Written by Anon

01 Mar 2018

My apologies for the long one...but no other way of sharing this part of our story

In part 1 i mentioned terms like Cuckholding and sloppy seconds and me actually starting to enjoy that and how it turned me on.

Anyway moving on i did have to finally go and work away for a while and atleast she had her new toy to keep her company...bigger longer and also gves a purr of pleasure as she wishes.

In the beginning of being away the thoughts of her enjoying bigger started drifting away as i was so busy and swamped with work i was just exhausted pretty much all the time.

Now any guy that has worked away for a while actually knows hw sexually fraustrating that might be...some guys will get a fling some even buy it and some like myself will just wank off the urge lol.

all i could think of was my wife and her expressions her moaning her wet sloppy pussy being all wet and abused by that toy and it turned me on where i became rock solid hard!

Me and her began sexting and exchanging pics of her playing with herself led to videos and before long it was almost a daily thing

..this made the so called exhausted me a ever ready stallion.

I enjoyed all the pics and on the odd time id check out some porn and have a lonely onesome.it then dawned on me that maybe i should send her some pics of what i was seeing.

I enjoyed checking out couples that were cuckholding the hubby as it was a new found interest.i also enjoyed checking out just any big cock porn.

Finally get the courage to send her some real men pics giving women ultimate pleasure and she was so shocked at their sizes and was almost in disbelief that a man could have a third leg rather than my stump lol.

Exhanges went on and i introduced pics of threesomes and she took almost ohk to it.

Now any guy that has tried gettinh the wife into swinging knows what the battle is like and most women feel its wrong or sick and just shouldent be done.

I did return home after a couple months of being away...the welcome was amazing....


I tried and tried and not long the idea of a threesome had dawned on our marriage.my urges and cock couldnt take it..id beat on it with the thoughts of how it would be.

Being unaware of the entire swinging lifestyle site SH all i could do in search of a partner to join us was the ads for .... sites and ofcourse we all know the rate my sites where details are left...

And then the greatest thing happened to us...that was finding SH and man did it open my eyes and hers to the various avenues we never ever thought of.

The singles the couples all looked so good and their profiles and pics would entice me to start convo and message and chat.

Being naive and new to this we learnt the hard way that some arent real or are here just on a chatting bases and kinda lead you on.

This threw her off the topic and it crushed my hopes of ever watching her take on a bigger guy.

Days went into weeks and eventually a few months of us nt really mentioning swinging or the bigger part.i kept at it though as i really wanted it for her and for me to experience with her.

We purchased more toys along the way...the extenders vibrators sleeves but its just never did what i knew swinging could do for us.

At random the convo struck..swinging being the topic and we discussed in lengths what we ok with and not ok and what she would be ok to try and so on.

Didnt take me long to start scouting.she sent me some dick pics of what she wants so i have a rough idea as to what im looking for...all were bigger than me and she made that known..this really had my cock exploding " her comparing me"

After all the guys we spoke to over and over nothing came about.this really drained our spirits as we were really putting ourselves out there.

One random morning i get to work log on and check out the gallery the stories my views and any messages that may have came in.not to my suprise but not much had changed.

Work being work i got caught up and was busy.at lunch i log in again and decided to check out the chatroom...alot of couples would agree that once in there alot of guys will approach you and try get a convo going.

A message comes through in chat and this guy greets.i return the favour and a convo starts.something just told me this guys got potential and he was decent and respectful.he wasnt pushy.

I explained what we wanted and what we looking for.he showed me his pics wow even i was impressed finally someone decent and has a big package...mmmm wife better get ready lol..

I get so comfortable that we move on to w/app and decide she should also chat with her possible fuck buddy..nerves had me i felt excited yet weird but the excitement overcame that feeling.

So we start chatting and this is where i saw my wife open up to this for the first time.he was a real gentlemen and had the package good sense of humor and she was impressed.

