Meeting after a long time Meetings

I wrote this in 2014…

This is for the man who inspires me in every way!!

The chemistry between us is unavoidable, no matter how far apart we are or how much we try. We have not seen each other in awhile. We chat and make each other really horny, even phone sex is awesome. We arrange a meeting at a hotel room. I'm there already there waiting for your arrival. I hear a knock on the door. I open the door and you see me standing there in sexy red lingerie. You grab me … Read more

The walk on the Beach Meetings

The runner…

It was one of those bright sunny days on the beach in the cape, great to just to get away from the city center, just for some freedom and openness on a lonely beach, on the outskirt of the city. Even in summer, very few people walked this beach, only locals really used it. I stepped out the car that was now parked in car park, slowly took myself down to the beach edge. I could feel the cool sea air rushed over me as I walked along the water edge.… Read more

The meeting of my friend’s sister at his place in Durban Meetings

This happened at a stay over at a friend’s that turns into instant sex with his sister…

While on a visit to a good friend Paul in Durban, arriving late at night at his place , we have few drinks and some quick catch up. As it was getting late, he subjected we catch up again in the afternoon when he returns back from work. He shows me my room and we off to bed for the night.
Next morning hearing him and the wife leaving for work, I get my sore ass out of bed and head for bathroom in my birthday suit, into hot shower and then busy dry… Read more

My First African Queen Meetings

Sex - black on white…

Interviewing applicants for a new position for the front office reception, then the next applicant walks into my office for her interview. Looking up from desk, in walks this beautiful black lady dressed in red top with white slacks, with the slightest hint of her white outline of her g- string showing through her white slacks. My cock does a slight jump in my pants.
With us looking at each other for couple of seconds, both of us enjoying the s… Read more

On way home from a friend’s braai one night – Sex on the way home Meetings

Stranger who takes me to cloud nine?…

On my way home one late night from a friend’s braai. I need to stop at a late night petrol station to buy smokes, while getting back in my car this woman approaches me.
Can I help her please?
What kind of help are we talking about?" I sighed.
She in need a lift to her friend’s home, I look at her for moment and she does not look happy at all.
Not the person to give a stranger lifts, I agree reluctantly and tell her to climb in.
As she c… Read more

The Wife’s Friend comes to stay for visit – Part 1 Meetings

Background on the wife’s old school friend blond with a body to die for and build just like my wife…

The wife has been gone for 2 weeks from home, returning back on Friday late afternoon by plane home from visiting an old school friend that needed her support. On the day before she boards her plane, she says has a surprise for me and I will get to see it when I pick her up at the airport.
That afternoon, picking her up at the airport, guess who with her, who’s has come to stay with us for 2 weeks get away

Background on the wife’s old sch… Read more

" The Ladies..." Meetings

You Never Know What Too Expect...So Much Fun....…

Traveling along the R27 in the direction of the lady who names herself The BlowJob Queen and has a very interesting profile in Heaven...Yes her pic and videos tell the complete story...The sunroof of the car was open and my greying hair was blowing in the wind, and all I could think of was what was going to happen once we had met at the Cock and Bull overlooking at the sea...The music was going, when suddenly a message appeared on my phone..."Fam… Read more

The weekend (part 2) Meetings

The next day...…

"I feel so unsure as I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor"

Saturday morning was relaxed, chatted and had brunch. The afternoon Mr.A and I started fooling around on the couch in the living room. Did not mind Mr.T also with us in the living room.
It started with making out and soon his hands wandered over my body. Exploring my curves and breasts while I unbuttoned his shirt. The smell of raging hormones and aftershave filling my nos… Read more

Die vriendin Meetings

My vrou se alleen vriendin…

Die vriendin
Desember 2017 Kersfees, besluit ons on bietjie Vrystaat toe te gaan na my skoonsus-hulle se plaas toe.
So gebeur dit dat ek, as gevolg van werk, ongelukkig nie saam my vrou kan gaan die dag toe sy saam met skoonsus hulle vertrek nie. Ek is alleen by die huis, doen maar dingetjies hier en daar.
Vrou se beste vriendin bel my toe en vra of ek nie na haar kar se battery wil kom kyk nie want die kar wil nie start nie. Nou, vriendin se … Read more

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" Oral Sex Can Be Fun..." Meetings

Joan really surprised me....…

Chat, chat it had been in the Chatroom...Joan just loved seen me in the chatroom...or was it what she saw on her screen, a sexy cock, just wanting a lady friend to entertain for the evening.....No, no I was not quite sure...But it wasn't long and we met for an evening of fun, yes naughty fun...

