Meet & Greet with a Difference Meetings

Can a Meet & Greet be anything more than that…

A Meet & Greet with a Difference
So after all the chatting, planning the final arrangements were made for us to finally meet after such a long time. Mr A and Mrs L were stunning couple that oozes with sex appeal and hubby wants to ensure that mrs has many new and difference sexual experiences and pleasures. They have opened up and wanted to allow me into that play area. It was arranged to meet at a coffee shop (neutral place) so that all are… Read more

First time at a sex party Meetings

The makings of a cock lover…

Enter me early 20’s, having not much experience and having had only one sexual partner, and highly curious about sexual exploration, my partner and I decide to attend a private sex party in hurlingham. Our host John was very welcoming and made us feel at ease. Before we knew it couples were dancing semi naked and things started to heat up. My partner and I ended up in a room next to another couple that were making out. I decided to give my par… Read more

" A Day In The Sweltering Heat..." Meetings

A Thirty Degrees was killing...…

Wow...Wow... Today was one of those days...a sweltering hot day, no matter what one tried the heat just got the better of everyone... It was just past seven and I knew today was going to be another one of those days...Up early off to the beach I went...Had my early morning swim... Back home but the heat was already getting the better of me...Off I went to do my final shopping...The malls were already busy...The shops were crowded and looking for … Read more

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Fast play Meetings

Wife had a quick fun play…

Wife went to a friend in north of Pretoria. When she arrived the only person home was jerry the gardener. Jerry said he know she was coming and was told to let my wife in. Jerry is a 40 year old black man. Very strong body and muscle every where. He had no shirt on a old shorts that have a rip on the side.

As my wife was sitting in the back in the garden she looked at jerry. She had a summer dress on with a white g-string and bra on. Wife se… Read more

Meeting with my FB Meetings

Our meet is as orgasmic as ever…

so we had no plans as such to meet on Tuesday morning, in fact when we last spoke it wasn't possible due to my crazy meetings and schedule of the day.And then, first thing in the morning, I got into the office to find out that my 10am meeting had been cancelled. I messaged her when I got into the office, and said that my morning had opened up and asked if she happened to be free.

She was having a lazy day so was still lying in bed, but said th… Read more

Vouches Meetings

Referrals makes it easier…

I know there are a lot of fakes and time wasters out there, but I believe there are also genuine people here as well. My plea is if you have played with someone or a couple do vouch for them if the meeting went well. I mean some of you are not getting responses or get to meet people because the is no one vouching for you. I for one first go through your profile and see if you have played well with other kids, if not then I have my doubts obvio… Read more

" Responding To A Personal AD..." Meetings

Quick...Quick the AD Read...…

Bored and naughty we have all been...Reading through the personal adverts can be very intriguing...My eyes scrolling through all the adverts most of them were from single men or couples that were from hell and gone...When suddenly my eye caught an advert from a single lady, her username was PinkCadilac...The advert was headed..." Quick...Quick..." and the body of the AD went..." Hurry...Hurry if you think too long I could be gone...Looking for an… Read more

Having fun Meetings

Having fun…

I watch you and a man as he puts both hands onto your bum and pull you tight against his big cock.He then pust his arm around your neck and kisses you long hard and with passion, His one hand loosens your top and bra
His fingers all over your nipples
Now His hands on your jean his fingers gliding over your wet pussy
As he slides his hand into your pants again no undies
Your hand slides down onto that thick big cock and you actualy start br… Read more

Missing Fuck Dates Meetings

I miss arranging fuck dates…

We all know how the lockdown put the brakes on every aspect of our lives including our sex lives. My biggest "miss" however is chatting and eventually meeting for fucks sake, literally!

I miss arranging and going on fuck dates. I miss the chats via WhatsApp of what he'll do to me, or what I'll do to him when we meet.

