Masturdate Gay


Masterdate according to Google is taking oneself on a date.

I was feeling bored at home and all I've been doing of late, was eating, sleeping and logging in on to this site. I needed to get out ...

I contacted some friends to see what they were up to but since most of them are married or in relationships ,it meant no spontaneous outings without prior permission. Lol.

Left to my own devices I then decided to go out on my own for some di… Read more

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My first Gay


I'm 23, black and good looking, just a bit shy. With varsity done, I was set on looking for a job and bcom degree in hand, I ended up at one of the retail chains and offered the position of trainee executive assistant to the CEO. The interview was pretty awesome, it was with HR and on my first day, late afternoon, I met the ceo for a briefing. He was one hot dude, pegged him to be about 46, looks like he gyms or runs so I was quite excited to be … Read more

Tryst with a Married Man Gay

Tryst with Married Man…

I'm 19 and I often hang out at my friends place, but I do it because his dad is super hot, albeit that he is away from home most of the time on business trips.

His dad is 44, successful and very good looking and gyms often, the man seriously takes care of himself, but then guess if he is a ceo of a company then he must take care of himself.

He arrived home from a New York trip last week and his family had flown to Cape Town for a family f… Read more

Bi curious makes you crazy but cum hard Part 2 Gay

Start of bi curious journey part 2…

The night did not end as I was hoping. I realized I was quite drunk and that I was perhaps thinking with my dick rather than head. The encounter was over before it even started as the boyfriend of the young guy found him, a furious conversation started which I could not hear for all the noise going on. Dejected but strangely exhilarated I went back to my friends, my semi-hard on a constant reminder of my encounter.

An hour later staggering o… Read more

Bi curious makes you crazy but cum hard Gay

Start of bi curious journey…

I am a married guy and had the privilege to travel and live in various parts of the world. As a student in South Africa, having escaped the confines of the small minded and conservatism of Namibia I discovered and indulged in my voracious appetite for sex. I had a particular affinity for smart big women – and still do! At university you meet all kinds of people from all over the world all with their own kinks. One or two virgins, first year st… Read more

Finger fucked Gay

Finger fucked…

We arranged to meet at a specific place. X picks me up and we drive to his hotel.

As soon as we enter the room, X moves over to draw the curtains close. That's the cue...

We start undressing and he walks over to the bed naked. He tells me to kneel between his spread legs and to suck him off. I inhale the musky scent of his cock as I take his cock into my mouth.

I can fell his cock go from semi to hard in my mouth as I suck and stroke hi… Read more

Office hookup Gay

Office hookup…

It's been a fantasy of mine to be picked up by a stranger, taken to his office and do dirty things on the desk.

While driving over to the office the fantasy would be us touching each other's cocks,stroking each other until we throbbing hard and wet.

Today I finally had that hookup...

It was just supposed to be a meet, X's suggestion, to get that awkward meeting out of the way.

I suggested that he pick me up not too far from his offic… Read more

My parents' best friend part two Gay

Jack takes me to meet Peter…

A couple of weeks had passed since my night with Jack. I was getting horny for another session.

I had messaged him a few times to see if he wanted meet and he kept responding that his wife was home a lot lately. I backed off and waited for him.

It was a normal Saturday morning, I was laying in bed watching porn on cum. Started to love cum!!

My phone bleeped, it was a sms from Jack saying that he was going to take a drive into the country… Read more

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Lekker speel Gay

M2M speel…

Dis my eerste probeer slag,

Ek is baie mal daaroor om te crossdres.. Panties, bra, mini en nice skoene..

Ek chat met n ou op die site, 20 + jaar ouer as ek. Ons kom oor een dat hy by my plek kom kuier. Baie senuweeagtig is ek.. WTF.. Maar hy kom.. Wat n awesome ou.

Ek laat hom in kom en ons gesels vir 'n paar minute.. Hy gryp my en soen my soos geen vrou my nog gesoen het nie. Ek breek die soen en maak hom gemaklik..

Ek loop en gaan … Read more

A first time experience Gay

A gay expereince for a straight guy…

I have wanted to write this story for awhile just takes time and patience . Writing a story on an I phone is not easy.

This happened a few years back but I will be the first to admit was the best blow job I have ever had. To top it all it was given to me for free and by a middle aged guy in the back of a porn shop in a video booth in good old Bloemfontein. So to whoever that stranger was and I don’t know there name. I do hope you read these… Read more

Parents' best friend Gay

Parents friend uses me…

This story happened to me a few years ago and I really want to share it.

