05 Jan 2018

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I thought I'd recount a fun evening Rob,Cindy and myself had quite a few years back.Rob and I always had a thing for black girls. Chatting with them in pubs in town,in malls or wherever and sometimes we got lucky with taking a few home.We discovered that a lot of black girls are REALLY into white guys also....  Mostly when we watched porn there was always more than one interracial scene selected also. Cindy did not mind,she enjoyed porn also and in fact back then any scene with ebony girls ( SHE HAD A FEW FAVORITES NAMELY VANESSA BLUE,JADA FIRE & MIDORI)  would have her rubbing and feeling  herself up in no time.So one Friday years ago now,I remember it was in March,that boring time of the year where it's still hot and no descent sport or events are happening yet and being mostly broke...lol...I stopped by Rob & Cindy's house as was the norm on a Friday after I had been working late at my business. Lekker gatvol I was in the  mood for a drink and a chill,not necessarily a fuck session,but that was always happenig over there.Arriving at their place and going in through the garage (HAD MY OWN REMOTE),I opened  the door to the house and saw Cindy in the kitchen,butt naked,and Rob yelling "Hey there!" from the living room. Now her being naked was nothing out of place and I knew Rob was naked also.It was a rule in their house that unless other people are over or something like that,clothing was a no no.So I say hi etc.and take of my own dirty clothes,happy to be free from them and tossed them  into a washing basket I always kept there for my dirty work clothes. Now,I am more of a "grow'er" than a "show'er" and used to be very self conscious about it,but Cindy always said I'm being silly and it's not a issue. She was a 10 by anyone's tastes so my confidence grew and I got more comfortable with myself.I gave her a hug and a kiss and put both my hands on her bum cheeks while we chatted and she fondled my cock,eager for me to get hard,she loved the effect she had on me.I jokingly told her to chill out,and she laughed while I went and got two beers from the fridge and went into the living room.Rob was in there in all his glory,naked on the couch and his big flaccid cock on display. Rob inturn was more of a "show'er",he did not grow much when hard,but gained quite a bit of girth when he was hard. He was about a inch or so longer than me with the girth to match and also uncut like me.We talked a bit about how the week went work wise and drank our beer. After a while Rob switched TV over to the media player and a porn movie was already playing (HE ALWAYS A HAD A DRIVE FILLED WITH PORN AND WAS ALWAYS DOWNLOADING MORE) and as it were a nice set of ebony boobs was on the screen,bouncing beautifully as the girl rode on a white guy. Cindy heard what we were watching from the kitchen and said "WHAT ARE YOU DOING" in a teasing way and laughed a bit.Sitting there and watching the scene I glanced over at Rob's cock,he was just groping his balls lightly,but could see he was growing and watched as the skin started to roll back from the tip of his penis,his shaft swelling and starting to rise up. He reached into a drawer of a side table next to the couch and got out some lube and so we started jerking off,just slowly and sitting there quietly watching the black woman having sex on the screen.I was sitting next to Rob and Cindy came in to the living room and bumped a space between us with her nice bum and sat down. She was also taken in by the scene,I wish I could remember who the actors were as I have never managed to find it again! She by now was stroking us both and we were just relaxing and watching porn. Cindy broke the silence (APART FROM THE PORN SOUND!!) and said she would love to see something like this in real life! She knew that before they were married me and Rob used to prowl around for black girls and at that point in time I still did from time to time when I was not having sex with them. They were married for just over a year at the time and apart from me joining them in fucking sessions there had not been any other girls involved yet,let alone a black girl. Now I should say that Cindy really liked girls,she always wanted to know when I took a girl out if we fucked and always wanted details and it usually ended up with us having sex as she got very turned on by hearing about it. I heard from her once that during High School she would eat pussy and suck boobs at sleepovers and house parties like crazy! It was in a similar way we actually met Cindy,but more about that in a different story...She then blurted out "we should go and pick up a black girl" and then asked me if I knew a black girl that would be keen to come over and play? I replied unfortunately not as it was mostly one night things and the usual black girl I was having fun with at the time was in Jo-burgh and we only played when she was in town.It was eventually me who suggested that we should try Grand-West casino,and if we couldn't pick up a girl there we could at least gamble a bit! LoL!"Grand-West it is" she said and then said we can finish later,she does not want us cum before we go out as it would dull our lust.We had a shower,changed clothes (I ALWAYS HAD SPARE SET THERE) and off we went!TBC.

Next story in series: Fun with Rob&Cindy Pt2.