" Ads May Be Missleading..." Fact

Had me trembling at the knees.....…

The fun days, yes the weekend had flown passed, it was just work work and no fun.....My Dickory Dickory Dock just kept pressing against my jeans, just begging for fun....So into the web site I went, to see who was there, yes it was Monday mid
morning, not many in the chatroom, so decided to read through all the Personal ADS....Yes there were plenty mostly from single men looking for a quick fling....Down the list went my eyes, suddenly there was… Read more

Emmarentia Naughty Voyeur... Fact

Celebs get naughty now and then...…

One of my Dogging posts a few weeks back, referring to watching someone with binoculars, prompted a friend of mine to remember an incident from many years ago, and to tell me the story via a long Whatsapp message. I was so impressed by his story that I asked if I could write it up for him and post it here, but with the identities concealed, to which he agreed. So here is his story, which concerns a very well-known TV personality from a few year… Read more

Cleopatra Fact

Exotic beauty…

After a good workout in the local gym a couple of years ago, feeling so good with the endorphins released in my body, I had to walk past the beauty salon towards the exit. This well groomed lady of Egyptian descent (I later found out) was busy doing a client's nails in the window space. I caught myself staring at her and she glanced back at me while talking to her client.

I thought to myself, there is something about her that makes her extreme… Read more

" Muizenberg Is Calling...." Fact

Always Enjoyed Muizenberg.....…

Muizenberg has always had a hold on me.....Yes from as early as the 1970's, when I went there on holidays....Yes I was only ten....With all the little wooden huts on the beach, and all the ladies lying on their beach chairs tanning their bodies and a little piece of foil on there noses preventing them from been burnt by sun....Most of the ladies had one piece costumes while the daring ladies would have a bikini, but there were none that would be … Read more

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Horny white mom pt4 Fact

Horny white mom walks in on her daughter sucking BBC…

As we laying on her bed spooning while she rubs my hard cock along her soaking wet pussy i cup her breast and play with her nipples feeling it get hard.... i slide my hand down along her body and between her legs... i move her hands and take hold of my cock and position it at her hole as i slowly push up feeling my cock slip into her wet pussy... i slowly start fucking her as i tease her clit... the only sounds you can hear are my balls smacking… Read more

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Horny white mom pt3 Fact

Horny white mom walks in on her daughter sucking BBC…

So she does a lil dance for me... seductively swaying her hips and ass... asking me if i like what im seeing... so i get up and i grab her pulling her hard against me... her breast squashed against my chest and my cock pressing against her tummy... i slip my hand between us and i slip my cock between her legs... she starts grinding her pussy along my rock hard cock covering it with her pussy juice... all the while we passionately kissing each oth… Read more

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Horny white mom pt2 Fact

Horny white mom walks in on her daughter sucking BBC…

So continuing....

She suggested that we go back to her place since she lived in the area... so we adjusted ourselves and got in the front... she directed me to her place which literally was less than 5mins away... i pull into her drive way and she opens the gate.. i park infront of her garage we both get out and she leads me to the door.. as we standing by the door and shes busy unlocking it i grabbed her ass and gave it a proper squeeze... sh… Read more

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Op die vliegtuig Fact

Stoute gedagtes…

Ek het onlangs Kaap toe gevlieg vir werk. Nodeloos om te sê was ek nogal moeg na 'n week se vergaderings en kliente sien. Ek kon nie wag om terug te vlieg Jhb toe nie, net om weer in my eie omstandighede te wees en na normaal terug te keer.
Ek sit op die Kaapse lughawe en drink 'n bier terwyl die son sak en ek wag om te board. Ek kyk na al die mense wat heen en weer loop en wonder wat in elkeen se lewe aangaan. ek is nogal een van daai tipe oue… Read more

My first rather explosive BBW encounter through Swinging Heaven. Fact

A casual encounter with a really BBW…

I'm of medium build, and I've never experienced sex with a BBW before. I've always wondered what sex would be like with a BBW (big beautiful women), so I thought, let me give this one a try. I messaged her, and surprisingly, she replied instantaneously. That for me was already a good sign. We messaged back and forth on WhatsApp, and she agreed that I should pick her up at her place that very evening.