At the time I was still living at my parents’ house. I was young bored and always horny!

One afternoon I decided to go down to the local adult book store for a bit of cock. As I went in, I went straight to the counter and paid for my entrance.

When in, I normally walk around check out the gay porn playing on the different TVs and to see who is there.

I was stan… Read more

Hook up with Daddy PART II Gay

Sexual encounter with an older man…

As Daddy is rummaging through his cupboard, Im laying on the bed on my back legs spread one hand between rubbing my dick and my boy hole and the other on my nipples taking in this view of this sexy older man who is about to sodomise me.

He pulls out something black from his cupboard and comes over ... its a dildo, a big vibrating dildo.
He sits on the edge of the bed facing me and enjoying the little show im putting on for him. He lubes up… Read more

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My first fullhouse Gay

Never thought a cock in my ass can feel that great..…

Wel waar begin ek...ek en n pel het mekaar altyd gewank in koshuis en gesuig maar nooit oorgeggaan na penetrasie toe nie. As ek toe geweet het wat ek nou weet het ek sy hol vir hom elke aand genaai....

7 jaar later
Werk ek by n myn en raak goed bevriend met John". Hy is n lang ou so 6'6 en ek 6'2. Ek is n soft spoken ou en ek vermoed hy is dalk gay op 48 sonder girlfriend of kind of kraai.
Hy nooi my uit om by hom te kom braai een Saterdag … Read more

Hookup with daddy. Gay

How daddy took me from behind.…

Its been three weeks since I started chatting with this guy on grindr, he's insistent I come over and meet up with him, he promises me a good time.

Realising that I'm online within a few minutes he sends through more pictures of his cock, wow it's huge!! I immediately get all excited and start touching myself ... Not wanting to let go of the opportunity of good cock to pass me by, I agree. An hour later I'm standing on his porch , his waitin… Read more

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Indian boy wanting white cock Gay

Nawtee indian boy…

So had to write back and share what happened earlier today so that the memory lives on..

I was chilling on Queens Beach and taking in the calm and quite of the oceon. As it was getting late a lot of people had started to disappear so I was enjoying the quite.

I glanced in the distance and I seen this guy running on the beach and from far he looked nice. I thought to myself "some eye candy".

As he got closer I realised it was the guy fr… Read more

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Nawtee indian boy Gay

Indian boy wanting white cock…

I arrived in cape town on Friday and checked into our hotel in Camps Bay. The family had come for the annual holiday and like every year it is my highlight because I can get to perve at the guys jogging or cycling or even running.

I am 19, I look straight and act straight, very much in the closet. My family had gone out and I seen the opportunity to tour a little by myself. I dressed in my tight jeans and a tight t shirt and left the hotel.
Read more

Bikers bitch 2 Gay

New experience…

One friday I get a call from my sexy fem friend Beverly asking me if I would like to come over saterday to watch a game boks playing france I reply shur Bev says mommy will be home but plans to go out later we can set our plan up so as she does not get suspicious about us Saterday I arrive about one I meet Ann Bevs wife very friendly and out going blond nice figure she was wearing shorts and a tank top Bev come out and introduces us as old bud… Read more

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Bikers bitch Gay

Beverly my sub sissy…

Meeting Ben not his real name was a start of a sexy exciting relationship read my story the second time how we met I started seeing him her on a regular basis whenever I wanted relief or my girlfriend was not available I would give him a call and he will set up a time He asked me to call him Beverly his fem name as he saw me as his master figure I obliged he would meet me at the door normally dressed in some sexy panties or dress I enjoyed the… Read more

My second time Gay

My first time was with a doctor when I was young years later I had started work and hung out with my biker buddies we used to spend Saturday afternoons in our local pub until early evening then go party where ever there was action this afternoon I was sitting waiting for my friends to show drinking a beer a middle aged man arrived and sat next to me we got chatting he bought me a beer he was slight built very friendly told me he was married b… Read more

Sexy Straight Ryan Gay

So I go to the Randburg Virgin Active and meet Ryan in the steam room or the sauna, and gosh he is sexy. We talk often and he knows a lot about me, he thinks I am straight because I talk about a girl and he tells me his stories.
I secretely perve at him in the steam room or the sauna, he wears the most sexiest undies, I also perve at him when he showers, just admiring his sexy frame, all that manliness, I think about the woman that he fucks, ho… Read more

