05 Jan 2018

Sorry for the delay,writing the previous parts got my cock all hard and I jerked off while typing,explains the typos....busted a nut quickly and now I'm back.

So Cindy asked KB if me and Rob can join them,she was a bit shy and unsure,but Cindy nodded us over. We almost fell over our feet to get to KB,but Cindy stopped us and said we should let her ease in when she was ready.

Cindy took our cocks in hand and started stroking us,KB had a fascinated look on her face and bit her lip as she sat and watched our dicks being stroked right infront of her. Cindy asked her if she likes what she is seeing and she just nodded. She was sitting with her arms between her legs bracing on the couch and leaning forward to get a better look,pressing her young firm tits together between her arms. I remember her breasts being wet and shiny from when Cindy was licking and sucking on them earlier.Rob and myself especially usually only have eyes for Cindy but now we were both transfixed on this black beauty while Cindy was toying with us.

Cindy asked if KB has ever sucked a cock and she said no,she and her boyfriend only had sex once when she left and she never even her pussy eaten before until Cindy did it,she was speaking frealy and more comfortable now and said she never knew she could feel the pleasure she is feeling. Cindy started sucking our cocks,first one then the other then crammed as much as she could fit of both our manhoods in her mouth,she showed KB deepthroat and left lots of saliva dripping from our cocks.

Cindy told KB she can join her in sucking our cocks if she wanted,after a while of Cindy sucking Rob's cock and looking at Cindy while doing so KB edged closer and Cindy took her hand and put it on my hard cock,Cindy used KB's hand to stroke me slowly and I felt I was going to explode,my legs were shaking from the effort to keep it back. Cindy took my cock from KB and with her other hand under KB's chin edged her closer and put my cock in her mouth,man the warmth and moistness of her mouth and big full lips sent me into over drive. I started fucking her mouth slowly as she was inexperienced and did not know how to give a good blow yet,I put my hands on her tits and rubbed her back. Those tits felt amazing. Rubbery from firmness!

I could see Cindy playing with her pussy again and Rob groaning from the effort to keep his cum back from what he was seeing,he wanted in on the ebony Goddess!

Cindy took my cock out of KB's mouth and KB followed forward like she was getting a treat taken away,Cindy said it was rob's turn and he wasted no time,sat down next to KB and as she went down on him and took one of her boobs in hand,cupping it,I shot a look up at me while his wife was stroking my cock and I could see he was feeling the same feeling I had with her mouth and firm breasts.

Cindy sat me down infront of them and she straddled my cock end guided him into her wet pussy,reverse cowgirl style,she gave a long satisfying sigh as I entered deep into her and she rythmically starding riding.KB by now was stroking Rob's cock while he was rubbing her pussy and she was in awe with what she saw. This hot woman fucking me in front of her. She called Rob over to come put his cock in her mouth and KB sat there watching us while playing with her clit like Cindy showed her. Cindy stood up and told Rob to lie down on couch next to KB,she straddled him and beckoned me to come fuck her in the ass. I always loved this,my cock in her tight ashole and my balls rubbing on Rob's. She pulled in KB and started started kissing her again and KB by now was another world and started fondling Cindy's breasts. Cindy came loud and hard and quivered from the extacy of it,I knew I was long also and I could feel Rob's balls convulsing under mine. We stopped and Cindy got of.

KB now had verbal diarrea and said she never had a orgasm before and Cindy looked so beautifull when she came and on and on. Cindy asked if she would like us (ME AND ROB) to fuck her,she was more enthusiastic now and said yes please,but not in her bum (AS SHE SAID IT!!) we all burst out laughing and Cindy asked her who she wants first. I thought forsure my well built and handsome friend Rob would have the honours but sure as shit she pointed at me! I could see Cindy was also happy with this,not she that did not want her man fucking KB,but she always liked to treat me! I moved in and bent over to kiss her,she grabbed hold of my cock and started stroking it again as I kissed those wonderfully plump lips,I grabbed her breasts and started sucking them,when they were nice and wet I pressed them together and slid my cock between them,I remember as I brought my cock closer she openend her mouth and was surprised when I put it between her tits,this caused Cindy to giggle and she told KB to open her mouth and get my cock as it peeks out between her boobs. This she really liked,it was like a game for her to catch my cock in her mouth and she by now was pressing her own breasts together while I leaned against the backrest of the couch with one hand and fingering her with the other. She was gyrating her hips to my fingering and I decided it's fucking time. Just as I was to push in Cindy stopped me and rolled a condom on. I was surprised at first,but we were used to fucking each other mostly that the thought slipped my mind. As I parted her vagina lips with my cock she quivered and made soft gasps,I confess I did not last long a few strokes and I exploded. I froze for a bit and felt myself go limp inside her,watching her breasts go up and down from her breathing. She was a bit confused,but the whole evening was to much for me and I did not last. Cindy had a tight little snatch,but KB was intense ly tight and hot like a fire. Cindy said it's ok,there is more coming and Rob took up station,cock all bagged and ready. I plomped down on the couch and removed the very filled condom,Cindy stroked my shriveling manhood with her fingers and Rob went for it. No surprise he did not last much longer. Cindy laughed and said THATS NO WAY TO LEAVE A LADY!! Rob looked sheepish and stared at me and I just nodded...that pussy was something else.

Cindy told us to go sit on the other couch and left the room. KB,not knowing what was going on lay there,spread open and breathing deeply. Cindy came back from the room and had one of he dildo's.not a huge one,very inline with our cocks but a bit thicker and battery opperated. Cindy set it on a slow vibrate and teased KB's pussy while fondling breasts. Licking her clit ever so often and then plunged that plastic cock inside KB. Not long and KB let out a yell like she was in pain and gushed all over the couch. Even Cindy was taken by surprise.

Before we took her home we had a few more drinks and a nice shower,all of us together. I chatted with KB a bit while Cindy was getting ready to take her home and asked for her number and if we could see each other again. She she said she was hoping to see me again and I knew we were on for lots of fun!

Cindy took her home to what she described as a palace with tennis courts the lot and we went to bed. That night though Cindy wanted us all three to sleep together and we recounted the evenings events until early the morning. I was kicked out of bed well before sunrise because I sleep like a starfish or something??? LOOOL!

Me and KB had lots and lots of fun thereafter,I will tell those stories in short order! Time for another wank I think!