It was freezing outside and the rain was pouring, and it was definitely not a night for the outdoors...Knocking on the door...The door opens and Joan g… Read more

FML Meetings

Fuck my life…

Just the thought off out door sex drive's me nutz hahaha

The thought of being seen or getting attention is wild

Thinking back to the first time, I seen full on outdoor fucking was after a extremely fun night out.

Driving home, I didn't know if the driver noticed the naked couple on the back of the bakkie or if it was just my imagination as we turned into the street slightly closer to home there it was...

A stark naked couple fucking o… Read more

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The weekend (part 1) Meetings

Unexpected yet unforgettable…

We played action sport together. Haven't noticed them really until one of them found me on mxit. We chatted every now and then and eventually met up after the games. Mr.A was married and Mr.T was engaged.
They worked for the same company and had a project in Rustenburg. After some fooling around prior, they invited me to visit them in Rustenburg. So Friday afternoon I got in my car and went to Rustenburg. Dressed in a purple low cut blouse and … Read more

23 and 62 Meetings

An account of my meeting with a Lady on SH years back…

This is an my account of meeting up with a certain lady (I will not name her as she has passed away and I can't get her permission)

Years ago under my previous account (ruff) I met a woman on here who I shall refer to as the "lady". She was 62 at the time an absolutely beautiful BBW, we spent many days in private chats where I would worship her from afar since I stay in Gauteng and she stayed in the western cape. But finally the opportunity a… Read more

Dynamite cums in petite package Meetings

Fucked to the core…

I get this nervous excitement when I head off to meet someone or a couple for the first time...and this time was no exception. I had been chatting to this woman on the site for a while...and she had finally relented to my persistent begging and we had set up a meet.
The second I saw her walking towards me, I was blown away! Her pics on the site, while very sexy, did her no justice.
She was small and petite, yet very classy. I knew I was the on… Read more

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My naughty neighbour Meetings

Sometimes you just have to let go…

Every evening after I put the kids to bed I go outside for a cigarette and a glass of wine. I don't really smoke but this is my 1 a day.

One evening while the husband was away I sat outside having my usual cig and wine when my neighbours husband walked past. He asked for a cigarette and sure I had one extra he asked if I didn't mind him smoking with me. We had small talk, his wife and kids were away for the weekend and he was happy to have the… Read more

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A play date to remember Meetings

Was sent a ticket to board a flight and instructed what to be wearing when I reach the hotel room... an that's how the weekend began…

The weekend was near and she started texting, I have moved away it takes a little planning to get a chance to have some fun...It was a Thursday afternoon and
It started " I have 3 questions you answer yes or no"
1 are u available this weekend?
2 do you mind traveling?
3 are u willing to follow my rules for the weekend?
Shes sparked my intrest knowing I had no serious plans and yet to make new friends I answer yes to all 3 not knowing what… Read more

My little secret Meetings

We're just helping each other out…

Throb, throb, throb!!!! This is how my clitorus deceives me when i think of her. I'm a married woman and so is she. Once in a while we get together and explore our most private parts. The lust we have for each other is dangerous.

Beep, beep!! A message from her comes though. Are you free today? This is the question that I hope to get ever so often from her. I respond and confirm that I am always free for her. The conversation goes on and… Read more

women next door Meetings


my buurvrou is single. sy sny haar eie gras so ook ek. sy roeo en vra of sy my weedeater kan leen. na st klaar is kan ek sien sy sweet erg en sonbrand op haar skouers. ek noem sy moet sonbrandroom aansit. sy bied my a koeldrank aan dit is gewone coke maar heerlik yskoud. na so 15 minute voel ek hoe sy my dophou en vra of ek haar kan help om haar yskas te skuif. sy buk vooroor ek sien duidelik haar nipples en dis kliphard opgeswel. sonder bra. vir… Read more

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Public beach Meetings

Surprise meeting…

Mandy had moved into the building on Friday two weeks before Christmas. She had moved down from Johannesburg and looking to start a new life. She was incredibly pretty, and looked fun right from the off. So it wasn't a hard decision when she asked me to show her around Cape Town for me to say yes.

I knocked on her door on Saturday morning, and she let me in while holding the phone to her ear. She sat me on the sofa, and plonked herself beside… Read more

Outdoors Meetings

A night to remember…

I’ve been chatting a couple on this site for a while now. During these chats we discussed things we’ve never tried before. A major one for both of us being outdoor sex.

Knowing Emmarentia quite well, I suggested we meet at the dam. It was 20:34, their car pulled up next to mine in an empty car lot. Out jumped the Mrs, and walked straight to my passenger seat. My heart was racing. She looked better than in any pic that was sent to me.

