12 Jul 2020

Sorry it has been a while,I did promise there was more and decided to get writing again.

It was early evening and the weather was still beautiful and warm. Cindy,Sanet and myself had a skinny dip in the pool and the water seemed to have had an invigorating and sobering effect on us. We had however worked up an appetite from the afternoons play and Cindy suggested we have braai,just something quick and light so I went into their braai room and started a fire. In those days vh1 still had a lot of 80's music on so she switched the television channel and turned up the volume so we could have some music. Cindy and Sanet were in the kitchen and I heard the pop of a champagne bottle,Cindy always loved to drink bubbly,no occasion needed.

After a while Sanet brought me a beer and we stood naked side by side by the fire,we chatted about various things and she lay her head against my shoulder. I put my arm around her with my hand on her thigh.Cindy joined us in the braai room  and stood with her back to the fire,she loved to have the heat warm her back until it was glowing red. The girls went to sit down on the couch in the braai room as I put some more wood on the fire. I went to sit with them and we started chatting again and laughing at stories we were telling.The coals were ready and Cindy brought me some pork rashers that would cook quickly and the leftovers were always a  favourite for breakfast also.We ate the rashers with a light salad and more drinks at the table in the braai room and afterward went back to the living room to relax.

Cindy was busy on her phone,likely giving a report to Rob of our day and Sanet came to sit next to me.She moved closer and put her head on my shoulder again and her hand on my leg. I put my arm around her shoulder this time and this time ran my fingers gently over the top of her breast. She was running her hand up and down my leg and getting closer and closer to my genitals. She looked up at me and me and I gave her a kiss,she kissed me back and before I knew it I was squeezing her breast and she had her hand on my manhood,just holding and softly caressing him. I felt my self swelling again and she slowly edged me along by slowly stroking my ever hardening shaft. We stopped kissing and I took both of her breasts in my hands,kissing and flicking my tongue over her nipples as she slowly stroked me. Sanet pushed herself back a bit and kissed my throat,my chest down my stomach and finally down to my very hard cock.

She took me in her mouth and gave me a slow almost loving blowjob. I hand my hand on her bum and saw Cindy looking at us and smiling,her one leg on the couch as she slowly was rubbing herself between her legs.Sanet looked up at me and I took her face in both hands and kissed her as her hand was slowly running up and down my shaft. Softly she asked me "Will you please make love to me?".  I was slightly confused and must have looked it also as Sanets said again "It's been very long since I made love". I quickly realised that even though we had had sex that afternoon it had been lustfull fucking,making love was rare in the Rob and Cindy household,it happened and was very beautiful each time,but it was mostly just extrme lustful fucking sessions. " I would love to" I replied and kissed her while she was smiling.Cindy heard her request and said "The living room is no place to make love,let's go to the bedroom".

We got up and Cindy took Sanet's and my hands and led us to the bedroom. " Can I have him for myself for now please" Sanet asked Cindy,"Offcourse!" replied Cindy and gave Sanet a kiss and she went to sit on the chez lounge in the corner of her and Rob's bedroom. I guided Sanet to the bed in an embrace and sat her down on the edge. I went down in front of her and spread her legs open and gave her cunnilinges,not ravaging or eating her pussy out,but softly running my tongue through and over her vagina,softly licking her clit as I inserted my index finger into her and rubbing her pleasure spot. I orally pleasured her and she had her arms crossed over her under her breasts as I reached up and softly rand my fingers over her erect nipples,softly rolling and pinching each with my thumb and index finger. She was breathing deeply and gave soft moans in pleasure.  I got up from between her legs and got onto the bed next to her and pulled her fully onto the bed. Sitting on my knees next to her I kissed her and explored her body with my hands and mouth. She reached out and got hold of my cock and just held him and when I reached a spot on her body she liked to have explored she would open her hand and run it over my balls and cock. I noticed this and spent a bit more time in the areas I got this response from her.I sat more upright and as she started to lean over to get her mouth on cock,I told her "Wait with that,let me have you for now" and I kissed her as she lay back down and smiled. I climbed over her and settled myself missionary between her spread legs.

With my hands on her hips I let myself slip into her. She was very wet and very warm again,I felt her tightness and she sighed as I went into her fully the base of my penis  and the area above my penis pressed firmly onto her vagina and rubbed against her clitoris. I was fully in contact with her body and had her head in my hands as I slowly pumped her with just my hips moving. I kissed her deeply,our tongues fighting and teeth clashing. She had her arms around my back and her one leg wrapped over my lower body as I rhythmically thrust into her. I raised my myself with my arms at either side of her and she folded her arms across herslef again under her breasts,it pressed them beautifully together and I latched onto each in turn and with one one arm supporting me squeezed each of her breasts as I was having sex with her. She was breathing very deeply,eyes closed,only moaning from time to time and she looked utterly gorgeous. I gave a good performance,but her beauty and warmth was getting overwhelming and I could feel I was going to cum. I put my head next her face and found some reserves and carried on,not missing a thrust and the wet slopping sound as I was going in and out of her was very erotic. I could not hold it anymore and started to push myself up,she knew I was about to cum and wrapped both her legs around me and her arms over back told me breathless "Dont pull out,I want your cum in me" As soon as she said that I felt myself go and I came deep into her,my thrusts became shallow and erratic and I felt myself draining into her,she also came at the same time and as she tightened on my cock I felt like was still cumming. I had a monumental orgasm. I just collapsed on her and she ran her hands through my hair and over my shoulder and kissed my ear and cheek.

I eventually came back to reality,still inside her and going soft. We kissed again and held her one breast as I pulled myself out of her and collapsed next to her on the bed. She ran her fingers over my shriveling manhood and we just lay there for a while. I looked over to Cindy and she sat with an awed expression on her face."That was so beautiful" Cindy said and came to join us on the bed,kissing me then Sanet and went to lay down next to Sanet. In silence we lay there,just basking in the afterglow.We eventually got up and went to have a shower all three of us.

It had gotten late and Cindy said Sanet should stay the night. We got ready for bed and still nude we fell asleep,Cindy on my one side and Sanet on the other. Each with a leg or an arm over me. It was uncomfortable,but I just thought about how many guy's get to have a day like this and fall asleep with two beautiful naked women!We had breakfast the next morning quite early and Sanet left for home late in the morning. As she was getting dressed we chatted and she asked if I would like to come to her place for a drink sometime during the week. "Of Course" I said,"I would love that"She left with me and Cindy alone the rest of the day until Rob had to be fetched from the airport.

Cindy was still horny and masturbated during the day and re-inserted her little butt plug as I left to go get Rob from the airport. On the drive back me and Rob chatted and as always he wanted every  detail of the weekend. When we got home Rob hurriedly undressed in the garage and walked into the house already stroking himself hard and as soon as Cindy met him mid stride into the living room they were at it already. I did not bother saying goodbye,they were deaf to the world now and I hurried up to get away as soon as possible as I did not think my cock would be able to take anymore and I knew Cindy would want more and more and more. She did phone me later in the evening to voice her displeasure at me about leaving without saying a word.

Luckily she does not hold a grudge!