Written by Anon

27 Feb 2018

Well this is a first for me trying my luck at a story...

Hope its enjoyed...

About me i am a big built guy not obese lol.id say im about 1.8m tall maybe...mixed race and not so endowed where it matters.about 14cm...

She on the other hand is slightly shorter than me of asian decent and has big full breasts and really thick juicy thighs with a ass that u want to just eat up.

We are happily married and we both happy with our sex lives...well i am and she always confirms that she is happy with me my body my size and so on.

Anyway we have discussed pur past and our sexual experiences with our exes as crazy as that may sound and she always held back during these convos...until i pushed and pushed and got it out of her that her ex had a big cock and she explained how she battled to handle it...pppfffff lucky guy.

It was that convo right there that the thought of her handling a guy bigger than me hit me right in the face....didnt know wether i was gettinh turned on or was i feeling low or what.

Now being a horny freak like myself and the amount of porn i have watched in my day i kinda have picked up on diff genres of porn....

My mind after that convo kept going to the term Cuckholding .but at the very same time i could never picture myself as being a cuckhold even though i might be a good fit.

The time came where i suprised her with a visit to a local sex toy shop and man her eyes on what she could see just lit up

I purposely told her to browse while a browse and made it a point to keep an eye on what she had been interested in.

Her face had an expression i cant personally recall seeing myself ever as she looked at the vibrators and dong dildos but she shyd away after a while and came to me to see what id like.

Now being a good guy i told her lets get a vibrator for her to play with as soon id be leaving for work away.

We leave the shop and the vibrator in its packaging is left on the floor in a black packet as almost all adult shops gve those out for discretion i think.

We get home and i try get the mood going as im amped to see her enjoy this real looking fleshy vibrator thats bigger than me length and girth.

We start kissing and rubbing on each other and before u know it im sucking on her dark nipples and they were firm and tasted even better than usual.

She grabbed my cock and rubbed and started to stroke it while i played with her big breasts.not long and i was rock solid hard balls heavy and swollen.

I kissed her all the way down and started toying around her pussy making sure to tease her every no and again.she couldnt take the teasing and grabbed my head and slammed it into her now soaking wet juicy fat pussy and i sucked and sucked like never before until she came right into my mouth with her finger nails digging into me.

She got me up and layed me down and and she had this look in her eye that once again is something i havent seen before...was it because she knew she about to have her to used on her thats bigger i dont know.

She has luscious firm but soft lips that as soon as they touched my cock i got even harder.she stroked my shaft while sucking it and with such a hardcore passion i felt myself getting close to climax which i tried my best to stop as we got a long session ahead well atleast i wanted that.

I slowly grabbed her hand and decided it was time to try out her first toy..big toy at that...i layed her down gently yet firm in my grip.

I got hold of the vibrator and that look in her eye appeared again and that was confirmation that she wants something bigger.

This turned me on so much yet i kept thinking wtf is wrong with me.i lube up the toy and slowly put it on so its just purring with vibration.

I slowly massage her clit with it and she starts moaning and moaning like never before and as i slide it im slowly she tenses up and cm by cm she is tensing in pleasure.

Not long before it passes my 14cm limit and then it seemed as if ahe was gasping for air and a deep moan came out.

The toy id say is rougly 20 cm and i got in about 18 and a half lol and she couldnt take anymore.

I fucked her with that toy and she cried out with pleasure to me and i got even harder seeing what a difference size could make in her.

She came several times and i couldn't manage i wanted to fuck her myself and i couldnt wait any longer.

I picked her up turned her around and slid my rock solid hard cock into her.she was dripping wet and my cock slid in so easily and as i began to slowly fuck her i felt a difference with her pussy it felt a bit loose a bit sloppy and man!did that make me even hornier...was i turning out to being a cuckhold...was i turning out to enjoy sloppy seconds of a toy.

I fucked her as hard as i could but the tone and manner she moaned in had changed i knew instantly my lil man didnt do what the toy did and i officially at that point enjoyed it...the thought of it drove me crazy!!!

I finally came in her now loose pussy and rolled over and we layed in utter glory...exhausted from our ordeal emotions and feelings hitting the roof and the silence defo meant something after all...

We layed and layed and dosed off....thats the beginning of my so called swinging life...until next time...chow...