01 Jan 2019

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Sanet had her head buried between Cindy's breasts and I got up from where I sat on the grass and went over to Cindy,Standing over her from behind,I took her face in my hands and started kissing her. Sanet's hands were still on Cindy's breast and I slid my hands under hers and squeezed Cindy's breasts. She looked up,unaware that I had joined them. I stopped Kissing Cindy and looked Sanet in the eyes and Cindy kept on kissing and biting the side of my neck and face. "She likes to have her tummy kissed and licked" I told Sanet.She took a moment and Cindy looked at her and kissed Sanet tenderly again and said "I really do". Sanet ran her hands down Cindy's sides and started kissing her tummy and licking her navel. Cindy had a beautiful little 'innie' navel with a small scar from a piercing she had years back. Sanet licked the little pit of her navel and kissed the scar and put her hands on Cindy's thighs and Cindy spread her legs slightly and I could see she was already very wet and starting to bloom with her clitoris peeking through its hood and her lips parting.

Sanet was now really into it and rubbing Cindy's thighs and sides and kissing her all over. I squeezed Cindy's breast together and pinched her hard erect nipples and Sanet flicked her tongue over the nipples and sucked on them with pursed lips. I pointed out with my index finger while she was sucking one of Cindy's nipples and she gave it a little lick and kiss while she looked at me.

I let go of Cindy's breasts and came to her side,she put her hand around my neck and pulled me down to her one breast,I took it in both hands,squeezed gently and that made her little peachy nipple sit proud on her breast. I sucked on her beautiful little button of a nipple and saw Sanet copying me. I took hold of the breast Sanet was working on and licked it with her,our tongues meeting and flicking over Cindy's nipple and tracing her areola. I put my hand on Sanet's cheek and she sigh moaned and started kissing the palm of my hand. I chanced it and kissed her on the mouth,she was receptive and soon we were kissing deeply,Cindy smiling and rubbing our backs and necks.

While still kissing Sanet and my one hand caressing her very large and soft breast I slid my free hand down over Cindy's waiting vagina and spread her lips slightly with my index and ring finger and gently probed and slid my middle finger through her warm and wet slit. Sanet stopped kissing me and with her hand slid her hair over her ear in that feminine way women do and with her hand on her cheek and pinky in the side of her mouth watched me playing and starting to finger Cindy. Cindy was by now moaning softly and was rubbing my crotch over my pants,she stuck her hand up my pants and grabbed my shaft and started jerking me in a downwards motion. During all this excitement I was also dripping some pre-cum and Cindy felt the wet slipperiness and pulled her hand out from my pants,licked the palm of her hand and stuck her hand back into my pants and started jerking me off again. Sanet was looking at this wide eyed with her hand still on her breast and Cindy rubbing herself between her legs now.

"Shall we take him and out and play with him a bit" Cindy asked,"out here!?",Sanet gasped and Cindy said sure and pulled of my pants,I was so hard and actually felt bigger than usual from the swelling of the previous day and this mornings play so that when my cock popped out of my pants it bounced up and stood dead upright with my foreskin fully rolled back exposing the shiny slick head of my penis. I flexed and made my hardon jump a bit and Sanet gasped and covered her mouth with her hand and stared at my erection,Cindy took my shaft in her hand and while stroking gently licked the head of my penis while looking at Sanet.

