02 Jan 2017

Not only was this my second hookup of the week but also the second time that i would be playing with the same guy.

He was the first guy I had my bi experience over a year ago with. He was house sitting at the exact same house where it happened previously as well.

We maintained contact and spoke via wattsapp. He told me he was house sitting at that same place and I asked if I could come swim.

He said sure and I arrived at the home later that evening. We spoke for a bit and decided to chill outside by the pool.

He got undressed and was completely naked. While he was chilling with his feet in the water ,I then walked over to the pool. Completely naked too.

I then dived into the pool, must admit there's something so freeing about skinny dipping. The feeling of the water against your naked skin.

He kinda got turned by seeing my cock and starting stroking his cock. This kinda turned me on, watching him stroke while his watching my cock get hard.

I then got out of the pool and we went inside. While I was drying myself he couldn't keep his eyes off my cock.

He then took my cock into his hand and started stroking it before taking my cock into his mouth. He started sucking it and then suddenly stopped so that we could head into another room.

He then put on some porn and we continued stroking each other. I then dropped to my knees between his spread legs and started sucking his cock.

I got him all the way down which kinda impressed him. Switching my pace from slow to fast. Making sure his cock is nice and wet and covered in my saliva.

I then let him go from my mouth and started stroking him some more. We then continued stroking for a bit.

I couldnt hold back any longer and shot my load,cum dripped from my cock onto the floor

He continued stroking his cock and asked if im still up for a facial. I always wanted to experience a facial, basically to see what the fuss was about. So I replied sure.

Next thing his standing infront of me and shot his load all over my fore head.

The cum dripped down my face onto the floor. I then cleaned myself up and wiped the cum up from the floor.

Afterwards we then chilled in the lounge watching t.v. before I headed home.

(This was my second attempt at a facial. The previous guy was too short and cum landed on my chest. This guy was tall but I was sitting in a chair, so most of it landed on my forehead.)