Written by garthandlia

15 Aug 2018

Names changed for privacy:

Several years ago Jim moved in next door to us. He is a handsome guy in his mid fifties. Even though he is about 20 years older than us, he is in his fifties, my husband Paul and I soon became friends with him. Jim is single but has always had plenty of girlfriends coming and going. We have met a few of them, they all seem nice but since we have known him he has never seemed to be in a committed relationship but there are several that we see quite often and occasionally together. He would sometimes hint to my husband about his love life but he was never one to kiss and tell. I must admit I was a little curious.

Shortly after he moved in, he and Paul would go golfing or fishing nearly every weekend.. I would cook them a meal when they returned and we would have dinner and drinks together. This became a weekly ritual and soon we became very good friends. Jim loves to flirt and I loved the attention.

One night, after Jim left, Paul and I made love. Afterwards we were laying in bed talking he turned to me and said; "You know Becky, Jim would like to fuck you."

I smiled and said "I know"

Jim asked "How do you know? Has he tried to hit on you?"

"No nothing like that. Women just know these things" I replied. "How do you know that he wants me?"

"Well, we had a few beers and we started talking about women and sex. He told me that he thought that you were one of the sexiest women that he knows and he'd love to get into your pants"

I could feel my self blush a little and my pussy tingled. "Well?" he asked.

"Well, what?" I questioned in reply.

"Would you like to have sex him?"

He looked at me and I smiled but did not answer.

"You would!" He exclaimed.

"Well, I think he's sexy but that does not mean I'd do it. I wouldn't cheat on you" I answered then I kissed him and reached down to give him a little rub. I was surprised to find that he had a very hard erection.

"You can if you want" he said as he reached down and rubbed my pussy.

"Are you telling me its ok for me to fuck our friend? Does that turn you on?" His cock twitched in my hand.

"Yes it does. The thought of you fucking him turns me on. That's how we got into the conversation. We had a few beers and he told me that one of his girlfriends was married and that her husband is the one who set them up and he has had some threesomes with them. I had a few beers in me and I just said that I'd like to see you open up like that."

"I don't think I could do that. I mean do it in front of you" I said. His cock twitched again.

"But you could fuck him?" He asked.

"Well, I think he's sexy" I answered.

He started kissing his way down my body and he got between my legs. "I want you to. I want you to fuck him" he said as he dove down and started licking my pussy which he had just filled with cum a short time before. I came quickly and he climbed back up and gave me a cum filled kiss as he entered me again.

"I told him that I would ask you. If you were willing you would call him when you are ready. You don't even have to tell me till after you've done it" He said

"You mean you want me to do it but not tell you before I do?" I could not believe what I was hearing.

He started fucking me harder. I started to moan. "I'll do it, I'll fuck him just like you want" With that we came together.

The next morning before he left for work, Paul told me that he meant what he had said. Jim works some weekend so he is around a lot during the week. I decided to let things go for a while and just went about my business. I was aware when Jim was around and I know we looked at each other a little differently. When they came home after their golf the next weekend I had dinner ready. I dressed just a little more sexy and flirted back just a little more. Still I just couldn't do it. That night when we made love Paul told me that Jim was hoping to hear from me. We had wild sex talking dirty about how I was going to fuck Jim.

About a month went by. Several nights a week Paul would ask if I had called Jim and I would say no. Our sex life increased ten fold and I was now masturbating once or twice during the day. I still was not sure. One day, before my hubby came home I fucked my self with a dildo. When he cam though the door I told him that I had called Jim and showed him my swollen pussy. Paul was all over me. He fucked me twice before I told him the truth. When I told him he actually seemed disappointed but I was so horny I sucked him hard and he fucked me again. I told him the next time it would be real.

