen or not?…

I can picture myself under your desk doing naughty things to you, like running my long red manicured nails on the outside of your trousers, trailing a slow sensual line into the inside seam of your legs, snaking my way silently to your cock.

Hearing you gasp as I reach for your zip, I slowly hook my nail onto the zip clasp sliding it down, feeling your cock straining like a stallion ready to explode out of the starting gate. Your body is tre… Read more

The Sharing of Pleasure Fiction

Birth of Desire…

Yes the sharing of pleasure is the ultimate......... And it starts with a gentle kiss, a butterfly touch on the lips; a small lick of the tongue across the lips of the other.

Moving your bodies closer into each others space, feeling the anticipation rolling off each others bodies. Feeling his hands hesitantly place themselves on your jaw line, cupping your face and drawing you closer, your mouth opens to accept his offering........... Yo… Read more

The Special Delivery Fiction

A gift with a difference…

I looked up as the receptionist dropped placed the small brown box on my desk. This was just hand delivered for you and the guy said you needed it urgently.

I thanked her and picked up the package, turning it in my hands - I wasn't expecting anything - and definitely nothing urgent. There was a small white envelope on the top of the box - I opened it and read the note: " To be used immediately - see you at my office at 5:30pm."

The note was… Read more

Sometimes Submissive Sue Fiction

A story about discovery and light BDSM…

It was lunchtime. You had been traveling for a few hours now and this ride in the courtesy car from the hotel was the last leg of a trip you had been looking forward to for weeks. Unlike most travelers, you had not been uncomfortable on the too small commuter jet you had arrived on a little while ago, and were still in good spirits. You absentmindedly crossed you bare legs, your fair white skin sparkling with the sunshine through the window, and … Read more

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A day on the beach Fiction

Fun and games under the summer sun…

What a wonderful day to spend on the beach. It is nearing the end of summer but it is still hot enough to top up my tan. So on this hot, sultry, and cloudless day I have made my way down to the beach. It is still early morning and there are almost no pother people on the beach so I have found myself a nice secluded spot behind a small sand dune – close enough to the sea to run down every now and then to cool off, but secluded enough to not be o… Read more

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A Valentine's day surprise Fiction

“I want you,” she whispered. It was the response that he was hoping for.…

It was the sound of her office door slamming shut that made her jump a little. She was completely immersed in her work. Focused. In a way, she managed to shut out all distractions of people walking past and talking in the passage outside her office. Her first thought was that it must have been the light breeze coming in through the window that caused the door to slam shut, and she softly swore at the person who took (or stole?) her door stopper. … Read more

More, please Fiction

You whisper to me that you guys are heading back to your hotel room and want me to join…

As I switch my head lights off a deep breath leaves my body. I close my eyes and replay the thousands of messages I've exchanged with MsP and how we got on like a house on fire. I was nervous, as you're always nervous during a first meet. No one wants rejection or to have this sensational build up, only for the chemistry to not be there. I can feel the wave of over thinking hit me and realize that I just have to go for this. I pull down my car vi… Read more

A Fantasy for hubby Fiction

Message to a hot couple that inspired me…

Hubby is looking for a guy to share his wife with, so I send them this message. Titled A fantasy.

I would imagine we have a few drinks and some fun conversation with your wife getting more comfortable and revealing all the while.
Me flirting with her and complimenting her, she puts her hand on my leg comfortably once we go for a sit down on the couch - the drinks were so "tireing" , I continue to make smalltalk while caressing her lower back,… Read more

Just doing nature's bidding. Fiction

Just finished this story - been working on it for the last week.…

You are simply a
creature of nature doing natures bidding. You enter
the room locking the door behind you to shut the
world out and your passion in. You say no words of
greeting, nor do I. You do not even look for me in
the dim light. You have no need, You know it is me. My sweet scent fills you. Slowly I move
behind you licking the back of your neck while my
hands move under your blouse massaging your soft
flat belly before moving upward… Read more

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Orgasms for dayyyys! Fiction

#Fuck fest…

We arrive at our destination and it's scorching hot. You can hear the crickets basking in the sun. We've unpacked and settled in nicely getting everything into place for our new years weekend. The doors and blinds are all open. Our view is breathtaking and it's just us. A soft breeze fills the air and there is a sense of anticipation and a slight bit of anxiousness lingering around. It's our first time away from home and we have an entire weeken… Read more

My First Job Fiction

The boss rules…

I finished school got my driver's license and was looking for a job. I had no work experience. I replied to an ad and was called the next day. I went in and was interviewed by the general manager as in those days there was no hrm. I impressed him and i was asked when can i start. I opted for the next day showing my eargeness. I arrived at work met a lots of new guys in a tough construction industry. My duties were to drive staff to sites and then… Read more

Travelling Tales Fiction

A friend joins…

We had known each other less than a week, Amy and I. We had met in a bar by accident when she was waiting for her boyfriend she said, but invited me to sit with her until he arrived. She seemed cute and fun, was dressed provocatively in slops and hot pants, and was touchy from the get go. She was also a little tipsy, so of course I was happy to join.

