16 Aug 2016

X and I chatted on the site one Saturday night. The conversation was flowing, suddenly he says " this chat will go well over a couple of tequila shots". I figured why not it's just drinks and agreed to meet him at a bar located near to his hotel. The uber drive felt forever but got there eventually. From the description of what he told me he was wearing,( we never swapped any details),I could see him standing at the bar through the window. I passed him as he was making his way to the tables outside and he called, half asked"Riley??". Introductions then followed and we continued our conversation over a couple of tequilas. The conversation was flowing and the bar was closing soon, so he suggested the bar in his hotel room. When we got there that bar was closed too. He then suggested that we head upstairs to his room as he has a bottle of red wine that we could drink.

Once we were inside I went to sit on his bed while he sat on a chair across from me.We chatted some more about sexuality as he had lots of questions. I gave him honest answers as I'm still figuring it out myself. He then asked if we could try stuff. I said sure. Since it was his first time, I wanted to make him feel comfortable so took the lead.

I walked over to him and he pulled me closer. He started grinding against my groin. Making our cocks hard. I then unbutton his shirt and run my hands over his chest until I reach his pants where I fumbled clumsily to undo his belt, he helped and I slowly unzip him. He then undresses me until I am just in my t shirt and boxers.

I pushed him onto the bed (like in the movies) and pulled off his pants. He then took off my t shirt and boxers before I climbed on top of him. I asked him what he wanted to do and he says to go slow. I started off by nibbling on his ear and light biting of his arm before running my tongue over his chest sucking and teasing his nipples. Then slowly licked my way down his torso until I reached his treasure trail .I then let my fingers follow the trail until I reach the waistband of his boxers, where I then hook my fingers into it and slowly pull it down

I then grip his cock and start stroking him slowly. While watching and listening to him moan as his rock hard uncut cock glistens with precum.

I then start sucking on his ball sack, paying attention to each testicle before I lick my way up his shaft, covering it in saliva.

Once I reach the top of his head, I tease his piss slit with my tongue for a bit whilst lapping up his precum.

It tastes salty and slimy and get my lips covered in it. I then take his hard cock deeper into my mouth. Inch by inch until his all the way down.

I then increase my suction and start bobbing my head up and down, making him moan with pleasure.

He then asked if he can suck me, I replied yes and he takes my cock into his mouth while I rub my hands through his hair and slowly start fucking his mouth.

He let's me go from his mouth and I climb on top of him so that our cocks are touching. We start rubbing our cocks together which he enjoyed until we both slippery from precum.

I then take both our cocks and jerk us off simultaneously. Then some more rubbing before we end up jerking each other off.

We both close to cumming and he asks where I want him to cum.. I told him in my face but his shorter so his load lands on my chest. He tells me to keep stroking him and he continues jerking me even though I shot my load on my tummy already. This makes my legs spasm.

Afterwards I lay on the bed catching my breath, covered in cum, while he heads to bathroom to clean up.

I then asked to use his shower and get cleaned up. We then get dressed and continue chatting until my uber arrives.

I then leave and do the walk of shame though the hotel lobby.