05 Jan 2018

Previous story in series: Rob,Cindy & KB Pt3

Arriving at the casino we went in and played a few games,had a few drinks and eventually it was Cindy who asked if we (ROB AND MYSELF) had forgotten why we came here? So the search started.

I remember there were lots of nice black ladies,but mostly in big groups with friends,a bit older than what we were looking for or had the look and manner of a prostitute ( THERE WERE MANY PROSTITUTES PLYING THEIR TRADE IN THERE BACK THEN).

Cindy got lots of looks though,male and female alike,she always looked good in whatever she wore,but she could pull off a pair of tight blue jeans like few other women could and her confidence radiated like an aura around her. She was getting impatient  and said we arent leaving and definitively not fucking when we get home until we had found a black girl she likes.

Rob and I were walking around,not really concerned,but fully aware of the benefit for us if we succeeded in what Cindy was looking for,but not really making any effort either. Me and Rob saw her at the same time,in the gambling area where all the machines were was this very attractive black girl. Slim,quite tall from where we stood staring at her and nice shapely breasts from what we could make out by the clothes she was wearing. She had long hair in a high ponytail and when we went in for a closer look we saw she was quite pretty,she had thick lips and a pretty smile.She was with a mixed group of girls,white,coloured,black about 7 altogether. All early to mid 20's. Cindy had joined us and also saw her "GOOD WORK" she said and smiled at us,then said that she will go and chat to her.

So Rob and I go and have another drink and Cindy worked her magic.As soon as she walked into their group she was the dominant female and they all were like her handmaidens. This carried on for a while though as the other girls all seemed to  like and admire Cindy so much that she did not want to be rude and say she was there for one of their friends. About an hour later,Cindy and the black girl,without her other friends,came to find us.She was striking and had big brown eyes,I could feel my loins stirring and Rob poked me in my back like when we were younger and saw a very hot girl! Cindy introduced her as KB,she was 22 and a student at UCT. She had been out with her friends for the evening when Cindy convinced her to come have drinks with us rather and told her we would give her a lift home as her friends were heading back to town and she was not keen to leave yet.

After drinks and having something to eat and chatting we headed for home. Cindy convinced KB to come home with us for a drink and told her that she would go drop her off personally at the flat she had shared with some the girls from earlier.KB agreed and off we went.As we walked through the casino and out to the parking lot,the girls were walking ahead of us,arms hooked and we just stared at their bums. KB had been wearing tight denims also and her legs were quite long and thin,but she had a real apple bottom bum. The girls spoke into each other's ears and looked back at us and giggled from time to time. Me and Rob knew Cindy was buttering the girl up and probably already told her she wants to get naked with her.

As we drove home,the 2 girls were sitting close together in the backseat of Rob's double cab bakkie.Chatting and laughing and then it went quiet.It took Rob and myself a while to realise as we had been talking to each other,Rob bumped me with his elbow and gestured I should look in the backseat,as he was looking in the rear view mirror. I turned around and saw the girls kissing each other,hands on each other's breasts. I looked at Rob and we both smiled silently.

This carried on all the way home. They kissed and groped each other and then laughed a bit before starting over again.My cock and I'm sure Rob's also was rock hard. We did however wonder when we got close to home about the no clothes at home rule? Do we just strip down as usual in the garage or what? Rob coughed as we pulled into their garage and said "SORRY TO BOTHER YOU MY DEAR,BUT WE ARE HOME". Both girls laughed and as they got out of the car Cindy said "YOU TWO KNOW THE RULES OF THE HOUSE",and then we knew what to do! Cindy told us to give them,her and KB a bit of time before we also went inside.We gave the girls a chance to go in and then Rob and me burst out laughing while taking off our clothes "JASSIS" Rob said and I just kept on laughing.

Into the house we went,straight through the kitchen into the living room and sat down on the couch next to each other. Rob got a text from Cindy telling him to put that same porn scene from earlier on but to turn down the volume and when she and KB comes into the living room she wants us to be rock hard,lubed and just sit there watching porn and having a wank....no fucking problem we thought!

