Written by BushBuns

26 Jul 2016

It had been almost two years since my first m2m experience. That was the first time a man had sucked my cock. It was the first time I had touched another cock and the first time I had sucked a cock. That day was the birth of a new me. I no longer was a homophobe. Although, I did not look at men the same way I looked at women. I did not lust after them. What I did lust for was for a cock in my mouth, loads of cocks. My god, I had become a cock-craving freak!

I did not have any guilt. Frankly, I felt proud of my achievement. BUT I had to keep this very secret though. This is a small place and rumours explode and spread like wildfire. I had to be extremely careful and discrete in my search for a suck buddy. I still managed to bed a few women from time to time but I did not share my secret desire for sucking cock with them. I tried to find time to meet with Dave, but our schedules just seemed to clash constantly. All I could do now was scour the internet for tranny porn. It was quite exhilarating, but it just was not like the real deal.

I still surfed and jerked whenever the office was empty and I managed to stay behind on the pretext of working late. More months slipped by and still nothing happened. I was getting very worried. Was this a one-off occurrence only? Was I ever going to experience the thrill and pleasure of feasting on a real, hot, hard cock again? The longer the drought continued, the more worried I became that I would never get another mouthful of delicious cock again. I was getting more and more frustrated and even more desperate.

Then one day I received a message via the "dating" site from a cross-dresser in a neighbouring country. He/She liked my profile and wanted to know if I would be interested in a meeting. I was instantly aroused and curious. I wrote back that I would love to meet. There was however the problem of distance and the fact the she was in another country. She assured me that she could arrange a meeting. He/She had to come to my town for business soon. If I wanted to meet her, she would arrange a free evening during her stay and we could get acquainted. I agreed and eagerly awaited her visit.

Finally the day arrived. Yet, as fate would have it, my work sent me on a trip several hundred km's away. That day at lunchtime she sent me and sms. She was looking forward to finally meeting me. I texted back that I was far away and would try my best to be back in time. She responded by saying that she was "wet " for me. I concentrated on my work and fortunately had very few hitches. I had the client sign off the installation and stormed for my car. I floored the poor Ford all the way home.

During my trip I regularly got text messages wanting to know how I was progressing. I texted back what I estimated my ETA to be and stood on the accelerator. By my reckoning I should be in town by approximately 7 pm. She wrote back to hurry as she was dripping.

Just after 7 that evening I pulled into the parking bay of the hotel she was staying at. I texted her to meet me in the bar. She wrote back that she already was in the bar. I walked in while texting, scanning the room to find her. I noticed a man at the bar counter receive a message and look around. I walked up and introduced myself.

We ordered drinks and started chatting. I was again very nervous and a little disappointed he wasn't dressed. He explained that he had to be very careful. He was married and his wife did not know about his cross-dressing. He was also too afraid to step out in public as Samantha. We continued chatting and drinking a few beers to settle the nerves. Finally I said that I was very tired after my early morning and long trip. To my relief he asked if I was ready to meet Samantha.

I beamed "Yes" and he asked me to follow him to his room. I was very relieved to see the lobby was empty and we made it to the elevator without anyone crossing our path or even getting into the elevator with us. On the way up I mentioned that I needed a shower. Samantha offered me her shower while she got ready.

I took my time in the shower. After all I was quite sweaty and the hot water cascading over my tired limbs felt great. I stepped out of the bathroom and into the bedroom as Samantha was applying the final touches of make-up.

In a short moment I was confronted by a tall, beautiful woman! What a transformation! Truly magnificent! She had long black hair that hung over her shoulders. She wore a lacy bra, satiny french knickers, thigh-high stockings and a suspender belt. All in virginal white. Stunning! Tremendously arousing! The ensemble was finished off by a pair of white stiletto heels. She looked like a hot bride on her wedding night! And I was ready to devour her. She was absolutely gorgeous! Funny enough I couldn't help but wonder how she managed to carry all this around with her, considering she has to cross the border too.

Demurely she asked what I thought. I told her how in awe I was. She responded by saying she was very happy to hear that. She smiled sheepishly at me with her head tilted sideways and ex

claimed that she was starting to get very wet. OMG, she was sooooo cute, so innocent. And certainly very desirable.

I got her to lie down on the bed. I knelt on the floor next to the bed and leaned in for a soft and very gentle kiss on her lips. Just a little peck. Now I could not resist any longer. I wanted to make this bride happy. I reached out to her beautiful knickers and rubbed her crotch. I was very surprised to find her fully erect. Just what I needed. I rubbed her clit through the soft satiny material. She groaned and smiled and I also realised what she meant by getting wet. Her crotch was literally soaking wet!

As I rubbed I asked her about her previous experiences as Samantha. She was not very experienced as she too found it difficult to hook up with people. She had met a chap back home who loved cd's. I pressed her for details and she finally relinquished.

While she told her tale I played with her clit. I rubbed her clit, I rubbed the knickers, I rubbed her belly. She groaned and in-between pants told me what her lover made her do. He was more experienced and more dominant. He made her stand at the window of their hotel room dressed as she was now while he commanded her to stroke herself. At this moment I slipped her clit out from under her sexy trappings and curled my fingers around her. She had a gorgeous shaft. It must have been about 7 inches, cut, with a perfect helmet and hard as a rock. Her pubes were trimmed very short and only a tuft of brown hair was kept at the top of her crotch. Her balls and perineum were shaved smooth. Her legs too were hairless. She was so exquisitely feminine. How warm, how hard, how wet, how wonderful she felt in my hand. It felt so good to hold and play with her clit. She panted and I could see her pre-cum furiously leaking from her tip.