Read more

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Hot wife for a hot night Meetings

Well we chatted for a while and got to know each other quite well. Husband always wanted his wife to experience a dark head inside her wet white shaven pussy.

She was reluctant but trusted me to an extent as opposed to others. I always fantasize about her but did not want to be that pushy guy cause I really treasured her friendship. However we were asked to meet on a few occasions and due to the busyness of life and family never got to for abo… Read more

Night calls Meetings

My hubby is self employed and works exceptionally hard. We often need to go out to clients after he has dropped his guys at the end of the day. Being the diligent wife, I invariably accompany him. Whilst late calls may be good for our bank balance, they definitely have a negative impact on our sex life.

A few days ago, he told me that we would have to go see a prospective client after work that day, as he required a quote. As with most other … Read more

Start of a friendship Meetings

Mmmm wake up this morning with a smile on my lips and feeling butterflies on my tummy cause to day is the day Im going to meet him face to face first time since we started chatting on this chat line. Wondr how he looks like cause he did not want to send me a pix but he phone me so I think about his voice makes my knees jelly when he talk mm can't wait.
I decided to put a short skirt on with nice top and show some nice cleavage I have nice big b… Read more

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A well endowed man Meetings

My wife got a surprise at the adult store. So we did our usual round trip to our favorite adult store hoping to get some new exciting toys, porn and maybe even check out the back again. My wife has grown fond of occupying the back room.
However Thursday was probably not the best of days to pick as it was cold and somewhat close to end of the month which usually means everyone goes on the Friday or Saturday.
We went in wife as usual somewhat c… Read more

" you useless small dick loser" Meetings

I met a beautiful BBW 15 years older than me at Swingers the other night. She ask me to come back to her place and I went. I was trying to hide my erection with my hand when we walked into her home, but she noticed when she passed me the keys and asked me to lock the door and said, "are you hard?". I said, "Yes" She said, "show me" and I said, "you'll see soon" and continued locking the door. she then stood behind me, reached around my body an… Read more

Drukkie op die bank. (Deel1) Meetings

Dit is 21:17
Jacobus, het so rukkie terug sy glas met Klippies en Coke klaar gemaak. Die leë glas op die koffietafel neergesit. Laney sit langs hom op die bank. Sy het nog haar glas met dieselfde inhoud in die hande. Ek sit oorkant hulle. Langs my blêr die tv op een van Multichoice se musiek-kanale.

Hulle hande is om mekaar se lywe en nekke gevou. Ek kan sien Jacobus probeer Laney op die mond soen. Sy draai haar kop elke keer so weg dat sy … Read more

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Die laaste van Eerste Date Meetings

Sy kom sit reg voor my waar ek op die bank lê en tv kyk, haar bolyf na my gedraai, haar sexy midriff top gee my nou kans om mooi na die dofyntjie stud in haar naeltjie te kyk, my konsentrasie is maar swak en my oë dwaal vinnig op na waar die toppie styf oor haar pragtige borste trek. My hand streel saggies af oor haar rug en ek voel hoe haar lyf sulke ligte rillingtjies gee. "Is jy dan kielierig" vra ek met ñ groot glimlag op my gesig. "Nee gl… Read more

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Me and my straight neighbour Meetings

Its been 10 years back when I first saw my now neighbor. Never knew he was staying next door when I first saw him. when I do realize he stay next door I started looking at him over the vibacrete in the morning when he had a boner, or drinking outside. it looked so good. every morning or night I would look from behind my window at his lump in his pants. many nights he would be in his undies drinking his beer. This year I dcided to make a plan. We … Read more

Eerste Date Meetings

So heel laas het ek toe maar besluit om haar die Saterdag oggend te bel. Met ñ effens bewerige stem vra ek toe of sy wil oorkom vir aandete, sonder huiwer, vra sy toe hoe laat sy hier moet wees, "so ses uur" sê ek.

Dit was net na 10 uur die oggend en ek besluit vinnig watse kos om te maak, miskien fondue? Dis maklik genoeg en tog so romanties. Romanties is presies wat ek nodig het om moontlik te kan "score",
maar dis te eenvoudig sê die st… Read more

Gang bang Meetings

So yesterday i saw in the SH chatroom that Pat would bring a friend to honeydew adult world for fun.. Immediately i was interested so planned my day for the meet. As i got to adult world and went into the cinema area you could see that it was busier than usual, the meeting was scheduled for 11am to 11:30am i was excited as these things only happen in pornos
I got my self a spot and watched the movies playing in the cinema, rubbing my cock to ere… Read more

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