I miss the outfit selection, short enough to show off legs or open enough to show off my boobs or even tight enough to show… Read more

Another fantasy coming true Meetings

Bathroom fuck…

I have always wanted to have sex in a public place, and I was supposed to meet Peter at 10 o'clock at some restaurant in centurion, hoping to be naughty under the table, but he didn't confirm. I didn't want my day to be wasted so I took another meeting for 11:30 at some shopping centre in Centurion with John. By the way yesterday I met Jay for drinks at Rosebank and he ended up fingering me nicely in the car. Thank you Jay. Back to toda… Read more

Our first meet Meetings

So after 2 weeks chatting the day has arrived…

So me and, lets call her A met on insta and started chatting about 2 weeks ago. A doesnt know me at all and hasnt a idea of how i look, she 28 and ime 43. Well one way or another our chats got sexual and she wanted to know my name and see a pic. Which i took a chance with and said no, i want to fuck you before you even know who i am... This obviously triggered something in her as our chats got hotter. So came yesterday, the day we set aside to fu… Read more

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Mr Bear Meetings


u love teasing me. u open ur legs. lift ur skirt a little, giving me a better view of u. i suddenly stop talking for a brief moment, and then i keep going. u smirk at me. u open ur legs wider and u can feel my piercing gaze on ur wetness. i unexpectedly sit at my desk to finish the speach. u see me blushing. u hope u made me aroused. u like the idea of me touching myself while i talk. u love teasing me. the meeting end, everyone begins to leave. … Read more

Consensual Light Bondage Meetings

Surprise, surprise…

When I entered the room, I was pleased to see that she had done exactly as instructed.

She was lying naked in the middle of the bed; her hands above her head; a blindfold over her eyes and her long legs wide apart.

I stepped closer, retrieving the red silk cord from under the bed. Making a noose, I slipped it over her wrists and tied the other end to the headboard.

“Is it too tight?” I asked.

“No…” she sighed.

When I was… Read more

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Who's that woman... Meetings

Reading the wrong signals caused by a jealous pang!!!…

So...just to put you guys in the picture and stress that this was before our journey down SH lane.... But written in real time...if that explains anything.
******5yrs or longer ago***

We a couple in our nawty 40s that had both been there, done it and got the Tshirt in regards to marriage. Far worse than for the better except for the kids that were born out of the holy matrinomy.
Myself twice failed at making a go at the "white p… Read more

My First Couple Meetings

My first encounter with a couple…

I had been away from home for 2 weeks. I was in another damn hotel and was starting to get really bored of spending my evenings alone in front of my laptop. I had visited every erotic site known to man and spent a lot of time wanking to porn on my laptop, but after 2 weeks I needed the real thing!

On this particular morning I got to the office at about 07:30am and after making my morning cup of coffee, logged on and checked my various e-mail a… Read more

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It just happened Meetings

Went to visit a friend never got to him…

This happened a few years ago

I had a bad break up with my lady
One of my buddies called me to visit him in queenstown
So I packed my stuff for the weekend visiting him there knowing it's going to be a party all weekend long

On my driving there I see this beautiful black girl with a body to die for asking for a lift to a little town on my way to queenstown so I picked her up and drove on
At first she was very shy not a lot of talkin… Read more

Outdoor fun with hotwife supermodel Meetings

Supermodel Hotwife…

Meeting a hotwife is one of a lot of the men on the sites wildest dreams. Well let me say one of mine as well and thinking of it I would say the best there could be....

So I scroll around and see this profile , send a message and get the response back from the couple. She introduce herself as Inessa.

Well as days go past and we end up scheduling a meeting at there farm. As I walk towards the stables I could see the black hair of Inessa that… Read more

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Fucked Older Lady In her Home Meetings

She was one horny older lady…

I'm an African man and I have always full of fantasies in my head. I used to stay in Durban a few years ago and that's when i came across the online dating sites (including SH). Facing reality, being a single male is not a great feat around these circles, but I've always posted and responded to ads.

One day I posted an ad based on location, got a response from a single mixed lady. She seemed too calm in her responses and i just thought maybe i… Read more

The husband, the wife and the estate agent Meetings

All in a days’ work...…

I check the GPS co-ordinates I was given, and I’m definitely at the right place. It’s a somewhat derelict office building in downtown Jhb. I walk in, and am met by three people. I assume them to be a couple, in their early to mid fifties, and an estate agent lady. I feel somewhat under-dressed in my jeans and t-shirt, but that is my standard work dress. It is, as it is. The estate agent’s layered dress is, in my opinion, just flirting with … Read more

*R* Meetings

Alpha mahle: The Hotwife effect…

The Hilton in Sandton a few months back, I had arrived from Dubai's product launch a few days prior, my time had been spent busy setting up and co-ordinating. This would be how the rest of the week would follow afterwards, next being in Durban and Cape Town before returning back to Germany.... so I thought.

