29 Dec 2018

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So it's been awhile since I shared a story and browsing through the gallery on SH made me reminisce again about the past and particular day of fun much like today. Hot,windstill and perfect.

Any of you folks that have read some of my other adventures from years back would have read about Rob & Cindy that moved to the UK. Now we were friends and lovers and Cindy was always very naughty,a real nymph. Rob often went up country for business and I basically lived at their house so Cindy,when she was in the mood (WHICH WAS ALMOST ALWAYS) would always find some way for us to end up having sex. Rob loved this,he always wanted all the details when he was back home again.

I dropped off Rob at the airport on the Friday afternoon and I went back to his house. It was early afternoon and I was alone there and Cindy would only come home later the afternoon from work. I made a fire for a braai and had some beers. Cindy arrived and as usual she undressed and I had her glass of wine ready,she accepted gratefully,kissed me hello and immediately remarked why I am not naked (WE WERE ALWAYS NAKED IN THE HOUSE UNLESS PEOPLE WERE VISITING). Clothes off she kissed me again and the evening progressed. We ate,drank some more and in the evening we lay on the couch together chatting and watching a movie (NOT PORN HA HA!)

Cindy was lying on her back between my legs drinking her wine and remarking on her day and the movie (SHE WAS A REAL CHATTERBOX) and I was having a beer. She started to rub between her legs at one point and I knew what she wanted,I took her wine glass after finishing my beer and started fondling her breasts and kissing her neck.I could see her smile when she felt me swelling up beneath her. Squeezing her breasts and nipples she sat more upright and I let my hands run down her smooth tight body and rubbed her wet slit and clit. She by now had her hand behind her wrapped around my ever hardening manhood and just gently holding him and tugging from time to time.

After a while of this and my fingers deep into her wetness she turned around and we started kissing and I grabbed both her lovely breasts and sucked on her hard peachy nipples,she arched back and I slid my hands down her toned body and on to her magnificent bum. I was licking her between her breasts with her holding on to the back of my neck and hoisted her up to kiss her beautifully firm toned tummy. She had a grip on my shaft and she really knew how to work a hard cock with her hands,opening up her hand periodically and stroking my balls and shaft.

It was a very warm evening and we were both covered in sweat,she looked absolutely breathtaking with the beads of sweat on her chest and body. She pushed me back and kissed me deeply again on the mouth and down my neck,pinching my nipples and chest and worked her way down and I just let go,lying with my arms outstretched above my head and just taking it all in because I knew a blowjob verging on a religious experience were moments away. Sure enough she engulfed my manhood and ran her tongue up and down my shaft and tight balls. She sucked the head of my penis and kept stroking and rubbed the base of my glans with her thumb while flicking her naughty tongue over the tip.

I was almost breathless,Cindy has sucked me off many many times,but this was something else and thought when it comes time to thrust myself into her I would not last very long and I knew she hated it when me or Rob came too quick,she would just carry on and force you to stay hard until she said it was done.

She maintained her breathless sucking and pleasing and I needed to protest at one point because it was getting too much. You really need to take it easy if you want more I said and she raised her self up a bit,looked at me and squeezed her amazing breast around my manhood slowly rising and falling with my slippery cock between her breasts all the while looking at me with a wicked smile on her face as she bit down her bottom lip,an expression of total control and pleasure on her face,I almost came,she was very beautiful in any regard,but with that look on her face and my hard cock between her breasts made me catch my breath!

We are not going to fuck tonight dont worry,she said and a feeling of bemusement ran through me. How would you like to have a 3some tomorrow,she asked. I was a bit perplexed and I said Rob's not here and although we always wanted to have her play with another guy except us,she never gave in,it was just with Rob and me and other girls. No silly,she said,there is a lovely divorced lady that works with me and I want her. So you have arranged it already I asked,and she said no,I invited her for drinks and sun tanning and hopefully a 3some and she started laughing.

Goddammit I thought,this witch just knows what she wants and always gets it. Sure why not I said,but you cant do all the work tonight and since we are not going to fuck I better get you worked up anyway so I dont get a heart attack tomorrow! With that I stood up and grabbed her beneath her arms and lifted her up and onto her back,she shrieked with playful laughter and I spread her legs apart and dove in eating deeply on her wet and beautifully blooming pussy.

This went on for a bit and her breath was heaving as she writhed her hips while squeezing her breasts. I got up turned on my back so I could jerk my raging erection and kept eating her out with my face firmly in her bum,this was before it was mainstream but Cindy loved having her little starfish licked and I always loved seeing and feeling her reaction to this. Tonguing her little hole she was shaking and said I was not expecting this so I didn't douche,but She was so clean always it did not matter. I just knew by her saying this that she wants a finger in her special hole.

She was in a state and got up and leaned over me 69 style and started on my cock again,pushed my hand away and took over,stroking hard and fast and moaning as now with my hands free and her bum on top of me I spread her open and ate her out properly. She was moaning hard and I could feel I was very close to cumming,I decided to let go and I came a huge load onto her face and open mouth,burying my head deep in her arse as she worked and sucked out the last drops of cum. I was spent and just lay there,this was something else from what we usually did feeling and intensity wise. She kissed my shriveling manhood and turned around, I saw it was a really big load by the state of her face and she even had some cum on her chest. I turned her around and lay her down her back,licking and softly touching her breasts and nipples,licking up some of the cum there and on her face and then kissing her deeply.

We lay there spent for a while still and chatted and planning the next day's fun,She said me rimming her turned her on something fierce and I must help her clean up and prepare to have anal sex tomorrow. Who am I to deny Cindy!

Next day's fun will follow soon!

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