09 Jul 2018

Words – It creates fire from hell says the Bible

But, words do not satisfy me

Neither does email, or

Phone sex, or


I luv you is just not enough

And you knew it

To: Outa

Date: Monday

Hi There,

I told you. I warned you. 3 weeks is too long. 3 Weeks of words only. No go. You should have known. Its all your fault.

I can only survive with the real thing. I need flesh, bare flesh, hands, vingers, cock. I need them in my pink pussy, because

Word are just not enough.

We had a sex filled weekend, prior to you leaving for the UK. In the bed, naked, sometimes a quick dash to the fridge for wine, or to get some delivered pizza. Naked, licking, fucking. My cunt sperm filled. By Sunday eve you were completely drained. No fluid left for my ever-wanting pussy.

You looked totally fucked when I dropped you at ORT, but had the long flight ahead to recover.

Monday eve you mailed me, promised that we could Skype on Saturday. Luv you and behave you said.

Behave? You must be joking. That was the encouragement I needed. I was ready to be pleasured.

Days are filled with work, evenings long and lonely. I need more than that, and you know it.

Words are NOT enough

Neither are emails, or


I need my daily fix of hand, fingers, tong and cock. Nothing less

Yes, I missed our skype session, because…

Friday eve after work. The usual drinks with colleagues. Soon enough most went home but John, Pieta and I. One more drink, and another. Just the three of us

“What are you doing tonight with Gert outa town”

“My vib and I, as longs as the batteries last”

“Join us, you can sleep over”

“Only if your batteries are fully charged” Flirty me

Yes loverboy. I enjoyed these two young lovers plenty. Why not? Like students we played non-stop. They played with my nips, slip-slided through my wet pussy, their tongues on my clit, my browneye. Heaven!

Being fucked with my pussy dripping with come. Heaven. Heaven. Heaven. DP. John in my pussy, Pieta in my brownie. Awesome. I want this again!!!

Sorry Loverboy

Words are NOT enough

Neither are emails, or


There are no Words that would entice me to have missed this experience. Or a repeat. I went home late on Sunday. Rotten fucked. Read your emails. Are you angry? Worried? You will have to come around as I intend a replay.

Sleep tight and dream about me.

To: Outa

Date: Wednesday

Hi There,

You don’t seem to be happy about my slutty behaviour? But then you played with yourself while imagining me with two guys. Upset or Up-cock? You left me, you have no right to complain, or play with yourself while you are away. That’s is reserved for me!

No! I am not overstepping. We never had the parrot in cage relationship, and it is not going to change now.

You should have seem me dressed to kille on Monday. You would have shit your pants! The short black mini dress, black g-string and lacy black bra. The guys could not believe their luck. And, believe me, old Mack really told me to change as I was making him uncomfortable. Poor old skin head. I just laugh in his face.

John and Pieta is all over me. I love the attention. It is fucking great! I promised we can have a replay this weekend. Won’t miss it for a ton. No skype thus, unless, if they agree, maybe you can watch us play..


To: Outa

Date: Thursday

Hi There,

Are you trying to tell me what to do? Nogo!! Don’t waste your time. I am going to enjoy this weekend with my lovers. They are happy that you watch us on skype. The deal: You will be naked, watch us. You are Not allowed to touch yourself. Only when we are finished can you play with your thingy. We will watch you come…

See ya