Fml Dogging

Fuck my life…

A very popular mall in jhb...

In an extremely busy, retail store changing room at that....

We have this thing, drop your location and what ever you doing, come get your cock sucked immediately.

As, I enter the store our eye's lock. we smile and select the most random of clothing..,
we enter the changing rooms separately with our pretend purchases and then walk into any open cubicles....

Oh!! Baby you look amazing and smell great as … Read more

Our 1st Dogging Experience Dogging

A True story about our 1st Dogging experience…

A little introduction about ourselves. We are an ordinary couple in our later 50’s with my sexy hot wife Eureka being 58 in the body of a late 30’s lady as we have been told on various occasions, she is built like a model with the most perfectly formed legs, very sexy well-formed bum and slender body with a size B cup boobs. She loves to show her body off on cam and I love to show her off as well. I on the other hand are a 56-year-old tall m… Read more

Fun in the Sun Dogging

Beach Fuck…

Daddy P and I chatted briefly this morning and he said: "are you up for meeting at the beach Fern?"
Had to think about that for a bit... Then: "yes sure"...
Jumped into the bath... Had the presence of mind to pack 2 towels and beach brollie...
Skirt- no panty rule
Tshirt no bra.
Off I went. Dashing over hill n Dale. Voice noted him: "I'm running late"
Message from him: "Don't rush.."
What a gentleman.
While driving thoughts start- "wha… Read more

" Dogging In The Rain..." Dogging

Even the rain cannot stop the fun...…

A couple I met on the site...

It was Saturday morning looking rather gloomy, but the plans had been made for the three of us to meet for some dogging fun...Looking at the sky, I was wondering if they were going to go through with our plan, so off I drove towards the destination...Into the parking area, I drove, it was rather empty except for one dark blue car parked under the trees in the opposite direction of the entrance...Wondering if it wa… Read more

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Lockdown breakout: part 2 Dogging

Dogging threesome…

The window was rolled all the way down with her head partially out the window as she slobbered over the strangers cock. Her legs spread apart as the stranger fingered neatly trimmed pussy. Her juices were running down his hand as he withdrew his fingers from inside her and freed her left breast from her loose fitting shirt. She heard the passenger door next to her click open and felt cool air rush the car as the door opened and another stranger c… Read more

Lockdown breakout: Part 1 Dogging

Cracked sexual sanity…

The lockdown was starting to grind down her sanity. She found herself masturbating more and her fantasies were getting more extreme. She was entertaining ideas she would never do. Her panties were perpetually moist and she craved the feeling of someone insider her.
She started reading stories and fantasies of members on Swingersheaven and fantasized about being felt up and fucked by strangers. Her sexual sanity was at breaking point. She needed … Read more

Rothdene Riverside Dogging Fun Dogging

A good Dogging day at Rothdene could have been even better...…

So it was looking like the day was set up to be a great dogging day at Rothdene. There had been two Dogging posts placed the day before, both by couples, saying they would be there, both at about 10. The first post was on behalf of a lady friend who was hoping for a gangbang by 4 or 5 guys (apparently a long-held fantasy of hers), and the other by a young couple (he’s a good friend of mine - and she's a stunning young lady!), to be her first … Read more

My game changing Bonza bay dogging experience with White sexy milf Dogging

Bonza bay dunes pussy slide…

My life changing experience and sexual lesson in exploring the female body and paying attention to the smallest reaction to each and every kinky sensation.

This made by a gentle stroke of any part of my body by touch and obviously respectful appreciation for the TEMPLE requiring a loyal servant to clean up and polish everything to
Shine brighter than ever.

I was sitting at home in
Bonza east London after my relocation from Jhb caused … Read more

From Car to the Bushes Dogging

So peaceful…

Patrick phoned me on Monday afternoon telling me he visited Bishops Park again, i have been there twice with him and it has always been a fun place and so peaceful in the spot we have played in. It is virtually completely enclosed by trees and brush. Birds galore, even have seen Buck there.
So i decided to put pen to paper over one of our excursions to Bishops.
We arrived about 11:30, one car was there, a guy inside chatting on his Mobile, we p… Read more

More Friday Fun At President Park Dogging

It pays to be patient and sit and wait...…

A day or two ago an anonymous Afrikaans couple placed an advert as a Dogging post, saying that they would be having outdoor fun at President Park on Friday between 10 and 11… Although I had a lunchtime appointment on the other side of town, I decided I would take the chance and go through to PP, hoping it would not turn out to be yet another disappointing fake post. I was the only one who responded on the dogging post to let them know I would … Read more

Middelburg Interracial Dogging MMF Dogging

Middelburg Interracial Dogging MMF…

I made a match with a white couple from my town Middelburg , we were on the same terms from the word go , decided to try something out .mind you it was not the first time I had an interracial swing , but this was just something that I wanted to see through, guess it was her sexy ass that was calling for me .

I could not host , due to un expected guest and they had kids around , We discussed dogging for some time, one night we decided to … Read more

Even More Dogging Fun at President Park Dogging

It pays to be patient!!…

We were due to meet up at the park for our regular get-together that afternoon, but at the last minute my lover let me know that she would not be able to make it. We were both very disappointed, as it had been a while since we had been at the park together. I decided to go to the park on my own anyway, and told her of my decision. She messaged me back “I hope you have a really good time there”. I replied “Maybe something else will happe… Read more