03 Jan 2019

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Sanet was breathless and grabbed Cindy's breast and squeezed them. I was standing next to Cindy now and she was stroking my hardon,Cindy asked Sanet,Can he help me eat you out? Sanet was really into it now and just nodded her head as she watched Cindy wanking me.

Cindy licked the tip of my cock again and moved over slightly and I took up position next to her between Sanet's legs still spread open over the chair's armrest,Sanet folded her arms under her big breasts and bit on her index finger looking down at us. Her pussy was beautifully parted and very pink and shiny from wetness. Me and Cindy went down on her,licking each other's tongues over Sanet's vagina and sucking on her clit. I stuck my middle finger into Sanet while Cindy was sucking on her hard rubbery clit and bent my finger upward to feel that special pleasure patch inside her and started fingering her pressing on her pleasure spot. She moaned and her hips shook furiously and in a frantic way screamed "I'm cumming"! and grabbed the armrests and she came beautifully,squirting a little bit and me and Cindy licking up her warm salty juices. I was wanking myself pretty hard now and Cindy grabbed my wrist stopping me and said,"Maybe Sanet can do that?"

I stood up and moved the side of the chair Sanet was spread on.Stroked myself slowly while she was watching me and she put her hand on my leg and looked almost uncertainly at Cindy,Cindy smiled and stood up and came to stand behind me and while cupping my balls from behind she took Sanet's hand it put it on my raging erection,Cindy guiding her soft warm hand in a stroking motion over my cock,she let go of Sanet's hand and she continued softly stroking me. It felt amazing and I started rhythmically meeting each stroke in a pumping manner. Sanet seemed also to be enjoying this and she took her legs off the armrests and sat sideways facing my cock and started to increase her pace slightly and swapping hands intermittently with the other grabbing and squeezing my butt or balls. Cindy wiggled in next to her and kissed Sanet again,then while Sanet was stroking started to suck my balls and lick my shaft. She kissed Sanet again and said to her,"do you feel like sucking on his beautiful hard cock,I bet he would love it". She looked at my cock in her hand and up to me,I stroked the side of her face with my hand and said to her "I really would like that".

Sanet let go of my penis and put both her hands on my thighs,she stuck her tongue out and licked my cock head and down the side of my shaft and tongued my balls. She opened her mouth and slowly engulfed me to the base of my cock,gagging slightly,she slowly returned up my cock with her tongue firmly pressed under the shaft of my penis and repeated,slowly at first and gathering pace with her one hand helping now,she was very very good at this and Cindy was behind her stroking and holding Sanet's hair while she gave me a award winning blowjob. "You are a real cocksucker aren't you" Cindy said and Sanet turned her sideways to look at Cindy and softly bit down with her teeth on my shaft and made a "mmmm" sound and chuckled with Cindy.

I was in a state and Cindy joined Sanet with the sucking duties,the two women tonguing and kissing each other with my cock between them. Sanet's slutty side was out properly now and she said fuck my mouth and lay back down on the chair. Cindy immediately went down between her legs and started fingering and eating Sanet out again,by now furiously horny she was fingering and rubbing herself also very fast and there was wet patch on the living room rug underneath her. I mounted Sanet over the armrests and while supporting myself on the chairs backrest guided my cock into her mouth and at first started fucking her mouth slowly and then harder and faster until she was drooling and moaning in pleasure from Cindy eating her out.

I grabbed one of Sanet's breast while mouth fucking her,I got of off her and Cindy grabbed my cock from behind between my legs and gave a few deep gagging sucks,covering me in even more drool.I sat down with my knees at Sanet's sides,my cock pointing hard and wet over her tummy and grabbed both her breasts,squeezing them hard through the fabric of her bikini top she still had on. Sanet smiled as I kept squeezing and bunching up the fabric over her breasts. I leant down and kissed her deeply,my tongue meeting and furiously wrestling with hers while grinding my hard cock on her tummy. I broke the kiss and pulled her head into my chest so I could get behind her and loosened the knot and pulled her top off,pushing her back down and I gasped as I saw her big naked breasts. She was a natural redhead by the carpet matching the drapes and her skin was milky white and her areolas light pink and much bigger than Cindy's and turning deeper pink toward her lovely erect nipples. I sighed and pressed her big soft breasts together as she smiled and pulled and pinched her own nipples and asked me "do you like them?". I did not answer,just bit down and licked and sucked on her breasts,she giggled in pleasure and put her arms around me. Cindy had nice big breasts,but nothing crazy,her breasts suited her athletic young frame and were very firm. Sanet was in shape for an older woman but her breasts were much much bigger and softer than Cindy's. I kept on sucking and squeezing her breasts and pressing my head between them. I was grinding my cock up and down her tummy and she reached down with her hands to get to him and in a reverse grip started stroking me.

Cindy by now was also onto Sanet's boobs and we each sucked on one in turn,Cindy was also loving this and as much as she was a pussy lover,she was a boob girl. She was having fun now and we properly lubed up Sanet's cleavage. I got up and met Sanet's mouth with my cock again,instinctively knowing the next part in our game she drooled over my cock,Cindy added some more and along with Sanet pressed Sanet's big soft breasts together.I slid my cock between her breasts and pinched her nipples again,she smiled at me while with Cindy's help stroked her breasts up and down. I grabbed the chairs back rest and started thrusting harder. meeting Sanet's tongue when the head of my cock peeked out between her breasts. Cindy had now gone and sat down on the carpet and spread her own legs open ,supporting her with her free arm,she lay back and started to play with herself.

I stopped the titfucking and while Sanet was holding onto my penis kissed her deeply again and got up. Sanet was lying back,eyes closed,smiling and rubbing her own wet pussy. "What an amazing afternoon!" she said and Cindy,half moaning,said it's not over yet and Sanet opened her eyes and still smiling said,"Yay!" and sat up and locked eyes onto the little purple plug protruding out of Cindy's bum as she lay spread open and playing with herself.

I needed a drink....badly.

Some more soon!

Next story in series: Wet and slippery PT6.