29 Dec 2018

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After me and Cindy's incredible oral play session we lay around naked some more and actually skipped back a few chapters in the movie we were watching to continue where we left off before the fun started (LOL)! I got us fresh drinks and stopped and admired Cindy for a bit on the way back from the kitchen,she noticed and smilingly asked whats up? You are very very beautiful I replied and she really was,it was dark outside already and the dim lounge lamps really accentuated her toned figure and breasts. She sat up and crossed her arms straight out between her thighs and this pressed her breasts together and she cocked her head and smiled,her lovely dark blonde hair hanging over one eye (I REMEMBER SMALL DETAILS LIKE THIS AS SHE REALLY WAS A SIGHT) and said thank you and blew me a kiss,I could feel myself inflating again...

We had our drinks and finished the movie,had a shower and got ready for bed. She got her bikini ready and the various things she always used when anal sex was on the cards (DOUCHE AND PRETTY LITTLE BUTT PLUG ROB BOUGHT HER). I asked are we having a pool party with regards to the bikini,picking up the flimsy little white nr. No g-string? I asked when I held up the bottom part of her costume,no silly,she replied,Sanet (HER TARGET) might notice this little guy as held up her little butt plug and licked the tip teasingly and we both burst out laughing.

We got up late the next morning as Sanet was only due around 13:00. tidying up and getting everything ready for the party to follow Cindy said I must come help her get ready. I helped her douche and we got in the shower again to wash up and this part I always loved,drying her off like her servant I explored her tight body,gently rubbing over her pussy and behind and lay her down on the bed. I began kissing her clit and applied lube on my hands and her little starfish,gently spreading her cheeks and probing with my index finger in her tight little hole. She was moaning softly biting on her middle finger and I noticed her other hand outstretched and making a grabbing motion,I knew what she was looking for and raised up with leg so she could to my manhood and started tugging and grabbing on him. She handed me her little toy after I could feel she is more receptive with my finger deep in her anus and with her still tugging applied lube and tongued her one last time and started to ease the little plug in.

When he was firmly in place and she relaxed enough for it to not pop out I pulled on her bikini bottom for her and did up her top piece. I sat on the bed jerking off slowly as I watched her finish up. I always loved her dressed and dolled up. You better not blow your load yet before the party starts and I said it might actually be a good idea because I could only imagine what Sanet must look like if Cindy was going through all this effort. I think you're right she said,but you better be ready to perform later she said mockingly. She knew what effect she had on me with her bikini on and grabbed my hard on again and while stroking him put some lip balm on and went down and started sucking me. I just lay back onto the bed and let go all control. I was ready to cum and she knew it and just kept going. I shot what felt like another record load into her mouth and she lovingly swallowed it all down and the little post load dribbles. She came up from my cock and kissed me and said maybe later you can mess up Sanet's but not mine now and again we burst out laughing.

Sanet arrived and I was introduced as their servant for the day,laughing aside I was introduced as a close friend (I BET!) and I was in awe of this woman. She was in her late 40's wearing very loose fitting clothes over her costume with beautiful long dark red hair and I could see even in loose clothes she had a amazing body like someone that always took care of herself,but in that extra way a divorce gets after a failed marriage and shes back on the prowl....cougar comes to mind!

The girls went outside to the pool and I was in charge of drinks and music. Sanet got out of her clothes costume already underneath and I saw she saw me looking at her. And she did not mind at all and I thought if Cindy already arranged the orgy as I knew she usually loved the hunt. The build-up and her prey surrendering to her. She did not,this woman just was very confident and was not shy to show it. Her body was amazing,not as toned as Cindy who if she did not have such pretty breasts and a peach of a bum could actually come off as boyish,Sanet was full woman. Curvy in the right places,soft were it mattered and very very little fat on her tummy. But her breasts was something else,I did not know the size,but her bikini top was straining and she adjusted her top I could see those puppies shift heavily but softly in their confinement.

I brought the girls some wine and we chatted in the sun about this and that. Cindy remarking to Sanet how gorgeous she is and at one point while laughing at something I said put her hand on Sanet's thigh......I knew it was not long now,I just needed to see how Cindy was going to play this....

Drinks were drank,laughs were had and Cindy told me to come and help her bring out some towels for when we had a swim. Inside Cindy said to me Is'nt she amazing! Those tits are driving me wild and she grabbed my crotch and kissed me. Squeezing my now bulging crotch I could tell she needed playtime now! I stuck my hand down her bikini bottom and with no gentleness this time stuck my middle finger in her while probing her butt plug with my index finger,she gasped and i grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her head back and rudely said to her you little slut,how do you want to play it? I fuck you here in the living and she walks in and hopefully joins or are going to be more conniving,you know you can be! I pulling hard on her hair and fingering her hard,she had wiggling her hips and still had my crotch in her grasp and she had evil expression on her face as her head was tilted back. Suddenly she spat in my face and broke free,she pushed me against the wall and ripped open my boardshorts and grabbed my by now hard cock and jerked me fast and hard. You are going to fuck us she said and kissed me thrusting her tongue in mouth. I'm going to eat her pussy and going to stick this cock up my ass,she paused her jerking and squeezed my cock very hard and and looked down at. She liked rough play from time to time this was new! She went down and grabbed my butt and forced my raging hard cock into her mouth,grinding her teeth along my rock hard shaft on the way out her mouth. Jesus what has gotten into you I asked and she smiled wickedly and regained composure. This all happened very very quickly,I was light headed actually from my sudden erection. Cindy laughed and also said Jesus,I really need to fuck now. I re-arranged myself and her and we went outside again. Sanet was lying on her back,slightly arched and one leg bent up at her knee,her big round breasts lying separated and straining her bikini top.

Cindy lay down next to her on her stomach and ran her finger up Sanet's arm and along the little straining ropes of her top and said they sure have to work hard flicking the little string were it left her shoulder and attached to the cup. They burst out laughing and Sanet's lovely mounds giggled with the force of her laughter that she had to grab them,I could feel myself hardening again and noticed Sanet's nipples getting hard and pointing under the fabric.

Now I just needed to see how Cindy was going to proceed....pt3. coming up!

Next story in series: Cindy's 3some Pt3