23 Jan 2019

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I was on my knees stroking my spit lubed cock slowly and stuck the index finger of my free hand slowly into Cindy's anus,slowly just to my first knuckle then deeper and faster. Cindy was moaning and squeezed Sanet's breasts,Sanet just watching me finger Cindy's little hole and smiling. I pulled out my finger and moved closer,spreading Cindy's legs a bit,taking the base of my cock with my index finger and thumb started to inch myself slowly into Cindy's waiting arse,just the tip of my cock and then slowly more until I was fully into her. Even with all her anal play and toys she always had very very small tight little ashole. She gasped and I started to fuck her slowly,pushing myself all the way into her with each thrust. Sanet had let go of Cindy's bum and still lying on top of her ran her index finger over the top of my shaft each time I pulled back. She was looking up at me and she looked so gorgeous with her red hair in a mess and sweat covering her brow. Still fucking Cindy I pulled Sanet up and tongue kissed her hard and deep,my hands searching for and finding her breasts. She sat up more still on top of Cindy and cupped her breasts while I sucked on her perfect nipples.

"She likes to have her pussy played with while she's getting assfucked" I told Sanet and smilingly went back down on top of Cindy,arching her back like a cat sticking her bum up in the air,from my vantage point the view was breathtaking,her lovely back tapering down to her peach of a bum,I couldn't help myself and smacked her bum and she giggled delightfully. Still fucking Cindy's tight little arse Sanet started to rub Cindy's erect little clit,tongued and sucked on the little bean,she started fingering Cindy's wet pussy and this let out fresh cries from Cindy. Cindy was in a state and suddenly started to get up.I pulled out and Sanet rolled off from on top of her and Cindy grabbed Sanets arms and pulled her up,when they were both standing Cindy embraced Sanet and started furiously kissing her and rubbing Sanet's pussy. I sat on my knees just looking at them and Cindy told me "come here!". I got up and Cindy grabbed my cock and led me to the couch,I grabbed Sanet's bum and guided her with us.

Cindy went on the couch doggystyle,sticking her pert little bottom up in the air and wiggled her hips and said fuck me hard now. Sanet got on the couch next to Cindy and rubbed Cindy's back and bum,spreading her open again. I held my cock in my hand and Sanet almost knowingly came down to meet my cock and gave him a slobbery suck,I stuck my cock in Cindy again and got up on the couch,legs either side of Cindy's and grabbed hold of the couch's backrest,pushing myself hard and as deep as I could into Cindy's arse. I started to fuck her,hard like she asked for. The slapping noise of me fucking her and her moans must have done it for Sanet because she sat with one leg up and was playing with herself and moaning also.

Ass much as I loved fucking Cindy,especially when she was this naughty I really wanted to get inside Sanet,her beautiful pink pussy with the lovely red carpet above her kitty was driving me mad. I was still feeling fresh,but Cindy's arse always had a way of making me cum quicker than she would like,although this day I was in exceptional form. Up to that point we were probably going at it for close to an hour already.Whilst pummeling Cindy from behind I leant down and kissed her neck and ear and told her I want to fuck Sanet badly. Cindy nodded and started to get up,I pulled out and stood back. Cindy looked like a drunk person,staring off in the distance and got up and stumbled out of the living room,her legs shaking with each controlled step. Sanet was sitting spread on the couch,half lying on her back and I gave her one breast a kiss and went to sit down on the floor between her legs,looking at her pussy. She was still slowly rubbing herself and spread her lovely blooming lips slightly with her index and middle finger. I grabbed her thighs and burried my face in her crotch,licking her deeply,doing my best to tongue fuck her.

Cincy came back into the room with her favourite dildo. A bullet shaped one,not too big,the one she uses to toy her arsehole with. She lay down on the couch next to Sanet and rubbing her breasts slowly rubbed the toy over her clit,a faint "whirring" sound coming from the toy. I got out from between Sanet's legs and went to Cindy and gave her a kiss,letting her taste Sanet on my lips. I went down and took her toy,gave her pussy and arse a bit of a tonguing while she squeezed her firm breast together."You know what I like" she smiled and I did,so I took the toy and licked it and stuck it in my mouth,givin it a mock blowjob. Cindy bit her bottom lip and laughed,"that's it" she said as I took the toy out of my mouth and slipped it into her arsehole.

Cindy took over and slowly started to fuck herself with the dildo. I went back to Sanet and leant over her kissing and touching her breasts,she took my cock reverse grip and slowly stroked me as we kissed.She sat forward and I met her mouth with my cock,lifting my one leg onto the couch as she sucked me and licked my balls. She leant back again and I went between her legs again and rubbed my cock over her wet slit. She breathed deeply and I stopped and started to push myself in. She was warm as fire and very very wet. I could feel her tightening and cum just as I was into her. I was feeling light headed and started to thrust,slowly,she felt so good and looked so beautiful as I fucked her,her breasts jiggling slightly with each thrust and her pussy lips beautifully gripping my cock. She had her arms on my shoulders and looked up to me as I fucked her,my sweat dripping from my face onto her chest. I was hoping to savour the experience,but I could feel myself getting ready to blow. A few more shallow thrusts and I pulled out and came just as I did. Shooting a very big load of watery cum in 3 big spurts. It covered most of her stomach,but her pussy and one breast also got some cum. Cindy sat up,dildo still in her arse and started jerking me off,fast to get all my cum out and sucked out the rest when no more dribbled out from her wanking me off. Sanet was out of breath and lay with her head back into the couch's backrest. Cindy licked up some of the cum and kissed Sanet,rubbing some of the cum over Sanets mouth. "How was that Cindy purred?".Sanet did not reply,she just smiled. You came so much baby,but it was too soon! Cindy said.

I just collapsed on my back on the floor,arms over my face and Cindy pulled out her toy and also lay down rubbing her foot along Sanet's leg.

There we lay for I do not know how long,my head turning and my cock aching from the afternoons play.Cindy eventually got us all fresh drinks and we sat around naked and chatted a bit.

There is more to this story and I will post again as soon as I get free time again. There are quite a few more of the old days adventures as I recently rediscovered a diary I kept of our exploits when I was moving house. I do my best to write in a fictional way,but the gist of the stories are all fact. Hope you all enjoyed it! Stay tuned for more!


Next story in series: Ending off a great day