Lekker Lesbian

Getroud maar wil lesbeen he…

Baie jags en alleen op n saterdag agtermiddag. Sit n seksie movie aan trek al my klere uit om ma alleen te speel. Na so 10 min lui di foon. Vriendin wil kom kuier. Ek stem maar in. Trek nt hemp aan wag vir haar gedagtes dwaal hoe gaan ek haar onkant vang en vry. Sy daag op mt bottel wyne. Na n dop gaan sy toilet toe. Ek is jags sy het groot boobs en wil hul he. Ek spring op en volg haar toe ensy uitkom gryp ek haar en trek haar kamer toe. Druk ha… Read more

Gelukkig en vinnig Lesbian

Vinnige seks…

Ek volg haar die hele sentrum deur. Sy gaan na die toilet maar gaan in waar jy babas change. Ek staan n rukkie en wag die deur is nie heel toe nie. Ek gaan nader en maak die deur agter my toe sy in haar handsak besig rug na my toe. Ek gryp haar van agter af en brei haar tiete sy stry n rukkie daarna gee sy in. Ek druk haar teen die muur vas en trek haar romp op en druk my vinger in haar poesie. sy vra of ek nie wil stop nie want sy wil dit nie … Read more

So onverwags kon dit nie glo Lesbian


Vir jare begeer ek my beste vriendin. sy het di mooiste en grootste borste.
Een aand kuier ons oor n koppie koffie. Haar regter bors steek uit. Ek kon nie my oe van dit af hou nie. Sy dit agter gekom en gevra of ek meer wil sien. sjoe my lukky aand. Ek se ja en alrwee di nr 44 DD kom uit. Dadelik wil ek dit betas sonder om te vra staan ek op begin daaraan vat, kan myself ni help nie ek begin haar tiete suig en brei. Ek vra of sy dit geniet sy … Read more

Lesbians first cock ever Lesbian

Where is she now?…

I went to the Vodacom store to hand in a phone for repairs.

At the counter, while waiting for the receptionist I chatted with a young 25-year-old lady.

She had long reddish hair, slightly curled. and slightly untidy.

She was short in stature, with a floral skirt and high heels.

I was rather taken by her eyes, and I could not stop staring

Don't even ask me what we spoke about but I remember making a joke at one of her comments.

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It was a dream but it was real. Lesbian

Project Lesbo…

So after oir holiday we returned home. April 2012 my wife calls me to say Karen will come and visit us from the friday to sunday. Her hubby was out of town with some of his friends. My mind started to run... omw could this be the weekend?

I arrive home the friday..and I find my wife and Karen next to the pool with wine... My petite wife is a hotty but faaaaaaaak me this woman is stunning. 1.77m tall... long strong legs and ass... and fit. Loo… Read more

Tuesday Lesbian

Oppressing day, coved with dark clouds, feeling confused of what happened a day before. I could not take her out of my mind. Should I carry on, should I stop? What shall I tell my husband? Would he accept to share me with her, or do I have to share him with her? Damn existentialism! It started to rain, a warm rain on a warm day. Laying down I listened to the rain step dancing on my roof and to Bach. A thunder, and another one… a knock on my doo… Read more

My pussy's Bicurious Journey take 3 Lesbian

SOooo this is where I decided to go on my naughty ventures with OTHER bi female's..coz I needed more I wanted to know what it felt like to have my pussy sucked dry I wanted it so bad.

I posted an ad on Locanto (personals) seeking bi women around cape town thats when I found this chicky Naz , now Naz has this really thick lips thats so soft felt almost cushiony, invited her over we sat chat abit about ourselves im soo nervous and so horny co… Read more

My pussy's Bicurious Journey take two? Lesbian

So at this point I knew I wanted more I was horny all the time the thought of my clit being sucked by another girl is just driving me insane..I always watched lesbian porn so my friend came over I know her since forever she has a nice round tight ass with nice firm tiddies super hot..wanted her so bad just to know what she's like but I don't know if she swing that way or not.. so we hanging and I'm watching porn on my phone and she's like what yo… Read more

My pussy's Bicurious Journey Lesbian

I'm in my early twenties a real lady sometimes crazy and very mysterious..and Im always horny

So here's what happened i enjoy lesbian porn videos love watching females get fucked hard you know even though I was young I got so turned on when I was like much younger I use to read this colums you found in magazines and newspapers that sex advice stuff man my pussy would throb by how horny I was so this one day my primary school friend(STND5) and… Read more

My first lesbian experience Lesbian

Its ladies night tonight, I'm kicking it with my girls! We head uptown to a major club scene - heading inside...it's a strip club!

Sitting at the bar I see women start to take the stage...thinking to myself "What the fuck!" I turn to my girls and mumble "shit!"

