21 Feb 2017

Let's just say the start to 2017 was uneventful compared to the last two weeks of 2016.Years that end in uneven numbers are always so bleh to me.

I haven't had a hookup yet to start off the new year and kinda thought." Is this what the rest of this year is gonna be like?" The thought kinda depressed me.

However my luck changed. I received a message in my inbox that kinda looked promising.

Basically context of the message was, ' In Cape Town for a conference this weekend, wanna hookup?" I replied"Sure".

Over the next couple of days we chatted via inbox which progressed to wattsapp. Swapped pics, dirty talk etc.. You know the drill.

The week took forever to pass and then on Saturday morning, I received a message asking if we still on to meet. I didn't have any other plans and said,"Sure I'm still up for the meet."

Arrived at the bnb where he was staying and he was waiting outside. Polite niceties then followed,

I then went to sit on his bed and continued with some small talk with some awkward silent moments in between.

We were both shy so guess it was a case of who is gonna make the first move.

I did.

I asked if I could take off my jacket and walked over to the chair which was on his side of the bed. I hung up my jacket and then shrug up my shoulders whilst maintaining eye contact with him . It was my way of gesturing let's do this.. What you waiting for?.

He jumped onto his feet and walked over to me. We start undressing each other, pants first of course. He had a semi whilst we were undressing and had a raging hard on once fully naked.

His cock was so hard and thick. He held me close to him, grinding our cocks together. I told him it would be better on the bed and he went to lay on his back whilst I got on top of him. We rubbed and grinded our cocks together until we were both wet and dripping with precum.

I then moved down his body and took his cock into my mouth.

Licking and slurping up and down his cock before taking him into my mouth.

Unfortunately I couldn't get him all the way down as he was kinda big.

He then asked me to stop but not before I nibbled on his full nutsack, sucking and playing with each of his testicles ,as he didn't want to cum yet

He then started sucking on my cock, pulling my foreskin back whilst sucking on my head and teasing it with his tongue.

He then lets me go from his mouth and makes his way up to my face moving his lips closer to mine.

His mouth hungry for mine.

I never kissed a guy before so this was a first. Not gonna lie it was kind of awkward for me and a bit of a mind fuck but in the heat of the moment just went with the flow.

Our lips touching and sucking on each other with our tongues darting in and out of each other's mouths.There was like this unexplainable hunger.

I then whisper to him,'Rim me'.

I've never experienced it before and he obliges.

I lay flat on my stomach with my ass in the air and can feel his warm breath on my hole. I then feel the wet tickling of his tongue as it teases my hole.It goes deeper inside of me and I give into the sensation with me grabbing the back of his head ,wanting him deeper inside of me.

I then feel his hand wrap around my cock and give into the pleasure of getting rimmed and jerked off simultaneously.

He then moves his body closer to mine and can feel his hard ,throbbing cock against my ass. He lies on top of me and grinds his cock against my ass which leads me to take his cock and slide it between my cheeks.

i push him onto his back and start sucking on his cock again, wanting to reward him for all the pleasure his giving me. He suggests that we 69 which is another first for me.

I lie on my back and he gets on top of me until we positioned cock to each others' mouths. We then start sucking on each other.

He doesn't last as long though and suddenly climbs off of me.Ropes and ropes of creamy cum shoots from his cock onto his stomach.

He apologises and I tell him, 'It's okay. It happens. There's always round two."

He then heads over to the bathroom to clean himself off and comes to sit next to me on the bed. He starts stroking my cock and I take his hand and suck on his middle finger.I then guide him to my hole and he inserts it.

Slowly he starts finger fucking me.

He then reaches for the lube on the nightstand , lubes up my hole a bit and proceeds to finger fuck me again, deeper and deeper.

I can feel him rub against my prostrate with each thrust and there's an aching and burning feeling in my balls.

I ask him to stop which he does and he proceeds to jerk me off faster and faster.

Suddenly my heels dig into the bed and my hips buck up, I have the most intense orgasm ever and shoot ropes and ropes of cum all over my stomach.

He doesn't stop wanking me though and my legs start to spasm from the pleasure he 's giving me. Eventually he stops and I head over to the bathroom to clean myself up.

We then get dressed and as we were both starving by then, head out to get something to eat.