The evening arrived, captains of industry, discerning guests, and keynote speakers all arrived with fellow colleagues or partners. It wa… Read more


Lena se eerste ervaring met ’n masseur…

Lena is goed bedeeld, effens mollig met ’n baie mooi, oop en vriendelike gesig. Haar oë is hazelnut en spreek meestal net van vriendelikheid. Sy kom uit ’n goeie huis en is ’n goeie ma vir ons 3 seuns. Defnitief nie die tipe vrou wat met enige man sal flirt of in kroeë uithang nie. Inteendeel is sy baie stil en selfbewus, want na die drie swangerskappe is haar figuur nog nooit weer dieselfde gewees.

Met die kinders wat ’n hand vol r… Read more

" Meeting The Saloon Slut..." Meetings

Playing pool can be so much fun...…

Wow...Boredom can make people do some strange thing...Sure most of you readers have had some experience in the past...Surely Lockdown has brought many of your experiences to the fore...This was a few months before lockdown...

Boredom was killing me...Down the street, I walked wondering what could I do... When the flashing lights of the saloon caught my eye...It read Stones...Yes, it had moved across the street, above The Tin Roof, and opposite… Read more

Seduction blind fold part 2( both ) Meetings

Both blind folded…

I have always wanted to test the art of seduction.  Chemistry between bodies without looks, age or hours of buildup. This is purely temptation at its best. Should it not go well the key word is "havanna" for now.  The scenario would run like this :
We can chat online first but never meet before. This is for single lady's or couples. Should it be a couple hubby will see me, chat and exchange pics.   This scenario has two versions. I will writ… Read more

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Blind seduction ( she is blind ) part 1 Meetings


I have always wanted to test the art of seduction.  Chemistry between bodies without looks, age or hours of buildup. This is purely temptation at its best. Should it not go well the key word is "havanna" for now.  The scenario would run like this :
We can chat online first but never meet before. This is for single lady's or couples. Should it be a couple hubby will see me, chat and exchange pics.   This scenario has two versions. I will writ… Read more

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Random drinks Meetings

A great night out…

This may or may not be a story, a fantasy , a real encounter or lust. One never kisses and tells.
It started off as an innocent night out, let the hair down alittle with a drink or two.  Being a social butterfly chatting to strangers having a good time.  He notices a very attractive lady sitting at the end of the bar. He moves and sits next to her. Moments later her husband arrives. Darn..  anyways, good conversation is better than nothing. … Read more

Tease the Hubby Meetings

How to tease the hubby.…

She wants to tease the hubby. They have spoken about it before but never set a date. She invites a Friend .. she then Vedio calls hubby on WhatsApp.. lying on the bed camera on her face, she is smiling alot.. a few Min later he asks, what the hell are you doing..are you ok ? As her eyes close now and again.. she says " am perfectly ok, I'm not doing anything just lying here.. it's what he is doing " and she turns the camera down . He looks at… Read more

TV on the blink Meetings

When to call the cable guy…

Cable guy :
The TV is on the blink again. 
You call the cable guy. He arrives and looking way better than expected. She is wearing a short dress. You show the TV guy where the TV is. He sits on the floor going through the cables. She walks close up to him and explains the remote not work either, as explaining he looks up at her and notices he can see up her dress. He now has the problem he can't stand up or it will show. She also notices he … Read more

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Toy... Meetings

Well used....…

...Pushing a cute boy down onto my bed, pouncing on him and then kissing him, passionately. Our tongues and lips moving, entwine together. Each of us letting out little moans as my hands gently caresses his face, with his just barely touching my waist. As the kiss intensifies, my fingers start to run through his hair, pulling him closer. His hands sliding to my perfect breasts, grabbing them and within seconds my hands make their way to his neck,… Read more

The Bucket List Part 2 Meetings

The adventures continue…

Part 2
On the drive home I am going through an emotional roller coaster, how could he expose me to a total stranger, all the things that could have gone wrong going through my mind, then I remind myself, I could have said NO, he wasn’t there , I washed and prepared myself, I drove to the Hotel , he wasn’t there to blindfold me, gag me, nor cuff me to the bed, I did these things to myself. And my reaction when I finally discovered that I was … Read more

The Bucket List part1 Meetings

the promise…

It had been 3 months apart from Alpha Daddy, I had not been my usual nawty self, stress of children at school and being apart among others, I had not even sent one picture nor gone shopping with a low cut, loose fitting dress and no underwear, amazing how many products one needs on the bottom shelf when a single male is working an aisle. The exhibitionist in me would leave me swollen and horny which always made for a good photo session to send to… Read more

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