16 Nov 2015

It happened one Saturday night ,as usual I was checking out the site, viewing the cams. X and I have been chatting for a while and as usual he whispered me

 while I was viewing his cam.  We chatted and eventually he asked me to come over to his place. At first I was nervous as he was a total stranger and even asked him not to be a psycho killer.  I built up the courage and didn't want to seem like a flake so drove over to his place. When I got there he was outside to welcome me and we went inside. Introductions then followed and he offered me a tequila shot to calm my nerves. I asked if I could smoke, he lit up a joint I proceeded to pass on that, still had to drive etc. We then went to his library where we chilled for a bit, he put on some porn and we watched it eventually he got turned on and unzipped his jeans. He started wanking and I watched at first. I asked if I could touch it and he let me. I started off with light strokes, then running my fingers over his cock head. He then slid his hands over to me and started playing with my cock through my track pants. He pulled down my pants to get a better view. He complimented me on my size and we compared cocks rubbing it together. We then start stroking each other off suddenly he drops to his knees and he takes my cock into his mouth. My knees went weak for a bit and I held onto his head for support while his warm wet mouth slurps on my cock and he takes me deeper into his mouth. I then ask if I can suck him too curious to taste cock for the first time. He says yes and he goes over to sit in a chair, I get on my knees and spread his legs pulling his jeans down to his ankle. I then start by nibbling on his sack taking each of his balls into my mouth,massaging each one with my tongue. First the one then the other then both , then lick my way up from the base of his cock to the tip of his cock head. I run my tongue over his head massaging his piss slit with my tongue, tasting his salty slimy pre cum before taking his whole cock into my mouth. Feeling it harden and throb in my warm mouth before I start bopping my head up and down his cock. He moans lightly and he mumbles suck it riley between his heavy breathing. He starts moving his hips and fucks my mouth lightly holding my head down onto his cock not forcefully. I try and deep throat him challenging myself to see how deep I can take him , I gag a bit but was quite happy that I got him deep enough to feel his pubes tickling my nostrils. I let him go from my mouth to catch my breath and we proceed to stroke each other. I was always fascinated by the huge loads that he shot from seeing it on cam and he asks if I want to see him cum. I say yes and move back a bit, he starts jerking off fast for a couple of minutes before he tells me his close. He shoots this huge load that flies all over and some of it lands on my clothes and hand . I ask him to help me with my load and he jerks me off, it doesn't take me long and I shoot my load , not as big as his though. We then get cleaned up and move to the lounge to c

hill for a bit before I head home .