Written by Xdresser_Alexa

01 Feb 2014

I reluctantly walked out to patio, for once happy about the city regulation that had required me to place a fence around the pool. I was hidden from the view of the neighbors, and in the back of my head I hoped that Jack would some how revert to his old irresponsible ways and not show up to clean the pool as planned.

My wife laid me out on a reclining pool chair and ordered me to spread baby oil over my body so that I would tan quicker and darker. I lay like that in the hot sun, my body greased, the sun beating down on my skin, tanning me except for the small, girlish triangles the bikini hid from view. At one point I tried to roll onto my side to avoid the embarrassing tan lines, and my wife slapped me sharply on the exposed cheek of my ass.

"Its time for you to turn over anyway, I wouldn't want that cute little ass of your to stay pale." I was ordered to rub oil on the cheeks of my ass. My wife then forced me to get on my knees and stick my ass cheeks in the air, while pressing my face down against the chair. Sthe effect of this position was that my back arched and my legs spread a little, forcing my ass in the air so that sun struck it directly. I stayed like that for what seemed like a long time, completely submissive, while my lotioned ass tanned in the sun. My wife took a few more pictures of me like that, and then went to the house to fix herself a drink.

"If you have moved a muscle while I'm away, these pictures and the tapes will go out to every last person you have ever known." She said.

It wasn't very long afterwards that Jack arrived. I heard the latch on the gate jiggle, and fought the urge to run to the house and cover myself. I did not know which was worse, to be discovered by Jack in this humiliating position, or to move and risk the possibility that my wife would make good on her threat. I figured that Jack was, after all, only one person, and only a boy at that. I could deny it if I had to, and pretend as though Jack had made the whole thing up.

"What the fuck. " I heard Jack say in his young, thick, masculine drawl. "Mr. Ross, what is going on here? Is this a bad time, should I come back later?" A sweet kid, I thought, despite his reputation. He had probably seen far worse things while growing up.

"Yes, Jack, this is a therapeutic process I have to endure for an old sports injury." I lied, my face pressed to the chair, my ass still sticking up like a sissy, slut. "It's very embarrassing, I hope this could just stay between the two of us. Tell you what, it must have been an inconvenience for you to come all the way over here. I'll pay you for today, and just come back next week." I was not deluding myself that he would believe me, but if I could get rid of him quickly I might have a chance to buy him off later. I would double the amount I usually paid him, and the two of us could have a heart to heart talk about it when I was dressed more appropriately.

"Therapeutic process!" My wife cackled from behind me, sliding the door to the house behind her. " The only therapy this faggot needs is the kind that would convince him of his proper role in life. Jack, do you know what his proper role is, do you know what my pathetic little excuse for a husband really is?"

"N . . no Mrs. Ross." Jack answered.

"My husband is a little, sissy, faggot slut, and the only thing he likes better than sticking his girly ass in the air, is having it filled by a nice, big, hard cock. Isn't that right Alex?" She demanded of me. I said nothing.

"Isn't that right!" She said, slapping my ass and taking another picture.

"Yes." I replied, almost in a whisper. Jack was giggling nervously now.

"Tell the nice young man what you are. Say it!"

"I am a little, sissy, faggot, slut." I said, humiliated, but utterly aroused.

"That's right you whore. Jack, see his little cock, see how hard he is getting? Bitch, what's your favorite thing to play with?" I knew what my answer was supposed to be and from my wife's tone, there was no way I could avoid saying it.

"My favorite thing to play with is a big, hard, cock." I said.

"You see Jack. You see what a little faggot he is. He's practically begging you to fuck him like a whore, aren't you slut? Go, on, beg Jack. Tell Jack how bad you want his cock." The funny thing about the situation was that I really did want Jack's cock. I was so enormously aroused, laid out like that, my ass in the air, the sun burning bikini tan lines onto my body, my wife humiliating me, and this big, strong man witnessing the whole event.

"Jack . . I . . . "

"Oh don't pretend you're shy. You're not shy on the telephone are you." My wife retrieved her tape recorder and played a conversation of mine from a few months ago, a conversation I had had as Jack had cleaned the pool outside. I could hear my voice begging Misty to let me suck Jack, to have him use me like a whore, and fuck me like a girl.

"You see Jack, didn't I tell you he was a little faggot whore. I bet you never knew all that time you played ball with him at the gym that he was just secretly hoping to fall to his knees and suck on that nice, long, hard cock of yours, did you? Come on over here, Jack, stand next to me for a second and just look at this little slut." Jack walked over to my wife and she laced her arms around his neck. She made me turn over and lay on my back, so that Jack could take in the sight of me in my feminine bathing suit.

