Written by Will Long

11 Jan 2019

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For the 1st time in years the Mrs and I were alone for the December Holidays well for two weeks at least as the kids were visiting the grand parents.

Didnt take me long to decide that the Mrs and I would go "camping" for a few days , Not really camping as our trailer has all the benefits of modern living and the place we booked had power on each stand allowing us some extra comforts.

Upon arriving at our destination we were informed that we had to drive around the main dam to the Hotel's reception to check in , leaving Mrs in the car I walked into the reception to check us in and was greeted by one hell of a sexy receptionist , she introduced herself as Rochelle , I couldn't help but flirt a little and even invited her round to our camp site for a drink if she had the time , you never know she said with a wink I just may take you up on that offer. Smiling I told her she would't regret it if she did before signing and making my way back to the car. Mrs noted my smile and asked why its so big , not having anything to hide I told her about Rochelle and she flashed her wicked smile and informed me that she needed to use the ladies before jumping out the car and practically skipping into the reception.

Five minute later she was back smiling and said she approved and hoped the young lady would join us .

We were pleased to note that there was only one other camp site set up when we arrived , It was a Wednesday and there would be more people by the weekend but at least for now it was semi private , or so we thought.

An hr later our camp set up and our first drinks done and dusted we decided to head up to the swimming pool for a cool down dip. To our surprise when we got to the top area where the pool was we discovered not one but two pools , one indoor and the outdoor , due to the intense heat and blazing sun we decided to head inside and use that pool.( now to aid in your mental picture of the pool , it was a long rectangular pool with not only 2 large long steps leading into it but also a step all the way around the pool which made for the perfect seat , especially by the jets which gave an awesome massage).

We were in the pool about 10 minutes just cooling down and every now and then brushing past and touching each other in a sensual manner when we heard voices coming towards the pools.

Myself and Mrs moved into the corner near the deep end her sitting on the ledge while i moved between her legs facing away from her.

The voices we heard were two young ladies who turned out to be in their mid twenties , come to the venue just to get away from their boyfriends and relax , while I slowly swam up and down my wife started up conversation with the two of them .

Their names where Michelle 26 a chubby little blonde with very large breasts but confident enough in herself to wear an extremely kinky bikini (Her bf doesn't allow her to wear at home) and her friend Tarryn also 26 chubby but with Dark brown hair with blonde streaks , her breasts were not as big as her friends but were more than a handful , she wore a bikini top which was barely doing its job and a pair of black hot pants.

With my wife chatting to Michelle on the side of the pool and me swimming laps slowly up and down minding my own business until I feel this hand brush over my crotch and give a gentle squeeze , after almost swallowing half the pool I came up to see Tarryn wink at me playfully , I smiled winked back and carried on swimming , now while i was swimming whole lengths she was doing short widths of the pool underwater and everytime our bodies crossed she would cop a feel , enough of this I thought and the next time I watched her glide under me I took the chance to fill my hand with one of her breasts , this mutual teasing went on for about 5 to 10 mins before my Mrs called me over. Having fun are you she said . She started I told her . Its all good she said. Turns out my Mrs and Michelle had ended up having a very intimate conversation about girl on girl fun to the point where my Mrs and Michelle had fingered each other for most of the time they were in the pool with Michelle confessing that she had been drinking and that she wanted my wife . Mrs was asking if I minded if she took Michelle to our campsite for a little girl on girl action to which I readily agreed if she would try convince the girl to let me join in later and with the knowledge that I was probably going to try fuck Tarryn in the pool the moment they leave.

Baby myself and Michelle are going to go down and fetch us all some drinks so we dont have to keep going up and down , OK i said.

Not even a minute has passed with Mrs and Michelle gone and I swam straight up to Tarryn who was sitting in front of the jet with her eyes closed enjoying the sensation on her back , I placed my hands on her knees gently parting her legs , she opened her eyes looked at me , looked around and then we both leaned in for the kiss , this wasn't a playful makeout kiss this was a frenzied I'm gonna fuck you so hard you will scream kind of kiss , our hands were all over each other and it wasn't long before my fingers found their way inside her hot pants , warm and moist I slid one then 2 fingers deep inside her , We must hurry she said they will be back soon , I dont think you need to worry about that I said guiding her hand onto my cock . Oh you feel bigger than my boyfriend she said , laughing I tell her there's only one way to find out for sure. She free's my cock and pulls her costume to the side guiding me into her . Please fuck me she says .

I start off slow long strokes letting her pussy adjust to my cock and then I build up speed and intensity , I pull her off the step turning her to face it , I practically rip her costume off and I enter her from behind , harder and faster Im pounding her all the while cupping her mouth in my hand to muffle her moans . Before long I feel her tense up then she starts to shudder and she orgasms , I grip her waste pushing my cock deep I whisper in her ear "can I cum inside you?" YES she nods and I grab her hair forcing her to arch her back as I pound her hard and fast , as I start to cum I grab her hips and pull her onto my cock allowing me to fill her with my seed , my cock still inside her she turns her head and we kiss gently till my cock softens and slides out of her .

We both collapse onto the step breathing heavy .

10 minutes later my Mrs and Michelle return with the latter looking a little flustered , my Mrs walks into the pool with a drink but heads straight to Tarryn and asks if she enjoyed her husbands cock as much as she enjoyed eating her friends pussy , Michelle glides up to me with a beer and says I hope you are as talented as your wife , sipping my beer I slip my hand into her bikini bottom and gently stroke her clit before inviting them both back to our campsite to join us for dinner and drink's .......... but that and the story of Rochelle , well those will have to wait.

Next story in series: Holiday Fun 2