He sent her some pics and being in a chat im witnessing all this first hand.my cock was solid at what i was seeing..she was awwwwwing over his cock...

She made me send mine in chat and i was a bit reserved but went with it anyway.

She compared us and clearly stated where he had won the battle..length girth look and i loved it being compared and a tad bit of humiliation.

We set up a meet and greet.we set a time and so on.

I get home from work amd walk into a loving sexy wife and i knew already the excitement wasnt only because im home lol.

We ate and relaxed and time seemed to drag she decides to go freshen up and get sexy. Not that we will play as its just a meet.

She being sexy with big breasts and a juicy ass just wanted to put on something to not only be comfortable but in my opimion to entice the guy.

Buzzer goes off......silence silence and more silence...poor guy must of been at gate for 5 min easy.not that we changed our minds but more on the fact that we were just dumbstruck and didnt know what to do at that moment.

I finally let him in and then a knock...knock knock very subtle a type of knock the family uses on your door.

I greet him lets call him Mr B.

Mr b comes in and we chat and she is sitting so still and quiet and you coukd see she was shy as hell as its our first time meeting him.

Me and him spoke we had a couole drinks and i smoked a Couple cigarettes with him.she joined in on convo and the topic was swinging and about the lifestyle.

As much as i knew its a meet i just thought what the hell we all so comfy we get along and there is defo a chemistry with the love of my life and mr b.

I asked him to get comfortable with me and to get undressed.he hesitates a bit but as he saw my softy being exposed he obliged and popped out his...mmmmmm softy that was bigger than my hardy lol.

Her face lit up with excitement yet so much shyness almost as if she couldnt look at it.but being on a sofa me on one side and mr b on the other she couldnt really not look.

I began stroking my cock and talking to her and mr b.

I leaned over kissed her and told her its ohk..im ohk and if you want give it a touch feel what you been wanting.

She hesitated and convo went on for a couple minutes and i see mr b is getting aroused. She finally touches and gives it a stroke and her hand just wasnt enough...she needed two hands for that one.

She shook it for what felt like a good 23.7 secs and left it out of shock i suppose.

I telk the guy to stand up and i see her checking out his figure and the third leg.

I tell him come closer and she keeps looking but gave in to her urge of playing with it.she looked at it and looked at mine repeated a few times and finally smiled.

Mr b got a good hand job and precum filled the tip of the head making her hands wet. She shook and shook and grabbed mine as well now two cocks being played with..i went from semi hard to rock hard in seconds.

I told her to try get that head in her mouth.she done something that made me love her more.as much this dong she wants is right there..she starts suckinh my cock by making it a poiny not to let his go...maybe she felt he might go.

She moved on to him and gave him what i would describe as a cock head job as thats pretty much what she got in he enjoyed and got to his max hardness man was he long thick juicy and im watching his meat part her lips and jaw like its going to break.

I start fingering her pussy and playing as she sucking.i turn her over and put her down hands and knees where her ass faces me and her lips are all over his cock.

I suck her ass and pussy fingering sucking until she came in my face pussy was dripping wet oozing with juice.i couldent resist and slipped my cock in

Fucking her as hard as i could watching her devour this big cock made me so horny that it wasnt long and i squirted my cum as deep as i could get it in and i collapsed beside her with pleasure.

She kept sucking on him like a lil big cock slut i loved it...she brought me closer and had a break sucking and kisses me.

I tasted him...was this really happening im tasting another mans dick in my wife's mouth. Shed kissed me sucked on him and interchanged.

I came so close to her mouth that any closer and id be blowing him to.it did cross my mind but i nudged that thought away.

I grabbed a condom and told her if she wants she can go for it...

Mr b looking like a lil kid in a sweet shop with excitement she looking at me for conformation i confirn im ok and if she wants go for it...she took the condom looked at it for a second and then me then mr b and .

Wasnt sure what went through her mind...but anyway until next time