"Mrs. Ross. I don't know what game you and your husband play, but I'm no faggot, and this whole scene is making me a little uncomfortable. I think I better go." Jack said, trying to pull away from her. She did something then that I had never seen her do before. She kissed him long and passionately on the mouth, letting her hand fall to caress the growing bulge in his shorts. I of course had never seen my wife kiss another man intimately like that, and the sight of her doing it only added to my humiliation.

"Don't worry, Jack." My wife cooed into his ear. "I would never waste a man like you on a pathetic little excuse like this faggot here. No Jack, I want you all to myself." and with that she reached her hand down and began to massage Jack's cock through his shorts. Jack gave her a quizzical smile, but he got the picture quickly enough and placed his hand on my wife's firm breast.

"That's right Jack, I'm going to treat you real good, just like the man you are while this sissy slut watches." My wife said falling to her knees. She pulled Jack's shorts to his ankles exposing his penis, grabbing it in her hand she held the half full member in front of my face, tantalizingly close to my lips.

"This is what you really want, isn't it Alex?" I could only nod, as I watched her touch the flesh of another man, easing the skin of Jack's cock back and forth above my face.

"That's right you whore, you want to suck this cock, don't you, you want to be a little cock sucking bitch." Jack was fully erect now, and from the look on his face, he was growing more and more aroused. He closed his eyes and started muttering.

"Yes, that feels good. C'mon baby, suck it." he said. My wife held his cock only a half inch from my mouth and gave me a look. I knew what she expected. I opened my mouth and let her ease the long, fleshy shaft between my lips. I could taste the salty tang of Jack's pre-cum, and my mouth felt full as the mushroom shaped head pressed into my tongue. Jack opened his eyes and saw that it was me sucking him. He hesitated for a second, but then smiled.

"That's a good bitch, suck that cock good, you faggot whore. If I'm gonna get sucked by a sissy like you, you better do it right." My wife squealed with pleasure as Jack began to ram his hard penis into my mouth. I thought I would gag, and yet the pleasure was intense. I was totally subservient, dressed only in a little white bikini, completely emasculated in front of my wife no less (actually by my wife) and yet I was loving it. Seeing my hard cock, my wife got into the action.

"You little, fairy, slut! I thought I would be forcing you, I thought it would take me weeks to break you to this point, and here you are eagerly sucking cock like a high school tramp. You fucking bitch, you little whore. Where did a pathetic little faggot like you ever get off marrying a woman like me. Suck that cock you fucking whore, suck it good, like the little slut you are."

Jack was grabbing me by the hair and pulling my head back, stretching my neck and fucking my mouth with hard heavy strokes. I felt the friction of his shaft pass over my wet lips and the fullness of his banging into my throat. I thought I would gag when I felt Jack begin to tense and thrust harder.

"Oh, come on his face, baby, come all over that little faggot face for me." My wife implored, and Jack pulled his cock from between my lips, grabbed my hand and forced me to stroke him.

"Beg me for it you little bitch." he said.

I couldn't control myself, I was totally overwhelmed.

"Oh please Jack, please, come on face, come on me like I was a little girl, use me like a whore."

"Here it comes you faggot cocksucker, open wide." He grunted. I opened my mouth and felt the first jets of hot come shoot onto my face. It was warm and sticky and made me fell like the whore I had become. Jack came on me and rubbed the big head of his cock all over my cum drenched lips and face. I felt a surge inside of me, and uncontrollable urging, and I began to shoot spontaneously into my bikini bottoms. Jack looked down at me.

"You're a good little cocksucker, Mr. Ross, I never would have known."

"Oh Jack, don't play coy, you must have suspected that my pathetic little husband was really a fairy cocksucker." My wife said. "And look, he soiled his little bikini." She lifted one of the bikini's bra cups, exposing a pearly patch of white that contrasted sharply with my tanned, hairless chest. "No matter though. She's just about done anyway." My wife giggled.

"Alex, go into the house and clean you panties, then prepare Jack and me a dinner. We'll be upstairs, and I expect the house to be tidy and dinner to be on the table when we're through. Oh, and another thing. I want you to shave that little pussy of yours. Don't think for a second that I'm done with you."

With that, my wife grabbed Jack's softening penis with her hand and led him inside. I did as I was told, washing my bikini bottoms in the sink, and then, for lack of a better idea, putting them back on so I would have something to wear while I cooked dinner. As I prepared the first of many dinners to come, I listened to the shrieks of pleasure my wife was making as she fucked another man upstairs. I tried to imagine what my life was to become, but my imagination could not do justice to the reality that followed.