A couple of days later Jim's car was in his driveway. I took a nice bath and played with myself till I was just shy of orgasm. Getting out of the tub I grabbed one of Paul's dress shirts and put it on with nothing underneath. I checked myself out in the mirror. My nipples were clearly outlined by the material on the top and my pussy hidden by the shirt tales but if I moved the right way you could catch a glimpse of it. Even though it was early I poured myself a glass of wine. I had butterflies as I picked up the phone and dialed. When Jim answered my knees went weak and at first I could not find my voice. Jim was about to hang up when I said "Hi Jim, it's me, Betsy. Paul told me, ahh Paul said ththat. I was wondering if. I mean"

Jim stopped me. "It's ok Betsy; would you like me to come over?"

"Yes" was all I could say. He said he'd be over in a few minutes. I finished my wine and poured myself another and unbuttoned the lower two buttons on the shirt. I couldn't believe that I was actually going through with this. Until now, Paul was the only man that I had ever had sex with and now this was about to change. I opened the door before Jim had a chance to knock. "Come on in" I said. He came in and checked me out. I refilled my wine and poured him one and had him sit on the couch. Jim got a good look at my pussy as I moved to sit next to him on the couch.

"I was hoping you'd call" He said.

"I've never done anything like this. Paul wants me to do it also"

"I know" he said. Suddenly we were kissing and he was undoing the remaining buttons and opening the shirt. He was still dressed as he started sucking and licking my nipples. He then knelt between my legs and kissed his way down to my pussy as I opened my legs for him. "MMM you have a beautiful pussy!" he said as he started licking and sucking on me. I held his face tight against me and ground my pussy into his face as he licked me to orgasm. After I came, he kissed me on the lips and I wrapped my legs around his fully clothed waste as I licked my juices off of his face.

I led him to our bedroom and watched him undress as I lay on the bed. He stripped to his boxers and I motioned him towards me. Kneeling in front of him I grabbed the waste band of his shorts and lowered them. Out popped the biggest cock that I had ever seen. He had to have been 3 inches longer than my hubby and twice as thick. The fact that he was shaved clean made him look even bigger. I grabbed it with both hands a guided it to my mouth. I licked a wad of pre cum off of his slit and started sucking on his head while I jerked him with one hand and rubbed his balls with my other. Soon he was moaning and I could feel his cock growing even larger. Before he came, I stopped and lay back on the bed with my legs open. Holding my pussy open with my fingers told him to fuck me. Jim knelt between my open legs and teased me by rubbing the tip of his cock the length of my slit. I started bucking my hips trying to get him to penetrate me. I reached down and tried to guide him into me. "Ohh fuck me, please fuck me. Fuck my cunt" I moaned. Soon his tip was at my opening and I was guiding him in with my hand, He settled in on top of me and I could feel his balls on my ass as he hit bottom. I started bucking and moaning. He started moving in and out. He slowed and I started bucking harder. In just a few strokes he let out a moan and filled me with his hot cum. Just the thought of him cumming inside of me set me over the edge and I had a strong orgasm. He rested on top of me for a minute and I could feel him growing hard again. He lifted himself up on his hands and started fucking me again. I reached up and rubbed the sweat off of his chest then I rubbed it into mine and he started fucking me even harder. This time he must have lasted 30 minutes and I had orgasm after orgasm before he filled me again. He then maneuvered me into a 69 position and we cleaned each other off.

After our fuck session we took a bath together and I let him shave me clean. We fucked one more time before my hubby got home and I sent him on his way. A few minutes later Paul came home. I greeted him at the door wearing the same shirt. "Honey, I was a bad girl today" I said as I opened the shirt and showed him my bare pussy with cum dripping out of it. He was all over me. He practically ripped the shirt off of me and led me to the bedroom. There were still puddles of cum on the bed. He lay me down and I opened my legs showing him my well fucked cunt as he undressed. He climbed between my legs and cleaned my pussy with his tongue. He then climbed on top and fucked me. "Can you feel his cum? I asked. "I made him cum in me. Is that what you wanted?" He moaned as he added his load to Jim's. As we lay there I told him how hot it was to have sex someone with such a big cock. "I loved having him fuck me. It won't be the last time." I said. Then added "I told him he could fuck me anytime and we set up a date for tomorrow." Paul got hard again as he pounded me I told him I'd fuck any one he wanted.

Jim and I get together several times a week with and without my hubby. Our marriage is stronger than ever.