30 Dec 2018

Sanet was lying on her back on the lounger with both her hands above her breast,just resting them there,but had the effect of pressing her big mounds down and making them push up harder against her bikini top and her nipples seemed harder now,pointing hard against the fabric. I did my best to just chill and have my beer and not stare to much,but her body was amazing in the sun.

Cindy was still laying on her stomach and asked me to put on some sunscreen for her,this I knew now was her move,she loosened the knot holding her top on and with her index fingers stuck it in the sides of her bikini bottom and pulled it more inward to expose more of her firm bum. I obliged and rubbed some on her back and while I was doing it she sighed delightfully. She instructed me to do her legs and the while doing that she arched her bum up slightly and move it from side to side and said to me,you know you love to rub my bum every chance you get and giggled while rubbing on Sanet's arm next to her. Sanet smiled and sipped on her wine watching me rub lotion on Cindy,s bum and up between her thighs,Cindy mmmm'd and said you should do Sanet next and I just said sure and I caught Sanet's smile as she brought her wine glass to her mouth.

I knew what Cindy was going to do next and sure as shit she did it,she raised herself up while I was still rubbing her thighs and turned around on her back,leaving her top behind,lying topless now her back. Sanet gasped and said what are you doing in laughing way. Oh he's seen me nude many times and he loves,dont you she said,yup was all I could reply as I could feels blood rushing to my head and cock,but doing my best to keep it in check. Put some lotion on my stomach she said and I rubbed her sides and toned tummy. She started to moan a bit,but just from relaxation and then said,dont forget my girls,you know I like lotion on them. I took the bottle and she pressed her breasts together while I squirted a jet of the cream onto her breasts and over her nipples. She dropped her arms to her side and stared rubbing the lotion over her breasts,massaging them and running my thumbs over her nipples. Sanet was sitting mouth open gasping and said what about your husband to Cindy,oh dont worry,he is not here and he is a very close family friend remember,she said to Sanet while lowering her glasses and winked at Sanet and we all shared a laugh again. I continued rubbing Cindy's breasts and Sanet was sitting up on the side of the lounger now and just watching,Cindy chatting to her and was now rubbing Sanet's leg. Cindy said I want to get a even tan and I knew what she meant,I ran my hands down her sides,caught her bikini bottom and slowly pulled it of revealing her naked shaved little honey pot. Sanet said woah and sat back as I squirted more lotion Cindy's pussy and rubbed it gently over her. Sanet started too look a little uncomfortable and Cindy told her dont worry,we do this all the time,Rob is fine with it and sometimes we even have sex all of us together. What?! Sanet said. Yes it's lot of fun actually,having 2 men lusting over you and pleasuring you is very satisfying,knowing I can control them with this,and she put both her hands on her pussy and spread her open slightly,is very empowering. I love sex and my 2 guys know how to treat me.

I went to go get some drinks,doing my best to hide my raging boner and on my way back saw Cindy was moving in for the kill. She was sitting on the side of the chair now also and had both her hands on Sanet's volumes breasts. Sanet was clearly enjoying this as her hands were on her thighs and I could see her back arched slightly pushing the puppies out more for Cindy's caressing touch. I placed the drinks on a table close to them,sat down facing them and had my beer. Cindy looked at me and jiggled Sanet's breasts and said to me they are beautiful hey. I did'nt say much the day sofar,left the chatting to the girls,but I knew my wing girl needed my input now. Covered up they are amazing,can just imagine what they look like when freed from confinement,I could tell that was spot on as Cindy looked at me biting her bottom lip and Sanet shuffling slightly in her chair. Im actually getting quite worked up and stroked over my crotch. Behave yourself you wicked man Cindy said and we laughed. Cindy looked at Sanet and asked her,so have you ever kissed or been with another girl before?

Oh no, Sanet replied,but I love looking at woman and you being naked touching me is turning me on she said. Cindy let go of Sanet's breasts and pulled in to hug her and kissed her on the cheeks,as they left their embrace Cindy ran her hands down Sanet's arms and grabbed her wrists and put Sanet's hands or her breasts,biting on her lip again asked Sanet how does that feel. Sanet was silent,hands on Cindy's breast and Cindy rubbing Sanet's thighs. Sanet eventually replied while kneading Cindy's breasts,amazing and kept fondling her. Cindy took of her sunglasses and took of Sanet's pair also,Sanet just kept staring and fondling Cindy's breasts. Cindy took Sanet's face in her hands and asked her,can I kiss you? Sanet nodded and Cindy gave her a kiss on the mouth,just a peck and she pulled back and Sanet followed her with her mouth slightly open for a kiss, I saw this and thought to myself,Cindy has you know. Cindy came forward again and this time kissed Sanet deeply,running her hands down her neck and shoulders and grabbed Sanet's big beautiful breasts again,this time squeezing them as the women started properly making out. kissing deeply Cindy did not remove Sanet's top,just squeezing and grabbing those covered up girls. Cindy put her hands over Sanet's hands that was groping her breasts and squeezed them making Cindy's pointy nipples stand erect,kiss me here Cindy told Sanet and pinched her own nipples between Sanets index finger and thumb. Sanet was now in to it,she kissed,then licked and finally latched on sucking Cindy's nipples. First one then the other then kissing Cindy on her mouth again.

I was very hard and was stroking myself through my pants and thats when I saw while Sanet was busy sucking Cindy's nipples again with Cindy's head tilted back and moaning from pleasure,Cindy's hands on Sanet's shoulders that she beckoned me over with her free hand. Time to give Cindy what she wants.....

continued in pt4.