Having brought her to my place, we chatted… Read more

Horny white mom Fact

Horny white mom walks in on her daughter sucking BBC…

So a few weeks ago i met a gorgeous white girl at Cubana claremont.. this girl was sexy as fuck... walking around in a tight lil black number and a pair of fuck me now heels... i couldn't help but check her out and imagine how id fuck her and make her scream for me.. as i pictured her naked infront of me i couldn't help but sport a growing hardon which was dying to be released from the confines of my jeans... i had no choice but to get up so i co… Read more

" From The Chatroom To Heaven..." Fact

Fun....Fun it turned out to be.....…

Returned from a naughty night out with friends, was under the sheets and my body kept saying, " It is not time for bed or to sleep, so onto my laptop I went and into the " Chatroom, " I went, as I found it a great place to pass time and reading all the flirting that was going on, some was very amusing....On went my camera, just showing off my head that was creeping out from the sheets...The comments kept flowing some were very amusing, some askin… Read more

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Live it- before it expires for you too Fiction

“Relax” she said, “relax…”…

My flight was delayed. It was already dinner time when I checked in at the hotel. After checking in I went to put my stuff in my room and immediately went for dinner. During the course of dinner my eyes were scanning the whole place all the time, but I did not see her. After enjoying dinner I went to my room thinking by myself that I am probably too optimistic to expect to see her here again.

A few moments after I got to my room, there was… Read more

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Mr Forbidden part six Fact

And so it slowly begun…

And so it begun

Mmm now almost a decade had pass since our last encounter and I still saw X and Y on a weekly basis but never ever was our almost encounter discussed between me and X. We just continue with normal bantering and Y 's response to this was the usually, you two is just too much together too handle.

So there was X always in the background but with nothing except a slight sexual comments bout my " non existing sex life"
or comme… Read more

Telling My Lover About My Threesome With Friends Fact

We enjoy telling each other about our fun...…

My lover and I have a very open relationship, so much so that we regularly encourage one another to have fun on our own with other friends. And when these other fun times do take place, we make sure to tell each other in detail afterwards about how it went, what happened, and how we felt about it.

So when an opportunity came up for me, and my lover was going to be away, I contacted another friend of mine and asked if he and his new girlfriend… Read more

Breakfast...the most important meal of the day Fact

He enjoyed my creamy cake ...every last sticky sweet bit...…

Today ,Thursday morning and he had offered me a ride to work I of course accepted knowing full well we had booked a room in a pvt cottage to have some fun before work. I was wearing a dress and black knee high stockings with a black lace garter no panty got in the vehicle sitting next to him and in traffic he whipped out his already hard cock. Under the cover of darkness on this cold autumn morning I started stroking his cock getting harder and … Read more

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9 1/2"Brother Hood Part 2 Fact

Hot Sex with Vicks Vapor Rub.…

Ann and I decided to go Zip Lining for the weekend; we booked a bungalow for 6 people as that were the only one we could get that weekend. I asked Alan and Nicole to join us for the weekend and they can bring Mark and Kathy with. Alan confirmed the next day that they and Mark and Kathy will join us. Ann was very excited about the weekend away. But I knew it was about the sex with 9 1/2 inch cocks. We arrived at the Gorge about 16hoo that Friday a… Read more

Die Ete Other

Res van die aand…

Na die ete in die hotel nooi sy hom vir koffie by haar woonstel. Terwyl hulle koffie drink gesels hulle alhoewel albei weet dis nie wat hulle eintlik wil doen nie. Sy is die een wat uiteindelik se, "Ek dink ons het genoeg gepraat."
Sy kyk op in sy donker, vraende gesig. Sy bekyk al die heel aand sy gesig, oorkant haar, langs die tafel, in die kerslig. Die blou oë,die lang wimpers, die sensuele mond......
Sy het sterk op die mond gekonsentreer… Read more

Meeting Other

nervous excitement that leads to crazy orgasms…

When he first contacted me I wasn’t so sure about him, he came up as part of a couple, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go that route. We chatted on email a bit and he sent me his photo. A handsome looking fellow but I was still not sure. He sent me mails telling me how beautiful I am and that any man should be so lucky to have me. I remember reading that and thought this guy is not real. Impossible that he is real. We chatted some time on… Read more

Lesbians first cock ever Lesbian

Where is she now?…

I went to the Vodacom store to hand in a phone for repairs.

At the counter, while waiting for the receptionist I chatted with a young 25-year-old lady.

She had long reddish hair, slightly curled. and slightly untidy.

She was short in stature, with a floral skirt and high heels.

I was rather taken by her eyes, and I could not stop staring

Don't even ask me what we spoke about but I remember making a joke at one of her comments.

