06 Aug 2019

now that i have your attention lets get down to the story.. you will have to decide... is it fact or is it fiction.

it was a monday, mid month in june. winter had set its claws in and the bitter cold weather felt as though you were bitten by a cat or dog.

Im in construction so i have many a oppertunity to view many a foe and many a maiden.

i was called to give a quote. the lady was not very clear as her discription was many odd jobs and general repairs.

i arrived at the house and saw it was built in the mid 70s so it did need a little attention. been in the business i am i generally scan for all potential work. hey im a jew so its in my blood.

i walked casually to the front door and press the door chime. mmmmmm no sound... more work i thought. i knocked on the door casually as they do in the movies..... tap. taperty tap tap. and wait.

in the back ground i hear someone walking, sounds as she has sploofs on. i hear the door unlock and open before me. I got a shock of my life... there stood a beautiful woman covered with a duvet. there are no words to discribe her beauty, a woman in her mid 40s in her prime, married and so sexy.

she beckoned me to come in and wait in the lounge as she wanted to change into something comfortable, i wanted to tell her im comfortable as she was but kept silent. 10 minutes later she appeared and i nearly once again swallowed my tounge.

5ft8 weighing about 130 pounds, long black hair with stretch pants and a tight shirt. she must have been a 34b.

she asked me to sit and she sat opposite me. the view i can not tell. the Sahara desert seem to have co. e past as all i saw was this big beautiful camel. in my mind i had to try wake myself up from this dream.

she started telling me of all the items that needed repairs and subconsciously i kept nodding, was i truly hearing the lady speak or had my lust factor kicked in and wanting to take over. this kept on for about 30 mins. i truly cant remeber what she siad. i continously kept glancing at the beatle bonnet and camel toe. what a sight for sore eyes.

she then beckoned me up to start showing the areas i needed to work on. but from the back walking behind her i saw a greater area to work upon. im sure she saw the lust within me, im sure ahe has been sending signals as everytime ive been there to work she has made it her mission for me to view her body..... now you will be asking this..... why havnt i made the first move...