She told me how her lover made her kneel in front of the hotel window with the curtains drawn back. She was made to blow him in front of the open window. I was getting very turned on. I enquired if her lover fucked her in front of the window. She replied that she did not let him fuck her. She only ever had her wife's vibrator in her pussy and was not just yet ready for that.

Damn, I thought, but she admitted that some day she would love to be fucked like a woman. I was hoping that I would be that lucky man. I had visions of Samantha leaning against a hotel room window, her arms above her head pressing against the glass. Sunshine cascading over her hot curves. Her stockinged legs spread apart, her pussy pushed back invitingly. Her french knickers tangled around an ankle. And I could see myself hug her from behind, gently easing my manhood into her cunt as she turned her head back and moaned, wanting to be kissed .

By now my hand and the knickers were absolutely soaking with her pre-cum. I was convinced she had cum during my manual ministrations, but Samantha assured me that it was only pre-cum. All this talk and her wantonness had now gotten me way too hot.

I leaned over and sank my mouth over Samantha's beautiful clit. At first I was a little taken back by all the liquid, but soon managed to slide her into my mouth. I gently sucked and slid my mouth up her length. Then gently down. Slowly. In and out. Samantha moaned really loudly and arched her pelvis, but not allowing her hot pussy-on-a-stick to slip from my mouth. Her pre-cum was pretty much tasteless, but it was bloody erotic knowing I was sucking and swallowing her juice off her perfect organ! Not that I was going to stop - I loved my first experience at cock-sucking and with Samantha's hard stick in my mouth, I knew I loved sucking cock! I had waited so long for exactly this.

Here I was in a posh hotel, kneeling on the plush carpet at the edge of the bed sucking the extremely hard and extraordinarily wet pussy-stick of a gorgeous whoring cross-dresser wearing nothing but exquisite and expensive lingerie. Samantha was eagerly feeding me her hot clit. Her moans and wails bounced off the walls as she bounced up and down on the bed and in and out of my ravenous cock-hungry mouth. She had become a shameless slut and I was gladly swallowing as much as she could offer and as much as I could get into my mouth.

Samantha moaned and groaned as I sucked her in and let her slip back out. Occasionally I sat back to watch. She was so beautiful. Dark hair cascading over the hotel pillows, her hands furiously rubbing her nipples under her expensive white bra. Her legs encased in the white suspender belt and stockings, her pelvis raised while my hand rubbed her hot and beautiful clit with a silky base of french knickers. Her lust was spilling from the tip and liberally coating my fingers, my hand and the inside of my mouth.

I sucked and bobbed while I rubbed her nuts. This went on for quite a few minutes. Samantha finally exclaimed that she was cumming. I could feel her clit swelling slightly and at the very last moment I pulled my cock-sucking mouth from her lovely exploding muscle. Only her heels, her head and her shoulders touched the bed as she arched her back off the bed and out of reach of my mouth. Her beautiful organ spilled loads of love juice cascading on her suspenders, over her thighs, her beautiful knickers and all over my hand. Samantha shrieked, she moaned, she heaved and panted. I'm sure the entire floor heard her.

She then collapsed onto the bed, only to shake and convulse whilst still moaning, groaning and shivering. Her head rolled from side to side, her eyes tightly shut. She turned onto her side away from me and curled her sexy stocking-clad legs up to her belly. It was a great pleasure watching this gurl go through her orgasms, her spasms wracking through her. It appeared as if her whole body vibrated with pleasure.

Finally she stopped shaking. Samantha lay there for a while in a fetal position, panting and breathing heavily. The convulsions stopped and slowly her breathing slowed down. She rolled onto her back and gave me an incredibly big smile. She was truly spent.

I got up and walked into the bathroom. My hand was absolutely covered in her cum. This girl leaks buckets of pre-cum and comes loads too. In the bathroom I tentatively took a lick of her love-juice from my fingers. I was not yet ready to take a load in my mouth, but I just had to taste her. Mmmmmm. Creamy, slightly salty, very smooth. One day I will take a full load in my mouth and be able to get a better impression, but that will have to wait.

I washed my hand and returned to the bedroom. Samantha seemed asleep. As I approached, she wearily opened one eye and immdiately a smile came across her face. It seemed she was absolutely exhausted. I am not surprised, considering that the entire time I sucked on her she bounced around and when the moment finally arrived, she arched high up and had some serious convulsions. This gurl really had intense orgasms!

I pulled the covers over her and tucked the blanket under her chin. She smiled again and asked if she could see me the next day again. She promised to make it up to me. I agreed. I wanted to have her in my mouth again. And if I couldn't fuck her hot man-cunt, I wanted to cum in her mouth and fill her cheeks to overflowing.

Sadly though the next day I again was sent away. This time I did not make it back in time. Samantha went back home and I have never seen her again. She wrote to me, telling me she had to take another job and no longer traveled. I often think about her and yearn for another chance to be with her. I have no pics of me sucking her either! No pics of her fabulous outfit. No pics of her fantastic clit! What a pity. Would have loved to keep her knickers too.