22 Feb 2017

I would like to share my experience I had fucking my neighbor’s daughter. I am 45 years old and she just turned 18. I will just call her lizzy (not her real name) apart from me just seeing her from time to time I have not spoken to her at all.

It all started in May 2016, I was on my way to work on this cold winters morning, as I got out my driveway I noticed lizzy closing their driveway gate so I drove past her and around the block and came back to give her a chance to get onto the road. I stopped next to lizzy and asked her if she where she was going and if she needed a lift. She said she was just going to the taxi rank to take the taxi to town where she studies. I told her I will give her lift to the rank. She had to take a local taxi to the main rank in order to get a taxi to town. I offered to drop her of at the main taxi rank.

She got in the car and I drove of she was very quite, I asked her if she knew who I was, to my surprise she told me she don’t know. I introduced myself and told her I was her neighbor she was shocked and apologized. As we spoke she told me she walks every morning to catch the taxi. I told her if I am leaving same time as her she could catch a lift with me. Just before I dropped her of I asked for her cell number and give her mine. This went on for 2 days me dropping her off. In these two days I used to watsapp her to see if she reached fine and just say hi nothing fancy. Everyday I look at her it just makes my cock so hard, she looked hotter everyday.

The third day I dropped her off and decided I will chat with her more. I told her I am going to watsapp her and she must not feel shy for me and tell me anything she wants to. During the day I msg her and complimented her how sexy she looked, as we chatted the topic got hot, I then said how nice a small tits she have. She told me she gets home late so I asked her if I can pick her up from town she agreed since it was raining.

On the way home she was telling me that I am as old as her father with a smile on her face, then I asked if she liked older men she said yes they better than younger boys. I asked if she would like to spend some time with me and chat.

I stopped at a pub which I knew and I know the quite parking spots at the pub. I started rubbing her legs and she did not object I pulled her to me and we started kissing she kissed me back with the same passion. I got my hand under her dress while we kissed and started rubbing her pussy tru her panties. I took her hand and placed it on my hard cock she rubbed me tru my jeans. I kissed her neck then down to her tits. Wow what small firm and perfect tits, sucked on them while still fingering her, her pussy was soaking wet. I asked if she with suck me she just pushed me back and unzipped me and started to suck me wow those young lips felt so good on my cock. I held her head and pushed my cock deeper, they way she sucked I knew she has done this before.

I told her lets go to the back seat. I took her g string off and started eating her pussy, wow it was so wet and tasty, I liked her dry while I had my hands on her ass lifting her up to my mouth and tongue fucking her I slipped a finger into her asshole she moaned out load. She told me to please stop and put my cock in her, I sat on the seat and she sat on me my cock slipped in to her young pussy and it felt like heaven, she started to ride me and started moaning all the time she was riding me. I could see she lost control and was fucking me so wild like she was jumping up and down on my cock. She started to moan and say she is cumming I felt the wetness of her cum drip down my cock. She climbed off me and I told her I want to cum in her asshole she bent over one leg on the seat and the other on the floor. I got behind her and pushed my wet cock from all her cum into her asshole. I started pumping her hard till I dumped my load in her asshole. I took my cock out still dripping with cum she turned around and licked me clean. We put our cloths back on and I dropped her off at home. I must admit that was the best fuck ever.