10 Feb 2018

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My experiences on the site so far have been quite eventful. I always try to do new things and if I don't like it I won't do it again.

My dogging experiences have been a walk in the park.. literally and figuratively. Did it twice but didn't like it as it was too public and I was too paranoid about beeing seen or caught.. Basically short version of it , chatted to guy on here agreed to meet and we had no venue so ended up at Wynberg park..

Took a walk around until we found some bushy trees... made out for a bit. My favorite part was him taking my precum, rubbing it on my lips and kissing me..

The second time we met up , we ended up at Wynberg park again this time around we stayed in his car and he stroke me off until I came.. I was so horny and didn't last long and shot my load in his car.

My next attempt at dogging ended up with me getting stroked off and sucking a guy in his car of an underground basement parking lot.. Which was kinda rushed due to obvious reasons.

All on all it was an eventful adrenaline rush and I can understand why some people may like it..

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