05 Mar 2016

One always wonders how it would be if you having fun and your other half walks in.............

well it did happen and it was a mind blast... about two years ago I was in my little wendy watching movies and waiting for my wife to return as my work was done for the day, hey it was a fryday afternoon about 2h00pm.

anyways back to the story, I was watching a movie when I received a whatsapp from "C" saying shes in town can she come by and say quickly hello. Of course me being the gentleman with no hidden agendas I said yes. Always nice haveinfg friends over.

"C" arrived and I made her coffee and then sat again at my computer, C made herself comfortable and lay across our bed and watched what I was doing while drinking her coffee. During our discussion I noticed she was wearing a low cut blouse and sjoe her breasts were calling to me. Sitting there I started to be aroused but I did everything possible to hide it. That didn't help as im sure she could see my manhood awakening and the bulg getting bigger.

After a while she asked would I mind if she loosened her button and zip on her jeans as it was pressing hard on her hips and tummy...... again me being the gentleman I obliged and said go ahead.

I continued with my movie but my screen was giving a reflection of HEAVEN. I slowly turned around and saw that she had pulled her pants off and she just lay there in her beige panty..... and the gorgeous camel toe that was slowly inviteing me. I moved close to her as my primal instinct started to become greater.......the urge to mate.

She didn't move or cover and thus I received the invite, but I was nervous. My wife would be home soon, we both in the lifestyle but we normally tell each other before hand. I touched the front of the blouse as the nipple stands were protruding so far out someone could have there eyes poked out. she gasped and said...." what about your wife " I didn't worry anymore, the sexual exotic drive took over. I wanted to taste her. I wanted to be inside her.

my hands wondered lower, playing on top of her panty feeling the mound, the split and the beautifull camel toe. I could not take it anymore , her gasping deep breath was exciteing me that I was going mad inside. I wanted her....my hands found there way under her panty, slowly I could feel her clit, it was big from the hornyness and I slipped my fingers inside. she was warm and wet , awaiting my tounge with great exspectations so I oblieged. oh wow the smell of wet pussy, a clit standing begging me to help. I sucked, I licked , I nibbled and everytime she arched her back and moaned from joy.

I stood up and removed my pants, the little guy popped out and stood at attention, all 17cm of attention. slowly , gently she took my hard cock and started licking , by which time the pre-cum had started leaking. she licked the cum of slowly , smacking her lips from enjoyment. this drove me wild, I couldn't anymore and I mounted her with full force and passion. she gasped and grabbed my bum..... the shear warmth around my cock drove me crazy............

now this is where the fun part comes in, MRS walked in and I continued as normal as if she knew all about it. ( even though I was feeling kinda blind about it ). " C" was in shock, she grabbed a pillow and tried to cover her face from shyness.

my dearest started laughing and sat down next to us and said," continue, I was see all " this was surprisingly a turn on for both of us. for the next 45 min I pound away, planting my hot rod deep within her pussy until I could feel the veins starting to pulsate. I couldn't hold back and I squirted my love juice inside her as she had a orgasm...

this was fantastic.............. hehe later that night my dearest wife rode me so hard I cummed twice within a hour...she whispered softly as we both droused off..............that's what friends are for....