After a few minutes Cindy and KB came down the hallway toward the kitchen and walked by us paying us no attention.Cindy was in her bra and sexy g-string panties and when KB stepped out of the hallway saw she had her pants still on but her top off,just wearing a bra.KB caught a glimpse of what me and Rob were doing and she froze. Me and Rob just carried on and Cindy brought us drinks and acted like this was nothing out of the ordinary,which under normal circumstances is how it went anyway. KB was looking unsure at this point and I thought to myself "SHIT,THIS IS A BAD IDEA!". As soon as Cindy noticed she asked her, "IS EVERYTHING OK?" KB was shuffling her feet,looking at us and around the room and stood arms crossed,covering her breasts and said "I WAS DOWN FOR SOME NAUGHTY FUN,BUT ITS GOING A BIT QUICK AND I'M NOT SO SURE ANYMORE".Cindy went to KB and put her hands on the black girls hips and gently said to her "DON'T WORRY,MAYBE WE ARE GOING ABIT FAST,IT'S BEEN A WHILE SINCE WE HAVE BEEN THIS NAUGHTY,SHALL WE TONE IT DOWN SLIGHTLY".Cindy did a good job of comforting her and soon they were laughing again and Cindy led KB into the living room and they sat down on the couch opposite the one me and Rob were on. Cindy sat down close next to KB and put her arm around KB's shoulders and stroked her hair and commented on the porn scene.They started chatting freely with each other again and even kissed again. This time feeling each other up over their bras.I watched KB and saw now and then she would stare at our cocks. Cindy saw this and asked KB if she has sex often to which she answered "NO,I ACTUALLY JUST FOOL AROUND AND ONLY HAD SEX WITH MY BOYFRIEND,BUT THAT WAS A WHILE AGO,WE BROKE UP LAST YEAR" Cindy then asked "SO NEVER WITH A WHITE BOY OR A GIRL?",to which she replied "NO ONLY MY BOYFRIEND,HE WAS BLACK,BUT I HAVE PLAYED WITH MY GIRLFRIENDS A BIT,BUT NOT ALL THE WAY". Cindy smiled,she was a real pro with the comforting seduction,by this point Cindy's hands were caressing both KB's breasts and she was looking deep into the other girls eyes and nodding her head in agreement to everything KB said.

Cindy said to KB `` SHALL WE TAKE OUR BRAS OFF FOR THE BOYS,I KNOW THEY LOVE BOOBIES. HE ESPECIALLY LOVES BLACK GIRLS BOOBIES '' and she pointed to me. KB smiled while looking at me and then nodded to Cindy.Slowly and seductively Cindy leant forward and ran her hands down KB's shoulders and around her back and loosened her bra. When it was loose she ran her hands over and down KB's shoulders and over her breasts and removed her bra,exposing her firm young breasts. Each breast crested with a beautiful black button of a nipple pointing upward slightly on her very dark areolas. It was a very beautiful sight,they were probably the same size as Cindy's breast but looked totally different and as said extremely beautiful. Rob and I had stopped jerking off and leant forward  to stare at what was happening and at KB's breast. " OH THEY ARE GORGEOUS !" Cindy covered her mouth and stared herself. She took each of KB's breasts in her hands and jiggled them softly and squeezed them together " MAY I ?" Cindy asked and KB nodded and Cindy flicked her tongue over KB's nipples and sucked each in turn."MY TURN " KB said and Cindy sat back and pushed her breast out and smiled,KB feeling her up also and then undid Cindy's bra,without asking KB just latched on to one of Cindy's breast and Cindy gasped and held the black girls head in her hands as she suckled her breasts.

Cindy lay down on the couch next to KB and started rubbing her pussy over her panties. KB shifted a bit to see better and even curled one leg up under the other to get more comfortable. Cindy noticed her getting more comfortable and  said to KB " WHY DON'T WE TAKE OF THOSE TIGHT PANTS?". KB smiled and started to get up,Cindy sitting up also and pulled KB closer to her by her hips and started to undo the button of KB's jeans. She ran her hands up and down KB's body and kissed each of her naked breasts in turn and then,sliding her fingers into KB's loose pants started to pull them slowly down while she leant forward and kissed KB on her tummy. KB had her hands on Cindy's shoulders to balance herself as she lifted one leg out of her pants then the other. Cindy folded her pants as she looked KB up and down and placed the pants on the floor next to the couch. She pulled KB closer to her and spun her around. KB had a lovely big black bum and wore lovely see through black lace panties with beautiful little patterns on it.

