Passion Romance

my 2nd attempt…

The fabric of my shirt flutters as it falls to the floor… Your fingers now fumbling to undo my bra, your hands shaking just a bit at the anticipation of clasping my firm pink breasts…. I feel your hands moving the straps over my shoulders…. My breasts now released completely…. Your warmth covers them as your hands gently squeeze…. You then undo my skirt, dropping it to the floor… You gently lay me down on the cold, silky bedding… Yo… Read more

Camping Romance

Also a old one, my 2nd one…

After setting up camp near the foot of the mountain, we decide to go for a walk on the trail towards the first waterfall… Holding hands, we start ascending the walk… Chatting about life, and things past, I yank my hand away from yours with a giggle, and start running into the woods… You are right behind me, running as fast as you can to try to catch up with me… You had me in sight the whole time… I run around trees and backtrack; all ki… Read more

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Deep in the Jungle Romance

Our Tigress slowly rises and stretches her sleek powerful form, her silhouette made known across the seas of time.…

You're so hot. When we connect the sparks may I for a moment collect those sparks into my hands, mix some sweet almond oil in with them and make a magical potion that will arouse your inner …Tigress. I can hear her purring. Your sex vibrating in little wavelets across your mound. My warm hands slide across the base of your neck and my lips coming close to touch down. Both my hands on either side of your shoulders, thumbs extended rubb… Read more

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Frilly Cotton Panties Romance

She could feel how much he understood and enjoyed her and she knew that her panties were a huge turn on for him…

It was late spring and the two lovers had met for the first time a week before. No sexual union had taken place yet, but they had spent some pleasurable moments texting each other online. The time came when they decided to meet each other face to face and had decided on a local restaurant. One drink had led to the next as they hit it off and it wasn't long before they were both drunk. Barry did not want a long drive home so Diane invited him to h… Read more

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Feeling up my African Queen at work - Part 2 Romance

Sex - Black on white…

As to my previous story – The New beautiful black reception lady in the office
Found it very hard to be at my desk working knowing this sexy African Queen sitting at reception and I had fuck her yesterday. She was a born to be a hard-core tease.

Later in the day she walks into my office and closes the door behind , with that killer sexy smile again, me sitting at my desk she leaning her sexy body softly against my side, she wants my touch a… Read more

Thoughts on the works by Marquis de Sade:3 Romance

The Power of Lust…

"Lust is to the other passions what the nervous fluid is to life; it supports them all, lends strength to them all ambition, cruelty, avarice, revenge, are all founded on lust".

The quote is pretty thorough in providing the full context of its meaning. I find myself inspired by this quote in particular, for several reasons I will aim to eloquently express.

The main reason for my valuation of these words, is the fact that I believe it to be … Read more

Thoughts on the works by Marquis de Sade:2 Romance

Virtue trough Vice…

"In order to know virtue, we must acquaint ourselves with vice. Only then can we know the true measure of a man".

We've been wrenched out of the thresher and shoved, ruthlessly and without consultation, into what we understand as existence.
Forever bound to servitude of our paternal "life-givers", their moral & religious convictions and become slaves to their societal restrictions. Least we not fit in with the pre-cast mold of earlier gener… Read more

Thoughts on the works by Marquis de Sade:1 Romance

Libertine souls rejoice!…

"Let us give ourselves indiscriminately to everything our passions suggest, and we will always be happy…Conscience is not the voice of Nature but only the voice of prejudice".

Don't we all feel that we would like to do what we'd like without being judged? Moral and societal constraints are all cages that our minds have been imprisoned in since birth.

Once liberated and set free, we start to experience true happiness and perspective on ou… Read more

Vriendin met voordele Romance

Ons is almal uiteindelik ook maar net mense…

Dit was maar 'n moeilike tyd by die werk - projekte wat nie vlot loop nie a.g.v. tegniese probleme en gevolglike kontantvloei probleme met alle betrokke partye.

