12 Jul 2018

Oppressing day, coved with dark clouds, feeling confused of what happened a day before. I could not take her out of my mind. Should I carry on, should I stop? What shall I tell my husband? Would he accept to share me with her, or do I have to share him with her? Damn existentialism! It started to rain, a warm rain on a warm day. Laying down I listened to the rain step dancing on my roof and to Bach. A thunder, and another one… a knock on my door. I walk to the entrance and I see her. My next door neighbor. The glass door keeps me away from temptation. She was wet; water was dripping all over her. I opened the door and looked at each other without a whisper. I saw her nipples piercing through her wet thin blouse like two erected clits and my heart started pounding. I took her by the hand inside and started kissing each other insatiably, violently, passionately, in the foyer, in front of an opened door. I started to unbutton her blouse but I ended up tearing it apart. She did the same with my shirt. Out tits were wrestling with each other, Not one single word, not a single remorse. Somehow we ended up in the bedroom, naked and hot. Yesterday’s episode was so vague and sank in pleasure that I could not remember anything but a blind sex. It was like I was swimming in an ocean of pleasure, through waves of pleasure, breathing pleasure. And now it was madness. I spread her legs and played my long nipples with her clit, pumped with blood, crawled over her, joining our lips and clits. I lost my reality check as her pussy was her mouth or inverse. We sucked each other to the last drop of juice. My tongue was wrestling her clit, exploring the darkest and most hidden crevice of her open pussy. And she did the same to me. The fairy tale of 1001 orgasms. Exhausted we laid next to each other when the first word other than deafening moaning and growling that impregnated the entire bedroom. What’s going to be now, I asked. We cannot carry on like that. I am married,,, and still in love with my man’s cock. Are you lesbian, I asked again. No, she replied, I am not. So, then what is going to be? I continued. Do you want to fuck my husband? Only if you want and… I want us to carry on. Suddenly a cold stream or reality shrouded me. Thoughts overwhelmed me: she was of my age, we had similar features, big clits, long nipples. I also did not want her to vanish off my life. Okay, I said, I want you two to fuck like tomorrow is the last day on earth. I shall see how I feel about… us