Cindy jiggled and squeezed KB's bum and laughed while saying "MY GOD YOU HAVE A GORGEOUS BIG BUM!" and she pulled KB's panties up at the sides and through her bum cheeks like a gstring. KB smiled and with her hands on her knees bent slightly forward and wiggled her bum in Cindy's face to which Cindy grabbed her bum again and bit teasingly into one cheek. KB mock shrieked and the girls laughed. Cindy stood up and spun KB around to face her,they were similar height,Cindy slightly taller,they embraced and Cindy put her hands on KB's big bum again and kissed her. KB did the same holding onto Cindy's bum and they kissed for a while. Me and Robs just sat and watched all this,cocks incredibly hard.

Cindy pulled KB with her as she went to sit down on the couch again and KB followed her and sat on top of her,still making out, grabbing and feeling each other up and sucking each other breasts or tongues. KB was grinding now on top of Cindy and Cindy assisted with her hands on KB's bum and pushing her lower body up,trying to make their kitty's rub over each other. Cindy put her hand around KB's waist and pulled her over onto her back,Cindy kissed her and worked her way down KB's body. KB lay back looking down at Cindy while biting on her index finger. Cindy reached the spot on her downwards journey between KB's legs and covered the black girl's vagina with her mouth over her panties. KB gasped and grabbed Cindy's head. Cindy carried on and KB's actually ment her mouth by lifting her lower body. Cindy was thumbing and rubbing KB's slit through her panties,she looked at KB's and slid her hands into the fabric of the black girls' panties on her sides and pulled them off. Very sexily,lifting and holding KB's legs as she drew off the panties down her legs. Panties off,Cindy spread KB's legs so that one was propped against the couch backrest and the other hanging of the side. Me and Rob sat more forward and got a better look! She had a thin and neatly trimmed carpet of curls covering her vagina. As Cindy ran her fingers over KB's wet pussy we saw the flash of bright pink from inside her pussy as Cindy spread her lips and played with her. 

KB's arms were folded under her breasts and this drove me even more wild than that gorgeous kitty as Cindy ate her out and each time before doing something new,like now as she fingered KB's,looked at the other girl before doing it and sensing the intention KB nodded and Cindy carried on. KB was not a loud moaner,she was breathing deeply and murmuring as she was truly experiencing pleasure and not pretending. Cindy went up to kiss KB on the mouth again and KB seized Cindy's bum and started to pull her panties off also so that both girls were now naked. Cindy kicked off her panties and still over KB,KB guided her with hands under her thighs over her face. KB looked up at Cindy's shiny wet clean shaven pussy and rubbed up and down and side to side on that kitty. Cindy enjoyed this and when KB started to pull her down onto her face Cindy supported herself just enough as not to have her full weight on the other girls face,but also enough as to grind on KB's mouth and wildly licking tongue. Kb was gripping Cindy's bum as she ate her out and Cindy had her one hand on the back rest and the other rubbing her own clit as KB ate her out. Cindy was moaning slightly,but with her it was a sign of her pleasure,she could actually get quite loud. Cindy was enjoying this,we could see it has been a long time since she had been with a agirls and now she was taking full advantage of it. She was still sitting on KB's face when she spun around and they went into a 69. Their hands and mouths over each body and vaginas.

Rob and myself were flabbergasted,we were just watching,for the girls it was like we weren't even there anymore,our cocks were pounding and straining and I dared not stroke it fear for cumming all over the place!

While they were playing and kissing each other,Cindy took KB's face in her hands and turned it to us and asked her should we let them play along and kissed her on the cheek again...Me and Rob knew it was on now!!

Next story in series: Rob,Cindy & KB Pt3