Written by fetish

07 Jul 2015

I have this fantasy of hooking up with a younger guy who is open to explore all angles of sensual ism.

After we meet, I take him to my hotel and tell him that I want to blindfold him and turn him into a beautiful butterfly.

I strip him of his male clothes and guide him to climb in the bath. I undress and bath him and am aroused by the sharp breaths he takes everytime my body comes in contact with his. I then proceed to shave all his manliness away.

I dry him and after painting his nails, start to dress him as a woman with bra and panties and a sexy dress. I spray female perfume on him and apply make up. I then place a long wavy wig on him and remove the blindfold. I apply eye-shadow and then show she infront of a mirror. She cannot believe her eyes.

We go to a restuarant and she can feel the men staring at her with lust and hunger. After a pleasant evening of men wanting to give her their numbers and etc, we head back to the hotel.

I take her to my bedroom and start to kiss her neck and french kiss her mouth. I explore her body with my hands and mouth and feel her panties get wet with her throbbing shemanhood. I remove her dress and undress until I'm only wearing underpants. We then get under the blankets and continue kissing and exploring each other pationately.

I tell her that I will not go any further as this is our first date and I want her to decide if she feels comfortable being my "female" companion. We talk about how the tranformation has made her feel and then fall asleep in each others arms.

Let me know if anyone is interested with me continuing with the fantasy and if you'd like to elaborate or etc