I got her a cocktail from the bar and sat next to her. It was a loud bar so she leaned in to s… Read more

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Lipstick affair Fiction

Where my mind goes when I apply lipstick…

So you're naked in bed, and I'm just too tempted to let the opportunity go by. I jump on you and start to kiss you hard and rough. Moaning softly as we just devour each other's lips, enjoying the sensations that come with the slow body grinds.

You grab onto my ass and pull me down into your lap, and swinging us around. Now you're on top. Reaching for whatever is closest, to tie me up. Not today I say with a grin on my face and you jokingly go… Read more

Vanilla Surprise Fiction

How a vanilla party turned wild.…

Saturday night, do we have to braai with the vanilla friends when we could be dancing the night away at the club, I muttered to my wife. Yes she replied, they asked nicely but I will make it a night to remember anyway. E spent two hours to get ready while I set up the braai and bar area.
At about six she appeared in the doorway, she looked super sexy, dressed in one of her super short mini dresses with high heels and make up in perfection. She … Read more

Bound, gagged and fucked - Part two Fiction

I cum, you cum, we all cum for her to cum…

She raised her head off my cock, saliva unning down and glistening on my shaft. She wiggled her wet cunt a bit deeper into her hubby's gagged face as she kissed me, pushing her tounge into my mouth. "You like the taste of you precum on my tounge, don't you?" she asked me with a naughty smile on her face, "It makes me so horny."
I could see hubby gag was dripping with his wifes juices and my precum. He was so hard it looked like he was close to c… Read more

Bound, gagged and fucked - Part one Fiction

couples and a stranger…

We bound and gagged her husband naked to the chair so he could watch us. The camera was on a tripod in the corner of the hotel room capturing everything for their pleasure. His cock was hard and oozing precum. He was as excited as I was. His wife had the chair close to the foot of the bed so hubby could see everything. We tied him up good so he couldn't touch himself. She was in charge. She motioned for me to undress her. I was already naked, my … Read more

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Sharing is caring Fiction

Couple shares everything.…

The husband asked me if I found his wife attractive, to which I said yes. He then said he would like to watch me fuck his wife doggy style while he watched, filmed and stroked himself. She was so went and couldnt resist to taste her when she best over on the bed. She tasted so good and I was instantly hard. She begged me playfully to enter her. She gasped as I entered her dripping pussy and she said, "my god you're hard!" she ooked at her hubby a… Read more

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A wedding three sum. Fiction

Whos the best man now haha…

Im 1.65m tall... at age 25 i was very fit... very strong and big legs from cycling and running. I was invited to a friends wedding in PTA.

I stayed close to the venue and went to the gym the morning before the wedding... I noticed two very sexy older ladies on the treadmills... i joined in next to them and being 25 and cocky i said hello Tanies. Both of them gave me a death stair lol. We not tanies the one snaps back... I smile and starts 2 l… Read more

Chris en Diana Fiction

Chris neem Diana se kop in sy hande en begin haar soen. Diana het nie weggetrek nie en Chris kon voel hoe haar tong tussen sy lippe inbeweeg. Diana het haar hand agter Chris kop geplaas en hom nader getrek en selfs vuriger begin soen.
“Mmm, dit voel goed,” kreun Diana en haar lippe is effe oop en haar oë smeulend-soekend na my Chris se oe. Chris buk effe vooroor en soen haar innig, terwyl sy hand onwillekeurig oor haar bors vryf.
Sjoe, j… Read more

Conference Fun Part 2 Fiction

My eyes widen in shock as i stand just behind the couple in front of me. The woman who had just given me the best blowjob of my life, and who i can still taste on my tongue, just kissed her partner on the cheek. She winks at me over his shoulder, "Honey, meet Jake, we just met" she says with a friendly smile. He turns, about 40 with a handsome face and broad shoulders. "Hi, Cliff here, pleased to meet you" he says shaking my hand. "And what has T… Read more

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