Written by Johnny

23 May 2012

Some time ago when my wife and I discussed the possibility of sex with another guy.

She was keen but did not know how to go about it.

I asked her if there was among our friends someone who would be acceptable for her.

I was aware,as she told me earlier, that she had sex with a friend of ours a few years ago. We still see him and his wife from time to time, but I never made him aware that I was knew of their this.

She tole me that she still has the hots for him. This did not disturb me as we have a great understanding.

I suggest we invite him for drinks and that I will talk a about the issue of swinging with him and see how he feels.

It was clear that he finds it quite exciting. I left it at that.

A while later I invited him to discuss some legal issues with me as he was also my lawyer.

My wife Charlotte is good looking with a great body. She was in mid fourties, tall with blond hair.

It was a summer's evening and she wore a dress which showed her legs with a drop to show off her back.

As Johan entered the room she stood up and kissed him lightly and pressed her body against him. I could see he enjoyed it.

He was also carefull not to be too excited as he of course did not know what sh told me.

We all had a few drinks and chatted about everythink but sex.

It was now that my phone rang as arranged by a friend of mine. I answered the call and said that I had to attend to some urgent matters in the office and will be back in about an hour. I will sms my wife to open the gate when I leave the office on my way back. This made sure that my wife knew she had about at least 90 minutes.

I made my way to my office in a building outside the house, switched on my computer connected to a large TV screen. Coupled to this was a set of cameras covering the room from all angles.

I checked the screen and there was the image of the room where they were. What I did not say is that my wife was not aware of this.

They were having drinks and talking about all sorts of things when she reminded him of their earlier meetings. He was now standing next to her and held her against him.

She kissed him and said: "Are you are still a naughty boy, Johan." To which he replied: " As naughty as you want me to be".

The laughed and draw him closer. They kissed passionately and his arm slipped to her breast and started fondling her. He released her tit and took the nipple into his mouth. She threw her head back and closed her eyes. What a fascinating scene. His hand dropped and he lifted her dress. He was pushing up and rubbed over her pussy. She took his hand and lead him to a bed in the room. She leaned back onto the bed with her tits now both exposed and her dress up to show her long legs.

He lay down next to her and pulled the dress right up to expose her pussy. He slowly slid one finger into her and started rubbing her clit. She opened her legs and I could see the wetness of her pussy as he aroused her entereng a finger of his other hand deep into her to feel for her g-spot. She rubbed his crotch and he released one hand to take off his jeans and to release his prick. She moved her hand onto his shaft; his response was immediate. The pre come on his shaft allowed her to slide her hand with long strokes. At this stage I was beyond control and started wanking at the sights. I could not wait for him to enter her. At last she rolled back and opened her legs wide, he moved between her legs and worked the head of his prick to her opening. He slowly entered her and thrust forward until he was fully inside her. She made a little gasp and then pulled him to her. I could see him moving into her and folding her pussy backwards as he moved deep into the wetness of her. Then he started fucking her and I could hear the sounds of his prick moving inside her. She pulled her legs up as another camera showed her face. I knew that she was enjoying this fuck as she fully participated and met his thrusts. She hooked her arms under his and moved her ass up to meet him. They were now fucking and really enjoying it.

This was a show I will not easily forget. He suddenly fucked her faster and I could hear him slamming into her. With a sudden cry he released his load, she braced and her body started shaking as she climaxed. They then lay both back, exhausted. I gave them another 20 minutes before I sent the sms that I will return.

You can imagine her surprise that evening when I showed her the footage. Then it was now my turn to fuck her!