02 Jan 2017

I spotted the profile on my timeline and by chance thereafter spotted the person at a bar in town. I then decided to message him, which was kinda stalkerish but got a positive response from him.

We spoke and decided to have drinks , which is kinda yeah right on this site, therefore to be honest thought nothing would come of it. Let's just say my playdates from the previous week were kinda shit. The one stood me up and the other friend zoned me, a first on a site like this.

I was bored at home boxing day evening and saw he was online so I thought I would message him. He replied and we agreed to meet for drinks.

Half hour later we met at the same bar where I spotted him before. Polite chit chat and drinks followed , thereafter we decided to chill at his place.

Once we got to his place ,we had some more drinks and chatted some more. He identifies as straight and this was kinda a first for him. So we discussed the expectations of the events to follow,what his comfortable with etc. I was more curious about black cock as I always wanted to try it.

He then went to shower and I got comfortable on the couch. He returned naked and sat next to me on the couch.

I then started playing with his soft cock. It was average and cut which was workable.

Stroked his cock a bit and then went down on my knees between his spread legs.

I then took his semi hard cock into my mouth and started sucking slowly. (He likes it nice and slow). Its been a while since I've sucked, so my jaw had to adjust to him and I had to practice breathing through my nose,which kinda sucks if you have sinusitis and a deviated septum.(Not called a job for nothing).

There were some hiccups such as it getting a bit toothy at times but it got better. My favourite thing is to suck on balls, the bigger the better,his was kinda small and a bit tite though. But I soldiered through.

Another thing I like to do is to rub cocks together. Something about feeling two cocks rub up against each other and seeing it get wet. So I suggested this and he was open to trying it.

I then rubbed cream on our cocks and gently started stroking us both off. He got into it and applied more cream to our cocks.

Seeing him do this turned me on even more and he encouraged me to grind harder against his cock.

I could feel his hand on my thighs , guiding my rhythm as I grinded against him.

I started to lose myself in how good it felt and him telling me to cum, sent me over the edge.

I experienced the most intense climax ever and couldnt stop cumming as I shot my load all over him. Thick creamy cum against his dark skin.

He didnt cum though, which was kinda anticlimactic. He then let me use his shower and after I got cleaned up and dressed, we chatted some more over drinks.

The next day my legs were kinda sore and wobbly, which was a cool reminder of the fun I had the previous night.

Overall it was quite a pleasurable experience.