07 Jan 2019

I come back from the kitchen with a drink for each of us and Sanet is sitting cross legged next to Cindy,her beautiful breasts hanging soft and beautifully parted. She had her hand on Cindy's leg and the other holding her hair back out of her face as she watched Cindy softly probe the purple little plug in her anus with her middle and ring finger.

I handed the girls their drinks and sat on my knees opposite from Sanet,my cock still very hard and pointing to the ceiling. Sanet sipped her wine and smiled at me over her glass,she was very beautiful in the bright living room,Sun caught her red hair and framed her face perfectly. I put my hand on her cheek,pushing her hair behind her ear and kissed her. She was really revved up and reached out and started stroking my cock again while we kissed over Cindy between us. Cindy was cupping one of her breasts and played with herself with the other,Sanet gave Cindy's cupped breast a kiss on the nipple and then her mouth,they made out for a little bit,my cock still in Sanet's hand. Sanet told Cindy she really needed a day like this,and Cindy loved hearing things like this and she sped up with her hand now rubbing her own slippery pussy. Cindy told her how long she's wanted Sanet and how me and her played the night before. Turns out at 45 years of age Sanet had only been with 2 men ,her husband and some boyfriend during her university years and no girls. Cindy got that wicked look on her face again and said.well today you will have your 3rd guy and maybe my husband sometime also! My cock gave a jump at the thought of watching Rob satisfy Sanet. I would really like a 3some with two men Sanet told Cindy,her hand now stroking my cock again and Cindy sighing with pleasure at the thought and rubbed her pussy furiously now.

I knew what Cindy wanted,I moved in between her legs,put my hand under her knees and pushed her legs back and spread her open,her vagina from wetness and eagerness spread open revealing her deep pink pleasure pit with the purple butt plug pointing out. I told Sanet to go behind Cindy and she lifted Cindy 's shoulders and upper body into her lap,Cindy stretched out her arms and crossed them over Sanet's neck. Almost instinctively Sanet grabbed Cindy's breasts and Cindy pulled her down to kiss her. I stretched my one arm out also and ran my hand down Cindy's neck,between her cupped breasts in Sanet's hands and rested my hand on her firm tummy. I started eating her pussy out,deeply and covered her pussy with my mouth,licking and sticking my tongue as deep as I could into her wet womanhood. I took Sanet's wrists and put her hands under Cindy's knees again and she spread Cindy open some more.

I got into position and stroked my cock slowly,the two woman looking down at whats to follow,I slowly rubbed my cock up and down Cindy's wet slit and she started to moan and slowly move her hips. I stopped and inched myself slowly into Cindy's burning hot and wet pussy. I pushed myself in all the way to the base of my penis and took hold of Cindy's hips just above her spread legs. I slowly started to slide in and out of her,I felt very engorged and Cindy was breathing heavily each inward thrust I went harder and eventually slammed her with each stroke to which she let out a yelp and moan each time. I started to pick up the pace,but kept it controlled because I did not want to blow yet,Cindy wanted anal and i loved giving it to her and besides,I had the hots now for Sanet after tasting her sweet honey pot.

Cindy was screaming now and clawing for Sanet's breasts,Sanet let go of Cindy's legs and moved out from under her and lay her shoulders and back down on the floor,I took Cindy's legs again and spread her her again whilst pumping rhythmically away. Cindy did not want to let go of Sanet and with her mouth open and heaving followed Sanet with her eyes. Sanet cupped one her own breasts and bent over Cindy,Cindy immediatly latched on and grabbed Sanet's other breast also,Sanet looked at me and with her one hand started to rub Cindy's clit,I leaned forward and kissed Sanet and Cindy after.

I pulled out and still feeling surprisingly fresh kissed Cindy on her very wet pussy and stuck 2 of my fingers in her,she had cummed again while I was fucking her and I pressed on her pleasure spot on her vaginal wall. I took out my fingers and started to run it around her butt plug. Cindy moaned yes yes yes and writhed and gyrated her hips while having Sanet in a embrace. Sanet was eager to see and I slowly started to pull out the little anal toy. First a bit the pushing it back in,I took Sanet's hand and put it on Cindy's pussy,she started rubbing Cindy's wetness and I gently removed the butt plug. Whilst Sanet was rubbing Cindy's vagina I started to tongue her little arsehole,slick from Cindy's pussy juices and put my finger in her little hole whilst still rimming her. Sanet's face was very close to mine now,eager to see Cindy's arse gettting teased. I stuck my tongue as deep as I could between Cindy's bum cheeks and came up to kiss Sanet,she eagerly did and even started rimming Cindy with me. Cindy was moaning with pleasure and pulled Sanet ontop of her in the 69 position. I could'nt see what Cindy was doing but Sanet was loving it,eating Cindy's arse and pussy and kissing me.

I got on my knees again and Sanet's face was buried between Cindy's legs. I took her head in my hands and she was almost looking intoxicated from pleasure and gave me sloppy kiss. I held her face in my hands and said you need to lube me up a bit,I raised up on my knees some more and Sanet engulfed my cock without letting go of Cindy's arse,Istuck my cock deep down her throat and she gagged to which I pulled out but she kept meeting me and drooling as I pulled out of her mouth.

Sanet was collapsed on top of Cindy with her face resting just above Cindy's pussy,I could see Cindy's arm moving fast as she furiosly fingered Sanet,licking her juices as she came. Sanet's hands were still on Cindy's bum and I made her spread Cindy open a bit. Cindy knew what was coming and grabbed Sanet's breasts that was pressed against her tummy and lifted her hips a little,I moved forward and a look of fascination and intrigue crossed Sanet's face.

Pt7 as soon as I get free time!