10 Feb 2018

I've been chatting to this guy on here on and off for some time. In our last conversation we had he mentioned he'll be home alone this weekend..

After finishing work I logged on out of habit as most people here do. Happened to see he was online and we started to chat.

Conversation went around what he got up to the previous night and I mentioned to him I'm on my way home. He asked if I had any plans to which I replied I didn't.. ( not a planner).

He told me his horny and was stroking his cock at that moment. I then asked if I should come over as I myself was having a bad case of the "horings" and he said sure.

Eventually got to his place intros then followed and we went inside. For some reason I still get nervous when meeting for the first time. So we chatted for a min. He went to the kitchen while I was in the lounge.

He returns and pulls down his shorts and boxers and I unbotton and unzip my pants together with my boxers letting it fall to my ankles.

We then start touching each others cocks both of us are uncut and he says its nice to finally meet.

After some stroking we proceed to his bedroom. Before he gets onto the bed I can feel his hand on my naked ass and watch him as he goes to lay on his back whilst I find room between his legs and start sucking his semi hard thick cock..

I then let his now hard cock from my mouth and climb on top of him so that our cocks are aligned together. I take both cocks into my hand and start stroking us simultaneously whilst he pinches my nipples.

If you have read my previous stories you will know that I like to frot and that is what we did next..

I start grinding my hard cock against his harder and deeper and stop as I can feel I want to cum.

I roll over onto my back and he starts sucking me real good. Pulling my foreskin back to suck my glistening wet head. We take turns sucking each other and I let him fuck my mouth.

I then roll onto my stomach and lift my ass in the air. He then takes his cock and teases my hole with it . Pushing against it. I ask him to rim me. He replies that he'll rim me with his cock.

I then lie flat on my stomach and he asks if I have been fucked. I reply no. He asks if I want to and I say yes..

I'm very tight so can feel his cock head push against my entrance making me feel full .

We then settle on him just sliding his cock between my cheeks in a fucking motion while he strokes my cock from behind.

I can feel the wetness of his cock between my cheeks as it makes a swishing sound with every stroke he makes.

I then turn around to lie on my back and he climbs on top of me..

He then takes our cocks into his hand and strokes us both fast.

I can feel im close and so is he. We both shoot our loads at the same time. Cum spewing from his cock onto mine..

He goes off to clean up whilst I lay on his bed gathering my breath. I then proceed to the bathroom to clean up and get dressed...