Massage verrassing Gay

Ek moes weer Pretoria toe vir opleiding en bly in ń hotel, maar die lang sit maak mens moeg. Na dag 3 terug by die hotel gaan lê ek op my bed en skop my skoene uit. ń Massage sal nou lekker wees, maar Google het mos altyd ń antwoord dink ek en gryp my foon. Search male massage pretoria en kry ń nommer, stuur boodskap en kry verbasend dadelik terug ń antwoord ek kan kom met sy prys en addres. Ek shower gou en spring in ń jean en t-shirt, gr… Read more

Bosses Pet Gay

The new boss was introduced to us, lets call him Brad. He looked super dreamy, brown eyes, black hair, very English accent, he was no buff dude but you could tell he took care of himself, he had a Tom Cruise look...
We were told he was married with a kid blah blah blah and I stopped listening. My dreams were crashed in a moment but hey that's life and at least now we had some eye candy.
Brad and I got on well, and soon I was his blue eyed boy … Read more

Cum and go.. Gay

Cum and go…

I head over to the hotel after work. The instruction was clear meet me in my room. Be quiet and discrete.
I go to the reception desk and ask them to make contact with X and follow their directions to the lift .
I exit the lift and walk down the corridor checking the numbers on the door.
As I get closer, there he is standing at the door and he lets me in, closing the door behind us.

There were no formalities or pleasantries exchanged and h… Read more

First time curious Gay

I was around 24, generally very horny all the time and constantly looking for more exhilarating experiences. Back then gumtree still had a personals section and I found myself checking the listings on a daily basis. Often, sitting at my desk at work reading all the ads would give me the most raging erection and I’d have to retire to the men’s room to relieve myself. It became almost routine. I had no intention of actually responding to an ad … Read more

Unexpected Desires ( from elevator ride) P2 Gay

That evening at home Eddie tried to put what happened in the elevator car behind him. It crossed his mind to tell his boyfriend Steven what had happened, but he knew Steven would have fretted and probably nagged him about reporting it. Steven thought it would be better to leave it be. He tried to blank it all out, following the normal pattern of his comfortable life. He thought he had succeeded in putting it behind him, but that night his sub-… Read more

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The elevator sweet torture (MM encounter) P1 Gay

There he was, waiting for the elevator car as it was the time to head home, little did he know that his ride will be a nightmare. Eddie’s story begins on the elevator.

“Boy, you certainly are a piece of work! A real cockteaser and no mistake! Tell me, Cutie, do you take it up that peachy ass? I hope so, because I’d certainly like to give you a good fucking!” Eddy looked to his right. He was about to turn round and unleash a torrent of… Read more

Saturday shenanigans Gay

Saturday shenanigans…

I've been chatting to this guy on here on and off for some time. In our last conversation we had he mentioned he'll be home alone this weekend..

After finishing work I logged on out of habit as most people here do. Happened to see he was online and we started to chat.

Conversation went around what he got up to the previous night and I mentioned to him I'm on my way home. He asked if I had any plans to which I replied I didn't.. ( not a p… Read more

Dogging Gay


My experiences on the site so far have been quite eventful. I always try to do new things and if I don't like it I won't do it again.

My dogging experiences have been a walk in the park.. literally and figuratively. Did it twice but didn't like it as it was too public and I was too paranoid about beeing seen or caught.. Basically short version of it , chatted to guy on here agreed to meet and we had no venue so ended up at Wynberg park..

Read more

Gay Encounter with Married Man Gay

New years eve is always a great time, say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. This year we (my family and I) was invited to spend new years eve with my Uncle and their family and friends.
We got there and there was quite a big crowd which was nothing different from the parties that my Uncle hosts, so I knew it was going to be a fun evening.
A little bit about me, I am 24, and im a closeted gay. Im not a good looking guy, still a little b… Read more

feeling like a slut Gay

I was auditing a lab one day but got kinda board so I sat on line and chatted too a couple of guys from the site, the one was a regular but can't seem to find him on the site again, the other was an indian man that was just curious and wanted to feel what it felt like to get his cock sucked by another guy, the other was a I also chatted too a few times, well it so happened that we use a private bathroom in the facility just down the corridor, f… Read more

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