Read more

" From Sucking To Fucking In The Car....." Fact

Magic Fun.....…

Standing waiting for my turn to purchase the lucky ticket for the day, I noticed a lady...yes a young lady looking in my direction, it seemed she was smiling, not quiet sure if she was smiling at me, she looked like some known to me, but not quiet sure, I just looked right past her at the people at the coffee shop, which was going to be my next stop to have breakfast as my tummy was rumbling and calling for food...Recognizing me, she walked in m… Read more

Amazing Bloem 2 Fiction

part 2 of my Bloem adventure…

With her hands bound behind her back with my belt I lead her from the bed to the couch near the window , pushing her over the couch her ass is at the perfect height and angle , I decide to slow down and take my time not wanting to hurt her .

I pull out a bottle of lube and pour it on her ass watching as it slowly runs down , reaching out I use my middle finger to rub it around her tight little butt , at the same time I liberally coat my cock w… Read more

The Clients Daughter - Day 3 Fact

Mixing Business with Pleasure…

Today is the day. I woke up with a feeling of fear. I was not sure what to expect when I got to site. It was the final day so that brought some relief.

I had to return kiara's invigorating panties as much as I didn't want to. I can't bear the thought of her exposing her discovery of me, to her parents.

I took a shower and before getting ready decided to indulge in her panties one last time before they were returned.

I put on a blue th… Read more

Tryst with a Married Man Gay

Tryst with Married Man…

I'm 19 and I often hang out at my friends place, but I do it because his dad is super hot, albeit that he is away from home most of the time on business trips.

His dad is 44, successful and very good looking and gyms often, the man seriously takes care of himself, but then guess if he is a ceo of a company then he must take care of himself.

He arrived home from a New York trip last week and his family had flown to Cape Town for a family f… Read more

My naughty neighbour Meetings

Sometimes you just have to let go…

Every evening after I put the kids to bed I go outside for a cigarette and a glass of wine. I don't really smoke but this is my 1 a day.

One evening while the husband was away I sat outside having my usual cig and wine when my neighbours husband walked past. He asked for a cigarette and sure I had one extra he asked if I didn't mind him smoking with me. We had small talk, his wife and kids were away for the weekend and he was happy to have the… Read more

Bi curious makes you crazy but cum hard Part 2 Gay

Start of bi curious journey part 2…

The night did not end as I was hoping. I realized I was quite drunk and that I was perhaps thinking with my dick rather than head. The encounter was over before it even started as the boyfriend of the young guy found him, a furious conversation started which I could not hear for all the noise going on. Dejected but strangely exhilarated I went back to my friends, my semi-hard on a constant reminder of my encounter.

An hour later staggering o… Read more

Feet Fetish First Time

My wife loved her feet being sucked.…

Ann and I decided to go for supper at the Spur on Sunday afternoon late, we arrived at the Spur and sat down, ordered drinks and checking what to eat. I noticed a single guy sitting at the next table beside us, he was tall, early 40's, good looking with short red hair and blue eyes. Ann and I had a few drinks and ordered our food. The single guy kept looking at Ann and smiled, I saw Ann smiled back at him, I turned and looked at him, he smiled an… Read more

Bi curious makes you crazy but cum hard Gay

Start of bi curious journey…

I am a married guy and had the privilege to travel and live in various parts of the world. As a student in South Africa, having escaped the confines of the small minded and conservatism of Namibia I discovered and indulged in my voracious appetite for sex. I had a particular affinity for smart big women – and still do! At university you meet all kinds of people from all over the world all with their own kinks. One or two virgins, first year st… Read more

If a woman cries First Time


a Whole new world, an amazing place to be. Never thought I would become a lifestyler. But I did and it has evolved me from a ordinary woman to a hot blooded passionate lady with a sex drive most men could not keep up with.
The woman inside me was not crying anymore, but instead she was yearning for more. More extremely kinky and erotic encounters, passionate but rough enough to satisfy her wild side.
I remember my first party. I remember feeli… Read more

French Cocks? Fact

Me my friend and a rugby team…

For all you rugby fanatics out there, the french rugby team's emblem was a rooster, or still is i have no idea. But back in the day we called them die Hane in afr. And eng for haan is a cock, and this storie is about many many french cocks!!!

So many years ago every wed me and my friends would go to our club and enjoy ladies night before the men came in later. Games where played, me and another girl were the hoola hoop champs,used to play simo… Read more

Amazing Bloem Fiction

Amazing encounter in good old Bloem.…

I'd been told I needed to goto Bloem for family reasons , knowing I was going and i was 100% likely to be horny while there I decided to check out some of SH's Bloemfontein members , I browsed the profiles but one always kept catching my eye.

She was gorgeous , piercing blue eyes , almost innocent looking . I msg'd her and as luck would have it she liked what I had to say and we started chatting (For the purposes of this story I will refer to … Read more

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