Written by Will Long

15 Jan 2019

So swimming pool fun over for at least now , my wife myself and the two lovely ladies headed down to our respective camp sites , me to light a fire and pour some strong cocktails for the ladies and the ladies went off to "find something sexy to wear".

I'd finished mixing my special summer punch and was about to get the fire started when the Mrs came over , listen she said , if we are planning on having some fun with those two girls tonight we may have to consider that we might not have enough room in our tent and I was thinking why don't you head over to the reception and find out how if we could upgrade to a chalet tonight , apart from space it will be a little more pvt and you will get to flirt with that cute little thing in reception again .

Sure I'll just phone reception and ask .

So a minute later and I was on the phone and lucky me Rochelle answered. I was wondering when I'd get to chat to you again she said , oh really I replied I'm glad to hear that , how can I help sir I hope there is no problems , No none at all I replied and I like it when you call me sir . Rochelle please can you tell me if you have any chalet's available preferably with aircon as it's just a bit much this heat in the tent I lied.

Yes we have 3 , 4 and 6 sleeper available , Sir if sir would like if you wouldn't mind coming across I can take you to have a look at them and you can decide from there.

Hmm I said , let me tell the wife and I'll drive round , Oh you do not need to drive , can you see the bridge with the security gate ?she asked . When you are ready just walk to the gate and put in the code into the keypad . Thank you I will see you shortly I said . No thank you Sir she replied.

So after telling my wife what was said she agreed that I could have a look and if anything else happened I was to tell her and not leave out any details.

10 Minutes later after a short walk I was in the reception and Rochelle was coming round the counter with a couple sets of keys , now let me try and describe this woman , i'm 6ft and she in her work shoes was about the same height , she wore heels which made bum look even sexier in her long tight black pants and she was wearing a sleeveless red top which was barely containing her amazing breasts , she was not "skinny " and not "chubby" she had all the right curves in all the right places.

So off we went down to view the room's , the first two were identical except one had a loft with 2 single beds , the last unit the 6 sleeper had 2 large bedrooms with very spacious queen size beds and the added bonus of aircons , it also had a shower big enough for 4 people as well as a jet bath.

Wow I said this is perfect , glad you like it she said , the room's not the only thing I think is perfect I said looking at her (corny I know but if it works it works) She giggled a little and said what do you mean by that SIR the last word said in a bit of a cocky manner , why don't you come a little closer and I'll show you exactly what I mean . Without even hesitating she stepped right up to me and from there it all happened so fast , our lips met , god she tasted like cherries , our lips parted and our tongues entwined and danced with each other , my hand's were all over her and her's on me in seconds we were both naked and on one of the bed's , I laid her flat kissing and nibbling her neck making my way down stopping briefly to suck and play with her nipples , her one leg parted and she put the other over my shoulder as I made my way between her leg's.

Her pussy was perfect , hairless and clean and oh so very wet , I placed my thumbs on either side parting her lips and exposing pushing up her clit , I leaned forward and slowly licked her whole clit just once to get a reaction , Her back arched and she let out the sexiest moan I had ever heard , Oh god that felt good she said please don't stop.

I bent my head down and started with slow strokes of my tongue on her clit , up and down I flicked slowly savoring the taste of her , then I used my index finger to slowly rub up and down the length of her pussy rubbing her wetness along the length of her before pushing one then two fingers into her , gradually I picked up the pace and switched from flicking my tongue to licking tiny circles around her clit , timing my fingers with my tongue to give her the most pleasure , before long her hands grabbed my head and her breathing got shallower , next thing she let out one hell of a scream and her hips started to buck involuntarily as she started to cum . I moved up next to her to let her catch her breath but no sooner had my head hit the pillow when this gorgeous leg came over me and myself watching the beautiful woman lower herself onto my throbbing member , slowly she lowered herself onto me , her warmth engulfed my cock , she wiggled a little to adjust to my size , then she placed her hands flat on my chest as she started to grind herself on me.

After getting used to my cock inside her she wasted no time with a slow build up this woman was horny and she was loving my cock in her , I was groping her breasts tweaking her nipples then reaching round grabbing her ass spreading her cheek's

I even brushed over her tight lil butthole applying a little pressure to see if she had any objections , sadly she didn't want that but carried on bouncing up and down on my cock like a woman possessed . After a few minutes I pushed her off and got her into doggie , I needed to cum and I wanted to be inside her when I did , grabbing her hips I slammed into her hard as I could over and over , each time I entered her she let out a little whimper , don't stop I'm going to cum she moaned , call it timing or whatever you like but as soon as she started to cum my balls tensed up and I fired the biggest load I've ever had into her (not even my wife has made me cum like that) , she collapsed flat onto the bed and me on top of her. We lay there like that my cock softening inside her.

After a few minutes of recovery we got dressed and started to make our way out , when I grabbed her pulled her towards me and kissed her .

I need to have you again I said , I have your number and I am working late shift tonight she said , maybe if you get the chalet and your wife goes to sleep you can sneak out and we can visit a different unit .

Smiling I said what if my wife wants to watch or join in ? Oh wow she said , well that is something I would very much like myself.

One last kiss and we parted ways , half way back to the camp site and my phone beeped , a message from Rochelle , a picture of her sitting naked legs wide open with a tag that read , ask your wife if she wants a taste.. i already know what the answer will be .

Now to tell the wife and other two we are moving to a better spot for the night ....