Ek het laat gewerk die dag en nie geweet sy werk ook laat nie. Op 'n stadium was ek kombuis toe om vir my te gaan koffie kry. Toe ek in die kombuis kom, was ek verbaas om haar ook nog by die werk te sien. Ons het ons probleme met mekaar bespreek en bietjie "op mekaar se skouers gehu… Read more

A wee poem Romance

Paper planes…

I am building this mystery inside my head, between my hands and your body. I want you to read my words so full of desire, in need of intoxicating, of control forfeited, my lips on your shoulders, hands on your waist. Lifting you up against a wall, pressing you to my will. To be torn to pieces, taken apart, I wish you could read my mind, that smouldering stare, that feeling of breathless, that need, that want, to see the lust in my eyes, tremor in… Read more

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Lekkerste spyker ooit Romance

My storie gaan oor die pragtigste en lieflikste meisiekind wat saam my gewerk het…

Dit het alles begin met n baie baie mooi jong blonde girl wat saam my gewerk het. Ons het altyd saam gaan koffie drink in die eet area by die werk. Na jare se saam werk en gesels het ons eendag net oor lekker dinge begin gesels. So het dit lank aangegaan. Ons het een middag uitgegaan vir n drankie en later het die gesprek net lekkerder geraak. Daar het dit gebly en ons is terug kantoor toe. Toe ek my kar afsluit, gryp sy my gesig vas in haar hand… Read more

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fun times Romance

we were a group of colleauges that travelled together all female and i the driver was of the girls was absoletely beautiful and was going to get married soon that too to a very jealous guy.He was prepared to kill any male that made a pass at her.I was in my previous affair which had ended as she got the job and this new girl had no idea of it.all the guys used to gloat over her but my mind was somewhere else.i noticed her looking at me… Read more

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Op regte liefde. Romance

Haai my seksie hot oulike benobie. Jy wat kalimte oor my bring jou poesie wat vir my proe soos die soetste hening. Jy op wie ek my mond kan plaas. Jy wat my kop in jou hande neem en my mond ry soos jy graag wil he ek moet jou n bj gee.

Jy wat saam trek jou bene meer op trek en jou hele self vir my oop maak. Die spasmas wat deur jou begin vloei. Jy wat begin beweeg soos die lus deur jou bruis.

Jou krete van die op bou in jou deur jou lippe… Read more

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tha day Romance

For a few weeks she had looked at me but i had no courage to do anything.She used to walk and do photocopies and turn around and smile everydayat the workplace.i used to hang around in the back of the room .i was a shy guy but i started to look at her and felt a jolt whenever our eyes met.this carried on for a few weeks but could not find the courage to ask her anything. she was a shy young recently married afternoon she asked me for a l… Read more

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How does it feel Romance

Good day good people i have a question some will think im mad. For most of you, you have fallen in love before how does it feel. Im 33 female i have never been inlove. Its as if i dont exists. I have never had a boyfriend but i have had sex not because im in love w the person but because its nature i need to have. But im tired of it i just want to be inlove and experience wat most of you guys have experienced and are still are. Getting butterfli… Read more

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Fantasy Romance

I do as he says, wondering at how easily I comply, how natural it feels even though I’ve never done this before. “I’m soaked,” I tell him. My voice is a thin, aroused whisper. I rub my fingers over my clit, feeling my body tighten, already so close to orgasm. “I’m so wet Landon.” “Wet for me, Rachel. My cock is so hard, I want to put it in your mouth. Let you suck it.” “Yes,” I moan, my fingers working my clit. I can almost … Read more

Monday Romance

My husband left early in morning for a couple of days, so to make up for the coming lack of sex
he took his time with me for most of the night. He fucked me non stop, in any hole and everywhere,
on the couch, on the floor, on the table, on the bed. The walls were still vibrating from all the moaning... My lips were red for so much oral sex, my butt hole still pulstaing and my
pussy was just too tender; her lips were red and I could barely wal… Read more

The rose Romance

The environment:
We are on a double bed, already naked. There are lots of candles around us and you are blindfolded. There is an empty bottle of wine, which we finished earlier.
You are on your back, and I'm crouched over you on my knees on the bed. I Have a red rose in my hand. I start by placing it at your nose, moving slowly down. Down your neck, to your collarbone, to your left boob, making slow circles around your nipple, moving cl… Read more

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Dreams Romance

Mmm sjoe what a hot day this time of year in Windhoek. I'm sitting at a corner coffee shop and stering to the ppl coming and going all on thr own pass going somewhere things to do that life ne.
With one look up from my cup off coffee my eye caught a stranger sitting across from me and watching me and look me in the eye and then he licks his tongue over his lips all around and smile.
I can feel my face is little red cause I knw what he is lookin… Read more

