Indelicate TV

Fluid sexuality and primal truth…

Heart-shaped, petite, tiny almost. And so beautiful and fluid. Her buttocks arching up with need in a slow rhythmic intensity. The white fine boxers showing her swollen cocklet. She was plugged, knowing I was coming over. Softening and opening herself, something I very much appreciated.

Swollen, I felt the thick trunk of my naked cock swelling, rising. I heard her gentle ache for the mounting, the hunger in her sweet sigh as I moved closer.
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My first TV

Read in full, you will understand…

She saw my deficits. My flawed masculinity. She knew the pivot triggers that unsettled my decorum and control. Through it all, somehow, I kept trying to maintain the semblance of normality, diplomacy and coolness. Even though inside, I struggled to own that I was different.

Her body had youth and energy on its side. Lean, the tone of dark, rich coffee. Nipples, nubile and fierce. And she had cunt power, though never acted like one. She danced … Read more

Movie unexpected TV

So here is a blast from my past...
so all week me my BF and 2 of his friends planned a club nite for Friday we were all so amped all week, but then came Friday the weather turned out cold and miserable, so after work my bf and i got home not keen for the party anymore but very keen for each other decided to go for a shower together and off course we had what started to be a romantic shower but 5mins into this knock on the door and our 2 friends … Read more

Mr 69 eat TV

i was busy in my garage and heard the maid sing soft in her outside room.i peeped through the key hole and saw she was naked busy cleaning up.i started mustetbating and she opend the door caught me peeping on her.i was imbarresed and said sorry.she smiled and said not to worry.she touched herself and started musterbating.i could not hold any longer and shoot my load of cum over her leg she swiped it up with her finger and tated on it in a way a a… Read more

Meating Samantha TV

It had been almost two years since my first m2m experience. That was the first time a man had sucked my cock. It was the first time I had touched another cock and the first time I had sucked a cock. That day was the birth of a new me. I no longer was a homophobe. Although, I did not look at men the same way I looked at women. I did not lust after them. What I did lust for was for a cock in my mouth, loads of cocks. My god, I had become a cock-cra… Read more

My First Time with a Crossdresser TV

Now you have to remember that this was 35 years ago when the world was different in many ways, Gay was kept a secret as was the subject of cross-dressing.
. I was only 21 and away on training for the company i worked for. I drove down to just outside London on the Sunday afternoon where the training was to take place. It was not far from where i stayed and in those days the traffic was not what it is now.
I booked into the small hotel and star… Read more

Tv fantasy TV

I have this fantasy of hooking up with a younger guy who is open to explore all angles of sensual ism.

After we meet, I take him to my hotel and tell him that I want to blindfold him and turn him into a beautiful butterfly.
I strip him of his male clothes and guide him to climb in the bath. I undress and bath him and am aroused by the sharp breaths he takes everytime my body comes in contact with his. I then proceed to shave all his manliness… Read more

Cross-dresser Cont. TV

I reluctantly walked out to patio, for once happy about the city regulation that had required me to place a fence around the pool. I was hidden from the view of the neighbors, and in the back of my head I hoped that Jack would some how revert to his old irresponsible ways and not show up to clean the pool as planned.

My wife laid me out on a reclining pool chair and ordered me to spread baby oil over my body so that I would tan quicker and da… Read more