05 Jan 2018

So pulling up to Grand-West we went in and played a few games,had a few drinks and eventually Cindy who said did we (ME AND ROB) forget why we came here? So the search started.

I remember there was lots of nice black ladies,but most in big groups with friends,a bit older than we were looking for or waaay to young.

Cindy got lots of looks though,male and female alike,she always looked good in whatever she wore,but she could pull off a pair of tight blue jeans like few other woman as she was in excellent shape as told in previously.But she wanted a black girl and said we arent leaving and definitively not fucking until we do.

Was me who saw her first. In the slots hall was this very attractive black girl. Slim,very nice but and nice breasts from what I could make out from her top she was wearing. Long jet black hair and full lips. She had a early Lacy Duval (PORNSTAR) look to her,just darker complexion. She was with a mixed group of girls,white,coloured,black etc.abou 7 altogether. Early to mid 20's. Cindy remarked she wants her,she is gorgeous ,and said she will get her,me and Rob are just going to fumble! HA HA!

So me and Rob go and have a drink and Cindy works her magic,as soon as she walked into their group she was the dominant female and they all were like her hand maidens. This took a while though as the other girls liked Cindy so much and she did not want to be rude and say she was there for one of their friends. A few drinks and about a hour later Cindy and the girl comes to find us,she was striking and had big brown eyes,I could feel my loins stirring and rob poked me in my back like when were younger! Cindy introduced her as KB,she was 24 and a Aupair for a family in Welgedacht and was out with her friends for the evening,Cindy convinced her to come get some have drinks with us and said we would give her alift home as her friends were heading to town and she was not keen and less keen to phone the Aupair family to pick her up (WOULD LATER LEARN THEY WERE VERY STRICT TYPES)

After drinks and having something to eat and chatting we headed for home. Cindy convinced KB to come for a drink and she would go drop her personally at home and explain if there was any trouble.KB agreed and off we went.They sat in the back of the double cab and were chatting and laughing and Cindy was touching her arms and legs all in that female friends gesture and remarking on how nice her hair was etc etc etc...girl stuff! Lol!

My cock and Im sure Robs was also very wet with hornyness and very bulgy. We did however wonder when we pulled into the garage what about the clothes rule I was talking about?? As they got out the car Cindy said YOU TWO KNOW THE RULES OF THE HOUSE,and then we knew what to do! We gave them a chance to go in and Cindy took KB to the study to show her more girl stuff or whatever. Rob and myself were laughing our arses of while taking of our clothes,into the house we went and into living room again and sat down. Rob got a text from Cindy telling him to put that same porn scene from earlier on but to turn down the volume and when she comes into the living room with KB she wants us to be rock hard and just sit there watching porn and stroking....no fucking problem we thought!

After a few minutes Cindy and KB down the hallway toward the kitchen and walked by us paying us no attention and when KB stepped out of the hall way and caught a glimpse of what we were doing she froze. Me and Rob just carried on and Cindy brought us drinks and carried on like nothing was amiss,which under normal times is how we rolled. KB was looking scared at this point and I thought shit,this is a bad idea. Soon as that Cindy asked her is everything ok? KB was close to tears but Cindy said no no,we just like to have fun,and if she ever had fun like this. Cindy did a good job of comforting her and soon they laughing again and Cindy brought her to living room and they sat down on the couch opposite us. Cindy just sat down next to her and stroked her hair and commented on the porn scene and I could see now and then KB would stare at our cocks. Cindy saw this and asked if she has ever had sex before to which she answered yes with her boyfriend in East-London before she came to Cape-Town to work. Cindy then asked and white boys,to which she said no. Cindy was a real pro with the comforting seduction,by this point Cindy's hands were caressing KB's breasts and face and would give a kiss on the cheek ever so often.

Cindy decided to move in for the kill and starting lifting KB's top to take it off,KB stopped her and Cindy said sorry and she started her game al over again. She said she was rude and that she was also still wearing her clothes. Slowly and seductively Cindy started to undress and and I could see KB was in a weird state of awe and confusion. Cindy sat/lay down on couch again next to KB and started rubbing her own pussy and breasts. KB shifted a bit to see better and even curled one leg up under the other to get more comfortable. Cindy the pro must have sensed this as no sooner had KB got her self comfortable,Cindy took KB's hand and placed it on her breast and with her hand over KB's squeezed her own bossom. KB's mouth was slighlty open and could see she exicted and no longer scared,of her own accord she placed her other hand on Cindy's breast and rubbed and squeezed them. Cindy just knew how to do it and asked her if she like her breasts and how good she was touching her etc. Cindy leaned in and kissed KB and KB kissed her back,soon they were making out. Cindy took KB's one hand again and this time put it on her pussy. KB looked like she did not know what to do and again Cindy showed her,rubbing and eventually having KB finger her. Now,Cindy was no moaner when it came to fucking and masturbation,but now she moaned and told KB how good she was,all part her seduction the witch! Lol!

KB relented and let Cindy undress her,out of her bra popped two lovely black breasts with big dark areolas,nice and firm and round a solid C-cup,but not a big as Cindy's agian like a early Lacey Duvall but with darker skin and bigger nipples.Off came her panties and dense dark carpet of stubly curls covered her vagina,me and Rob could make out her lips were parting by the bright pink we saw in that hair and the wet streaks down her legs. Now Cindy was on it,this is what she wanted and now she got it. She kneed and sucked on KB's breasts and kissed her firm flat stomach and plyed with her hairy fanny. Cindy laughed and lay down next to KB at one point and pointed out her shaved pussy with a little tufft of hair at the top. The both laughed and by now where thoroughly enjoying each other.

Me and Rob were flabbergasted,we were just watching,for the girls it's like we were'nt even there anymore,our cocks were pounding and straining and I dared not stroke it fear of cumming all over the place!

While they were playing and kissing each other,Cindy took KB's face in her hands and turned it to us and asked her should we let them play along and kissed her on the cheek again...Me and Rob knew it was on now!!