Diamond is the first act of the night, then Ms. Nasty, and last but not least was Juicy, making her entrance to "Bandz Make Her Dance"

Juicy is beautiful, thick, and very cuvatio… Read more

I Kissed a Girl - Part 2 Lesbian

“B-baby oil?”, I stammer, not sure I heard correctly. Candice, my best friend and secret crush, laughs at my confusion. “Yes, baby oil. I’ve recently done some reading about massage and I’d like to give it a try, if you don’t mind.” My head is spinning, and my heart feels like it wants to escape my chest. “No, I don’t mind. Not at all!” We reach my bedroom and I hand her the bottle of baby oil on my dresser. “Okay, now strip… Read more

I Kissed a Girl - Part 1 Lesbian

What a day! Meeting after meeting, client after client, irate phone calls all day long! And on what seemed to be the hottest day of the year too! I immediately get rid of all my clothes after getting home and plop down on the couch with an ice cold cider. I've invited my best friend over for dinner, but thankfully it's still about two hours before she arrives. More than enough time to unwind a bit, take a cold shower and get dinner started. Secre… Read more


Wel ekt altyd gewonder hoe dit sal wees. Veral nadat ek lankal gewonder het, het ek een aand toe `n vriendin kom kuier het besluit vanaand is die aand. En omdat ek reeds so lekker jags was, was dit glad nie moeilik om haar op die vlak te kry waar ek is nie. Sy was redelik geskok toe ek haar se ek is bi en ek is vreeslik lus vir lekker pussy nou. Sy is al die jare lesbian en sy is gewoond aan dit. Ek het begin vat aan haar en gesoen en lek totdat … Read more


Wel dit was n gewoone Saterdag en ek doen gewone dinge in en om die huis. ontvang n sms van n jare lange vriendin wat se sy hou potjie wil ek nie dit bywoon. So gaan ek omstreeks 12h30 na haar huis. Daar is baie mense en almal is vrolik en drink en kuier lekker. Ek kon nie wag vir die potjie want ekt mense wat van ver af kom na my. So ek is agtermiddag huistoe.

Nie laat aand ontvang ek n sms wat vra wat doen ek wil ek nie maar die vriendin ga… Read more

Steph Lesbian

Steph had a long standing passion for going to secluded beaches to suntan. Seeing that there were so many restricted areas for topless bathing, she had to really go to remote places to do what she liked to do. Her main concern about this was being alone and vulnerable. Security wise it was not recommended that a middle-aged lady go about topless on a remote beach where no one else but some monkeys and the odd bokkie would wander out into the open… Read more

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A day at the spa Lesbian

I just love to make him cum, Claire said, licking her lips. I really don't care how or where, just so he cums. I'm just addicted to the stuff.

Mmmmm, me, too, agreed Anne, resting back on her elbows. "My favourite is when he cums in my mouth. I'll swallow every drop. It's a shame he can't do it again right away, I just love it. I could drink cum for hours."

"It's so very sexy when a man cums all over my tits," was my reply. "To see it spurt… Read more

I GOT HER Lesbian

Hello all, this is a little something from me. It's my second story in here and I hope by the time goes on I will be better in Writing and putting it all together in a proper way or form and grammar.

Thank you


There was this beautiful woman, with lovely eyes, lips and thick long dreadlocks. This woman was going be my supervisor. I have to say, that was my first day at work and yet I was thinking the unthinkable…. Wan… Read more

First Timer Lesbian

I had just gotten home when the bell rang. To be quite honest I was on my way to get a glass of wine when she arrived. Apparently waiting for my bf to come home. Some business appointment or insurance or something...

I invited her in thinking that she might like to get out of the hot sun and offered her a glass of wine as we sat down.

Her eyes lit up emerald green when I returned and loosened one of the top buttons of my blouse and sat down… Read more

My First Time Lesbian

I walk up to her and she takes my hand and leads me to the bed... I'm trembling, so nervous...
She walks to stand behind me and runs her hands down my back, over my ass, squeezing softly... kissing my neck... "you smell good Ce, relax" she says... her hands move back up, and around to cup my breasts... My nipples are hard now... she pinches them, twirls them between her fingers.
Her hands travel down and pull my dress up and over my head... I'… Read more

Dani's Dilemma Lesbian

Dani's mind was in a state of restless confusion - she was not a lesbian. She knew this because she knew that she liked men. Whilst she was not a slut she had been with enough men to know that she enjoyed the feeling of a strong man taking her, parting her legs and sliding his cock inside her. And besides, sex with a man was normal, natural.

Her mind drifted back to her school days and the awkward moments spent undressing in front of the other… Read more

wanting to please my girlfriend Lesbian

I think it was on our third date that I first learnt of Greg's 'preferences'. We were sitting in the cafe, having just seen the latest Woody Allen film, discussing whether it was funny or not. [I thought it wasn't. He loved it.] There was a few seconds' silence, save for the sound of the other people chatting, and the radio up at the counter. Tegan and Sara were singing "You Wouldn't Like Me."

"Here's an idea", Greg said. "We'll play 'You Woul… Read more

The Pool Part 3 Lesbian

The next morning I awoke stiff and sore from sleeping while sitting the whole time.

She walks into the room dressed in shorts and a shirt with a devious look on her face but I ignore it

She loosens my hands and said I can go and take a shower if I want – my first thought was to grab her and show her that she could not get away with what she did but I restrain my self

I climb into the shower and enjoy the hot water running down my bo… Read more

The Pool Part 2 Lesbian

I wake to find the strange man lying beside me fast asleep.

Hundreds of thing rush through my mind – I was just raped and I loved it, I don’t know this man and I liked it.

Then revenge came to mind – but what can I do?

I silently move away from him and into the shed to fetch some rope to tie the bastard up.

As he lies there all tied up I go into the house to gather my thoughts but all I can reflect on was his cock buried dee… Read more

The Pool Part 1 Lesbian

You are alone on the porch – sitting there after a long day of work on the farm waiting for the cool night breeze to arrive and give you some relieve of the summer heat.

You sip down on a nice ice tea the cool drop runs down the glass and falls down your chest sending shivers up your spine making your nipples respond.

You look down and notice that you don’t look t bad for a woman working on a farm all her life.

You walk over to th… Read more