Would you feel better if we go inside asked Cindy,and stroked Sanets hair out of her face,Sanet nodded and Cindy gave her a small peck kiss on her lips,got up,took my cock in a reverse grip and led me by penis,stroking me as we walked with her other arm around Sanet patting her bum. We went into the lounge through the sliding door and Cindy said "We usually play here in the living room". Sanet looked around,still in her bikini while me and Cindy were completely naked. "You want to watch us play for a bit?" Cindy asked while stroking me and rhythmically moving her hips from side to side to the soft music that was playing. Sanet was standing with her arms and legs crossed and her body was amazing and I could feel more blood rushing to my penis and to my head. "Ok" Sanet replied and Cindy told her she could get comfortable wherever she wants as she led me into the middle of the room and went on her knees sideways to where Sanet was now sitting and with her thumb pushed my erection up and slowly licked my shaft from the base to the head and then engulfed me deepthroat. I shuddered and Cindy started sucking me,slow then fast and tonguing my balls,all the while looking at Sanet. Cindy drooled over my hardon and arched her back pushing her breasts out,I instinctively pressed her breasts together with my hands and slid myself in between her beautiful boobs,thrusting rhythmically and hard on the upward thrusts,eliciting a "aaah" from Cindy on each one,the tip of my cock meeting her mouth or tongue each time and still all the while she was looking and smiling at Sanet.

Sanet sat now with her hand on her one breast and the other resting between her legs. Cindy left me and crawled on hands and knees towards Sanet and while I watched her and stroked myself saw her little butt plug,still hidden from Sanet's view and her wetness running down the insides of her legs. Cindy came up to Sanet and kissed her shins and ran her hands up Sanet's calves to her knees and spread them. Sanet was sitting wide eyed and mouth open with both her hands over her breasts in an almost shielding way. Cindy crawled up to her and kissed her and took her own breast and put it to Sanets's mouth,she sucked freely on Cindy's breast,deeply and Cindy went down again,pressing Sanet's covered up breasts together and kissing and licking all way down Sanet's body. I was standing behind Cindy now stroking myself and saw Sanet looking at me while I was doing so. I stroked slowly and with my other hand massaged my balls. Sanet had her hands on her breasts again and Cindy started kissing her on the inside of her thighs and above and to the sides of Sanet's vagina.

Cindy told me earlier when she was angrily jerking my cock she was going to eat this woman's pussy and now she was closing in. With her arms outstretched and hands over Sanet's hands covering her breasts Cindy stuck her tongue out and licked all up the fabric of the bikini covering Sanet's sweet spot. Sanet doubled over almost and sat more upright,"oh my!" she said and Cindy smiled up at her and rubbed her thumb over Sanet's mound where the fabric was pushed into her slit by Cindy's tongue. I was on my knees now stroking my cock slowly and with my free hand rubbing over Cindy's back and bum. Cindy asked her if she's ok,and pinched Sanet's pointy nipples through her bikini top,Sanet drew a quick deep breath and said that this was a first for her,she was sounding breathless and Cindy told her "Im sure there will be many firsts today" and smiled wickedly biting her bottom lip again and rubbing her thumb faster again over Sanet's covered up vagina.

Can I go on? Cindy asked and kissed Sanet on her vagina again and Sanet nodded fast with her mouth open looking down at Cindy's head between her legs. Sanet's bikini bottom was tied together on the sides and Cindy pulled at the knots and pulled back the fabric,Sanet was very very wet and as the fabric came off it pulled her lips out a bit. She had a very beautifully trimmed reddish little bush and very pink swollen from excitement pussy. "Oh that's so beautiful" said Cindy as she used her thumbs to gently spread Sanet's lips. Cindy gently rubbed Sanet's labia lips and started to lick her up and down and gently thumbing Sanet's erect clitoris .

Cindy carried on like this and then properly started eating Sanet out,sticking her index finger into Sanet's wet opening and sucking on her clit. Sanet had her hands on Cindy's head and Cindy lifted Sanet's legs and rested them on the chairs armrests. Sanet was heaving and breathing heavily from pleasure,arching her back and pushing herself into Ciny's face with her lovely big round breasts pressed between her arms rising and falling with her breathing. Cindy was tongue fucking Sanet now and I was fingering Cindy while having a good wank when Cindy raised up and tongue kissed Sanet deeply with Sanet's juices all over her mouth. "How's that?" Cindy asked, stroking Sanet's cheek with her fingers. Sanet's eyes were in a 1000 yard stare and just looked at Cindy and said,amazing in a breathless heaving voice.

More cuming up.

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