09 May 2018

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I head over to the hotel after work. The instruction was clear... "Meet me in my room. Be quiet and discrete."

I go to the reception desk and ask them to make contact with X and follow their directions to the lift .

I exit the lift and walk down the corridor, checking the numbers on the door.

As I get closer, I see him standing at the door. He lets me in, closing the door behind us.

There were no formalities or pleasantries exchanged. He takes off his pants, I follow his lead.

He goes and lies on the bed and tells me to suck his cock. I obediently take his soft, limp cock into my mouth and start slurping away.

I let his cock from my mouth and climb on top of him, making sure our cocks touch. I grind my cock against his and see he enjoys this. He rubs his precum from his cock onto mine stroking it slowly.

I take his now hard cock into my mouth and take him as deep down as I can. His cock enveloped by my mouth. He pulls out his cock and playfully rubs it against my lips. His tip separates my lips and he slides it in. He slaps his cock on my tongue and slides it in and around my mouth.

He strokes my cock, telling me to shoot my load onto his cock.

I take my cock and stroke it harder and faster, while he encourages me to cum.

I let out an "Oh fuck!" and shoot my load onto his hard cock.

His cock covered with my thick creamy cum.

He tells me to suck him off and I take his cum covered cock into my mouth. I start sucking off slow and pick up my pace.

He tells me to rim him and lifts his legs into the air. I see his hole and run my tongue over it, he lets out a moan. (My first time rimming someone).

I lick my way up to his ball sac and suck on his full balls whilst stroking him.

He gets up and moves behind me. Im on all fours, ass in the air and feel his hard cock against my bare cheeks.

He asks if I have condoms, I reply that I don't. He grabs me by the shoulders, I feel his cock against my opening. He thrusts in and I clench my hole. I don't take his cock inside of me.

He comes to lay on the bed and I stroke his cock, harder and faster. He doesn't last long and watch the cum shoot from his cock, dripping down his shaft...

We get cleaned up, pull up our pants and I head out his hotel room door.

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