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19 May 2020

More fun with Nicky

Big surprise!


5 minute read

Previous story in series Fun with Nicky

Continued:Lying on her back in front of me on the carpet,me on the couch I lifted her legs up and sat forward so that her vagina was right at my mouth. I started eating and fingering her,pushing my tongue as deep as I could into her,supporting her with my hands and spreading her vagina with my thumbs,I licked her up and down and nibbled on her erect little clit. In our previous encounter before now I tested her reaction to me rimming her anus,she had enjoyed it and I went further by probing her little starfish with my index finger,not deep,just to second knuckle and the feeling of her anus gripping and relaxing on my finger drove me wild. I went for it again,my thumb rubbing her clit. I ran my tongue in circles around her anus,probing with my tongue and licking up all the way through her lovely parted lips to her clit. She breathed deeply and lay on her back,arching as I ate her whilst she cupped and squeezed her breasts. I played with my thumb around her anus and probed her slowly,my index finger running through her vagina and also finding her opening. My thumb and index finger pressing on each other separated by her vaginal wall,she wiggled her hips and moaned in pleasure.I wanted to get a bit more lube from the table next to her so I rose up and over her,she saw me bending over her and lifted herself up and took my swaying cock in her mouth,supporting her self by holding onto my legs she raised herself more and deepthroated me,I poured some lube onto my hand and reached behind me and rubbed it over her vagina and anus. I pushed her down and kneeled down on top of her,my cock standing hard and erect,I poured some lube into her hands and onto her breasts and rubbed it all over her while she did the same over my cock and balls. The warmth from her body radiated through me as I kneeled on top of her. I pressed her breasts together and glided my cock through her cleavage,her eager mouth and tongue finding the tip of my cock at each thrust.She put her hand on my bum, and pulled me more towards her mouth,I raised a little and she took my balls in her mouth,sucking and stroking me as I held her head in my hands.We were both so turned on,I wanted to get inside her but she said "WAIT.ITS MY TURN NOW"I stood up and helped her up,grabbing her in my embrace and deeply kissed her and sucked her nipples. She pushed me backwards towards the couch and I lay down on my back,she licked and kissed my neck and stroked my cock and balls in turn.As she worked her way down towards my cock I stopped her and she instinctively knew what I wanted,she stood up and came down on my face in the 69 position,I absolutely love this as I can grip her bum and eat her out to my leisure while she takes care of my cock.I stuck my middle finger in her anus and started to finger her with a bit more pace than before and flicking her clit with my tongue as I did. Her face was resting on my thigh and licked my shaft and stroking me while she was moaning in ecstasy.I was now extremely worked up,I wanted to be inside her and made my intentions known,she stood up pressed me down on my shoulders and said "NOT YET,I TOLD YOU IT'S STILL MY TURN".Bent over me, her breast hanging beautifully,I cupped them both and kissed her,I sucked on her nipples and she went down to between my legs. I adjusted slightly and lay back, hands behind my head so I could see her work.She poured some more lube over my cock and teasingly slow licked and stroked and sucked me. I lay back and just let go. I closed my eyes and could feel her hands running over my thighs and body,I felt her stroke fast then slow the suck the squeeze my genitals. I was thoroughly enjoying this,nowhere near cumming and my hard cock took on a dead feeling,I could still feel everything she was doing. It was just as though I was transcending the realms of pleasure,that was when she decided to return the rimming gift. I was taken back almost,I was used to her licking my taint and amazing as it felt it was nothing compared to electric shock running through my body when her tongue glided through my bum cheeks. The only other time I had experienced this was with Rob & Cindy years ago. I was startled at first thinking she did it by accident but she pushed my legs apart more and did it again,all the way up to my balls and sucked on them. I looked down at her,I must have looked in shock as she asked me if I'm ok and I gasped. I just nodded yes. She smiled and licked my shaft and danced her tongue around the tip of my penis and engulfed me to my base and slowly drew back. She took my meaning when I raised my legs and spread them more.Tbc

Next story in series Transcending with Nicky

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