Dark secret Romance

One day this beautifull nurse (in her uniform ) stumbells upon this room in hospitals cellar. Its dark very dark. Then she hears this crispy voice "what are u doing here?" she are "I'm looking for u" so i blindfold her. Take her to the wall. I unddress her whithout kissing or saying a thing. I handcuff her to two poles. I take my paint brush. Wipe it against her as if i'm painting her. Down the neck very slowly and softly. Going down she moans a … Read more

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The new guy Romance

She had been eyeing him for weeks now. just trying decide whether she liked him or not. A newbie in the office, nothing special about him at all except that whenever she looked at him he smiled at her. She couldn’t put her finger on it but she liked it. As the HR partner for his department he had popped in a few times to discuss working hours and a few other odds and ends work related. she noticed that he always complimented her on a dress or j… Read more

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Me and my thoughts Romance

What a awesome clean early morning meets me in the eyes when I woke up strength my body out mmmm what a feeling then its like new day new things to do see and experience. Quickly jump out of bed run to bathroom open the Water let it run in the tub while I go make a coffee and open windows and let the fresh air blow in can feel a breeze over my naked body mmm it's so refreshing.
Run back to bathroom close the water and just put first the tip of m… Read more

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the taste of u Romance

I can almost taste you already. If only I had you in my room at this very moment. I don't even know where I would begin once I had you lying down on your back, bare before me, nothing on but a pair of luscious cotton panties. I can imagine they are dry now, but I will change that. You didn't think I'd let you take them off so soon did you, without making them sopping wet? I can be a tease too.

I Think I'd have to start with your scrumptious ea… Read more

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But I would love to fuck your mind Romance

I love your feet, sexy and sensual in those red, designer heels
I love your hips, your curves and the warmth of your soft feel

I love to pull away your hair to accentuate your slim and elegant neck
I love to breath out my desire for you down the length of your back

I love your mouth, how it speaks words of romance but also of sleaze
I love how your lips can seduce me, tease and always fully please

I love how I drown in the depths of y… Read more

Somethings got a hold of my hart. Romance

A few years ago I was working at a leisure company which was located at Durban Spa holiday resort and had the pleasure of meeting and managing loads of sales ladies that were employed as sales consultants. One morning I was introduced to a young Gujarati Lady (Anusha) that had just left school and was studying further. She had the most beautiful light toned skin and long jet black hair and a sexy lithe little body that any man would die for and I… Read more

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just a touch Romance

We are alone, in private. We have just arrived back from a wonderful, romantic dinner. Closing the door, I tell you to just stand in the middle of the room and close your eyes.

You wait as I take out a blindfold and place it over your eyes. "Just enjoy," I say.

My fingers caress, oh so softly, your face, your cheeks, your neck, lightly sliding down to where I can undo your top. I let it slide down your arms and off onto the floor. I kick it… Read more

My Beautiful Boss Romance

About a month ago we had a work conference. We were all booked in to a hotel for the night.
Months before the conference I use to always throw compliments at one of my bosses who is this white woman in her early fifties. I found her her very attractive. We will call her H.
I am an Indian guy. Good looking and also on the management level. So during the conference H sat next to me. She gave a speech and I complimented her on it . While sitting … Read more

Tongue play Romance

Kissing slowly in the crease where your thighs meet the lining of your hidden pleasure box. As I tangle my tongue around your warm lips; gently caressing the clit with my lips, I’ll suck on the outer extremities of the folds that seal the pathway to your orgasmic escape.

Wrap your leg around my shoulder and open the other and hold it back for a maximum pleasure. And as I hold your waste and you tighten up from the anticipation of whats yet … Read more

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spooning Romance

It'd be nice if we were spooning right now. Both of us lying in bed, under a cool crisp sheet.

I can feel the warmth of your body and gentle rise and fall of your breathing as we snuggle together. The scent of your body arouses me and my cock begins to swell. Can you feel it snaking up between your butt cheeks?

Almost despite myself, I begin to gently rub my rapidly stiffening cock against your arse and, with a slight murmur of affection,… Read more

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round1 Romance

I push you onto the couch and straddle you, gently kissing your lips and cupping your face. I deepen the kisses and run my hands through your hair as you grab my waist and pull me tighter against you. I slide one hand under your shirt and start kissing your neck as you run both hands through my hair before pulling my lips back to yours. You bite my lip and I moan in surprise and pleasure. I lean back for a second and you gasp softly in disappoint… Read more

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